February 2016 Archive

Intel and ESL team up to support diversity in eSports with the 'AnyKey' organisation29 February 2016
Anno 2205's Tundra DLC is out today, adds a new 82,000 acre territory29 February 2016
Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are getting Steam Workshop support29 February 2016
Kingdom Come: Deliverance developer diary digs into the creation of its authentic fencing system29 February 2016
HoloLens development edition pre-orders now live - launch apps outlined29 February 2016
Knights and Bikes passes Kickstarter goal with three days to go29 February 2016
Minecraft update 1.9 is out today and it turns its blocky combat into Dark Souls29 February 2016
Vive pre-orders now live, shipping makes prices a little higher than predicted29 February 2016
Total War: Warhammer battle trailer shows the perils of trying to flank Orks29 February 2016
The Surge release date estimate is early next year, currently still in pre-alpha29 February 2016
Vampyr will let you choose to cure London or drink it dry29 February 2016
Don't call The Surge sci-fi Dark Souls29 February 2016
Oculus Rift's VR card game, Dragon Front, isn't quite real-life Yu-Gi-Oh29 February 2016
Trackmania Turbo has secret multiplayer modes unlocked with Konami codes, and I've played them29 February 2016
Midnight Animal is a fan-made 'standalone mod' of Hotline Miami with approval from original devs29 February 2016
Far Cry Primal PC port review29 February 2016
Stardew Valley, a PC Harvest Moon-like indie game, rockets to the top of Steam top sellers29 February 2016
Ashes of the Singularity beta 2 brings DirectX 12 benchmarking and multi-GPU support29 February 2016
Copper Dreams trailer reveals a cRPG that deals in cyperbunk death and dice28 February 2016
Xbox boss plans to "improve" Windows Store versions of PC games28 February 2016
XCOM 2 mod lets you turn your soldiers into Stormtroopers courtesy of fancy helmets 28 February 2016
Firewatch's printable maps let you navigate Wyoming in lo-fi fashion28 February 2016
Street Fighter 5 rage quitters to face "severe punishment"27 February 2016
Consortium: The Tower might not be dead - new funding plans revealed27 February 2016
The Division's Phoenix Credits aren't an indication of microtransactions, say Ubisoft27 February 2016
Shenmue 3 gets some beautiful new screens, showing off its colourful, detail rich environments27 February 2016
Dota 2 Shanghai Major host James '2GD' Harding releases huge official statement27 February 2016
Superhot devs are in the middle of "doing secretive work on a bunch of grand VR plans"26 February 2016
Sunless Sea's Zubmariner expansion trailer shows us the zee floor26 February 2016
Samorost 3 release date set for March - celebrate with a lovely trailer 26 February 2016
GTA Online launches new tank vs buggy adversary mode called Rhino Hunt26 February 2016
Mind Zero is bringing dimension-shifting dungeon crawling to Steam on March 826 February 2016
Dark Souls 3's Estus Flask Edition strategy guide will cost a lot more than the game26 February 2016
Punch Club adds 3 hours of new content in free Dark Fist expansion26 February 2016
World of Warcraft's second best guild, Paragon, calls it quits on raiding26 February 2016
Smite patch 3.3 brings tweaks, fresh god skins, extra voice packs and adds quests for new players26 February 2016
INFRA giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this unique new indie, worth $14.99!26 February 2016
Rise of the Tomb Raider sells nearly three times as many digital copies on PC as on Xbox One in its first month26 February 2016
Master of Orion arrives on Early Access with Collector's Edition26 February 2016
Ubisoft look to Canada for help avoiding aggressive takeover from Vivendi26 February 2016
An onomatopoeic guide to the best/most disturbing enemy noises in games26 February 2016
The Church In The Darkness is about infiltrating a cult in the rainforest26 February 2016
Battlefield 5 shows up on German retailer site, reportedly set in World War 126 February 2016
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's multiplayer starter pack is free to try this weekend26 February 2016
PC Gamer Weekender giveaway! Win one of 10 pairs of tickets to the UK bash26 February 2016
Battleborn reveals three new characters with big playthroughs for each26 February 2016
The Town of Light's creepy asylum-horror unleashed today26 February 2016
Armored Warfare patch 0.13 has gone live alongside a new community event25 February 2016
Superhot has launched on Steam - get it for 10% off now and dodge a bullet25 February 2016
Factorio travels down the conveyor belt and lands on Steam Early Access25 February 2016
Total War: Attila's Slavic Nations Culture DLC Pack releases today along with a free faction for existing owners25 February 2016
'Alan Wake's Return' trademark registered by Quantum Break developer Remedy25 February 2016
Battalion 1944 stretch goals revealed - it'll get a single-player at £1.2 million25 February 2016
Necropolis shows off its cooperative dungeon crawling in a funky new trailer25 February 2016
