February 2018 Archive

Defiance is getting its "next chapter" in Defiance 2050, a new free-to-play shooter28 February 2018
The latest Pillars of Eternity 2 backer update explains the game's ships with puppets28 February 2018
Professionalism, Pick & Ban, and big orgs: how Ubisoft are taking Siege esports up a gear for Year 328 February 2018
A new method of banning toxic players is being tested in Rainbow Six Siege, so stop using slurs28 February 2018
Far Cry 5 has a new live action trailer featuring a baptismal murder28 February 2018
Injustice 2 is getting a legendary edition including the DLC characters and a new tutorial28 February 2018
Logitech G900 review: a genuine mighty mouse28 February 2018
Crytek CEO and president Cevat Yerli has stepped down28 February 2018
AMD's Ryzen 2 chips could finally take the gaming crown from Intel's Core processors28 February 2018
FTL dev's Into the Breach teaches you to be a hero28 February 2018
Payday designer reveals his new XCOM-like game, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden28 February 2018
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a narrative game that gives a voice to America's downtrodden28 February 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for Debris, a co-op narrative game that explores psychosis!28 February 2018
Here's what could be in Hearthstone's Year of the Raven expansions28 February 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Chimera: operators, release date, Outbreak - everything we know28 February 2018
The Blackout Club pits you against a town of deranged sleepwalkers28 February 2018
Play as Plumbob and Llama Man in the Final Fantasy XV Sims 4 Pack28 February 2018
Buy a brand new Nvidia GTX 1070 and get a full quad-core PC for just £11728 February 2018
Auto Royale and changes to scoring arrive in H1Z1's full release28 February 2018
H1Z1's vehicular Auto Royale mode attempts a drive-by shooting on Fortnite and PUBG28 February 2018
Game devs defend loot boxes, call restrictions "censorship"28 February 2018
AMD gain GPU market share off the back of miners but it's still not all rosy for team red28 February 2018
Activision confirm more "remastered versions of titles from our library"28 February 2018
You can now get Kingdom Come: Deliverance on GOG28 February 2018
ESRB's "in-game purchases" label covers everything, rendering it useless28 February 2018
Don't worry, Roach will appear in the Netflix Witcher show27 February 2018
Hearthstone Year of the Raven: release date, expansions, cards, heroes, features - everything we know27 February 2018
Destiny 2 update 1.1.3 is out now, with Nightfall Strike scoring and challenge cards27 February 2018
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is now included in the Xbox Play Anywhere scheme27 February 2018
Chrono Trigger was just surprise released on Steam, but it's a mobile port27 February 2018
Overwatch patch 1.20 notes: Sombra can now hack everything, Mei and Doomfist buffed27 February 2018
One thing is holding Gwent back - its terrible lootboxes27 February 2018
Rocket League is partnering with WWE, wrestling items coming to the game this spring27 February 2018
Diablo co-creator says Diablo 2 on modern PCs could never be the same game you remember27 February 2018
A Rebellion trademark has meant that Hellhunter has changed its name to HellSign27 February 2018
Dating coach issues false DMCA because YouTuber dissed his game27 February 2018
Tax refunds of $250,000 and the new Pfister Comet SR are now in GTA Online27 February 2018
Hearthstone's new hero is the druid Lunara27 February 2018
Hearthstone's Year of the Raven makes quests more rewarding27 February 2018
A new Overwatch hero hint teases a large shield and...Jetpack Cat27 February 2018
The gaming GPU doesn't exist that will run Final Fantasy XV at 4K 60fps on the highest settings27 February 2018
Stop asking Tony Hawk to remaster his old games27 February 2018
Total War: Arena PC review27 February 2018
Far Cry 5 free with AMD-powered PCs. Is this the end of standalone GPU giveaways?27 February 2018
Sea of Thieves beta players are being honoured as easter eggs27 February 2018
Free games: Set sail by winning a Steam key for realistic co-op sailing sim, Sailaway!27 February 2018
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 careers guide - every class and character revealed27 February 2018
Jetpacks are coming to Fortnite Battle Royale27 February 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Year 3: pass, operators - all the latest details27 February 2018
Vermintide 2 is the rat-infested evolution of Left 4 Dead we deserve27 February 2018
Thargoids get royally splattered in the Elite Dangerous: Beyond launch trailer27 February 2018
Bethesda's games were the best of any major publisher last year27 February 2018
Football Manager 2018 free agents: the best players for managers on a budget27 February 2018
Ex-Dragon Age director wants to work on Cyberpunk 207727 February 2018
Stardew Valley’s creator is working on a new secret game27 February 2018
Fight tanks with your ki in this GTA V DragonBall mod27 February 2018
Microsoft stole a high-end AMD Radeon GPU right from under PC gamers' noses27 February 2018
YouTuber claims Roblox owe her $150,000 - they disagree27 February 2018
Destiny 2 Last Wish raid walkthrough27 February 2018
Kingdom Come's executive producer wishes they had more time for polish at release26 February 2018
The latest Shenmue 3 screenshots from Magic 2018 show a new face and an absolute unit26 February 2018
Final Fantasy XV's system requirements show that, yes, 4K gaming requires a good PC26 February 2018
Developer commentary has been added to the first gameplay footage of Two Point Hospital26 February 2018
Warhammer: Vermintide 2's beta has been extended for another 24 hours26 February 2018
Fortnite: Battle Royale is better enjoyed when you're not winning26 February 2018
Medivh and Sonya reworks, plus police skins, are coming to Heroes of the Storm very soon26 February 2018
The official Warframe convention TennoCon is back for a third year, tickets go on sale this week26 February 2018
