January 2020 Archive

Kentucky schools ban Fortnite esports - “there is no place for shooter games in our schools”31 January 2020
Madden 20 predicts that the Super Bowl won’t be terrible this year31 January 2020
PC gamers in China are getting free porn games to encourage them to stay inside31 January 2020
One of Death Stranding's most annoying 'features' gets fixed before the PC release31 January 2020
Why mystery games like Disco Elysium took over 201931 January 2020
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 adds original trilogy-era Supremacy maps - including Scarif31 January 2020
The Witcher season 2 will fix Nilfgaard's terrible wrinkly armour31 January 2020
Hytale is a "Minecraft challenger" - but it's not Minecraft 231 January 2020
Nvidia's next-gen GPUs deliver 70-75% higher performance than Volta31 January 2020
This hilarious Half-Life mod "horribly" mistranslates everything through Google31 January 2020
Why Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga players should fear Jormag31 January 2020
Warcraft 3: Reforged heroes: a complete list of all hero units31 January 2020
I made Ken Owens the top try scorer in the Rugby 20 Six Nations31 January 2020
Intel's 10-core Comet Lake i9 10900K will boost to 5.1GHz31 January 2020
AMD rewards RX 5700-series purchases with Resident Evil 3 and MHW: Iceborn31 January 2020
New sci-fi RPG from BioWare veterans announced - and it sounds like Mass Effect31 January 2020
Google will "leave it up to the publishers" to announce games for Stadia31 January 2020
FF7 Remake keeps cross-dressing Cloud, says "notions of gender don't apply" to beauty31 January 2020
The Witcher author was "reluctant at first" about the Netflix show31 January 2020
This new mod for The Witcher turns the game into a murder mystery31 January 2020
Free Epic Store game is live now, and another three have been announced31 January 2020
Jeff Kaplan’s Overwatch waifu tier list30 January 2020
EA hints at more single-player Star Wars games after Jedi: Fallen Order smashes sales targets30 January 2020
Rare is all about new IP now, not the classics30 January 2020
Hero Pools are going to completely change Overwatch30 January 2020
Warcraft 3: Reforged only works if you missed the original30 January 2020
Huge Overwatch update adds Hero Pools, banning characters every week30 January 2020
Steam servers are back after hours of unexpected downtime30 January 2020
Enthusiast Intel Comet Lake motherboards announced by May. Does that include May?30 January 2020
New Skyrim mod adds Oblivion's scariest monster - the Daedroth30 January 2020
Sega's PC games are now fully recyclable - extra cost is “a price worth paying"30 January 2020
Dust 2, Mirage, Train - CS:GO's maps are a-changin'30 January 2020
AMD's Zen 2 is the key to higher frame rates on the Xbox Series X30 January 2020
The Witcher's animated Netflix movie stars Vesemir, not Geralt30 January 2020
We're giving away 25 Yeth Hound mounts in hell-bound MMORPG Neverwinter!30 January 2020
Nvidia releasing a 7nm Turing would be the perfect AMD Big Navi spoiler30 January 2020
Warcraft 3: Reforged devs were "literally fixing bugs directly from Reddit comments"30 January 2020
Buy cheap Skyrim, help charities with a big sale on all Bethesda games30 January 2020
Samsung is pushing Microsoft Xbox to support ultrawide gaming monitors30 January 2020
Riot slaps LoL Champion Aphelios with another nerf - Senna and Miss Fortune also affected30 January 2020
Fortnite: lonely recliner, radio station, and outdoor movie theater locations30 January 2020
Fortnite: search the hidden gnome found in between a race track, a cabbage patch, and a farm sign30 January 2020
EA’s Super Bowl sale includes… FIFA?30 January 2020
Hytale devs explain how you’ll use poop29 January 2020
Unhappy Warcraft 3 fans no longer have access to the Classic client - or its extra features29 January 2020
Halo: MCC devs detail modding plans, including Steam Workshop support29 January 2020
Cuphead fan makes adorable stop-motion video29 January 2020
It’s your last chance to get these free games from Twitch Prime29 January 2020
Might & Magic Chess Royale is neither chess nor royale29 January 2020
These Resident Evil 2 mods replace Leon and Claire with Geralt and Ciri29 January 2020
GTA Online players get $2 million because the game won’t stop selling29 January 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's Mira and Jackal have a ban rate of over 70%29 January 2020
How would a racing game driver fare in Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga?29 January 2020
Here’s every piece of Destiny 2 Twitch Prime loot - free Exotics for the next six months29 January 2020