Rocket League adds the Batmobile in its Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack25 February 2016
Runescape developers will be covered in pink 'unicorn poo' as part of 24 hour charity marathon25 February 2016
Lirik, one of Twitch's largest streamers, runs AMA on influence, growing streams and how the service will evolve25 February 2016
MVP Phoenix, the on-paper worst team at the Dota 2 Shanghai Major, 4-0 the group stage25 February 2016
The Culling's Battle Royale style survival will run closed Alpha this week25 February 2016
Take-Two, publisher of Firaxis, Gearbox and other developers, will be at E3 in a "big way"25 February 2016
Disgaea PC arrives, quality of port in debate25 February 2016
Shadwen demo, from the developers of Trine, lowers launch price of game the more you play it25 February 2016
Doom to release in Germany uncut, which is a franchise first24 February 2016
Fallout 4 Survival Mode details leaked24 February 2016
League of Legends patch 6.4 has nerfs and buffs, but it also sees general movement speed reduced24 February 2016
Former California Senator and anti violent videogame campaigner Leland Yee imprisoned for five years24 February 2016
League of Legends Android and iOS companion app released24 February 2016
Postal Redux, a remake of the top-down angst sim, is heading to PC in spring24 February 2016
The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion will feature a completely new musical score24 February 2016
Darkspore is no more - well, it will be shut down next week24 February 2016
Topic of the Week: Is XCOM 2 too hard?24 February 2016
The Division's new trailer showcases the PC version, with all its bells and whistles, at 60fps24 February 2016
Dark Souls 3's new trailer is beautiful, like a rainbow24 February 2016
The Division's Collapse webgame lets you end the world from your very own house24 February 2016
Grim Dawn leaves Early Access tomorrow, adds voiceover and story intro24 February 2016
XCOM 2 out of concealment: mission timers, bugs, and why the percentages aren't lying to you24 February 2016
Dota 2's Shanghai Major starts tomorrow, runs until March 6th24 February 2016
Hitman trailer tracks 20 year life between prologue and Paris mission24 February 2016
Making it in Unreal: begin life anew on a harsh, post-Minecraft planet in Genesis24 February 2016
Firewatch sales figures are beyond Campo Santo's "wildest expectations"24 February 2016
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition system requirements revealed in Windows store leak24 February 2016
ARK: Survival Evolved's latest 'dinosaur' is a giant, ridable beaver24 February 2016
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Valve-ran Majors get prize pool increase to $1,000,00024 February 2016
UnReal World has been in development since 1992 and it's finally heading to Steam23 February 2016
Star Wars Battlefront's February update adds a new Hoth map where you battle in snowy twilight23 February 2016
Minecraft 1.9 to be released on Feb 29, making this the longest major update in development 23 February 2016
Twitch chat logs are heading to recorded videos on the streaming service via Chat Replay23 February 2016
Nvidia Showcase: Stream true psychological terror to NVIDIA SHIELD in SOMA23 February 2016
Battleborn is "the biggest investment we've ever made in a videogame," says Randy Pitchford23 February 2016
Insurgency: Sandstorm takes one of the best online shooters on PC and rebuilds it in Unreal 423 February 2016
Styx: Shards of Darkness shows off its huge Unreal 4 environments23 February 2016
Slitherine lead the charge in Steam's Midweek Madness sale, starting now23 February 2016
Giants: Citizen Kabuto spiritual successor First Wonder has been cancelled23 February 2016
The big PCGamesN quiz: Can you name all the Ubisoft studios?23 February 2016
Blade & Soul adds the Warlock class in second post-launch update, Unchained23 February 2016
The Technomancer debuts Mars setting and lots of electrocution23 February 2016
Fallout 4 mod tools arriving in April, Survival Mode will be public beta tested on PC23 February 2016
Talisman: The Horus Heresy is out now with launch discount and day one DLC23 February 2016
Scrap Mechanic beginner's guide23 February 2016
One Elite player's journey to the centre of the galaxy is a beautiful look at space23 February 2016
Just how is Fractured Space a MOBA? Let's count the ways23 February 2016
Black Desert Online will run in-game launch competitions, new dev interview tackles community concerns23 February 2016
XCOM 2 diaries: seven men, one save - and humanity is now doomed…23 February 2016
Riot introduce official LCS penalty indexes, standardised punishments for those at LoL's highest level23 February 2016
Bus Simulator 16 releases in just over a week, system requirements and launch trailer revealed23 February 2016
The Walking Dead: Michonne PC review23 February 2016
With HoloLens Microsoft want to avoid the mistakes they made with Xbox's Kinect22 February 2016
Fallout 4's 1.4.124 beta update adds more customisation options22 February 2016