Final Fantasy XV's PC demo is out now, and it's 21GB big26 February 2018
A Russian TV station accidentally used Arma 3 footage to represent military presence in Syria26 February 2018
A Way Out is definitely coming out March 23, as the game has now gone gold26 February 2018
Nvidia drivers - new GeForce drivers drop for FFXV demo and the World of Tanks 1.0 launch26 February 2018
Want to get better at Rainbow Six Siege? Here's some advice from two world champions26 February 2018
Metal Gear Survive struggles in UK charts26 February 2018
FTL devs' next game, Into the Breach, launches tomorrow - here's a new trailer26 February 2018
Take-Two apply for new GTA Online trademarks26 February 2018
Yes, Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely coming to Steam26 February 2018
Metal Gear Survive’s new mission adds "a whole new level of cooperation"26 February 2018
Making it in Unreal: how arena racer Despoiler made its hovercraft soar26 February 2018
As AMD's Ryzen 2 looms large the first-gen chips are on sale with up to 40% discounts26 February 2018
Twitch partner with charity to give grants to up-and-coming female streamers26 February 2018
Octahedron is a musical platformer that channels the spirit of Rez26 February 2018
Forgotten Anne is a Ghibli-esque adventure game in which you oppress sentient slippers26 February 2018
"Kojima Productions Forever" message hidden in Metal Gear Survive26 February 2018
Final Fantasy XV will get 4 DLC episodes, not 326 February 2018
Northgard prepares to raid its way out of Early Access25 February 2018
Indie games in development: highlights from #ScreenshotSaturday this week25 February 2018
Pluto brings Discord-like chat to VR25 February 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ connectivity woes should be ending soon-ish25 February 2018
This site can help you find the best Steam games25 February 2018
Quick scoping takes a hit in latest Call of Duty: WWII patch25 February 2018
VR theme park Summer Funland has launched, along with a new trailer24 February 2018
Final chapter of Little Nightmares DLC is out now24 February 2018
Immortal: Unchained looks like a Souls game with guns in new gameplay trailer24 February 2018
Papers, Please short film is out now, and free to watch24 February 2018
More new music coming to Rocket League this year24 February 2018
Remember those two escaped llamas? Well, they're back - and they're angry24 February 2018
Every title from the Call Of Duty movie cinematic universe, revealed24 February 2018
Warcraft film was a “political minefield” to make24 February 2018
H1Z1 has lost 91% of its players in the last seven months23 February 2018
Final Fantasy XV dev team hopes to sell two million on PC23 February 2018
Sea of Thieves’ second scale test has already set sail23 February 2018
Rainbow Six Siege’s latest test server update nerfs Blitz even further23 February 2018
Here’s your first look at Warframe’s new open world hub on Venus23 February 2018
The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game is for CCG players who are tired of card packs and PvP metas23 February 2018
Steam client update fixes compatibility issue - with Windows XP23 February 2018
Star Control creators push back against Stardock with countersuit23 February 2018
Ex-Spec Ops devs bring techno-strategy game All Walls Must Fall out of Early Access23 February 2018
Boot up your PC gaming weekend with the weirdest spin-offs ever23 February 2018
Ni no Kuni 2 has gone gold23 February 2018
GlobalFoundries hit back at Intel, claims the delayed 10nm process is a "pretty weak node"23 February 2018
Metal Gear Survive can’t live up to the series’ incredible legacy23 February 2018
Free games: We have 3000 codes for FeArea, the new mech-filled sci-fi MOBA!23 February 2018
Final Fantasy XV won't use Denuvo on PC23 February 2018
Massdrop hints at a Q3 launch for Nvidia's next-generation gaming graphics cards23 February 2018
Here's a closer look at the Irish in Total War: Thrones of Britannia23 February 2018
Assassin's Creed Origins' Curse of the Pharaohs DLC has been delayed23 February 2018
Meet Broly and Bardock in new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailers23 February 2018
Ubisoft on Rainbow Six Siege: RTS influences, solving toxicity, and Outbreak Packs23 February 2018
After Parkland shooting, a US lawmaker proposes a tax on violent games23 February 2018
AMD drivers - Adrenalin 18.2.3 delivers up to 39% faster performance in Sea of Thieves23 February 2018
Florida Overwatch team will honour Parkland victims in this weekend's matches23 February 2018
Metal Gear Survive charges you real money for an extra save slot23 February 2018
Here are League of Legends' loot box odds23 February 2018
Sea of Thieves’ Skeleton Forts are multi-crew raids on undead strongholds22 February 2018
Old School Runescape celebrates turning five with new items and a dedicated Twitch channel22 February 2018
Titanfall 2 is $5 right now22 February 2018
Paladins ditches “pay-to-win” card system, splits battle royale mode into a separate game22 February 2018
EA will show a playable version of Battlefield 2018 ahead of E322 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s technical problems undermine the historical illusion22 February 2018
Hunt: Showdown is now available in Steam Early Access22 February 2018
Assassin’s Creed can be played “at home or in school, in every country” with censored statues22 February 2018
Kingdom Come mod turns Cpt. Bernard black22 February 2018
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is built on “'Oh s**t' moments”22 February 2018
Vermintide 2 beta hits Steam today22 February 2018
How well does Assassin's Creed Origins capture history? We asked an Egyptologist22 February 2018
Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC: 16-thread AMD CPU almost makes it a mobile workstation22 February 2018
The CS:GO Majors are coming to London22 February 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for Animal Super Squad and create your own zany levels!22 February 2018
