January 2019 Archive

Looks like Steam’s getting dedicated servers for non-Valve games31 January 2019
Steam’s trading card bots have brought massive player counts back to Geneshift31 January 2019
Fallout 76’s latest patch is such a mess that even the game’s fans are mad31 January 2019
Hitman 2 is the latest game to drop Denuvo31 January 2019
AMD Radeon VII lags behind the RTX 2080 in latest 3DMark leak31 January 2019
This Half-Life mod is Mario Kart, but with classic Valve characters31 January 2019
Free games: Win a Steam key for barbarian 4X epic At the Gates!31 January 2019
Next-gen Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 consoles could be far more PC than ever before31 January 2019
It's the little things that count in Civilization 6: Gathering Storm, not the tornadoes31 January 2019
Resident Evil 2: grenade launcher and shotgun unlock guide31 January 2019
Buy a used controller, get Fallout 76 for free at Gamestop Germany31 January 2019
Intel names Bob Swan its reluctant CEO after a seven month search31 January 2019
Here's everything you need to know about Civilization 6: Gathering Storm's new civs31 January 2019
Fortnite giant metal dog head location: where to dance on top of a giant metal dog head - week 9 challenges31 January 2019
This Eve Online trailer will get you up to speed with CCP’s daunting MMO31 January 2019
Resident Evil 2 Remake safe combinations: how to unlock every safe31 January 2019
Fortnite oversized cup of coffee location: where to dance on top of an oversized cup of coffee - week 9 challenges31 January 2019
Fortnite sundial location: where to dance on top of a sundial - week 9 challenges31 January 2019
Warhammer: Chaosbane's dwarfen Slayer is an axe-wielding whirlwind in battle31 January 2019
Resident Evil 2 Remake locker codes: how to unlock all lockers31 January 2019
Football Manager 2019's default female character is the stuff of nightmares31 January 2019
Microsoft blames Intel's CPU supply issues for low Windows revenue31 January 2019
AMD claims 7nm is a “big competitive advantage” over its rivals in 201931 January 2019
Overwatch's Paris map has playable pianos - here's Billy Joel's Piano Man31 January 2019
Here’s how a blind gamer plays Gears of War Horde mode31 January 2019
Overwatch’s next location is 2CP map Paris, and it’s already live on the PTR30 January 2019
Sea of Thieves is making cross-play optional for console players30 January 2019
Wargroove’s dog warriors survive every battle - but it wasn’t always that way30 January 2019
Subnautica: Below Zero is out now in Early Access - here’s the first trailer30 January 2019
The Division campaign was finished by more people than any other Ubisoft story30 January 2019
PC gaming has been bigger than consoles since 201330 January 2019
If you think Intel’s Xe GPU will beat AMD or Nvidia you’re “going to be disappointed”30 January 2019
Rainbow Six Siege's next patch nerfs Caveira into oblivion30 January 2019
Wargroove scores – our roundup of the critics30 January 2019
Fortnite: search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed - week 8 challenges guide30 January 2019
Rage 2's wasteland is colourful, but lacks personality30 January 2019
Wargroove PC review: cute and chunky turn-based strategy, but no advance over the past30 January 2019
Esports is like knitting, according to Germany's sports minister30 January 2019
Next month's Black Ops 4 ranked mode is a timed PS4 exclusive30 January 2019
AMD no longer has to pay millions in royalties to make 7nm CPUs and GPUs30 January 2019
EDGE GX1 review: a seriously comfortable gaming chair, but not £1,000 worth of comfortable30 January 2019
Metro games are getting review-bombed on Steam30 January 2019
Free games: We have 1000 Steam keys for the Xenon Racer closed beta on February 1st!30 January 2019
PUBG Report lets you watch every time you’ve been killed on stream30 January 2019
Metro Exodus will return to Steam one year after launching on the Epic Games store30 January 2019
Ubisoft's mysterious sci-fi game isn't dead - it may be rebuilt with Rainbow Six tech29 January 2019