Warren Spector reveals why he's decided to work on System Shock 3: "I needed to keep my skills honed"22 February 2016
Soul Axiom's launch trailer shows us a Tron-style digital afterlife22 February 2016
"HL3" and "L4D3" mentioned in strings in the SteamVR Performance Test, along with a high quality model of Dog22 February 2016
Street Fighter V has broken Evo’s registration records just four days after registration began22 February 2016
Carmageddon: Max Damage is coming to PC and it's free for Reincarnation owners22 February 2016
The Division beta breaks records, logging 6.4 million players across all platforms22 February 2016
Stellaris developer diary talks about the game's multilateral alliances, diplomacy and forming Federations22 February 2016
Sunless Sea developer Failbetter Games launch Fundbetter, a funding option for narrative games22 February 2016
PES 2016's UEFA Euro 16 expansion releases free in March, features just 15 licensed teams and one stadium22 February 2016
Farming Simulator 17 will release at the end of this year, more info next week22 February 2016
League of Legends Q&A with lead designer Greg Street goes over every aspect of the game22 February 2016
Overclockers UK launch game-themed PCs, bundled with the titles that inspired them22 February 2016
Black Desert Online impressions: get rich or die trying22 February 2016
Portal's development history, betas and big changes over time explored in new video22 February 2016
Killer Instinct Season 3 gets Halo's Arbiter and a significant graphical upgrade22 February 2016
The Vive costs $799, pre-orders start in a week and release is set for April22 February 2016
The Ship: Remasted docks with Steam Early Access nearly 10 years later22 February 2016
World of Warcraft: The Chronicle Volume 1 is the answer to all your WoW lore prayers 21 February 2016
Fallout 4 modder recreates Daredevil season 2 trailer, blind brilliance ensues21 February 2016
Hitman PC beta performance issues reported, 47 needs killer optimisation21 February 2016
Making it in Unreal: how Bowie's abetting The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti21 February 2016
Overwatch beta backlash surprised Jeff Kaplan, may have done things differently in hindsight20 February 2016
Dragon Age producer has been asking if players want an XCOM-style, turn-based Dragon Age20 February 2016
The Division's Snowdrop engine could be used in other Ubisoft games like Assassin's Creed20 February 2016
XCOM 2 technical fixes are being worked on - "We didn’t know it would be this way at launch”20 February 2016
Adr1ft's new trailer makes you contemplate the vastness of space while listening to Clair de Lune20 February 2016
GTA 5 Funny Vehicles Pack #2 mod brings Zoolander and Breaking Bad to Los Santos20 February 2016
Devilian's Fury of the Tempest update adds a spinning-top blender to your armoury20 February 2016
The Flame in the Flood illustrates the perils of survival at sea 19 February 2016
Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops and Viking: Battle for Asgard free this weekend19 February 2016
Dolphin emulator gets DirectX 12 support and sees big performance boost19 February 2016
SMITE heading back down under with $100,000 prize fund19 February 2016
Plague Inc: Evolved spreads from Early Access to full release in attempt to infect the world19 February 2016
The Black Death is a job-heavy medieval survival game heading to Early Access next month19 February 2016
Galactic Civilizations III’s first expansion adds new campaign and interstellar underworld backup19 February 2016
Warface giveaway! Win one of 200 earth-shaking loot packs for Crytek's FPS19 February 2016
STRAFE celebrates Kickstarter anniversary with the best trailer you've seen this year19 February 2016
9 games that made us look to the real world for answers19 February 2016
Far Cry Primal's world brought to life in ten minute mini-doc19 February 2016
This storage made of glass can store 360TB of data for longer than the universe has existed for19 February 2016
Hitman beta begins today, here's the start time and what's included19 February 2016
Capcom continuing to battle Street Fighter 5 server issues including matchmaking and battle lounges19 February 2016
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the best VR game out now - if you have friends19 February 2016
Bladestar giveaway! Win one of 100 keys for the arcade sci-fi shooter, each worth $9.9919 February 2016
Assassin's Creed may never return to annual releases as Ubisoft's CEO addresses state of industry19 February 2016
Why has Warface endured? Crytek talk respawn coins and volcano labs19 February 2016
Hearthstone's lead designer Ben Brode has started streaming the game and it's fantastic19 February 2016
Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro will work together, Todd Howard says Bethesda have three active projects19 February 2016
Minecraft creator Markus Persson and USC’s Tracy Fullerton to receive special honours at GDC Awards18 February 2016
Cities: Skylines’ Theme Editor lets you play god, new patch notes revealed18 February 2016