Total War: Arena’s open beta starts today, now with added elephants22 February 2018
You can play Final Fantasy XV on PC as Gordon Freeman22 February 2018
Stellaris: Apocalypse lets you play as Immortan Joe and Firefly's Reavers22 February 2018
Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus will bring tech marines to turn-based strategy this year22 February 2018
Troy Baker and Emily O'Brien join Death Stranding22 February 2018
Warcraft 3 just got a huge patch22 February 2018
Football Manager 2018 bargains: cheap players to strengthen your club22 February 2018
Save your pennies, Intel’s mainstream Coffee Lake chipsets are finally on their way22 February 2018
Colourblind Rainbow Six Siege players can't see Lion's special ability22 February 2018
Destiny 2's Leviathan raid: how to conquer its ultimate challenge22 February 2018
The historically accurate Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets its armour wrong22 February 2018
Someone swatted a 12-year-old streamer22 February 2018
Fortnite building goes turbo in the next update21 February 2018
PUBG’s loot crate system gets a tiny bit more generous21 February 2018
You can finally read the Overwatch League rules - partially21 February 2018
Ambitious mod aims to turn Kingdom Come into Game of Thrones, if the mod tools support it21 February 2018
You can get free Overwatch League cosmetics by watching on Twitch21 February 2018
Win a pair of tickets to watch the CS:GO World Finals at the Shepherd's Bush Vue cinema!21 February 2018
"Pitchforks down, please" - Burnout Paradise Remastered won't have microtransactions21 February 2018
CCG Slay the Spire takes as many cues from Pokemon as it does Hearthstone21 February 2018
Intel promise to "compete in graphics products" but their recent prototype isn't the beginning21 February 2018
Konami reserves the right to ban your love affair in Metal Gear Survive21 February 2018
AMD’s Adrenalin overlay makes Shadowplay look like you're capturing on a wax tablet21 February 2018
Here's when Metal Gear Survive unlocks on PC tonight21 February 2018
You can now block Steam curators you don't like21 February 2018
Civilization 6 Rise and Fall India strategy guide - how to win with Chandragupta21 February 2018
Steam Wishlist now has a compact mode21 February 2018
Here are all of Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak's cutscenes21 February 2018
Grappling hooks and fake history are changing the course of the MMO in Worlds Adrift21 February 2018
Look fabulous in Battle for Azeroth with easier transmog loot21 February 2018
Gabe Newell's son inspired the creepy baby at the end of Half-Life21 February 2018
Civilization 6 Rise and Fall Cree strategy guide - how to win with Poundmaker21 February 2018
Assassin's Creed Origins' secret NG+ reward was found in just six hours21 February 2018
League of Legends patch 8.4: Major changes to Rengar and AP items21 February 2018
Assassin's Creed Origins is 33% off in Humble's Ubisoft sale21 February 2018
Football Manager 2018 tactics guide: how to use the new tactical features21 February 2018
Battle for Azeroth will feature rideable frogs21 February 2018
Batmobiles old and new are heading to Rocket League21 February 2018
Battlefront 2 gets a jetpack mode and goes 60% off in Origin sale20 February 2018
Sledgehammer co-founders leave studio for new projects at Activision20 February 2018
GTA Online gets some sporty class with the Karin 190z20 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance's save system is good, actually20 February 2018
Burnout Paradise Remastered brings every piece of DLC to PC for the first time20 February 2018
Onrush trailer showcases colourful arcade racing that will come to PC - eventually20 February 2018
Elite Dangerous: Beyond brings tougher punishment for space criminals next week20 February 2018
Asus’ ROG Strix XG32VQ is one of the finest FreeSync screens we’ve ever gamed on20 February 2018
Metal Gear Survive microtransactions let you buy your way into better productivity20 February 2018
How can Hunt: Showdown fix its biggest problem? Steal Monster Hunter's best idea20 February 2018
Epic collaborate with Russia's biggest publisher to fund upcoming devs20 February 2018
UNICEF appeal for PC gamers to donate their GPU power to charity cryptocurrency mining20 February 2018
Roccat's Horde Aimo is one step forward for membrane keyboards but three back for RGB20 February 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for sci-fi puzzler The Station so you can decide the fate of humanity 20 February 2018
Nearly nine million people watched Rainbow Six Siege's Six Invitational20 February 2018
League of Legends' next champion is Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void20 February 2018
Why does the RTS genre need Age of Empires 4?20 February 2018
Cleopatra is coming free to Total War: Rome 2, but the armoured camels will cost you20 February 2018
The Battlefield 1: Apocalypse DLC is out now20 February 2018
Tiny is tough - Intel engineer comes clean about their 10nm tech lagging behind the competition20 February 2018
Flight Sim Labs explain why they put malware in premium DLC20 February 2018
Why Human: Fall Flat's success is "f***ing crazy"20 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC performance review: a highly demanding open-world20 February 2018
Age of Empires: Definitive Edition could still come to Steam20 February 2018
Fortnite leaves the dark ages with space-themed season three battle pass20 February 2018
Rainbow Six Siege microtransactions "will never affect gameplay"20 February 2018
Final Fantasy XV PC: release date, first-person mode, DLC, Nvidia graphics, system requirements - everything we know20 February 2018
Ubisoft partially backs down from its price hike for Rainbow Six Siege, but not loot boxes20 February 2018
Vermintide introduces its sequel with free Waylaid DLC20 February 2018
Dallas Fuel: Overwatch League's strongest Western squad20 February 2018
Fable Fortune brings free-to-play CCG action out of Early Access this week19 February 2018
CS:GO streamer PhantomL0rd sues Twitch for 2016 ban19 February 2018
