January 2014 Archive

Just in time for the Super Bowl: Beyond the Sideline Football announced 31 January 2014
Hold your horses: Dontnod hasn't filed for bankruptcy, studio just reorganising 31 January 2014
Tough as nails physics shoot 'em up Retrobooster launches February 21st31 January 2014
Rust: not quite as full of bastards as you might expect31 January 2014
What EU4: Wealth of Nations brings to the trading table31 January 2014
Mobile virus simulator Plague Inc evolves, infecting PCs on February 20th31 January 2014
Codemasters puts together Humble Bundle for charity31 January 2014
Skyrim in VR with Oculus Rift, Wii Mote and Cyberith Virtualizer: Nords getting punched, dragons getting shot31 January 2014
Jump around: Epigenesis free for the weekend and 75% off31 January 2014
Peter Serafinowicz lends his voice to Dark Souls 2; celebrate with 9 minutes of gameplay footage31 January 2014
Never LEGO of your dreams: Satellite Reign dev's Ghostbusters set will reach retail31 January 2014
Mount & Blade has bolted with TaleWorlds, say Paradox; players gifted Magicka: Wizard Wars31 January 2014
Everybody stream: Blizzard award the best of Twitch in 201331 January 2014
No secrets here: Funcom cooperate with investigation, remain "committed" to The Secret World31 January 2014
Dota 2's New Bloom update introduces new heroes, game mode and balance changes31 January 2014
State of Decay MMO probably happening, definitely 30 January 2014
PC gaming is doing fine: $3 billion growth predicted this year30 January 2014
Get some hands-on time with the Nitrous Engine in Star Swarm30 January 2014
The end is in sight for Assassin's Creed, but also a new beginning 30 January 2014
Nosgoth hands-on: death is better from above30 January 2014
Randal's Monday is like Groundhog Day for pop culture geeks30 January 2014
The Big Bad Interrogator: The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Red Band trailer is pretty grim 30 January 2014
Watch the changing fortunes of Eve Online's corporate empires30 January 2014
QuakeCon is happening again: id's 19th summer shindig dated for mid-July30 January 2014
Game of Glens is what the Crackdown 2 lot did next (World of Goo as an RTS)30 January 2014
Black Mesa project lead talks Valve’s "really compelling" VR holodeck tech30 January 2014
DayZ Early Access review30 January 2014
Hands-on with Warlock 2: The Exiled - Promises kept30 January 2014
World of Warplanes giveaway: nab one of 100 Supermarine Type 224 planes plus some gold30 January 2014
Broken Age Act 1 review30 January 2014
AMD Mantle rendering hits Battlefield 4; ups game performance in "virtually all scenarios"30 January 2014
PC games outsold Xbox One and PS4 equivalents on Play.com over Christmas - thanks to Football Manager30 January 2014
DayZ patch-in-testing sees players punished for swift disconnections30 January 2014
DICE fiddle with several Battlefield 4 guns to "highlight their intended roles"30 January 2014
Blizzard working on PvP toggle for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor30 January 2014
Hotline Miami 2 launching in Q3: Something old, something new, something weird, something violent29 January 2014
How to look good in WildStar and pretty much anywhere29 January 2014
Funcom offices raided, accused of breaching Trade Securities Act29 January 2014
Shadowrun Returns won't be returning until the end of next month29 January 2014
Hands-on: War of the Vikings - What is best in LAN29 January 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition revealed, online store opens its doors29 January 2014
Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise PC review29 January 2014
EA blames transition to new consoles for lacklustre sales of Battlefield 4, not quality issues29 January 2014
A new hope: The Old Republic subscriptions "decline" as free-to-play "continues to grow"29 January 2014
Memoirs of an Eve alliance commander: Test veteran talks space diplomacy and The Mittani29 January 2014
Penthouse purchase: World of Warcraft level 90 character boosts now on Public Test Realm29 January 2014
Kickfinished: Broken Age Part 1 now available to non-backers29 January 2014
Chase Scarlet to the Edge of the Mists in the next Guild Wars 2 update28 January 2014
GOG's DRM-free Time Machine Sale offers up 30 years of gaming history28 January 2014
It's been emotional: DC Universe Online's War of the Light kicks off28 January 2014