The Witcher author on Netflix show's future: "Life is s**t. Best keep expectations low."29 January 2020
1917 is the game Hellblade's creators would make with the Medal of Honor licence29 January 2020
Rainbow Six Siege update 4.3 patch notes: big ADS change, Maestro nerf, Blackbeard buff29 January 2020
AMD's 7nm "wafer supply is tight"... but won't slow Zen 3, RDNA 2, and EPYC revenue29 January 2020
Remember that Xbox exclusive from Red Dead's writer? It's moving forward29 January 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch notes - MP5, M4A1 nerfed; Deathmatch Domination added29 January 2020
AMD will unveil RDNA 2 graphics cards on March 529 January 2020
Watch Geralt break down The Witcher's best fight scene shot by shot29 January 2020
Legends of Runeterra update will remove the 30fps cap29 January 2020
One of Warcraft 3's most iconic features exists because of tech limitations29 January 2020
Resident Evil 8 is first-person and has proper zombies, as further sources report28 January 2020
Warcraft 3: Reforged release time - the RTS classic returns28 January 2020
What are Temtem traits?28 January 2020
League of Legends Champion Akali has been banned in every LEC and LCS match so far28 January 2020
Fortnite Island Codes: the best Creative maps and how sharing works28 January 2020
Get ready for Guild Wars 2's next episode Shadow in the Ice - here's what you need to know28 January 2020
Warhammer Underworlds: Online needs to realise it's a videogame28 January 2020
Valve's Index sales spike means Half-Life: Alyx might just save PC VR28 January 2020
The Witcher author "cannot praise the Netflix show. It wouldn't be decent."28 January 2020
Annual environmental impact of gaming is equivalent to 5 million cars in the US alone28 January 2020
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles producer to design eight Atari-themed esports hotels28 January 2020
Dying Light: Bad Blood is now free – sort of28 January 2020
Stadia Pro users demand more than the two games Google is adding in February28 January 2020
Luma temtem: how to get shiny temtems28 January 2020
A camera-shy Terminator is coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint28 January 2020
Temtem type chart: all types detailed28 January 2020
“Illegal gambling games” should not mean videogames, according to Washington state bill27 January 2020
Temtem breeding guide: how to make the perfect tiny Tems27 January 2020
The best gaming monitor will be a $499 240Hz IPS display called the Eve Spectrum27 January 2020
Turtle Beach Atlas Aero review: wireless gaming headset with 3D audio precision27 January 2020
Resident Evil: Resistance has "connections to the RE Universe" - but it's not canon27 January 2020
Torchlight 3 hits Steam in 2020 and ditches online free-to-play model27 January 2020
Is Eve Online the world’s most important game?27 January 2020
The Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich: 'I'm not a female fantasy writer. I'm a writer'27 January 2020
The Ark: Genesis Part I release date is delayed again - but it's nearly here27 January 2020
The Razer Toaster isn’t the only household object getting the RGB treatment27 January 2020
Here are the Dota 2 update 7.24 patch notes - Void Spirit and Snapfire join Captain's Mode27 January 2020
Temtem early access: how to get involved before the release date27 January 2020
PNY passively cools Nvidia's most powerful Turing GPU27 January 2020
Konami 'considering ways to provide the next Silent Hill title'27 January 2020
How would an RTS commander fare in Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga?27 January 2020
Making it in Unreal: you're truly evil in the Destroy All Humans! remake27 January 2020
Surge of Plague Inc. players reminded it's "a game, not a scientific model" after coronavirus outbreak27 January 2020
This Skyrim mod lets you sacrifice chickens for bonuses - if you can survive the farmers27 January 2020
Alpha sign-ups are open for Zero Six, a game based on SEAL Team Six26 January 2020
Pro players say League of Legends has helped them get dates26 January 2020
Doom Eternal game director introduces all the new and returning demons26 January 2020
Legends of Runeterra champions: who are the Legends of Runeterra champions26 January 2020
Black Mesa version 1.0 is nearly ready26 January 2020
Lots of stuff for The Sims 4 is on sale at Humble right now26 January 2020
China's League of Legends Pro League Week 2 delayed due to coronavirus26 January 2020
Fortnite pro pays off his mother's student loan on stream25 January 2020
Vermintide 2's second season is here, along with a host of fixes25 January 2020
Duelyst will shut down in February25 January 2020
Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting a major update this week25 January 2020
Drive a food truck across post-apocalypse America in Cook, Serve, Delicious 325 January 2020
BBC sends reporter into Watch Dogs: Legion to interview creative director25 January 2020
YouTube exclusively gets Activision-Blizzard esports, minutes before the start of COD League24 January 2020
US court forced to tell player that videogame bans are not civil rights violations24 January 2020
Old School Runescape closes Bounty Hunter worlds - "It’s time to make a change"24 January 2020
Temtem gets an early discount24 January 2020
Overwatch patch notes - McCree buffs and more hit the PTR24 January 2020
Theros Beyond Death is the first time Magic got me out of my comfort zone24 January 2020
Legends of Runeterra open beta release time - Riot’s card game opens to all players24 January 2020
AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT review: Sapphire's Pulse packs RTX 2060 topping performance24 January 2020
We're giving away 20 copies of space dragon slaying indie game EarthNight!24 January 2020
Disco Elysium now lets you pet that mailbox24 January 2020
PSA: Rocket League Mac/Linux support is ending, but PC players are good24 January 2020
Logitech reveals GHOST pro gaming mouse for accessibility charities24 January 2020
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 is getting a new physics engine24 January 2020
Temtem offers the challenge Pokémon Sword and Shield doesn’t24 January 2020
How would a battle royale competitor fare in Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga?24 January 2020
PUBG's Karakin map gets more loot spawns, so now there's plenty to go around24 January 2020
AMD gave MSI RX 5600 XT memory rated at 12Gbps... and then changed the spec24 January 2020
AMD who? Intel continues to make bucket loads of CPU cash24 January 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's battle pass and microtransactions "paid off"24 January 2020
This emulator lets you play SNES games in actual widescreen24 January 2020
Here's how to unlock the crossbow in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare24 January 2020
The Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition beta starts in February23 January 2020
Kaplan to Overwatch fans: “We get it. We agree. Make the meta move faster. Ok.”23 January 2020
Get the latest free Epic Store game now - next week’s will let you satisfy years of curiosity23 January 2020
The next Steam sale gives you free gifts every day23 January 2020
Like Ryzen, AMD's Big Navi is "going to similarly disrupt 4K" gaming23 January 2020
How to get Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime skins23 January 2020
Forget RGB case mods, PC gaming is all about (safe) lasers now23 January 2020
FM20 development centre: how to get the best out of your youth set up23 January 2020
This Skyrim mod transforms it into Zelda: Breath of the Wild23 January 2020
Nvidia RTX 2060 vs. AMD RX 5600 XT: which graphics card under $300 should you buy?23 January 2020
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 DLC sends you back to Drachenfels - for free23 January 2020
Intel’s Xe DG1 GPU is up to 40% quicker than AMD’s Ryzen 4000 APUs in 3DMark 1123 January 2020
Frostpunk: The Last Autumn shows compassion matters in climate crises23 January 2020
Fortnite no swimming signs: where to swim for this week’s challenge23 January 2020
Fortnite Rainbow Rentals, Beach Bus, and Lake Canoe Locations Guide23 January 2020
Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list23 January 2020
Riot slams $400m gender discrimination claim; DFEH responds23 January 2020
Why now is the perfect time to join the fight in Albion Online23 January 2020
How to make The Sims 4 into your own personal Love Island23 January 2020
GTA Casino Heist cars: Outlaw and new car releases23 January 2020
League of Legends patch 10.2 notes – Aphelios and item balance changes23 January 2020
Paradox wants to try subscriptions for its massive collection of DLC23 January 2020
Valve: “We didn't talk about Half-Life because we weren't actively working on Half-Life”22 January 2020
Legends of Runeterra open beta patch notes - card changes for beta season22 January 2020
Here are four new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC - they're good22 January 2020
Hellblade devs reveal their “mental terror” game, Project Mara22 January 2020
Dead by Daylight Tome II: Reckoning arrives - here's what it adds22 January 2020
Give Geralt Henry Cavill's armour with this The Witcher 3 mod22 January 2020
Why would anyone play a cop in GTA 5 RP?22 January 2020
Temtem servers "mostly stable" following launch issues22 January 2020