Just Cause 3’s Sky Fortress expansion has a rocket-powered weaponised Bavarium Wingsuit, obviously18 February 2016
Dying Light devs promise support “at least till the end of this year” in open letter to players18 February 2016
TwitchCon returns for second year with bigger venue and extra day18 February 2016
Blade & Soul announces Unchained update with new warlock class and labyrinth dungeon18 February 2016
Konami apply microtransaction expiry date to Metal Gear Solid 5 in Japan 18 February 2016
Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley on leaks: "It’s not some sneaky PR conspiracy to 'control the message' for no good reason."18 February 2016
Freezing a city to death in Cities: Skylines - Snowfall18 February 2016
Paragon cherry-picks MOBAs for their best bits18 February 2016
World of Warcraft: Legion system requirements reveal a bit of an upgrade required18 February 2016
The first Oculus-ready PCs from Alienware, Dell & Asus are taking preorders now, bundles starting at $149918 February 2016
Nvidia Showcase: Entertainment Squared - five epic Square Enix games soon to be streaming on NVIDIA SHIELD18 February 2016
A Street Fighter 5 fan was so worried that Capcom took their bottoms, they put them back in18 February 2016
CS:GO's de_nuke is reintroduced with significant visual upgrades and big layout changes18 February 2016
Scrap Mechanic creations: the coolest, cleverest and craziest18 February 2016
League of Legends Worlds 2016 will take place across October in the United States18 February 2016
Prospekt hands-on: what does it feel like to play a new Half-Life episode after eight years of waiting?18 February 2016
Overwatch balance changes: Bastion and Torbjörn to be nerfed, too early for other fixes18 February 2016
Riot build their own private internet to make League of Legends run faster18 February 2016
The Flame in the Flood’s video guides demonstrate the importance of survival logic17 February 2016
WWE 2K16 heading to PC in March with not one but two playable versions of The Terminator17 February 2016
Shardlight is Wadjet Eye’s next game that’s out next month17 February 2016
Warren Spector to lead team working on System Shock 317 February 2016
Runescape: Idle Adventures is a casual RPG born from Jagex and Hyper Hippo partnership17 February 2016
Hearthstone's new standard format was hotly debated by top pros at community summit in September17 February 2016
Hitman design trailers take you behind the scenes without need for disguise17 February 2016
Topic of the Week: Are delays for the best?17 February 2016
Overwatch progression with Jeff Kaplan: “There is no such thing as a random loot system, not at Blizzard”17 February 2016
Iron Snout, a game about a kung-fu pig, is the best-reviewed new game on Steam17 February 2016
Chronicle: Runescape Legends beta starts next month, shuffle your decks on March 23rd17 February 2016
Elite speak - David Braben on defining and redefining the space sim over four decades17 February 2016
Black Desert Online beta begins tomorrow, watch the cinematic trailer now17 February 2016
RPGs deserve better side quests17 February 2016
Street Fighter V matchmaking issues fixed, arcade stick support in the works17 February 2016
Cabal Online giveaway! Nab one of 500 progression-boosting codes for the Korean action-MMO17 February 2016
The Division beta now available to pre-load, opens Friday 9am17 February 2016
Jet Set Radio, Hell Yeah! and Golden Axe are free for the taking on Steam17 February 2016
Dark Souls completed without taking a single hit in 5 hour speedrun17 February 2016
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets multiplayer-only starter pack for fraction of price16 February 2016
Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 2 out now alongside update 3.0 16 February 2016
Rocket League patch introduces ban system to thwart online cheaters16 February 2016
Overwatch ranked matchmaking will be a part of the beta to test for release - if things go to plan16 February 2016
Star Wars: The Old Republic devs hiring for “new, unannounced Bioware IP”16 February 2016
Rodeo Games say they aren't dead, "taking a break" from new games but plan to bounce back16 February 2016
The Division gets TV commercial and eye tracking functionality on PC16 February 2016
Vulkan, OpenGL's next-gen offspring, is now live and supported by AMD and NVIDIA cards16 February 2016
Fallout 4 to get first round of DLC in March, season pass price will increase16 February 2016
Street Fighter 5's release plagued with issues, from dodgy servers to incompatible fight sticks16 February 2016
Battlezone 98 Redux remasters the strategy classic for modern online play16 February 2016
Fractured Space player count passes 500,000 in Early Access thanks to free weekend16 February 2016
Sniper Elite 4 possibly leaked on LinkedIn, devs Rebellion say new game announcement before GDC16 February 2016
Elite Dangerous Arena is a cheap, standalone game with just the dogfighting, out today16 February 2016
Grab an Atlas Reactor alpha key! We've got 5,000 to give away16 February 2016