Evil Genius creator sells AI firm to Google: Judgement Day is coming28 January 2014
World of Warcraft stats reveal that more people are still playing Alliance - this must end!28 January 2014
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot enters open beta February 25th - Won't someone think of the castles?28 January 2014
Styx: Master of Shadows — the stealthy goblin giving Garrett a run for his loot28 January 2014
Stoic wants to record your sagas in a Banner Saga tapestry 28 January 2014
eScalation: League of Legends player numbers now double those of 15 months ago28 January 2014
Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India preview - Eastward Bound 28 January 2014
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 trailer is a collage of scintillating spoilers28 January 2014
Eve Online's largest ever battle is underway - because one corp forgot to pay their rent28 January 2014
Titanfall PC beta stomping/free-running this way depending on your preferred playstyle28 January 2014
Far Cry 4 really very likely to exist, with a little help from Ubisoft Shanghai28 January 2014
Sega petitioned for more PC games - starting with Bayonetta28 January 2014
Hearts of Iron 4 preview - High Command27 January 2014
How data drives map design in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive27 January 2014
Starbound character wipes a thing of the forgotten past; "Watch out for landmines"27 January 2014
Through new eyes: Valve tech convinced Jon Blow to implement The Witness VR support27 January 2014
Dota 2 to inaugurate New Bloom festival - "a time of great chaos and greater rewards"27 January 2014
Riot "abandoned" rotating camera for League of Legends - but continue to "explore solutions"27 January 2014
Diablo III's next Legendary item has its power designed by 19,000 players27 January 2014
Regret’s a horror story about a boy and his fox26 January 2014
Steam allows you to cancel preorders and get your money refunded26 January 2014
Firefall is set to launch in 2014 following $23m funds injection26 January 2014
SOE closing four MMOs “consolidating” their franchises; working on new game “dedicated” to Star Wars Galaxies fans26 January 2014
EverQuest Next Landmark wants a corner of your hard drive and all your internet for itself26 January 2014
OMG HD Zombies shuffles towards PC26 January 2014
Prison Architect developers respond to criticism and talk of future features25 January 2014
Windforge has airships powered by sky whales25 January 2014
Youtube have rejected Terry Cavanagh's copyright appeal on his own game25 January 2014
Half Life 2 Warhammer 40k mod Exterminatus now totes turrets25 January 2014
The Amazing Spider-man 2 trailer hits the web25 January 2014
South Park: The Stick of Truth fart mechanic - “You need to feel it go out of your asshole”25 January 2014
Minecrafting 133: Ceiling Buttons25 January 2014
Hover: Revolt of Gamer kicks a bucket of neon over Mirror’s Edge24 January 2014
Hitman Contracts silently infiltrates Steam24 January 2014
Magicka: Wizard Wars challenges you to a duel24 January 2014
Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers dungeons without the dragons to Kickstarter24 January 2014
See people change gender thanks to the power of Oculus Rift24 January 2014
What qualified the Total War lot to make a first-person Alien game? The "wide scope" of Creative Assembly24 January 2014
Hotfix: here's the latest on Car Mechanic Simulator 201424 January 2014
Team Fortress 2 update renders Quickplay more reliably quick and play-full24 January 2014
Introducing the Epic Games Centre: or why Epic Games have given 85 "very capable" PCs to Staffordshire University24 January 2014
Hands on with Thief — a preview of the game's opening four chapters24 January 2014
DICE ask: what should we balance in Battlefield 4 next?24 January 2014
King trademark dispute threatens Banner Saga sequel; "We won't make a viking saga without the word Saga"24 January 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had more than two million players this month24 January 2014
Elder Scrolls Online recruits Hollywood's top OAPs: John Cleese, Bill Nighy and Dumbledore24 January 2014
Riot fine League of Legends pro Bjergsen $2000 for poaching another team's players24 January 2014
Elder Scrolls Online video demonstrates groups saving the world from an evil anchor23 January 2014
Kerbal Space Program blasts into schools with KerbalEdu23 January 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor pre-alpha trailer decapitates orcs and Tolkien lore23 January 2014