Latest version of Denuvo has been cracked in a little over two weeks19 February 2018
Why Age of Empires, the RTS where you could "win with a Wonder," still matters19 February 2018
Why Total War: Warhammer 2 is the greatest strategy game of all time19 February 2018
Operation Chimera hits Rainbow Six Siege test servers today19 February 2018
Make a pink gun-toting kung fu rodent with Biomutant's character creator19 February 2018
G2A's dev studio are going independent, and launching their first game19 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is Team Yennefer19 February 2018
Age of Empires: Definitive Edition PC review19 February 2018
Say goodbye to Rainbow Six Siege's mid-season reinforcements19 February 2018
This is the best Dragon Ball FighterZ comeback yet19 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the first game to make me feel like a bad person19 February 2018
AMD Raven Ridge desktop APU reviews, news, performance, and pricing19 February 2018
How does customisation work in Sea of Thieves?19 February 2018
The Overwatch universe is set to expand19 February 2018
A single-player campaign "can never exist" in Rainbow Six Siege19 February 2018
Making it in Unreal: inside the reflex-driven FPS future sport of JackHammer19 February 2018
Sea of Thieves endgame: Pirate Legends, Legendary Captains, and Athena's Fortune19 February 2018
Wildfest brings every Hearthstone card back for the next three weeks19 February 2018
Overwatch is having a Puppy Rumble and it's as cute as it sounds19 February 2018
AMD will send you a Bristol Ridge APU to fix Raven Ridge boot issues19 February 2018
Blizzard are (probably) about to make a Warcraft 3 announcement19 February 2018
Reinhardt, Doomfist, and Jeff Kaplan feature in this Overwatch fighting game video19 February 2018
Los Angeles Gladiators: Overwatch League's answer to the LA Rams and Denver Nuggets19 February 2018
Indie games in development: highlights from #ScreenshotSaturday this week18 February 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak lets you rack up hundreds of kills per round with Tachanka18 February 2018
Major changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege’s Starter and Standard editions18 February 2018
Big changes are coming to Rainbow Six Siege’s Clubhouse and Hereford maps18 February 2018
Twitch had more viewers than CNN in January18 February 2018
Abandoned online games are one rules change away from a comeback18 February 2018
Los Angeles Valiant: Overwatch League's LA team with major esports roots18 February 2018
Everyone gets a tax rebate in GTA Online17 February 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Chimera’s Lion and Finka bring wall hacks and instant revives - hands-on impressions17 February 2018
Cactuars invade Final Fantasy XV's Windows Edition (and check out these new trailers, too)17 February 2018
Half of the Steel Division studio are on strike17 February 2018
Overwatch is 50% off right now17 February 2018
Get your first look at Mavericks: Proving Grounds, the 400-player battle royale17 February 2018
Evolve characters apply for transfer to Monster Hunter World17 February 2018
Why are games so bad at sex? We ask an expert17 February 2018
San Francisco Shock: Overwatch League's California underdogs17 February 2018
Free games: Claim a copy of Dungeons 2 as part of the GOG Chinese New Year Sale17 February 2018
Overwatch Contenders League expands in 2018 with a $3 million prize pool16 February 2018
Mount & Blade 2’s Calradic Empire bring the might of heavy cavalry and combined arms16 February 2018
A new Dark Souls comic dives into events leading up to the original game16 February 2018
Stalker's DNA stops Fear the Wolves from being another PUBG clone16 February 2018
Forget Bitcoin, now your PC can mine for Overwatch loot boxes16 February 2018
Stay frosty, the Call of Duty movie might have a director16 February 2018
Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel worthy of a Black Mirror episode16 February 2018
Start your weekend right with the greatest love stories in PC gaming16 February 2018
Cloud has a new look in the Final Fantasy 7 remake16 February 2018
Dota 2 patch: Cheaper couriers and changes to the jungle16 February 2018
You can rent a house for less than this Assassin's Creed: Origins statue16 February 2018
Secret of Mana's 3D remake releases on Steam, to mixed reviews16 February 2018
Played an 18-rated game while underage? So have half of UK adults16 February 2018
Here's what's in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's new loot box16 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance builds guide - tips for developing your character16 February 2018
Atari are banking on their retro-gaming brand to float an entire cryptocurrency16 February 2018
Overwatch League's first female player will miss the start of stage two16 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance combat guide - how to fight in Medieval Bohemia 16 February 2018
Graviton Lance won't suck after Destiny 2's big Exotics update16 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance tips - how to save, make money, heal and more16 February 2018
The games industry can keep self-regulating lootboxes, says industry lobbyist16 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance console commands - useful codes for the historical epic16 February 2018
Winter is coming to Subnautica16 February 2018
Seoul Dynasty: Overwatch League's favourites to win season one16 February 2018
This Battlefront 2 mod puts Han Solo in a Buzz Lightyear suit15 February 2018
Publisher banned from Steam after allegations of review fixing15 February 2018
Fe is a beguiling fairy tale about vulnerability15 February 2018
Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale has arrived, along with significant changes to your wishlist15 February 2018
Mafia 3 developers Hangar 13 hit with layoffs15 February 2018
British Hurricane are London Spitfire’s counterpart in the Overwatch Contenders League15 February 2018
Everything that's new to Path of Exile in the Bestiary update15 February 2018