The XCOM 2 load-time-skipping key press could lead to game crashes, say Firaxis16 February 2016
Mass Effect Andromeda writer left Bioware for Bungie in September16 February 2016
The Chinese Room's next game will be revealed in coming weeks, no publisher and open dev plan16 February 2016
Far Cry Primal pre-order DLC lets you get high and become a woolly mammoth15 February 2016
David Gaider on Baldur’s Gate 3: “Who wouldn't want to take on the next version?”15 February 2016
American Truck Simulator gets free DLC with new truck and reduced fines with beginners in mind15 February 2016
Dark Souls 3 season pass details leaked, two DLC packs expected15 February 2016
The Ship: Remasted delayed one week to get online play in line15 February 2016
Overwatch datamining continues in second beta, unreleased skin and icons revealed15 February 2016
Street Fighter 5 launch times, also coming to Linux “this spring”15 February 2016
Atlas Reactor alpha sneak peek runs for a week starting on Thursday, get your taste of XCOM Dota15 February 2016
CERN engineer reveals a bit more info about AMD's Zen processors - up to 32 physical cores15 February 2016
Street Fighter V PC port review15 February 2016
Hitman GO PC surprises Steam on February 23rd, just a week away15 February 2016
Dovetail announce two new flight simulator titles for 2016, starting with Flight School in April15 February 2016
Knights of the Old Republic remake called Apeiron looks gorgeous15 February 2016
Magic: The Gathering professional players debut their own card game, Eternal15 February 2016
The Walking Dead: Michonne trailer shows off first six, action-packed, blood-stained minutes15 February 2016
Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth alpha released, HD Warcraft 3 for free via SC2's arcade15 February 2016
Doom datamining reveals the return of the Spider Mastermind, a random boss system and more14 February 2016
Cliffy B was asked to work on Silent Hills by Kojima, but he said he'd have "f****d up" the game14 February 2016
Layers of Fear is a gorgeous, surreal, adult version of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride14 February 2016
Quantum Break won't be coming to Steam14 February 2016
Democracy 3: Africa will pit you against religious persecution and malnutrition14 February 2016
DayZ DirectX 11 Enfusion engine preview shows improved rain and rendering effects14 February 2016
Rise of the Tomb Raider patch #2 fixes issues and improves GPU-bound performance13 February 2016
Chinese pirate group 3DM claim to have cracked the latest Denuvo software, days after entering self-imposed hiatus13 February 2016
The Witness players who are searching for the game's hidden secrets might be disappointed13 February 2016
Battlefield Hardline's Betrayal DLC brings 4 new maps and 7 new weapons, including a broadsword13 February 2016
GTA Online's Till Death Do Us Part adversary mode now live, details revealed13 February 2016
Order of Battle announces roll call for new US Marines expansion 12 February 2016
The Escapists celebrates one year on this side of the law with free DLC12 February 2016
Five Nights at Freddy’s gets toy range that’s both brilliant and terrifying12 February 2016
Nosgoth prepares for new Beastmaster class with detailed abilities trailer12 February 2016
Introducing Maneha, your next Pillars of Eternity companion, a good-humoured barbarian12 February 2016
Kanye West is making a videogame about his dead mother riding a flying horse into heaven12 February 2016
Twitch had 1.7 million monthly broadcasters stream 459,366 years of video in 201512 February 2016
Black Desert Online beta giveaway! Grab one of 500 keys for the MMO’s closed beta 12 February 2016
Steam's Hidden Gems: 10 brilliant games you've almost certainly missed12 February 2016
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada trailer debuts the Chaos faction and their planet killer12 February 2016
Final Fantasy 14 patch 3.2 ushers in the Gears of Change12 February 2016
Dying Light one-of-a-kind Spotlight Edition announced for $10,000,000, if you've got some spare cash12 February 2016
Street Fighter 5 will get monthly updates through September, including modes and DLC characters12 February 2016
Making it in Unreal: Battalion 1944's Bulkhead say it's time to bring back the M1 Garand12 February 2016
Call of Duty 2016 confirmed in development at Infinity Ward, millions dead from surprise12 February 2016
Destiny 2 in development at Bungie for 2017, will it come to PC?12 February 2016
Ashes of the Singularity's move to beta piles on the interesting decisions12 February 2016
FNaF World has been upgraded and is now available for free on Gamejolt12 February 2016
Fallout 4 DLC info is "not far off" and survival mode is getting a "complete overhaul"12 February 2016
Conan Exiles dev diary talks setting, mechanics and “brutal, bloody combat”12 February 2016
Need for Speed on PC gets green light for March release11 February 2016
Worlds Adrift expands its horizons with the introduction of alliances11 February 2016
Titanfall 2 out in 2016 claim toy company as EA remain vague11 February 2016