Minecraft snapshot 14w04a sets fire to all your bushes, gives villagers some intellect23 January 2014
Call of Duty Ghosts: Extinction Nightfall DLC trailer hunts down the humans23 January 2014
Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India, and Runemaster announced23 January 2014
Paradox: “We can’t have a platform holder who tells us what to do and what not to do”23 January 2014
Shovel Knight release date unearthed for 31 March23 January 2014
Starbreeze's new shooter, Storm, is “Payday in Space”23 January 2014
Planetside 2 Hossin continent due in May, a year after originally planned23 January 2014
Omega Jam is for those developers who have trouble climaxing23 January 2014
Hearthstone beta opens in Europe to the sound of cards being shuffled23 January 2014
Rain World footage proves slugcats and sewer lizards don’t mix23 January 2014
Age of Wonders III trailer features rogues, lacks tea23 January 2014
Skywind trailer proves this thing really is happening22 January 2014
League of Legends patch files banned by the UK porn wall22 January 2014
SOMA details reveal that something has turned against us22 January 2014
Heroes of the Storm developer Q&A TONIGHT22 January 2014
XCOM father Julian Gollop announces Chaos Reborn22 January 2014
Grand Theft Auto V on PC revealed again in Amazon listing shocker22 January 2014
Tomb Raider clambers, bloodied but determined, onto Mac App Store tomorrow22 January 2014
King are blocking The Banner Saga's trademark to make things harder for "real copycats"22 January 2014
Very well done: Valve extend Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Operation Bravo22 January 2014
Why Coca-Cola are sponsoring the League of Legends Challenger Series and not the Super Bowl22 January 2014
Find-replace Ghosts with Gangsters: Call of Duty DLC trailer stars Boardwalk Empire's Al Capone22 January 2014
King hell: Candy Crush developers seek to block Banner Saga trademark application22 January 2014
That's beta: Hearthstone available to North Americans now, rest of the world shortly22 January 2014
It's a Starcraft II custom map free-for-all21 January 2014
Alienware will release new Steam Machines every year due to lack of upgrade options21 January 2014
Resident Evil 4 HD will spread like a virus on February 28th21 January 2014
Russia went World of Tanks mad on Sunday, with over a million concurrent players on the Russian cluster21 January 2014
The second part of Arma 3's campaign launches today with a series of explosions and gruff soldier types21 January 2014
Blackguards and the secret Germans of Daedalic21 January 2014
Origins of Madness: Talking giant wurms and evil puppets with Guild Wars 2's Mike Zadorojny21 January 2014
War Thunder Ground Forces expansion swells its tank ranks, hasn't even left closed beta yet21 January 2014
Insurgency is a former Half-Life mod and tactical FPS set for Steam release tomorrow21 January 2014
3DCCG: Chinese modder reimagines Hearthstone battles with an extra dimension21 January 2014
DayZ patch makes berry-pickers of bandits, ends "backpack-Inception"21 January 2014
Rust security patch expunges death and fall damage exploits21 January 2014
Going green: Valve offers IGF finalists a Steam distribution agreement 21 January 2014
Paradox to lock popular streamers in a big cage and force them to duke it out20 January 2014
Telltale's The Walking Dead used in school to teach ethics, but not how to kill zombies20 January 2014
Shroud of the Avatar has raised another million dollars, no big deal20 January 2014
Titanfall open beta is "possible" according to Respawn Community Manager20 January 2014
No more freezes, 300+ NPC battles, Skyrim just got a whole lot more interesting20 January 2014
Projected features: surprise Zomboid multiplayer is "not far off" - here's footage as proof20 January 2014
Alien: Isolation squeezes '70s film sets into your monitor; screenshots demonstrate how20 January 2014
Assassin's Creed IV owes more to "comments about Far Cry 3" than Assassin's Creed III20 January 2014
Minecraft snapshot 14w03b reconnects disembodied heads with their owners20 January 2014
Rust made in a month about 40% of what Garry's Mod made in nine years20 January 2014
Reaper of storage space: Diablo III expansion pre-downloads begin20 January 2014
The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter expansion brings the dogfight to (some) non-subscribers20 January 2014
