March 2017 Archive

World of Tanks hosts limited Mars event where you fire lasers while battling beneath UFOs31 March 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: how to achieve glory in For Honor31 March 2017
Twitch streams now support 1080p/60fps video 31 March 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a Smite skin, get the latest on Total War: Warhammer 2, Destiny 2, and more! 31 March 2017
Siege warfare comes to Conan Exiles with the introduction of trebuchets in update 2331 March 2017
Watch us countdown the best doggos, puppers and woofers in PC gaming31 March 2017
Daddy of Light, a Japanese live-action drama about FF14, heads to Netflix in autumn31 March 2017
Win a pair of skins for Smite, the online battleground of the gods31 March 2017
Total War: Warhammer’s first four races will continue to be developed alongside the sequels31 March 2017
Total War: Warhammer 2 announced - watch a T-Rex eat a Dark Elf in the first trailer31 March 2017
Peripheral manufacturers MadCatz cease operations and file for bankruptcy31 March 2017
What it’s like to discover PC's greatest games for the first time, in 201731 March 2017
Hellblade will do strange things to you using sound, dev diary confirms31 March 2017
Forget VR, the best device for high-res game immersion was released way back in 200931 March 2017
CD Projekt might use Witcher world in future, but “a trilogy can’t have a fourth part, can it?”31 March 2017
Ken Levine will put “a little friction” in his new game, make it harder than BioShock31 March 2017
For Honor fans may still boycott the game even after Ubisoft address lack of communication30 March 2017
Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey leaves Facebook30 March 2017
Blizzard have tweaked controversial WoW change that made mobs scale with equipment 30 March 2017
Daily patches are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - here’s what’s planned30 March 2017
Destiny 2's $249.99 PC collector’s edition details revealed30 March 2017
Destiny 2 is coming to PC on September 8 - here's a new trailer30 March 2017
The first AMD Ryzen gaming performance patch is here… for a title almost no-one plays30 March 2017
Win a Steam key for Space Pilgrim Episode I: Alpha Centauri, a classic point-and-click... but with interstellar travel.30 March 2017
Are Overwatch's characters bigger than the game itself?30 March 2017
Stick a needle in your eye, throw fireballs - Arkane walk you through your powers in Prey30 March 2017
CD Projekt Rich: Witcher 3 revenues total $250 million, trilogy sells 25 million30 March 2017
Developers, why aren't you using the Nemesis system? Making a case for the generation's best new mechanic30 March 2017
Dean Hall wants to "replicate early days of DayZ mod" with Stationeers on Early Access30 March 2017
Community creators say the Dota 2 workshop is "dying" because Valve are taking a larger cut30 March 2017
Windows 10 Creators Update starts bringing Game Mode and Beam to PCs April 1130 March 2017
Bioware will "share more immediate plans on Tuesday, April 4" regarding "ongoing support" for Mass Effect: Andromeda30 March 2017
WW2 RTS Steel Division: Normandy 44 gets an action-packed in-engine trailer29 March 2017
Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be officially revealed on April 1529 March 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: a primer to the Mass Effect series29 March 2017
New heroes, a cinematic, and more are being revealed for HotS 2.0 this April and May29 March 2017
Overwatch This Episode 26: which heroes should be reworked next?29 March 2017
New COD: Infinite Warfare DLC adds Wu-Tang’s Method Man as an announcer29 March 2017
Pick your premium friends to play on Battlefield 1's DLC maps without a season pass29 March 2017
Hold onto your eshorts: the Dota 2 International 2017 runs August 7 to August 1229 March 2017
Heroes of the Storm's Cassia is a Diablo 2 Javazon with lightning for days29 March 2017
Hands-on with Tacoma, Fullbright's space-age successor to Gone Home29 March 2017
Network N are hiring an Account Executive to join our sales team - apply within29 March 2017
New multiplayer modes now, four player co-op later - it's Watch Dogs 2's content schedule29 March 2017
Build a better vault in Fallout Shelter, coming to Steam at 3pm today29 March 2017
Teaser for Fighting Fantasy Legends announces new game based on venerable RPG licence29 March 2017
The future of Intel CPU design is a Frankenstein’s monster of an architecture29 March 2017
Red Dead Redemption 2's release date may have just leaked: October 329 March 2017
Blizzard open up about the biggest patch in WoW history29 March 2017
Overwatch fan recreates Tracer’s pistols with Lego29 March 2017
Kickstarter has funded 10,000 games projects 29 March 2017
Pick up Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain expansion on the cheap29 March 2017
Rocket League dev calls server issues "totally unacceptable" 29 March 2017
Inside Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition and "repainting the smile on the Mona Lisa"28 March 2017
Major League Gaming to trial a Peacekeeper ban in For Honor tournament28 March 2017
Destiny 2 teased in Nathan Fillion-starring trailer - full reveal on March 3028 March 2017
Trailer leaks for Planescape: Torment - Enhanced Edition28 March 2017
Mafia 3 gets a free demo as its first story DLC, ‘Faster, Baby!’, goes live28 March 2017
Win a Steam key for Ballistic Overkill, a fast-paced PvP shooter where everyone is a killer28 March 2017
New Divinity: Original Sin 2 spells morph foes into chickens and slap them with tentacles28 March 2017
Rivals of Aether is a Smash Bros-esque platform fighter with cute fiery animals, out now28 March 2017