Talk to your teammates in Insurgency: Sandstorm or suffer the consequences15 February 2018
CD Projekt on microtransactions: "There is no better PR than a happy gamer"15 February 2018
Here are the final loadouts Rainbow Six Siege’s latest operators, Lion and Finka15 February 2018
Elon Musk made a game in 1984, and you can play it in your browser15 February 2018
Star Wars: X-Wing is 25 years old - how does it hold up?15 February 2018
Gritty folklore adventure Where the Water Tastes Like Wine releases this month15 February 2018
Screw with people's lives in Orwell Season 215 February 2018
Free games: We have 2000 Steam keys for PvP wizard arena game Spellsworn up for grabs!15 February 2018
Deep Rock Galactic’s mix of Left 4 Dead, Minecraft, and dwarven beards is thrilling15 February 2018
Fortnite's Valentine's Day update is finally live15 February 2018
The next Nvidia GPU architecture could be codenamed Quillian. Maybe. Why not?15 February 2018
How Rocket League became a showcase for new musical talent15 February 2018
Here's why PC gamers should learn to stop worrying and love cryptocurrency's blockchain15 February 2018
A new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds development roadmap is on the way15 February 2018
Making it in Unreal: how VR garage biotech comes to life in Seed15 February 2018
Rocket League Tournaments beta kicks off next week15 February 2018
Shanghai Dragons: Overwatch League's sole Chinese team15 February 2018
Boston Uprising: Overwatch League's team brought to you by the New England Patriots15 February 2018
This is Dragon Ball FighterZ, except now Frieza is covered in pictures of Nicolas Cage14 February 2018
The Evil Within 2 goes first-person in a free update14 February 2018
Overwatch PTR brings buffs for Sombra, Mei, and Doomfist, with Hanzo changes coming14 February 2018
Code Vein lets you send out distress signals for help from other players14 February 2018
Sea of Thieves devs will "treat PC players with respect" and offer more than a port14 February 2018
Vermintide 2 will unleash the Skaven horde on March 814 February 2018
Trades, Mercy nerfs, and new schedules - what to expect from stage two of Overwatch League14 February 2018
The Surge 2: release date, bosses, implants, weapons, combat - everything we know14 February 2018
The best PC upgrades for your ancient gaming rig 14 February 2018
Your pets might be completely redesigned in Battle for Azeroth14 February 2018
8 reasons Rainbow Six Siege fans should watch the Six Invitational 201814 February 2018
Battle for Azeroth's story has been datamined14 February 2018
Sea of Thieves' Chest of Sorrow exploit will be fixed for launch14 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC review14 February 2018
Vampyr is a game torn between character and combat14 February 2018
Discovery Tour comes to Assassin’s Creed Origins next week14 February 2018
Hellblade and DmC devs are hiring for a new action game14 February 2018
Asus "world's thinnest laptop" with a discrete GPU is missing a trick not using Nvidia's Max-Q14 February 2018
Overwatch team will donate $10,000 to charity if enough fans pull thirsty poses14 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance's system requirements are surprisingly low14 February 2018
THQ Nordic acquires Deep Silver, Saints Row and Dead Island14 February 2018
Crimson Days is now live in Destiny 2: celebrate Valentine's the Guardian way14 February 2018
Here's how to get unlimited saves in Kingdom Come: Deliverance14 February 2018
Bug fixes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance are two weeks away14 February 2018
Philadelphia Fusion: Overwatch League's Comcast-sponsored team14 February 2018
Make War Not Love returns again with more free games from Sega13 February 2018
Blizzard job listings confirm that yes, obviously they’re working on new Diablo projects13 February 2018
SAG-AFTRA detail sexual harassment code of conduct protecting film and voice actors13 February 2018
Rare plan to support Sea of Thieves for the next decade13 February 2018
Free Games: Dead Space is free on Origin13 February 2018
This Valentine’s Day, crash a mobster party in Eve13 February 2018
Assassin's Creed Origins' Discovery Tour proves gaming's power lies beyond just entertainment13 February 2018
Instead of a new Assassin's Creed in 2018, you're probably getting more Origins DLC13 February 2018
The war behind the scenes of Eve: “I don't think we will be able to solve botting”13 February 2018
You can now go to The Elder Scrolls Online’s dragon graveyard13 February 2018
Sea of Thieves' swashbuckling is like "improv comedy that the player creates"13 February 2018
Free Games: Overwatch is free this weekend13 February 2018
Here's why Metal Gear Solid V's nuclear disarmament event triggered early13 February 2018
5 essential Kingdom Come: Deliverance activities you should do straight away13 February 2018
Sea of Thieves will allow three-person crews at launch to combat brig griefing13 February 2018
Say goodbye to Fortnite's SMG, for now at least13 February 2018
COD: Online players tested out a Call of Duty battle royale mode13 February 2018
CEO who led Paradox to Cities: Skylines and Stellaris resigns13 February 2018
AMD's new Raven Ridge chips aren't the only new Ryzen 2000 APUs on the horizon13 February 2018
Armed man killed after breaking into gaming YouTubers' home13 February 2018
Sea of Thieves’ system requirements show it can be run on a laptop13 February 2018
AMD's Raven Ridge isn't such a heroic overclocker, it's suffering from the ol' timer bug13 February 2018
A spot on the Overwatch League could cost $60 million next year13 February 2018
Houston Outlaws: Overwatch League's Optic-backed US-centric team13 February 2018
Sea of Thieves is getting microtransaction pets a few months after launch13 February 2018
How to delete and refund games on Steam13 February 2018
UNILAD Esports take the final spot in the £250,000 Gfinity Elite Series13 February 2018
Overwatch gets a post-Valentine’s free weekend12 February 2018
Ubisoft expect big growth from “the PC opportunity”12 February 2018