Valve’s Michael Abrash: “VR will be best and will evolve most rapidly on the PC”19 January 2014
Twitch viewers watched 508% more Dota 2 in 2013 than 201219 January 2014
Minecrafting 132: If Steve was a mushroom19 January 2014
Starcraft 2 2.1 is out next week. Includes clan updates, new levels, and extension mods19 January 2014
Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants DLC teased. Something wicked this way... badger!19 January 2014
Catlateral Damage needs you to be like a ninja to better destroy your owner's things19 January 2014
Thief system specs reveal Mantle support and DirectX 11 lovelies19 January 2014
Ludum Dare 28 winner One Take is to be expanded into a full release18 January 2014
GTA V bug log refers to PC version over 170 times18 January 2014
DayZ Standalone experimental patch puts an end to backpack Inception18 January 2014
Tomb Raider managed to “cross the line of profitability”. There’s no going back now18 January 2014
Rodman vs Kim: One on One depicts glorious leader duelling American monster18 January 2014
Etherium teaser shows a chunky space RTS of old18 January 2014
Divinity: Original Sin launches on Steam Early Access17 January 2014
Frogwares goes mad, is developing a Call of Cthulhu game17 January 2014
Put away the sick bags: Oculus Rift Best Practices Guide aims to help devs avoid causing motion sickness17 January 2014
AMD's Mantle API: how it works and why PC developers will adopt it17 January 2014
Valve's VR presentation exposed 17 January 2014
The Banner Saga PC review17 January 2014
Why the Surface Pro 2 became my favourite computer. Ever.17 January 2014
Battlefield 4 update prevents players from respawning17 January 2014
Warlords of Draenor preorders let you boost a character to level 9017 January 2014
China’s free-to-play shooter CrossFire earns more than League of Legends and World of Warcraft combined17 January 2014
Incognita trailer reveals Klei’s stealthy Xcom is called Invisible, Inc17 January 2014
Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 item makers earn average of $15,000 each17 January 2014
Bohemia Humble Bundle nets you developer's back catalogue. Won’t cost you an Arma ‘n a leg17 January 2014
League of Legends bans for Little Wraith players17 January 2014
Saints Row IV and Company of Heroes 2 both free on Steam for the weekend17 January 2014
Spirited Away faithfully recreated in lavish detail in Minecraft16 January 2014
Valve's VR demo impresses at Steam Dev Days16 January 2014
Rip off your ears: Sadwick returns in The Whispered World II16 January 2014
Get down with the sickness in Gun Home16 January 2014
Cephalopod lovers rejoice! Octodad: Dadliest Catch out at the end of the month16 January 2014
Illuminating: White Night is a survival horror game inspired by Alone in the Dark16 January 2014
Celestia has you guide a growing star through the cosmos using only your voice16 January 2014
Total War: Rome 2 modding is a go with the release of the Assembly Kit16 January 2014
IO Interactive are working on a proper Hitman game: “We’ve adopted an open, non-linear level design approach to the game”16 January 2014
Project Zomboid’s map making tools let you bring the living dead to your town16 January 2014
Jason Rohrer: “sales screw your fans”16 January 2014
Star Swarm sees 10,000 space ships blowing each other into dust16 January 2014
Gabe Newell owns a Daytona race car which competes to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital16 January 2014
Steam Controller loses its touchscreen in favour of backwards compatible buttons16 January 2014
Who are Steam Machines really for?15 January 2014
Even disastrous floods can't keep No Man's Sky down15 January 2014
Steam Dev Days giant news blowout15 January 2014
Steam has a whopping 75 million active users15 January 2014
Assassin's Creed Liberation stabs its way onto PC15 January 2014
Get your curses here: new Dark Souls trailer has mummies with fashionable capes15 January 2014
Two new forums hint at Paradox going to space and Antiquity15 January 2014
Macabre map shows real-time kills in EVE Online15 January 2014
Final Fantasy Tactics designer taps Kickstarter to bring his new thing to PC15 January 2014
Eh? 2012's Ghost Recon Online is coming to Steam Early Access in the Spring15 January 2014
The five shapes of Steam Machine you didn't see at CES 201415 January 2014