Minecraft’s latest update adds droppers and hoppers, comparators and cauldrons11 February 2016
Watch Dogs 2 out before April 2017 and no Assassin’s Creed in 2016, confirm Ubisoft11 February 2016
Rocket League Season two gets underway - here’s what’s new in Version 1.1111 February 2016
Total War: Warhammer Empire walkthrough shows off Emperors, courts and the Chaos Wastes11 February 2016
Quantum Break PC is happening, but currently only as a pre-order bonus for the Xbox One version11 February 2016
Gabe Newell gives everyone at Unity Vision Summit a Vive, those people very pleased11 February 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online didn't shine at launch: can it succeed in the shadows with the Thieves Guild?11 February 2016
Intel clamp down on locked Skylake CPU overclocking, but you can still get around it 11 February 2016
Blade & Soul releases first big update as it passes two million registered western users11 February 2016
American Truck Simulator demo gives one state and limited jobs, compatible save with main game11 February 2016
Street Fighter 4 combo video Street Fighter The RPG is a love letter to SF and Final Fantasy11 February 2016
Nvidia Showcase: Four big reasons why Overwatch will be a must-play FPS on PC11 February 2016
Fallout 4’s Jason Bourne might be tougher than cinema’s Jason Bourne10 February 2016
Last Days of Old Earth targets Early Access next month 10 February 2016
EVE Online welcomes skill trading to New Eden with new injector and extraction system10 February 2016
Star Citizen runs FAQ on “package split” to address confusion10 February 2016
The Walking Dead: Michonne will be In Too Deep later this month10 February 2016
Hearthstone hacking can compromise your PC, say antivirus firm 10 February 2016
We speak to Denuvo, whose Anti-Tamper Tech may have left piracy dead in the water10 February 2016
Topic of the Week: betas, demos or marketing?10 February 2016
Blizzard considering giving World of Warcraft to all movie-goers10 February 2016
Did you know you can play Evolve's DLC for free using this one weird trick?10 February 2016
Mad Catz, a gaming peripherals company with a history of great fight sticks, lays off 37% of staff10 February 2016
Evolve turns 1 today - is there still life in the monster hunter?10 February 2016
The best looking games on PC10 February 2016
Post-apocalyptic rogue-lite The Flame in the Flood becomes post-Early Access on February 24th10 February 2016
First Hitman hands-on: hand of classic design fits snugly within murderous episodic glove10 February 2016
Gigantic developers Motiga announce "significant, temporary studio layoffs"10 February 2016
Street Fighter 5's first DLC character will be bare-chested New York grappler Alex10 February 2016
David Gaider, lead writer on Dragon Age series, lands at Beamdog10 February 2016
Amazon Lumberyard engine clause permits unrestricted use in event of zombie apocalypse10 February 2016
The Division's open beta patch adds new mission while infographic reveals billions spent on helicopters10 February 2016
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy released alongside new trailer9 February 2016
Cities: Skylines’ free content is forecast, Paradox to livestream new features 9 February 2016
Project Elea is an interactive VR sci-fi adventure that looks promising9 February 2016
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter uncovers May 27 release date9 February 2016
Total War Attila’s Slavic Nations DLC announced, get it free by backing series at community event9 February 2016
The Division open beta will launch on Feb 19 for PC players9 February 2016
Plague Inc: Evolved will release to the masses next week, co-op mode incoming9 February 2016
XCOM 2 will see you bond with your squad more than you have with gaming's best-written characters9 February 2016
Far Cry Primal trailer introduces the endless ways to kill people and the support structure for doing so9 February 2016
Logitech’s new G810 keyboard features switches more durable and faster than Cherry MX9 February 2016
Black Desert Online Beta returns on February 18th for four day stretch9 February 2016
Naval Action Early Access review9 February 2016
Metal Gear Online Cloaked in Silence expansion will arrive in March9 February 2016
New Wildstar game director Chad Moore outlines state of the game9 February 2016
Amazon Lumberyard is a new, free game engine that integrates directly with Twitch9 February 2016
Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition out now with zombie cults and trailer9 February 2016
Firewatch’s disposable camera can be used to print real-life photos8 February 2016
Fallout 4 mod invites The Witcher 3’s Geralt into the wasteland8 February 2016
Job Simulator will remove abstraction from videogame interaction, is “pretty much like a kid’s toy”8 February 2016
Armored Warfare reveals Coastal Threat map with three new battlefield locales 8 February 2016
Night in the Woods to release “this fall” according to devs 8 February 2016
Street Fighter 5’s head-spinning CG trailer showcases full character roster in style8 February 2016