The makers of Detroit and Heavy Rain are going multi-platform29 January 2019
THQ Nordic wants you to know it didn't sign off on this Metro Exodus Epic store thing29 January 2019
AMD's Radeon VII defeats the RTX 2080 in leaked 4K benchmarks29 January 2019
You’ll get an hour of Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 info at the Six Invitational29 January 2019
Capcom was the best-reviewed publisher of 201829 January 2019
Civ 6: Gathering Storm: release date, new civs, climate change, and World Congress29 January 2019
Anthem Fort Tarsis guide: all the key details about the single-player hub29 January 2019
Dido brings Phoenicia to Civilization 6 and can move her capital around29 January 2019
Epic Games store exclusives aren’t “unfair” to Steam users - they’re good for PC gaming in the long run29 January 2019
TSMC's manufacturing fault shouldn't affect Nvidia graphics card shipments29 January 2019
Custom AMD Radeon VII graphics cards could launch sooner than expected29 January 2019
The Witcher's Netflix series is "really not" for kids, obviously29 January 2019
A team of modders is bringing Fallout 2 back to life within Fallout 429 January 2019
Splitwolf is a Wolfenstein 3D mod that adds local split-screen and a mini-tank29 January 2019
Resident Evil 2 Mr Raccoon locations: where to find all 15 statues29 January 2019
A petition to get Shaggy into Mortal Kombat is 90,000 signatures strong28 January 2019
Resident Evil 7 ditches Denuvo two years after release28 January 2019
The Last Word hits Destiny 2 tomorrow - and it looks like Thorn will follow28 January 2019
The Division 2 True Sons faction guide28 January 2019
Is Anthem a Destiny Killer?28 January 2019
How relationships drive the action in Total War: Three Kingdoms28 January 2019
Resident Evil 2’s free Ghost Survivors campaigns launch in February28 January 2019
How Civ V's lead designer battled burnout to create 4X strategy game At the Gates28 January 2019
Resident Evil 2 guide: how to survive Raccoon City28 January 2019
Metro Exodus release date - all the latest details on the Aurora, backpack, and new setting28 January 2019
Fortnite's next weapon is the icy Chiller Grenade28 January 2019
Nvidia's low Turing GPU sales a "real punch in the gut" and its stock is plummeting28 January 2019
Jagex's parent company may be planning to sell the Runescape developer28 January 2019
Mainstream 3rd Gen Ryzen motherboards might be waiting until 2020 for PCIe 4.028 January 2019
The Legend of Zelda meets Doom in this total conversion mod28 January 2019
Making it in Unreal: how Genesis Alpha One became the FPS you can build spaceships in28 January 2019
Dragon Ball Project Z is confirmed with a nostalgic trailer28 January 2019
Intel backs real-time ray tracing to go mainstream, having worked for "many years" to make it a reality28 January 2019
Minecraft gets wall-running and double-jumps - thanks to a bug28 January 2019
New games: The Wild at Heart reimagines Pikmin in beautiful storybook art28 January 2019
Monster Hunter: World’s Appreciation Fest is live now with new quests and gear27 January 2019
You can sign up for Anno 1800’s closed beta, which starts Thursday27 January 2019
Wargroove will have cross-platform support for Steam, Xbox, and Switch at launch27 January 2019
Mod lets you play as a headless, handless Count Dooku in Star Wars Battlefront 227 January 2019
Play Amplitude’s Endless games free this weekend26 January 2019
PC is developers’ favorite platform, and its lead is growing26 January 2019
The creator of Dark Souls' DSfix mod has co-founded a PC port studio26 January 2019
CS:GO star coldzera stops streaming after trolls target his channel with d*** pics26 January 2019
Five law firms explore legal action over Activision's split with Bungie26 January 2019
Here are the Metro Exodus system requirements26 January 2019
WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD review: closing the performance gap on Samsung's finest26 January 2019
Terry Crews wants to be Jax in Mortal Kombat - and the series creator wants it, too26 January 2019
Rainbow Six Siege devs are trying to fix crouch spam26 January 2019