Women suing Riot Games could be owed "over $400m", not $10m22 January 2020
Try the Halo co-creator's new game for free next week22 January 2020
Intel Comet Lake's proposed PCIe 4.0 support could be bogus22 January 2020
The Xbox Series X budget PCIe 4.0 SSD could be half the speed of the PS522 January 2020
PUBG Season 6 begins with huge 6.1 update - here's everything it adds22 January 2020
Call of Duty League starts this weekend, and pros have ranked the best teams21 January 2020
Netflix: “The Witcher is tracking to be our biggest season one TV series ever”21 January 2020
Temtem dojos: who will you come up against in each dojo?21 January 2020
Gearbox confirms the leaked Godfall gameplay is real - watch the full PC/PS5 trailer21 January 2020
Temtem launches to big player counts and server queues21 January 2020
Every Half-Life game is free-to-play on Steam for the next two months21 January 2020
Hearthstone's Galakrond's Awakening made me like solo content again - for a price21 January 2020
AMD RX 5700 review: the Navi generation's price/performance hero21 January 2020
Nvidia RTX 2060 review: entry-level ray tracing under threat from AMD21 January 2020
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 to get cosmetic microtransactions store - but "there is no pay-to-win"21 January 2020
These great Epic Store exclusives come to Steam this week21 January 2020
Temtem price: how much does Temtem cost on PC?21 January 2020
GTA casino missions list: how to get Enus Paragon R Armoured in GTA Online21 January 2020
Doom Eternal's campaign is "double the size" of Doom 201621 January 2020
How to update every AMD RX 5600 XT BIOS for maximum performance21 January 2020
How long is Temtem?21 January 2020
Elder Scrolls Online player count hits 15 million21 January 2020
AMD’s ‘Big Navi’ graphics cards have hit North America for testing21 January 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 Funko Pops are on the way - with two Keanu Reeves figures21 January 2020
Intel is set to cut mainstream CPU pricing… but is it too late for Comet Lake?21 January 2020
Epic is making a big change to Fortnite competitive play - and not everyone is happy21 January 2020
Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Exotics: new Exotics we’ve found so far21 January 2020
Watch the human motion capture behind Monster Hunter World's Rajang21 January 2020
You can beat Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair in its free demo - but only if you’re good20 January 2020
Panzer Corps 2 release date set for March20 January 2020
Why players are disappointed in the debut of Destiny 2’s Bastion20 January 2020
Temtem release time - here's when the Pokémon rival hits Steam20 January 2020
The next Warframe is Odalisk - here’s an early look at her abilities20 January 2020
Dying Light 2 delay takes it from spring 2020 to ‘someday’20 January 2020
Scorpion is the star of the next Mortal Kombat movie20 January 2020
Splinter Cell creative director heads back to Ubisoft20 January 2020
The Tiger Lake NUC is your best bet for an Intel Xe DG1 GPU on the desktop20 January 2020
GTA 5, RDR2 publisher reportedly received £37.6m in UK tax cuts last year; Rockstar responds20 January 2020
AMD Zen 3 Linux update suggests a radically different CPU design to Zen 220 January 2020
Making it in Unreal: how RPG Shores Unknown makes retro feel new20 January 2020
How long is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?20 January 2020
Fortnite and TikTok team up for create-your-own-emote contest20 January 2020
How to make money fast in Stardew Valley - get rich quick20 January 2020
All 52 of Sokpop Collective's weird little games are on Steam now19 January 2020
PUBG pro warns that it's a 'make or break' year for the game's esports scene19 January 2020
NHS mental health director calls loot boxes 'under the radar' gambling19 January 2020
The best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons in each class19 January 2020
Halo: Combat Evolved will begin PC test flighting in February19 January 2020
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC updates will catch up with consoles in April19 January 2020
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid esports league kicks off this weekend18 January 2020
Toss a coin to the Watcher, Slay the Spire's brand new character18 January 2020
Hollow Knight and Void Bastards headline Humble's Australia Fire Relief bundle18 January 2020
Kingpin is getting a remastered version after 21 years18 January 2020
Ubisoft is suing Rainbow Six Siege DDoS organisers18 January 2020
The Destiny 2 community is still trying to solve Osiris' latest puzzle18 January 2020