Firewatch PC review8 February 2016
Someone just made the best gaming PC... out of Lego8 February 2016
Dark Souls 3's opening cinematic will make you smile and cry8 February 2016
Unsung Story may go untold as $660k Kickstarter ceases active development8 February 2016
Marvel Heroes 2016: what's All New and All Different8 February 2016
Ubisoft say it's "simply not true" that The Division was "held back"8 February 2016
Steam Lunar New Year Sale arrives with cheap games, no ARG, no mini-game8 February 2016
Welcome to android hell: what happens when you crush yourself between two portals?8 February 2016
PT-inspired and exceptionally pretty house-bound horror Visage nears goals on Kickstarter8 February 2016
Ninja platformer N++ coming to PC at last8 February 2016
Fallout 4 modders are struggling to make virtual dicks work7 February 2016
Chinese videogame pirate group 3DM pledge to cease piracy for a year to see how it affects legitimate sales7 February 2016
Titanfall 2 will have a single-player campaign, and it's getting a TV show7 February 2016
The Culling aims to be the first dedicated Hunger Games/Battle Royale-style multiplayer game on Steam6 February 2016
DC Universe Online now lets you pwn DualShock-playing PS3 and PS4 noobs with cross-play6 February 2016
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric slasher flick where four survivors face off against a supernatural killer6 February 2016
Volume and Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell is building his own studio instead of coding in his shed6 February 2016
Scrap Mechanic shifts 100,000 copies after two weeks on Early Access6 February 2016
Fallout director Todd Howard to be honoured with lifetime achievement award at GDC 20165 February 2016
ARK: Survival Evolved update adds “Joust-like” birds and grappling hooks5 February 2016
GTA 5 mods recreate The Last of Us and make Los Santos unrecognisable5 February 2016
H1Z1 will be split into two games this month: King of the Kill and Just Survive5 February 2016
The Division graphics mod turns visuals up to 115 February 2016
Robocraft giveaway! Win one of 5,000 starter keys5 February 2016
Rise of the Tomb Raider PC patch will make pretty game even prettier 5 February 2016
Here's how League of Legends champions will be designed in 20165 February 2016
Trackmania Turbo, latest iteration of the impossible-to-master time attack racer, releases March 25th5 February 2016
How to unlock the psi op in XCOM 25 February 2016
Soul Axiom unleashes from Early Access come February 29th5 February 2016
Skywind looks gorgeous in official trailer of 2015's hard work5 February 2016
XCOM 2 system requirements - here's everything you need to know5 February 2016
Fallout 4 patch 1.3's debris effects shown off, they're extremely pretty5 February 2016
XCOM 2 launch trailer goes all-in on the action, how was your first play session?5 February 2016
Doom's campaign opening shown on Conan's Clueless Gamer5 February 2016
XCOM 2 review5 February 2016
Portal Knights looks to add third-person combat to a blocky sandbox world5 February 2016
DayZ forums hacked: “all usernames, emails and passwords accessed and downloaded”5 February 2016
Pillars of Eternity version 3.0 adds several updates, to launch with next expansion4 February 2016
Unreal Engine 4 lets you build VR inside VR - see it to believe it4 February 2016
Godus Wars scraps premium in-game purchases after player backlash4 February 2016
XCOM 2 will have native Steam Controller support, 2K recall Fred Dinenage to explain How 2 use Avenger ship4 February 2016
Far Cry Primal live-action trailer journeys through time to stress challenge of survival4 February 2016
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta registration now live, story trailer sets stage4 February 2016
This week in VR: how to get GTA V working with Oculus Rift DK24 February 2016
PES 2016 free-to-play “entry level” edition out now on PC4 February 2016
Godus Wars Early Access review4 February 2016
Doom campaign trailer is more colourful, pre-orders get consumables that "give you an edge in multiplayer"4 February 2016
Two overclockers have done ridiculous things to a Skylake i7 6700K CPU and achieved a world record 7GHz 4 February 2016
The Solus Project coming to Early Access on February 18th, new dev diary explains mechanics4 February 2016
Survival games need a sense of purpose, and this is how we'd do it4 February 2016
Rocket League's new Rocket Labs playlist is a test zone for wacky new maps4 February 2016
Elite Dangerous: Horizons' next expansion is called The Engineers, focuses on loot and crafting4 February 2016
Crowman & Wolfboy giveaway! Win one of 10 copies of this stylish runner game4 February 2016
Devil Daggers is a horrifying blend of Quake and every nightmare you've ever had4 February 2016
Making it in Unreal: Initia: Elemental Arena is a multiplayer FPS that pulls from Skyrim's spellbook4 February 2016
XCOM Barracks is a community project to help players share character pools in XCOM 24 February 2016