Resident Evil 2: Chemical Flamethrower and Spark Shot unlock guide25 January 2019
Resident Evil 2: Lightning Hawk Magnum and MQ 11 unlock guide25 January 2019
Rainbow Six Siege’s new playlist lets you play like the pros do - with pick and ban25 January 2019
Steam charts: most popular games, 19-25 January, 201925 January 2019
Sea of Thieves (briefly) becomes #1 on Twitch, and it’s half off right now25 January 2019
HyperX Cloud MIX review: hybrid gaming headset with more BOOM for your buck25 January 2019
A free-to-play version of PUBG has surfaced in Thailand25 January 2019
Win a Steam key for a new mystery from the Monkey Island devs, Thimbleweed Park!25 January 2019
Intel's board gives itself one more month to hire a new CEO25 January 2019
Nvidia GTX 1160 GPU SKUs appear in a new product list from manufacturer Palit25 January 2019
Resident Evil 2: Quickdraw Army and M19 unlock guide25 January 2019
League of Legends' Mordekaiser is getting a much-needed rework25 January 2019
The making of Total War: Warhammer's Luthor Harkon25 January 2019
The full Anthem interview: how BioWare perfected the art of flight25 January 2019
Facebook found a way to stop kids overspending in games, then deliberately didn't use it25 January 2019
Ancient philosophy makes Total War: Three Kingdoms a modern revamp25 January 2019
Fortnite could finally be getting a spectator mode25 January 2019
Resident Evil 2 remake scores – our roundup of the critics25 January 2019
Overwatch's price has been quietly halved25 January 2019
Here's how to make your Anthem Javelin look like Iron Man (or Spongebob)25 January 2019
Resident Evil 2 PC review - a bloodbath to relish25 January 2019
Resident Evil is reportedly getting a Netflix series based on the movies25 January 2019
Last Oasis is a survival MMO with faction warfare atop wooden mechs - it hits Steam in spring25 January 2019
A gloriously big ban wave hit Rainbow Six Siege yesterday24 January 2019
Free games: The Jackbox Party Pack is yours on the Epic store, and Axiom Verge is next24 January 2019
DeepMind AI goes 10-1 against pro StarCraft 2 players TLO and MaNa24 January 2019
Rook and Doc are the best defenders in Siege - so they're getting nerfed24 January 2019
Master Anthem’s soaring freedom and you’ll fly through the grind24 January 2019
Nvidia’s $279 GTX 1660 Ti release date has an almost romantic, Valentine-y feel24 January 2019
Resident Evil 2 PC release time - here’s when the remake unlocks on Steam24 January 2019
How my first session in Anno 1800 led to the red pepper rebellion24 January 2019
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is true Warhammer 40K; both spectacular and nonsensical24 January 2019
Far Cry New Dawn pokes fun at Trump's Space Force, but still isn't political, honest24 January 2019
League of Legends' next champion is a "whimsical" support24 January 2019
Five reasons I'm now on the hype horse for Total War: Three Kingdoms24 January 2019
Total War: Three Kingdoms crushes our fears with military efficiency24 January 2019
Alien: Blackout is a Teen-rated mobile game, and it's out now24 January 2019
Generation Zero brings giant robots to the Swedish countryside in two months24 January 2019
Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets mean with next month's Band of Bastards DLC24 January 2019
AMD and Nvidia’s go-to CPU/GPU foundry preps 5nm for 2020 volume production24 January 2019
Cyberpunk 2077's creative director has left CD Projekt Red24 January 2019
Valve fixes PC gaming on Linux with Proton support for non-Steam Windows games24 January 2019
New Games: kill lots of skiers and claim it's an accident in When Ski Lifts Go Wrong24 January 2019
AMD's 12-core 3rd Gen Ryzen engineering sample is running up to 3.7GHz in tests24 January 2019
League of Legends patch 9.2 notes - Sylas and 2019 Lunar Revel skins24 January 2019
Faze Clan misses out on CoD World League, KFC suggests they try Farming Simulator instead24 January 2019
Far Cry 5 - the game about a rural militant cult - is being used to promote Montana tourism24 January 2019