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot mods are here, and someone has already turned Goku into the Goose18 January 2020
Here's why there will only be six new ops in Rainbow Six Siege this year17 January 2020
Google’s working on Steam for Chromebooks17 January 2020
Valve says Left 4 Dead 3 is “absolutely not” in development17 January 2020
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot reviews - our roundup of the critics17 January 2020
FM20 wonderkids: the best young players and future prospects17 January 2020
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne patch fixes PC save issues17 January 2020
We're giving away 5,000 Influencer Packs for dystopian multiplayer FPS, Ironsight!17 January 2020
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot cheats17 January 2020
Envisioning N'Zoth: behind the design of World of Warcraft’s 8.3 patch17 January 2020
The Elder Scrolls Online could take players to "the infinite worlds of Oblivion"17 January 2020
New Skyrim mod lets you add Khajiit cat followers - and they're adorable17 January 2020
Escape your fate in Magic: The Gathering Theros Beyond Death17 January 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 devs required to crunch "to some degree"17 January 2020
Microsoft to retroactively counteract its carbon footprint since 197517 January 2020
League of Legends will get 120 new skins in 2020 - including for forgotten Champions17 January 2020
Baldur's Gate 3 announcement coming next month17 January 2020
PUBG Karakin release date: the next map coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds17 January 2020
Elder Scrolls Online is set to last until TES6 and beyond17 January 2020
The Elder Scrolls Online's next Chapter is Greymoor - here's what you need to know17 January 2020
League of Legends players vote Aphelios the most annoying champion in the game16 January 2020
CD Projekt’s new “triple-A story-driven RPG” is actually Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer16 January 2020
Mortal Kombat 11 reveals the very M-rated Joker fatality16 January 2020
Get the latest free Epic Store game now - and take an early look at next week’s free game16 January 2020
Google Stadia promises 10 timed-exclusives in the next six months16 January 2020
Rainbow Six Siege TS update includes big nerfs (every gun, Maestro) and buffs (Ela, Dokkaebi)16 January 2020
Rainbow Six Siege finally has a monetisation model that works16 January 2020
Fortnite hidden gnome: where to search between Fancy View, a wooden shack, and a big house16 January 2020
WoW's new patch Visions of N'Zoth will corrupt your allies - and make you kill them16 January 2020
Here's how to watch The Elder Scrolls Online's Skyrim Chapter reveal livestream16 January 2020
PCGamesN is coming to PG Connects London 202016 January 2020
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order mods just got simpler with Vortex support16 January 2020
We could've had a Darkstalkers revival - in Tekken 716 January 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 release date delayed - but hey, there’s a crossbow15 January 2020
Overwatch Lunar New Year 2020 release time - Year of the Rat starts soon15 January 2020
Subnautica sales top 5 million15 January 2020
2019 was RuneScape’s biggest year ever15 January 2020
PUBG new map: everything you need to know about Karakin15 January 2020
Sea of Thieves: Legends of the Sea is live - patch notes detail how to get double gold15 January 2020
Kards learns from Hearthstone's mistakes - and the history of WW215 January 2020
Rainbow Six Siege Road to S.I. Battle Pass guide: how to rank up15 January 2020
Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ monitor review: unrivalled blur-free gaming15 January 2020
PUBG glider spawns: where to find the Motor Glider in PUBG15 January 2020
The Rainbow Six Siege Road to SI 2020 event is live - here's what you need to know15 January 2020
Fortnite is finally getting an official Ninja skin15 January 2020
League of Legends will get two new Champions in big summer event15 January 2020
League of Legends Volibear players to get free Champion skin15 January 2020
Arma 3 is free on Steam - but not for long!15 January 2020
WoW patch 8.3 Visions of N'Zoth is live - here's what's new15 January 2020
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot system requirements are live and potato-friendly15 January 2020
Valve Index "to be back in stock" before Half-Life: Alyx launch15 January 2020
This Skyrim mod lets you check your mail at any time instead of waiting for a courier14 January 2020
BioWare tweets about Mass Effect, internet explodes14 January 2020