Ash of Gods: Redemption imitates The Banner Saga without improving on it12 February 2018
Q.U.B.E. 2 shapes up for a March release12 February 2018
Bandai Namco plan to “aggressively” create new IP12 February 2018
Intel's Cannon Lake processor without an iGPU spells bad news for 10nm yields12 February 2018
Star Wars: Battlefront 2's next patch will bring hero tweaks and a Capture The Flag mode12 February 2018
Total War: Arena's next update stops it being the series' white elephant12 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s launch trailer showcases piety and pillaging12 February 2018
Rob Beckett's Playing for Time is a TV comedy tour of gaming history12 February 2018
Overwatch's Hanzo nearly had an ability that could pierce shields12 February 2018
G2A are using Microsoft software to create fraud protection tools12 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s day one patch is a whopping 20GB12 February 2018
Division modder's 'permanent' ban for making a photo mode may be overturned12 February 2018
Eve Online has a new, softer policy to combat bots12 February 2018
Fortnite's matchmaking is changing and fans aren't happy - here's what Epic has to say12 February 2018
Asus banking on graphics card shortages to sell 500,000 more gaming laptops in 201812 February 2018
Into the Breach, tactical RPG from FTL devs, manoeuvres onto PC later this month12 February 2018
Making it in Unreal: behind the brain-twisting puzzles of Q.U.B.E. 2, the first-person puzzle adventure12 February 2018
Riot are teasing League of Legends' new marksman on the PBE12 February 2018
Here's what each Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak monster can do12 February 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance: release date, system requirements, gameplay, combat - everything we know12 February 2018
London Spitfire: Overwatch League's UK-based team with incredible talent12 February 2018
How to play non-Steam games on Steam12 February 2018
The Left 4 Dead 3 ARG is a hoax11 February 2018
This could be the first video of World of Warcraft Classic11 February 2018
You might have missed it but Mercenary Kings just got a major update11 February 2018
A new Dishonored graphic novel is set to hit shelves this month11 February 2018
Genji’s Lunar New Year swords have names rooted in Chinese mythology11 February 2018
This graphics mod makes The Witcher 3 look loads better11 February 2018
New York Excelsior: Overwatch League's Big Apple11 February 2018
How to use a PS4 controller with Steam11 February 2018
You can sign up for the Steam beta for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition10 February 2018
Fortnite Battle Royale's queues are going to get shorter10 February 2018
Friday the 13th video shows Jason protect the forest from a weeing teenager10 February 2018
Wartile’s living miniatures are now out of Early Access10 February 2018
Abandon Ship set to hoist its mainsails and head into Early Access10 February 2018
Nvidia's Volta gaming cards won't arrive unless the crypto-dip continues10 February 2018
YouTube announce new rules following yet another Logan Paul stunt10 February 2018
Florida Mayhem: Overwatch League's Swedish powerhouse based in Miami10 February 2018
Cyberpunk 2077's next trailer will show you "how much death" is in the game10 February 2018
David Gaider, former Dragon Age lead writer, leaves Beamdog9 February 2018
The producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ will compete at Evo9 February 2018
Rust leaves Early Access with a graphics overhaul9 February 2018
Egress is what happens when you mix Lovecraft, cyberpunk, Dark Souls, and battle royale9 February 2018
Hunt: Showdown's alpha teases a promising zombie shooter that's secretly about capitalism9 February 2018
Metro Exodus ditches the bullet economy9 February 2018
Yarrrr PC gaming weekend begins here, with the 5 best pirate games9 February 2018
You’ll see more of Warframe’s Ballas soon9 February 2018
Her Story creator’s WarGames reboot will tailor the plot based on who you listen to9 February 2018
Warframe's weapons and frames are getting rebalanced to "shake things up"9 February 2018
A second trailer for Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak gives the closest look yet at the monsters9 February 2018
Pillars of Eternity II's quirky lore makes its world irresistible9 February 2018
AMD's Athlon processors making a comeback as ultra-budget Raven Ridge APUs9 February 2018
Paper Cut Mansion is a roguelike horror game made entirely from cardboard9 February 2018
Free games: Grab a closed alpha key for Crytek's bounty-hunter game Hunt: Showdown!9 February 2018
Vermintide 2's characters have ultimate abilities based on their career choices9 February 2018
10 million people have pre-registered for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in China9 February 2018
Ni no Kuni 2 can do epic anime drama without Studio Ghibli9 February 2018
Destiny 2's Nightfall Strikes and Raid Lairs are set to change9 February 2018
Nvidia say they're "ten times larger... than the competition" but still can't sort out stock issues9 February 2018
Twitch introduce new anti-harassment rules9 February 2018
Designing for the future - what's the potential for games using SpatialOS?9 February 2018
Watch us unbox AMD's Raven Ridge APUs before we benchmark them to bits9 February 2018
Intel Core i9 7900X review: the best around, but the worst time to buy a high-end CPU9 February 2018
Overwatch now lets you make the objective marker transparent8 February 2018
Over half of Activision Blizzard’s revenue in 2017 came from in-game purchases8 February 2018
Destiny 2’s first expansion outsold the original game’s despite “some real sentiment issues”8 February 2018
Overwatch League is set to get new teams and turn profitable in 20188 February 2018
Far Cry 5’s dog explains why he’s the best gun for hire8 February 2018
Overwatch’s Year of the Dog is live - here are all the new legendary skins8 February 2018
Piracy makes Pillars of Eternity II's seas more enticing than the land8 February 2018