AMD Ryzen 2 news, reviews, and benchmarks24 January 2019
Anthem will have a 16-player social hub called the Launch Bay24 January 2019
Your frame rate determines how fast your gun fires in Fortnite and PUBG23 January 2019
Sea of Thieves draws Twitch’s top streamers, and every sales and player metric is on the rise23 January 2019
Farming Simulator League is a real esports venture with a €250k prize pool23 January 2019
Wargroove finally hits PC next week and there’s anime to prove it23 January 2019
Slay the Spire PC review - the best solo deck-builder yet23 January 2019
Free games: Win a Steam key for award-winning steampunk adventure 80 Days!23 January 2019
Ember and Frost headline next week’s Warframe Prime Vault23 January 2019
Far Cry New Dawn is more than just a lurid coat of post-apocalyptic paint23 January 2019
AMD's X570 Ryzen chipset to be built in-house with twice the power demands23 January 2019
World of Warcraft's new flashback-focused raid is live now23 January 2019
Overwatch's Orisa dons a terrifying mask in her Year of the Pig skin23 January 2019
AMD’s last-gen CPUs could cost the company millions as US court supports class action lawsuit23 January 2019
Intel puts an end to the gender pay gap for its 107,000 employees globally23 January 2019
PUBG adds snowbikes and a moonlit night-time mode23 January 2019
Dodgy picture teases Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Founders Edition as the ‘new GTX Turing’23 January 2019
League of Legends gets another new trailer, and it's very anime23 January 2019
Anthem release date, gameplay, alpha, trailer – latest details on BioWare's new game23 January 2019
A Demon's Souls remaster is possible, but it wouldn't come to PC23 January 2019
How to play Legends of Runeterra23 January 2019
Physics professors keep putting videogame problems on exams23 January 2019
No, Fallout 76 is not going free-to-play22 January 2019
Count Dooku comes to Battlefront 2 tomorrow - he’s very good with lightsabers22 January 2019
The UK government wants you to tell it whether gaming is good or bad for society22 January 2019
Fortnite fans say goodbye to the Grappler, but it’s not the only item vaulted today22 January 2019
AMD Matisse CPUs and 5,800MHz DDR4 memory modules referenced in AIDA64. Wait… what?22 January 2019
Those 'leaked' AMD Navi GPU codes in Apple source code aren't what they seem22 January 2019
You can backflip off the Eiffel Tower on a tandem bike in Trials Rising22 January 2019
Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 scores – our roundup of the critics22 January 2019
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 2 PC review22 January 2019
Cook up a mean grilled dodo with this fan-made Final Fantasy 14 cookbook22 January 2019
The Ottomans arrive in Civilization 6 to beat you up and build cannons22 January 2019
Yakuza Kiwami officially comes to PC next month22 January 2019
Pillars of Eternity 2 is going turn-based, eight months after launch22 January 2019
Right-wing UK political party endorses Pewdiepie in subscriber war with T-Series22 January 2019
Intel's investing big in 7nm EUV with billion dollar fab expansion planned for June22 January 2019
The Resident Evil 2 remake might get post-launch DLC22 January 2019
Despite cutting costs elsewhere, Blizzard is upgrading WoW's esports22 January 2019
Dark Souls’ narrator lends her voice for a Let’s Play channel from former IGN staffers22 January 2019
2.4 million people played the Resident Evil 2 demo - 74% of them couldn’t finish it22 January 2019
Fortnite’s leaked Volley Girl skin is, like, just in time for the Australian Open21 January 2019
Giant Death Robots return in Civ 6: Gathering Storm and they can jump over mountains21 January 2019
Black Ops 4’s next Blackout mode is snipers and knives only21 January 2019
Become an icy Solid Snake with the Fortnite Sneaky Snowman21 January 2019
How your Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are made21 January 2019
Don't be careful with your life in Genesis Alpha One - you're a disposable clone21 January 2019
A free, uncredited, fan-made tool helped make Catherine's PC port21 January 2019