BioWare's Old Republic studio hammering away at "several" unannounced projects15 January 2014
League of Legends patch 4.1 offers "more dynamic and responsive" fog of war15 January 2014
When Bradshaw said offline SimCity required "significant engineering", she was right - Maxis15 January 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts' Riley replaced by mangy wolf14 January 2014
Ubisoft still trying to perfect Splinter Cell formula14 January 2014
Telltale's The Wolf Among Us episode 2 due out in the first week of February14 January 2014
Broken Age ditches Early Access in favour of a season pass14 January 2014
Say goodbye to your characters: Starbound update incoming14 January 2014
A cold wind's blowing: The Banner Saga launching on Steam today14 January 2014
Yabba dabba doo: Saints Row IV goes prehistoric14 January 2014
Origins of Madness update will "rock Guild Wars 2 to the core"14 January 2014
Runescape to let players choose next update; handing "Power to the Players"14 January 2014
DayZ sells a million in a month; "So much for the death of PC gaming"14 January 2014
New kings on the block: World of Warcraft's Greg Street turns up at Riot Games14 January 2014
Valve ship SteamVR in beta, make suggestive movements on in-home streaming14 January 2014
Drawing a faultline: Quake Live abandons browsers for standalone client14 January 2014
Rust to lose zombies, gain defence solutions; Facepunch "knocked on [their] arses" by sales14 January 2014
Stick 'im with the pointy end: Nidhogg released14 January 2014
Waste not want not: Improving Wasteland 213 January 2014
Marketing Titanfall has been tough, admits producer13 January 2014
Brad McQuaid's fantasy MMO, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, appears on Kickstarter13 January 2014
Last major card changes set to hit Hearthstone13 January 2014
First ever footage of Team Meat's Mewgenics shows the miracle of birth13 January 2014
Straight from the horse's mouth: Video game narrative predictions13 January 2014
Jet reset: Battlefield 4 patch fiddles with planes, sorts out Windows 8.1 issue13 January 2014
Hell procedurally freezes over: SimCity is getting an offline mode13 January 2014
Turbine have no new instances or raids planned for Lord of the Rings Online13 January 2014
Battlefield 4: China Rising expansion supposed to be levelutionary, wasn't13 January 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts to swallow giant spiders in Onslaught DLC13 January 2014
Riot address "concerns" about plant mage: "Zyra is not the most well designed of champions"13 January 2014
50 Short Games is exactly what you'd expect12 January 2014
League of Legends’ security just got tighter12 January 2014
Blackspace isn’t dead, it’s resting. Team break long silence12 January 2014
DayZ: The best videos, from deadly fists to Coldplay recitals12 January 2014
As progaming team Quantic implode, a new installment of a sadly common eSports story12 January 2014
Kickstarter funded many, many, many more games in 2013 than in 201212 January 2014
Study shows that trolls and griefers are less motivated by anonymity than by each other12 January 2014
Maia update stops colonists colliding with their own heads12 January 2014
Awesome Games Done Quick raise over $1m for Prevent Cancer Foundation12 January 2014
LCS chaos in wake of Lemondogs fiasco, Ninjas in Pyjamas disqualified, Supa Hot Crew promoted12 January 2014
Midwinter remake in the works. It’s looking chilly11 January 2014
State of Decay developer Undead Labs signs multi-year deal with Microsoft11 January 2014
Rekoil mapmaking contest offers winner an Alienware computer and other goodies11 January 2014
Palmer Luckey: Oculus Rift designed for seated experience but “I’d love to have VR games where people can stand up and walk around”11 January 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online video shows first 30 minutes of the game11 January 2014
Minecrafting 131: First hints of 1.811 January 2014
Total War: Rome II patch 8.1 puts a stop to inappropriate use of flaming projectiles11 January 2014
Coming in from the cold: Banished launches February 18th10 January 2014
Maxis wants you to mod SimCity, but only if you play by their draconian rules10 January 2014
Advanced Fantasy Building 101: Everquest Next Landmark Edition10 January 2014
Machine of War: The heart-warming adventures of John Rambo10 January 2014
Double Fine's Broken Age hits digital shelves on January 14th via Steam Early Access10 January 2014