For Honor’s dedicated servers launch February 198 February 2018
Grand Theft Auto 5 has now sold 90 million units, with 15 million in 2017 alone8 February 2018
Divinity: Original Sin 2 or traditional tabletop roleplaying - which is better for Game Masters?8 February 2018
Blizzard ban "one of the worst offenders" in Overwatch for persistent stream-sniping8 February 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for reverse-XCOM strategy game Attack of the Earthlings!8 February 2018
Warframe’s fifth birthday will see a “free bonanza" of anniversary items8 February 2018
Paradox will reveal a new game at PDXCON in May8 February 2018
Civilization 6: Rise and Fall guide - all the new mechanics explained8 February 2018
Warframe update reduces grind, “we wanted to make sure we balanced that economy better”8 February 2018
Dontnod's Vampyr will release in June8 February 2018
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is available now8 February 2018
Intel's mobile Coffee Lake gaming chip is 35% faster than the last gen8 February 2018
You can change Overwatch skins at the start of a match from today8 February 2018
The latest Fortnite update heralds Valentines-themed skins and the Cupid Crossbow8 February 2018
The best weapons for Destiny 2's raid and PvE8 February 2018
Warframe's latest update lets you recycle Riven mods8 February 2018
Relic have abandoned Dawn of War 3 due to poor sales figures8 February 2018
A Metal Gear Survive beta arrives next week, just ahead of its launch later this month8 February 2018
Evo 2018 will be the first year the tournament doesn’t feature Marvel vs. Capcom7 February 2018
Google are reportedly developing a subscription-based game streaming service7 February 2018
Sunless Skies delayed as low Early Access sales lead to layoffs at Failbetter Games7 February 2018
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X review: a great-value, 8-core CPU, giving the pricier 1800X troubles7 February 2018
Cities: Skylines has free weekend going right now, along with a sale on all DLC7 February 2018
Kerbal Space Program: Making History will let you recreate the space race this March7 February 2018
Mercy is still a viable choice in Overwatch, even after her latest nerfs7 February 2018
Fox n Forests is a 16-bit nostalgia trip, releasing this spring7 February 2018
Sweden are investigating whether loot boxes are gambling7 February 2018
Voice-activated PSU lighting has to be the worst use of A.I. in the world7 February 2018
Civilization 6: Rise and Fall review7 February 2018
AMD's Navi graphics card architecture may be "just as bad" as Vega7 February 2018
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Clone Wars DLC and customisation confirmed7 February 2018
Overwatch’s Year of the Dog event adds a new Thailand map7 February 2018
PUBG Corp infographic shows that 130 million chicken dinners have been served7 February 2018
Fear the Wolves is a Chernobyl-set battle royale from ex-STALKER devs7 February 2018
The Surge 2 announced for 2019, taking the Souls-like to a "sprawling, devastated city"7 February 2018
Hannibal and his elephants will come with Total War: Arena's open beta on February 227 February 2018
10 Crowns is a new historical 4X game from the lead designer of Civilization 46 February 2018
Puyo Puyo Tetris brings its peanut butter and chocolate-like combo to Steam this month6 February 2018
You are Galadriel’s hand-picked assassin in the new Middle-earth: Shadow of War DLC6 February 2018
Xbox Game Pass is a good start, but Microsoft need to do more to win over PC players6 February 2018
Blizzard apologise for Heroes of the Storm's ranked matchmaking problems with free stuff6 February 2018
Intel's Vaunt smart glasses covertly laser an image directly onto your retina6 February 2018
Pillars of Eternity II's programmable AI makes combat a tactical treat6 February 2018
Subnautica dev fired over a series of insensitive tweets6 February 2018
Team Fortress 2's Jungle Inferno event ends this weekend6 February 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for Trailmakers, the challenging co-op vehicular sandbox game!6 February 2018
FFXV's buggy benchmarking utility 'may not accurately reflect the game's final performance'6 February 2018
The Zulu have been confirmed for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall6 February 2018
PUBG Corp delays anti-cheat update due to “unexpected issue”6 February 2018
Hearthstone's Quest for Packs jackpot just got $1200 sweeter6 February 2018
Josh Sawyer says Pillars of Eternity's appeal was built on its nostalgic setting6 February 2018
Smoke and Sacrifice is a dark hand-drawn fantasy6 February 2018
League of Legends patch 8.3: Swain rework and Cho'gath visual update6 February 2018
Pillars of Eternity II's ship combat is a deep and satisfying game within a game6 February 2018
Obsidian have filed four trademarks for something called The Outer Worlds6 February 2018
5 reasons you should kick interdimensional alien butt in Closers6 February 2018
Counter-Strike co-creator Jess Cliffe charged with paying for sex with a minor6 February 2018
Kingdom Come encourages you not to with an achievement for staying a virgin5 February 2018
Stolen Friday the 13th DLC codes net over $20,000 on eBay5 February 2018
Final Fantasy XII may be late to PC, but here’s why you should try this ultimate version5 February 2018
DrDisRespect’s return crashes Twitch with over 350k viewers5 February 2018
Gunpoint creator plans to mix magic, military, and XCOM in Tactical Breach Wizards5 February 2018
Battle royale games are only just getting started - the second wave is coming5 February 2018
Techland celebrate three years of Dying Light with content drop 3 and a new bounty5 February 2018
Telltale Games hiring to "expand repertoire of innovative mechanics and gameplay"5 February 2018
Ubisoft concept artist posts Assassin's Creed Ragnarok image5 February 2018
Nvidia GPU, Intel CPU, and AMD tech prices will skyrocket as silicon costs continue to soar5 February 2018
Making it in Unreal: how The Black Death's developers simulate the plague5 February 2018