Patents show AMD’s post-Navi GPU could use an Nvidia-like architecture21 January 2019
City 17, Dunwall, and now Project C: Viktor Antonov's "savage land"21 January 2019
Rainbow Six Siege developer teases Tachanka rework21 January 2019
Samsung 970 EVO review: still the best mainstream PCIe SSD around21 January 2019
Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti outperforms GTX 1060 by 19% in AoTS benchmark leak21 January 2019
League of Legends' new cinematic brings Runeterra to life21 January 2019
Making it in Unreal: how to build a planet with Project C21 January 2019
Apple management has a "quiet hostility" towards Nvidia as driver feud continues21 January 2019
Ace Combat 7's JPEG Dog is a tribute to a developer's departed pet21 January 2019
GTA 3 modders are rebuilding a pre-release version of the game21 January 2019
This Star Trek Doom mod began 20 years ago and has a photon torpedo launcher21 January 2019
Intel Core i7 9700K review: Proof gamers don't need Hyper-Threading21 January 2019
The Division 2 Outcasts faction guide21 January 2019
A U.S. congresswoman was on Twitch Sunday to talk games and raise money for trans youth21 January 2019
Fortnite Ice Storm challenges guide20 January 2019
Wargroove’s campaign editor is looking very good20 January 2019
Layers of Fear 2 is narrated by Candyman20 January 2019
Mortal Kombat 11’s new character can mess with the match clock20 January 2019
New games: She Dreams Elsewhere explores self-identity and mental health in a retropunk JPRG20 January 2019
Fortnite’s Ice Storm event has arrived, along with the Ice Fiends19 January 2019
Korean games giant Nexon is for sale, and Tencent is looking to buy19 January 2019
Alexis Kennedy might be making a game about an evil library19 January 2019
Humble’s Winter Sale has some cool deals for a snowy weekend19 January 2019
See The Division 2’s Dark Zones up close in this 15 minute gameplay video19 January 2019
Truberbrook is a Cold War adventure game built with handcrafted miniature scenery19 January 2019
Microsoft wants you to tell it how to make PC gaming better19 January 2019
Forza Horizon 4 reaches over seven million players18 January 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 won’t be terrible on PC this time, according to the developers18 January 2019
Lord Tachanka appears in these fan-made Rainbow Six Siege Lego sets18 January 2019
ModDB is now publishing mod-focused indie games18 January 2019
AMD has to manage the Radeon VII hype train or risk repeating Vega’s derailment18 January 2019
The Walking Dead: The Final Season tells the stories our troubled times need18 January 2019
Win a Collector's Edition of open universe space sim X4: Foundations!18 January 2019
Next-gen 3.2GHz AMD Zen/Navi chip for PlayStation 5 outed online18 January 2019
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown scores - our roundup of the critics18 January 2019
Topre Realforce R2 review: a non-mechanical keyboard that might just convert you to the dark side18 January 2019
Stand strong against a crystal dragon in Guild Wars 2’s latest Living World episode18 January 2019
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X review: the Intel Coffee Lake CPU killer18 January 2019
An ice storm hits Fortnite tomorrow, and it'll look a lot like Game of Thrones18 January 2019
Steam charts: most popular games, 12-18 January, 201918 January 2019
Black Ops 4's Down But Not Out mode lets you return from the dead18 January 2019
Street Fighter meets Saturday morning as Power Rangers gets a fighting game18 January 2019
Soldier: 76 announces Overwatch's Year of the Pig event18 January 2019
A graded copy of NES Zelda just went for $3,300 at auction18 January 2019
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown PC review - thrills marred by frustration18 January 2019
A hacked Atlas admin account drops whales, planes, and tanks all over an official server18 January 2019
WoW guild leader recruits on Tinder, gets banned in three hours17 January 2019
Baraka and Skarlet return in Mortal Kombat 11 - here’s the full roster so far17 January 2019