Torchlight II free until Sunday on Steam, you'd be mad not to play it10 January 2014
Metal Gear Rising always online DRM actually a bug, fixed now10 January 2014
Classroom Aquatic is an Oculus Rift powered cheat ’em up. Also, your classmates are dolphins10 January 2014
Titanfall may only have 12 human players but its closer to 50 characters with the AI10 January 2014
Spy Party bugs invite Cthulhu to the gathering10 January 2014
Jazzpunk will take over your life from 7 February10 January 2014
Mafia developer Prague offices closed by 2K. Development moved to California10 January 2014
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn free weekend begins tomorrow10 January 2014
Put your followers to work in Neverwinter's Sword Coast Adventures10 January 2014
The past and future of PlanetSide 2's war across Auraxis9 January 2014
Not very merry: The concept art of Volume9 January 2014
Gliding as softly as a cloud: Cities in Motion 2 gets monorails9 January 2014
Minecraft snapshot 14W02A updates trading, adds slime blocks9 January 2014
Hauntman Absolution: Agent 47 gets a new contract in a spooky haunted house9 January 2014
The Elder Scrolls: Online closed beta expands with new round of invites9 January 2014
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls preloads scheduled to start this month9 January 2014
League of Legends team LemonDogs disqualified from LCS9 January 2014
PermutationRacer has you racing to stay alive in an endlessly generated canyon9 January 2014
Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.12 brings Red Alert factions into the era of the green crystal9 January 2014
Dota 2 works on Steam controller but pro play is “not really the goal”9 January 2014
Pillowcastle is a perspective skewing puzzler that’s crying out to be made into Portal 39 January 2014
Valve is “days away” from releasing an SDK for virtual reality headsets9 January 2014
Double Dragon: Neon rocking out on Steam soon8 January 2014
30 minutes of Prison Break: Dreamfall Chapters edition8 January 2014
The Witcher gets a tabletop spin-off with Geralt and Triss8 January 2014
Dark Souls II: Into the Light comic kicks off with a fireside chat8 January 2014
Rhianna Pratchett won't be returning to pen Mirror's Edge reboot8 January 2014
Wargame Red Dragon looks gorgeous, adds 450 new units and a Korean campaign8 January 2014
Infinite Crisis' Atomic Poison Ivy has a lot of legs and anger issues8 January 2014
Evolve will be a class-based hunt through "very lush and large outdoor environments"8 January 2014
AMD film Battlefield 4 running "up to 45% faster" using their Mantle API8 January 2014
Valve greenlight another 50 games for sale on Steam - and one is 86GB8 January 2014
Steam stats leak suggests existence of a Killing Floor 2, much else besides8 January 2014
Please don't mech a scene, but Titanfall's maximum headcount is 6v68 January 2014
Alienware Steam Machine the result of a "four-year collaboration" with Valve8 January 2014
John Carmack involved in internal games development at Oculus8 January 2014
Far Cry: The Wild Expedition is an anthology coming out on the most romantic day of the year8 January 2014
Nvidia reveals GameStream-ready PCs and routers optimised for PC and cloud streaming7 January 2014
Razer's Project Christine modular gaming PC is from the sexiest of futures7 January 2014
The IGF 2014 finalist list is the most independent list there ever was (this year)7 January 2014
DayZ beta almost a year away, with a new roadmap coming this month7 January 2014
Turtle Rock Studios' new IP, Evolve, is a multiplayer alien hunting caper 7 January 2014
John Smedley clarifies big PlanetSide 2 subscription changes7 January 2014
Alien: Isolation developer diary introduces Creative Assembly's horror contingent7 January 2014
Hands on with Alien: Isolation7 January 2014
Alien: Isolation debut trailer boasts first moving footage, nearly forgets its star7 January 2014
The range of Steam Machines are a quirky, quiet triumph for PC gaming7 January 2014
Guild Wars 2 supervillain Scarlet Briar's year-branching storyline begins finale January 217 January 2014
Don't fret about Deadpool leaving Steam: Gazillion's Marvel Heroes license lasts 10 years7 January 2014
Steam Machines range from $499 to $6000, Valve catalogue reveals7 January 2014
SOE plan $14.99 subscription to cover their whole PC catalogue - including EverQuest Next7 January 2014