Doom Eternal trailer has a surprising amount of heaven14 January 2020
New Resident Evil 3 remake trailer shows off Nemesis’ “slimy appendages”14 January 2020
AMD RX 5950 XT and RX 5800 XT graphics cards listed on EEC database14 January 2020
Alienware Concept UFO hands-on review: “much more” than a Nintendo Switch14 January 2020
After Sony's dropout, Microsoft says it's going to E3 for "milestone year"14 January 2020
Final Fantasy 7 Remake delayed - but not by long14 January 2020
Epic Store to give away another 50 free games14 January 2020
Total War: Three Kingdoms - Mandate of Heaven review14 January 2020
Marvel's Avengers game delayed, new release date confirmed14 January 2020
Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 pass leaked - with fewer new operators than usual14 January 2020
Cheap motherboards for AMD Ryzen with PCIe 4.0 coming in Q114 January 2020
This Skyrim mod adds a new land inspired by The Witcher 314 January 2020
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous "should feel like the tabletop"14 January 2020
Players are betting fake money on Final Fantasy Tactics battles on Twitch14 January 2020
Rick Fox tells League of Legends devs to “check for bugs” after he places Iron 314 January 2020
E3 takes another blow as Sony confirms it’s skipping again13 January 2020
All proceeds ever made from Modern Warfare’s Outback DLC now go to Australian wildfire relief13 January 2020
The latest Might and Magic game is an auto chess battle royale13 January 2020
Three months before launch, Resident Evil 3 remake is 25% off on PC13 January 2020
New Half-Life: Alyx screenshots emerge - take a look13 January 2020
Rockstar removed GTA 4 from Steam because of Games for Windows Live13 January 2020
Legends of Runeterra beta release date13 January 2020
We’re hiring! Work for Network N as an SEO Manager13 January 2020
We're hiring! Work for Network N as Editor-in-Chief13 January 2020
Here's our first look at Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous13 January 2020
AMD's RDNA 2.0 GPUs will use the power of Zen to compete with Nvidia13 January 2020
Riot reveals another League of Legends game - a tabletop named Tellstones13 January 2020
Making it in Unreal: how Days of War stands out among WWII shooters13 January 2020
Destiny 2 speedrunner gets two One Thousand Voices exotics at AGDQ12 January 2020
Here's how to play the Legends of Runeterra open beta a day early12 January 2020
Hearthstone will see twice the number of Masters Tour events this season12 January 2020
Someone is making a Skyrim mod that adds in Sekiro's combat12 January 2020
AGDQ 2020 raises another record-breaking sum for cancer research12 January 2020
Modern Warfare's Gunfight is getting a 3v3 mode12 January 2020
Houston's Overwatch team has had to move due to disgruntled neighbors11 January 2020
Here's what Silent Hill would look like in the Unreal Engine11 January 2020
Wolfenstein: Youngblood finally has RTX-powered ray tracing11 January 2020
Lucasfilm didn't like the idea of Jedi: Fallen Order at first11 January 2020
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has mostly negative Steam reviews thanks to bugs11 January 2020
Hearthstone's next solo adventure arrives January 2111 January 2020
Clash returns in Rainbow Six Siege patch 4.210 January 2020
Skywind devs share their first major progress report in years10 January 2020
We're giving away 500 Paladin skins in action-MMO Conqueror’s Blade!10 January 2020
Minecraft is not shutting down - here’s the proof10 January 2020
New Skyrim mod makes the game smoother than ever10 January 2020
Comet Lake’s Z490 boards are ready… but Intel’s thirsty 10-core CPUs are not10 January 2020
Cheap mechanical gaming keyboards are coming… thanks to Cherry’s Viola switch10 January 2020
League of Legends season 10 starts today10 January 2020
After nearly 30 years, Doom classic just got a huge update10 January 2020
Valve asks players to make new Dota 2 skins10 January 2020
New free Epic Store game is live - and next week's revealed, too10 January 2020
Resident Evil 3 remake gives Carlos his own “interesting section to play through”10 January 2020
Destiny 2’s rare bounties will soon be “less of a pain”9 January 2020
Dota Underlords leaves Early Access in February9 January 2020
The true heroes of Overwatch are covering Megalovania and Dr. Dre in Paris lobbies9 January 2020
Final Fantasy 7 comes to the Commonwealth with this Fallout 4 mod9 January 2020
This is the first Intel Xe DG1 graphics card and it's shipping to devs right now9 January 2020
Apex Legends’ Grand Soiree event brings you seven game modes in 14 days9 January 2020
New Batman Arkham game logo revealed9 January 2020