Fallout 76 accounts with secret dev room items are getting suspended17 January 2019
Nvidia’s best GPUs will be brought to their knees by 3DMark’s Port Royal Extreme17 January 2019
Ana is a cat ninja in Overwatch’s new animated short17 January 2019
AOC C27G1 review: 144Hz gaming without sacrificing quality17 January 2019
The Division 2's Dark Zones don't reinvent but promise a bright future17 January 2019
A Qatari royal spent $250,000+ to get his Steam account to level 4,00017 January 2019
AMD Navi graphics cards set for an E3 reveal in June and a full launch in July17 January 2019
Here's how spies work in Total War: Three Kingdoms17 January 2019
Blizzard's latest job postings are probably for Diablo 417 January 2019
Out of the ashes of Bioware's Shadow Realms comes co-op dungeon crawler Breach17 January 2019
Sapphire's 16GB RX 570 is a "money printing machine" for Harry Potter-inspired cryptocurrency17 January 2019
In 2018, Fortnite had the highest annual revenue of any game ever17 January 2019
Metro's creator says "story comes first" and disses Transformers17 January 2019
Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti rumours reappear giving more credence to that terrible name17 January 2019
Nightdive wants to remaster Dark Forces17 January 2019
Get religious in Skyrim with the Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim mod17 January 2019
A glitch caused Black Ops 4’s season pass “shaming markers”17 January 2019
The Westworld game Bethesda sued for ripping off Fallout Shelter is shutting down16 January 2019
Vortiger of the Black Priors joins For Honor in this edgy new hero trailer16 January 2019
After reports of a canceled Star Wars game, EA says it’s making more Star Wars games16 January 2019
WD Black NVMe SSD review: serious Samsung-baiting solid state competition16 January 2019
After Epic pledged $25m to bring devs to Unreal, Unity loosens its service restrictions16 January 2019
Why no one wants to be Intel's CEO: battling a fresh AMD, manufacturing woes, and taking on Nvidia16 January 2019
The PC gaming glossary: every word you need to know to play like a pro16 January 2019
This is what an Overwatch Story mode could look like16 January 2019
Metro Exodus is the antidote to the "merry Western apocalypse"16 January 2019
AMD claims it has built enough Radeon VII GPUs to "meet demand from gamers"16 January 2019
Nvidia researchers have built Fallout's Mr. Handy IRL, powered by its Titan GPUs16 January 2019
This horror dev reimagined Hotline Miami as a PS1-era classic16 January 2019
AMD: an “Nvidia DLSS-like thing can be done with our GPU”16 January 2019
The final episode of The Walking Dead has a release date16 January 2019
Intel Ice Lake surfaces on Geekbench, SiSoft Sandra with increased cache16 January 2019
Ring of Elysium's new BMX-filled map arrives today16 January 2019
Here’s the Millennium Falcon rebuilt in Fortnite Creative, inside and out16 January 2019
Artifact cards are dropping in value - a full collection now costs less than $10016 January 2019
The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr brings dragons and Necromancers in June15 January 2019
Free games: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode goes free for a week15 January 2019
Throwback FPS Dusk has sold a very nice 69,420 copies15 January 2019
Frontier plans to launch a new game series in the next 16 months15 January 2019
Sweden adds Nobel Prizes and a teenage queen to Civilization 615 January 2019
After Fortnite lawsuits, Forza Horizon 4 removes Flossing and the Carlton dances15 January 2019
Earn a lifetime supply of KFC by playing Call of Duty15 January 2019
1More Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones review: gaming audio for the audiophile15 January 2019
This blind Counter-Strike defense secured an outrageous triple-kill15 January 2019
Nvidia CEO Huang says streaming will "never" kill off PC hardware15 January 2019
Fortnite's V-bucks are reportedly being used for money laundering15 January 2019
Shadow of War dev's next game could be open-world - and might have humans in its Nemesis system15 January 2019