Alienware Steam Machine is the one Valve believe will "make the most Steam users happy"7 January 2014
Valve officially unveils its Steam Machines at CES 20147 January 2014
A million copies of Starbound sold proves people have exquisite taste6 January 2014
Unwritten might remain unwritten6 January 2014
Skywind: Rebuilding Morrowind mushroom by mushroom6 January 2014
Dean Hall reveals that DayZ sales have reached "nearly 800,000 in under a month"6 January 2014
Mysteries on a plane: Consortium lands on January 8th6 January 2014
Daylight: Something this trailer has very little of6 January 2014
Tomb Raider players on PC won't get Definitive Edition upgrade6 January 2014
MOBAload: "darker themed" Deadbreed does customised heroes and summoned creatures6 January 2014
AMD claim performance boosts of up to 45% using Mantle over DirectX6 January 2014
Riot fix wave of disconnects troubling League of Legends EU server6 January 2014
Here are 12 companies making Steam Machines with Valve6 January 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community stump up $250,000 prize pool for EMS One Katowice6 January 2014
Hocking hell: Far Cry 2 mastermind leaves Valve6 January 2014
Spotlight on Greenlight: Painters Guild5 January 2014
Faceless no longer free-to-play, going back on Greenlight promise5 January 2014
Blizzard parental controls now prevent in-game purchases by default5 January 2014
Cubic Space: because in space no one can hear your dice roll5 January 2014
Continue?9876543210 sees your character deleted to RAM. How long can you survive?5 January 2014
Detective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp trailer has little girls, beards, and a mysterious frog-like monster5 January 2014
Carmageddon: Reincarnation video relies on suspension of bloodlust4 January 2014
Gabe Newell: “being really good at Half-Life level design is not as nearly as valued as thinking of how to design social multi-player experiences”4 January 2014
Minecrafting 130: Diamond Shower4 January 2014
Windows 8 population rapidly increasing on Steam4 January 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive breaks 100,000 concurrent players4 January 2014
Steam Family Sharing now limits sharing to 10 friends4 January 2014
150,000 copies of Rust sold in just 2 weeks3 January 2014
Everquest and Vanguard's Brad McQuaid Kickstarting his next MMO3 January 2014
Next Car Game's Early Access smashes failed Kickstarter goal3 January 2014
Trojan compromising World of Warcraft accounts, even if you're using the authenticator 3 January 2014
New Star Control title a prequel, similar in style to Star Control II3 January 2014
Delayed Battlefield 4 Double XP event kicks off today for 58 hours3 January 2014
Criterion founders leave what's left of the studio3 January 2014
Ladykiller in a Bind is a Christine Love-penned visual novel about "kinky sex"3 January 2014
Motion sickness isn't a problem in Eve Valkyrie, say CCP: "It works out super nicely"3 January 2014
StarCraft II 2014 Ladder Season 1 offers an updated map pool and a change of identity3 January 2014
Bethesda "working to return" early Fallout games to Steam as series leaves GOG's vault3 January 2014
Hearthstone Test Season 2 delayed "until further notice"3 January 2014
Steam store and community features brought down by apparent DDOS attacks3 January 2014
Titanfall to drop without modding tools, says Zampella2 January 2014
Holiday shopping spree: One fellow's spent around $3000 on Steam Holiday Sale badges2 January 2014
Most important PC games of 20142 January 2014
Carmageddon: Reincarnation video shows off suspension and, more importantly, phallic drills2 January 2014
Steam Holiday Sale's last hurrah2 January 2014
To the Moon gets some free holiday DLC2 January 2014
Terrifying, custom-made CoD: Ghosts action figures sell for $902 January 2014
Titanfall's sniping is a "pretty different animal" to your "run of the mill modern military shooter"2 January 2014
GOG wave Fallout 1 and 2 a six-fingered farewell: "It was an honor to have you here"2 January 2014
Riot president: "It's pretty frustrating when people try to position us as greedy"2 January 2014
Nidhogg finally brings its brand of nasty fencing to Steam on January 132 January 2014
Steam Holiday Sale doubles PixelJunk developers' annual income in eight hours2 January 2014
License to kill: Activision's Marvel games gone from digital sale for good2 January 2014
Travelling back in time with Wasteland 21 January 2014