Subnautica player accidentally eats someone's pets5 February 2018
BattlEye banned more than 1 million PUBG cheaters in January5 February 2018
Sign-ups are open for the next massive Elite Dangerous expedition4 February 2018
Are Microsoft buying Valve? Gabe Newell says 'Not that I'm aware of'4 February 2018
Pirates claim to have finally cracked Assassin’s Creed Origins4 February 2018
This is the Police 2 trailer suggests the game is influenced by Fargo4 February 2018
Telltale Games are on sale this weekend4 February 2018
Donnie Yen confirms production on Sleeping Dogs film is underway4 February 2018
Free games: Grab Cortex Command for free on Steam today4 February 2018
‘King of Kong’ Billy Mitchell accused of cheating, may be stripped of several records3 February 2018
Extremely ‘90s brawler Raging Justice is coming in 20183 February 2018
Someone bought a CS:GO skin for more than $61,0003 February 2018
Some of Ark’s dinosaurs are getting a facelift in the next update3 February 2018
Hunt: Showdown tutorial video details its spooky gameplay loop3 February 2018
It Lurks Below is an upcoming sandbox RPG from Diablo designer David Brevik3 February 2018
Game design student can’t wait to compromise creative vision in favour of Battle Royale clone3 February 2018
You can now link your Discord and Spotify accounts to share music3 February 2018
How to start streaming with OBS Studio3 February 2018
New Insurgency: Sandstorm trailer features helicopter crashes, close-up fighting3 February 2018
Frozen city builder Frostpunk is scheduled for release by the end of March2 February 2018
RimWorld sells over a million copies2 February 2018
The remastered Battlezone: Combat Commander launches in March, with a beta in February2 February 2018
Help! I want to get better at Rainbow Six Siege2 February 2018
Begin your PC gaming weekend with a PCGamesN office murder investigation2 February 2018
Fortnite’s delayed 2.4.0 update is now preparing to launch2 February 2018
Battalion 1944 lead apologises for day one server issues - “I find this unacceptable”2 February 2018
How Battalion 1944 classes work - weapons, loadouts, cards, and war chests explained2 February 2018
How can Battalion 1944 make it to the top of the FPS pile?2 February 2018
Steam family sharing for PUBG will be blocked in next week’s anti-cheat update2 February 2018
Tyler 1 has hit 1 million subs on YouTube, 30,000 on Twitch2 February 2018
Without a real solution AMD think gamers ought to be part of the cryptocurrency problem2 February 2018
XCOM 2 Collection has all DLC, War of the Chosen, and is 50% off2 February 2018
Final Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer will cure your Game of Thrones blues2 February 2018
Fancy going to the PC Gamer Weekender 2018? We have five pairs of tickets up for grabs!2 February 2018
The Wars of Middle-Earth mod combines Age of Empires with The Lord of the Rings2 February 2018
Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age is available on PC now2 February 2018
Fight Martians, Viet Cong, and zombies with Far Cry 5's season pass2 February 2018
Another Sea of Thieves datamine confirms cursed islands and new merchants2 February 2018
Half-Life’s headcrabs nearly had butts2 February 2018
Final Fantasy XV's PC edition "has advanced a generation" over console versions2 February 2018
Dota 2's Springcleaning Update adds loads of feature and balance changes2 February 2018
League of Legends' latest cinematic reveals the fiery backstory behind Annie2 February 2018
This Divinity: Original Sin 2 mod is set to bring full RTS battles to the game1 February 2018
Destiny 2’s sandbox update makes everyone faster and reverts the Shoulder Charge nerf1 February 2018
Rebuilt in the Skyrim engine, Oblivion’s Cyrodiil is gorgeous in the latest Skyblivion trailer1 February 2018
The Final Fantasy 15 benchmark tool is now available, and you can totally break it1 February 2018
Vermintide 2 composer: "I feel like I have joined the invading Skaven army"1 February 2018
How this Overwatch couple got Jeff Kaplan to deliver their engagement ring1 February 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak starts in March, with three new levels and five monster types1 February 2018
Drop everything and move to an impossible idyll in My Time At Portia1 February 2018
Community neglect and a pay-to-win ethos are killing EverQuest 21 February 2018
Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed to October 26 - but still no word on PC1 February 2018
Free games: We're giving away 20 Steam keys for acrobatic, slow-mo combat game Cobalt!1 February 2018
Destiny 2's second expansion will release in May1 February 2018
Sea of Thieves’ closed beta reached 300k players1 February 2018
Thrones of Britannia takes inspiration from Warhammer to revamp the Total War template1 February 2018
Total War: Thrones of Britannia is available for pre-order now, ahead of April release1 February 2018
Cryptocurrency mining on AMD's Threadripper CPUs will pay for itself in less than a year1 February 2018
Surviving Mars mixes science and wonder in a fresh spin on RTS1 February 2018
Subnautica players found a developer's time capsule hidden in the game1 February 2018
Rainbow Six Siege leak suggests the Soviets are responsible for Outbreak1 February 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ hits 2 million sales across all platforms1 February 2018
EA's share price hit a record high thanks to returning Battlefront 2 microtransactions1 February 2018
Football Manager 2018 wonderkids: the young players you need to sign1 February 2018
Private matchmaking could be coming to Fortnite Battle Royale1 February 2018
Intel offically lists Coffee Lake refresh chips and AMD's 7nm Zen 2 Matisse shows up online1 February 2018
Rocket League's 2018 roadmap includes tournament mode and cross-play1 February 2018
Goat Simulator devs launch initiative to promote gender equality in the games industry1 February 2018
UK charities become the first to receive Call of Duty Endowment program grants1 February 2018
For the next six months, Dota 2 patches will release every 2 weeks1 February 2018