League of Legends season 10 to add Clash and a new-look Volibear9 January 2020
Check out League of Legends' Season 10 cinematic here9 January 2020
"Puns are the worst", and other harsh lessons in game localisation9 January 2020
Fortnite: visit different food truck locations9 January 2020
Fortnite: Where to visit different bus stops in a single match9 January 2020
Stardew Valley meets Spirited Away in Kickstarter indie game Spirittea9 January 2020
Steam update overhauls game soundtrack support, so they won't be DLC anymore9 January 2020
The Sims 4 finally gets Murphy beds in the Tiny Living pack8 January 2020
Aphelios gets a 223% ban rate in League of Legends tournament8 January 2020
“Judgement day” for ranked Apex Legends dashboarding is coming8 January 2020
There are now 263 Steam games with 'hentai' in the title8 January 2020
Sea of Thieves is officially Microsoft’s “most successful new IP” of the generation8 January 2020
Sea of Thieves: Legends of the Sea makes you part of the lore8 January 2020
FIFA 20 TOTW 17 cards revealed: Grealish, Pepe, and Deulofeu are in8 January 2020
Dr. Lisa Su confirms AMD Zen 3 CPUs will definitely be released in 20208 January 2020
PC advert banned for reinforcing gender stereotypes8 January 2020
Make Kylo Ren the Pope with this Star Wars Battlefront II mod - do it8 January 2020
Samsung's new 980 Pro SSDs will blow the best PCIe 4.0 drives out of the water8 January 2020
The world's first HDR VR headset looks like it was designed by Ralph McQuarrie8 January 2020
Overwatch 2 will release in 2020, according to PlayStation8 January 2020
AMD confirms 2020 Radeons “will have ray tracing” and high-end Navi is on its way8 January 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update adds new mode playlists8 January 2020
League of Legends patch 10.1 notes - Sett and Mecha Kingdoms skins8 January 2020
Intel's new NUC 9 can live inside your gaming desktop as a 2nd streaming PC8 January 2020
Forget the Alienware Concept UFO, Nintendo’s Switch is still your best bet for handheld PC gaming8 January 2020
First look: Intel Tiger Lake 10nm+ wafer papped at CES 20208 January 2020
TimeSplitters Rewind development hasn't been impacted by THQ's license acquisition7 January 2020
Here's when you'll be able to start playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne7 January 2020
Kentucky Route Zero's final act debuts this month7 January 2020
DDR5 has arrived! Micron’s next-gen DIMMs are 85% faster than DDR47 January 2020
Escape from Tarkov has no plans to add female character models7 January 2020
Alienware’s Nintendo Switch handheld is powered by a 10th Gen Intel processor7 January 2020
Dota Underlords is struggling to keep its players7 January 2020
Unionise videogame and tech industries, says major US campaign7 January 2020
Razer's Tomahawk gaming PC looks like Intel wanted to help build an Xbox Series X7 January 2020
Destiny 2's in-game store is going to stop blinking on your map for no reason7 January 2020
First The Witcher season two details emerge - here's what we know so far7 January 2020
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC review - more of a good thing7 January 2020
Zombie Army 4 is an enjoyably brainless slice of horror schlock7 January 2020
Another Steam sale is coming, and soon7 January 2020
New Mafia 2 mod makes Empire Bay look better than ever7 January 2020
AMD admits using fake Xbox Series X render in its CES 2020 press conference7 January 2020
Get a look at Royal Mail's classic videogame stamps7 January 2020
Alienware's Concept UFO looks like a Nintedo Switch - but it's a handheld gaming PC7 January 2020
Watch AMD’s CES press conference on demand right here, right now!7 January 2020
The Temtem stress test gives you a free taste of the Pokémon-like7 January 2020
Intel Xe powered Destiny 2 on a thin and light laptop live on stage at CES 20207 January 2020
Platinum Games teases “big announcements” for “early” 20206 January 2020
AMD “created an exclusive” Ryzen 4000 APU for Asus' funky 14-inch Zephyrus G146 January 2020
AMD announces RX 5600 XT graphics card6 January 2020
AMD launches Ryzen 4000 mobile chips with "the best laptop processor ever built"6 January 2020
Here’s your FIFA 20 Ultimate Team of the Year6 January 2020
Corsair teases near-invisible LED film for stunning PC case mods6 January 2020
The Witcher’s stunt outtakes are extremely good6 January 2020
Origin's Big O gaming PC brings console, streaming, and RTX under one roof6 January 2020
More Doki Doki Literature Club launches this year6 January 2020
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is a next-gen stealth action prequel6 January 2020
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