Batman: Arkham Knight OSX and Linux ports cancelled, refunds to be issued through Steam4 February 2016
Dark Souls 3 will feature Battle Arts bestowed by weapon types that use mana to activate4 February 2016
XCOM 2 release times announced and developer character pool made available4 February 2016
Crusader Kings II’s latest expansion Conclave is out now4 February 2016
Overwatch closed beta set to return on February 93 February 2016
Xenonauts 2 is officially happening and is “hopefully due out in 2017”3 February 2016
Call of Duty modder turned pro explains how to make the perfect map 3 February 2016
Hitman gets uber-stylish trailer, episodic structure “inspired by contemporary TV series” 3 February 2016
EVE universe FPS still in development for PC, say CCP3 February 2016
Cobalt is a smart, fast ballet of death and mayhem3 February 2016
Peter Molyneux breaks year-long silence to launch Godus Wars on Early Access3 February 2016
Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro to feature on conversation panel at DICE3 February 2016
Cities: Skylines - Snowfall will release on February 18th for the price of a decent pizza3 February 2016
Early Access Later On: DayZ revisited3 February 2016
Asus announce the ROG Swift PG348Q monitor, a 34-inch curved behemoth3 February 2016
Broken Sword receives Guinness World Record for "longest running graphic adventure protagonist"3 February 2016
Jalopy is a punishingly brown Steam Greenlight game that lets you tour a procedurally generated Eastern bloc3 February 2016
2K reveal how the aliens won the war in XCOM 2: Fred Dinenage3 February 2016
GRIP, the decades-late follow-up to Rollcage, is now available on Early Access3 February 2016
Firewatch gets pre-orders, pricing and four new, charming trailers3 February 2016
Sales figures for The Witness revealed by Jonathan Blow, not a hard puzzle to notice it's done well3 February 2016
Rainbow Six Siege’s free Operation Black Ice DLC is out now2 February 2016
The Witness speedrunner commits tricky puzzles to memory, beats game in 25 minutes2 February 2016
Tales of Symphonia out now on PC but all is not well at the inn2 February 2016
EA and Ubisoft enter legal tussle for ‘Ghost’ trademark2 February 2016
Knights and Bikes is Tearaway, Earthbound, LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet and Clank rolled into one2 February 2016
Hearthstone introduces formats, Standard will cover last two years plus Basic and Classic sets2 February 2016
Serious Sam 4 to push on-screen enemy count with top-notch tech 2 February 2016
AMD launches Wraith cooler and announces three new processors2 February 2016
Ant Simulator consultants on ETeeski's video: "that is 100 percent bull****"2 February 2016
The least profitable haulage empire possible in American Truck Simulator - an investor pitch2 February 2016
Konami funding Phantom Limb Project to give one amputee a version of Big Boss' prosthetic2 February 2016
Why are gamers awful to each other? The psychology of online abuse2 February 2016
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens announced, contains storyline that bridges gap from original trilogy2 February 2016
Battalion 1944 is a new, Call of Duty 2-style WW2-set shooter heading to Kickstarter2 February 2016
The Division underground trailer showcases deadly new area not included in beta2 February 2016
Browser-based Windows 95 lets you run Windows in a window in Windows2 February 2016
Black Desert Online release date set for March 3rd, will run second beta test this month2 February 2016
CS:GO skins now purchasable and tradable through game marketplaces G2A and Kinguin2 February 2016
The Division's closed beta cheating will be addressed, say Ubisoft2 February 2016
Disgaea PC: Digital Deluxe Dood Edition hits pre-order ahead of Feb 24 release1 February 2016
Rocket League player escapes map into weird and wonderful world beyond1 February 2016
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map skillfully captures real life Oregon stand-off 1 February 2016
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc heading to Steam on February 181 February 2016
League of Legends’ new Champion Jhin showcased in spotlight trailer1 February 2016
Grey Goo's free Descent of the Shroud DLC introduces fourth faction and new campaign1 February 2016
Make War Not Love 3: Relic and Creative Assembly’s online face-off returns with triple threat contest1 February 2016
Bethesda set E3 conference for Sunday afternoon before the show proper1 February 2016
After John Scott's incredible All-Star weekend, it's the perfect time to bring the NHL series back to PC 1 February 2016
SUPERHOT release date confirmed for February 25th in new trailer1 February 2016
WildStar to receive massive update alongside its launch on Steam1 February 2016
The Smach Z is a ridiculous handheld PC meets Steam Controller that just won't quit1 February 2016
Long War Studios' Rachel Norman talks XCOM 2's modding tools1 February 2016
Killer Instinct Season 3 details revealed: balance changes, Kim Wu and Halo's Arbiter1 February 2016
The Division hacks, cheats and exploits run rampant in PC beta1 February 2016