Ninja bows out of Fortnite's race to 100,000 kills15 January 2019
Here's how to unlock Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV15 January 2019
Glider redeploy is back in Fortnite - with a few changes15 January 2019
My Time at Portia PC review - live life in the charming post-apocalypse15 January 2019
Bungie forgot to include a hint Destiny 2 players needed to finish Niobe Labs15 January 2019
Sony finally okays Rocket League for full cross-play15 January 2019
Summit1g started streaming Sea of Thieves - now he has more Twitch subscribers than Ninja14 January 2019
Steam TV will expand to support “all games,” which sounds like competition for Twitch14 January 2019
Orange Shirt Kid entered a contest to get into Fortnite - now his mom is suing Epic14 January 2019
Battlefield 5 battle royale lets you kill with tractors14 January 2019
Microsoft ends Windows 7 support one year from today14 January 2019
IBM creates the world's first integrated quantum computer... and it's beautiful14 January 2019
If you like CS:GO you should enter our A.V.A Dog Tag beta giveaway!14 January 2019
We must all work to end 'AMD Ryzen 3' before it happens14 January 2019
Rainbow Six Siege gets new cosmetic loot boxes for the Six Invitational14 January 2019
Only half of Fortnite's players have Steam installed14 January 2019
14 days of Fortnite challenges: how to get all daily cosmetic rewards14 January 2019
Activision welcomes its new CFO with $15 million after telling Blizzard to cut costs14 January 2019
If your Steam password is on this list you really have to change it right now14 January 2019
D.Va's Overwatch mech has been modded into Doom, complete with Boosters and Self-Destruct14 January 2019
Making it in Unreal: Imperium Omni is a new kind of novel adaptation14 January 2019
Intel cuts integrated graphics but not the price of new Coffee Lake CPUs14 January 2019
Assassin's Creed Odyssey's First Blade DLC is carving out a hopeful future for the game in 201914 January 2019
ADGQ 2019 raised another record-breaking amount for charity14 January 2019
People get snowy when it's snowing with these two Skyrim snow mods14 January 2019
PUBG’s footsteps are a lot louder now for some reason13 January 2019
This new Dota 2 custom mode is way more popular than Artifact13 January 2019
Smash Bros-like Go All Out! reveals new characters13 January 2019
Celeste will get free DLC, but not in time for its birthday13 January 2019
New video shows off Sekiro’s Hirata Estates area13 January 2019
Free games: A Story About My Uncle is yours to keep on Steam until Monday13 January 2019
New games: YIIK is a weird JRPG set in the postmodern ‘90s, built on loss13 January 2019
A game trailer pro created a Battlefield short film with footage from multiplayer matches12 January 2019
Destiny 2’s mind-melting Niobe Labs final puzzle has been solved12 January 2019
The Resident Evil 2 demo launched today, and the time limit has already been modded out11 January 2019
Steam’s new DLC pages aim to make browsing Train Simulator content a breeze11 January 2019
Epic Games store adds Steam-style refunds and regional pricing11 January 2019
Meet Wooby, Fallout 76’s only human NPC11 January 2019
The Dark Souls Trilogy is heading to Europe (but not on PC)11 January 2019
Games like Bandersnatch: the best interactive fiction to play next11 January 2019
This Skyrim mod adds an underground city full of vampires11 January 2019
Not all AMD 300-series AM4 motherboards may be 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU compatible11 January 2019
Free games: Win a code to unlock the new Soundweaver class in Skyforge!11 January 2019
Life after Activision: where can Bungie take Destiny now?11 January 2019
Zhuge Liang explores a misty Chinese jungle in new Total War: Three Kingdoms trailer11 January 2019
This fan-made League of Legends minigame wants you to step up your footwork skills11 January 2019
AMD’s Navi graphics cards effectively confirmed as mainstream GPUs11 January 2019
AMD promises when it launches ray tracing GPUs you're "gonna see the benefit”11 January 2019
Activision stock drops (another) 7% as it relinquishes Destiny11 January 2019
Steam charts: most popular games, 5-11 January, 201911 January 2019
Corsair M65 RGB Elite review: its top FPS gaming mouse evolved11 January 2019
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 takes 40K back to the stars later this month11 January 2019
New PCIe 4.0 SSD controller will break the 4,000MB/s barrier on AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen motherboards11 January 2019
Epic Games launches a $25m fund to help Unity devs transition to Unreal11 January 2019
Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime is leaving the company entirely in April11 January 2019
This Skyrim reputation mod can make the world love or hate you11 January 2019
Nvidia’s RTX Turing GPUs benchmarked in 3DMark's new ray tracing test11 January 2019
Unity disputes SpatialOS claims, and says developers have no reason to be worried11 January 2019
Bungie drops Activision deal to self-publish Destiny10 January 2019
Come and listen to this amazing live version of Command & Conquer's music10 January 2019
This RollerCoaster Tycoon ride takes 12 real-world years to complete10 January 2019
All Bandersnatch endings: every secret conclusion to the mysterious Bandersnatch game10 January 2019
Fortnite meets Game of Thrones in this fan-made version of Castle Black10 January 2019
Free games: We're giving away 1000 Winterfair packs for car combat MMO Crossout!10 January 2019
Overwatch patch notes v1.33: the big armour nerf, Brigitte gets hit again10 January 2019
An Elder Scrolls Online teaser (nearly) confirms those Khajiit datamines10 January 2019
Your current AMD Ryzen motherboard may deliver PCIe 4.0 support for 3rd Gen CPUs10 January 2019
As Breach's Worldshaper Veil Demon class, the floor is literally lava10 January 2019
Open your eyes, sheep-le, Catherine's out now on PC10 January 2019
Catherine is a puzzle game that chafes against a relationship drama, and it's unmissable10 January 2019
Hearthstone players surveyed about esports just after the HotS scene is killed10 January 2019
AMD's 3rd Gen Ryzen preview guarantees a 16-core CPU... or I’ll eat my own face10 January 2019
Fortnite's developer has been awarded an 'F' for customer service10 January 2019
Ex-Blizzard employee says he left due to "racial abuse and discrimination"10 January 2019
A firefighting sim pretended to be "Half-Life 2 Pro" on Steam last night10 January 2019
Nvidia on AMD’s “lousy” Radeon VII: “If we turn on DLSS we’ll crush it.”10 January 2019
A Stan Lee tribute has appeared in World of Warcraft10 January 2019
Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan says no one plays GOATS below Diamond10 January 2019
Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule wants you to use his new album in your games and mods10 January 2019
Simlish is real, and the new Sims Alexa app will translate it for you10 January 2019
Niobe Labs was too hard, so now Destiny 2’s new forge is open anyway9 January 2019
Tencent buys 36% of Vermintide developer Fatshark9 January 2019
Here are The Division 2's system requirements and suite of PC features9 January 2019
AMD's 7nm 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU is faster and more efficient than Intel's i9 9900K9 January 2019
The new AMD Radeon VII can outperform Nvidia's RTX 2080 with a 7nm Vega GPU9 January 2019
A fix is on the way for Rainbow Six Siege’s Bird Box glitch9 January 2019
Dragon Age 4 will probably have multiplayer9 January 2019
The Division 2 will not launch on Steam9 January 2019
Seven esports orgs have pulled out of PUBG, including OpTic Gaming9 January 2019
Call of Duty has made more money than the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe9 January 2019
The first woman to qualify for Rainbow 6 Siege's Pro League has just been dropped9 January 2019
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey proves Ubisoft is right to embrace absurdity9 January 2019
Navi, Zen 2, and 7nm goodness? Watch AMD’s CES keynote here9 January 2019
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