AOC AGON AG271QG review: silken gaming performance and a tempting pricetag28 March 2017
Plant bomb on bot, possess bot, ram into other bot - playing with powers in Prey28 March 2017
War Thunder naval battles beginner's guide: tips and tricks for conquering the seas28 March 2017
Build stuff underwater and have a smooth UI experience doing it in Ark: Survival Evolved28 March 2017
Kick fools into lava in Battlegrounds, a new PvP mode coming to The Elder Scrolls Online28 March 2017
Try the first 35 levels of Final Fantasy XIV at your leisure as free trial drops time limit28 March 2017
Intel are promising SSD-like speeds from your mechanical drive. We’ve heard that before…28 March 2017
Civ 6's spring update due this week - will reduce warmonger penalties and add DLC civs28 March 2017
Overwatch League could make up to $720m a year, according to investment management firm28 March 2017
Learn how to build a PC without electrocuting yourself in PC Building Simulator28 March 2017
Get gold and card pack rewards for logging into Hearthstone from March 29 to April 527 March 2017
Warner Bros and Vive are making VR content to tie in with the Ready Player One movie27 March 2017
The Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC launch times, and how to access the new area27 March 2017
Someone’s made a working Rubik’s Cube in Halo 5: Forge27 March 2017
Everything you need to know about the Mirage: Arcane Warfare beta27 March 2017
Rating Ryder's romping: Simon Miller reviews all the sex in Mass Effect: Andromeda27 March 2017
People are speedrunning Overwatch’s hero gallery, which is as ridiculous as it sounds 27 March 2017
Get Chivalry free as Mirage: Arcane Warfare releases on May 23 - closed beta live today27 March 2017
Ravenholm features in another cancelled Half-Life 2 episode, now with snow and magnetism27 March 2017
Sir, You Are Being Hunted devs to launch sci-fi shooter The Signal From Tölva on April 1027 March 2017
Heroes of the Storm guide: builds, roles, and who to pick27 March 2017
A flood orphans a slugcat in indie platformer Rain World's opening cinematic27 March 2017
Making it in Unreal: how stealth guards learned to sword fight in Stolen Steel VR27 March 2017
You can now visit Trappist-1, the star system Elite: Dangerous 'predicted', in-game27 March 2017
AMD RX Vega's new high-bandwidth caching tech makes 4GB viable for a high-end GPU27 March 2017
Get flipped off by a snarky goblin in latest Styx: Shards of Darkness trailer27 March 2017
The Installation 01 team discuss multiplayer, Spartan customisation and more in this Q&A26 March 2017
The launch trailer for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is certainly full on26 March 2017
The first entries in the Zero Escape series are now on PC, as Zero Escape: The Nonary Games26 March 2017
“We never went to Italy” - Hitman designers discuss the process behind level creation26 March 2017
Hit the mean streets of ‘80s Brooklyn on March 30 when Beat Cop goes on patrol26 March 2017
Warframe’s latest update adds a new Frame who can damage enemies by dropping the bass26 March 2017
For Honor, The Division, Watch Dogs and more make up this weekend’s Ubisoft Steam sale26 March 2017
Running With Rifles is heading to World War II, with its upcoming Pacific Theater expansion26 March 2017
With updated visuals and full online support, Blizzard announce StarCraft: Remastered26 March 2017
Be suitably entertained when gladiator manager Domina launches April 425 March 2017
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ gets its first official mod booster25 March 2017
Stories Untold is 25% off this weekend, with a free demo of its first chapter now available25 March 2017
Build your army through friendship or fear with Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord’s quest system25 March 2017
Enigami announce an April 18 launch in this musical Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom trailer25 March 2017
Containing Bits, random emotes and chat badges, Twitch lift the lid on Twitch Crates25 March 2017
Tactical CCG/SRPG hybrid Shardbound launches April 6 on Steam Early Access25 March 2017
CI Games unveil Sniper Ghost Warrior 3’s Challenge Mode, designed for hardened snipers25 March 2017
Activision-Blizzard were third-highest ranking videogame company by earnings in 201624 March 2017
New weapons, a clothes-dyeing system and more head to Conan Exiles24 March 2017
Marbelus offer simplified private servers that retain data when switching games24 March 2017
The Division’s invisibility glitch might be fixed or it might not be fixed, say Ubisoft24 March 2017
HackyZack is a fast-paced puzzle platformer-published by Humble Bundle24 March 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a survival game, flirt with aliens in Mass Effect, drive cars in No Man’s Sky, and more!24 March 2017
From Hollywood 'talent' to C-grade misery: we round up the craziest moments in videogame cutscenes24 March 2017
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds comes to Steam Early Access24 March 2017
Descend into the abyss in the launch trailer for Dark Souls 3’s Ringed City DLC24 March 2017
Endless Space 2's latest update adds multiplayer and the time-bending Riftborn24 March 2017
Spend $5K get 8K. Dell’s 7680 x 4320 monitor is on sale now, shipping in April24 March 2017
Rainbow Six Siege gains Year 2 momentum with mid-season patch, but the gulf between its operators has widened24 March 2017 is dead, long live Blizzard app24 March 2017
Razer will pay you (in their currency) to play games (if you run their software)24 March 2017
Interplay founder and Fallout, Torment producer Brian Fargo is retiring24 March 2017
Win a Steam key for Sunset Rangers, a Western that puts the sand into sandbox!24 March 2017
Arma 3 gets jet fighters and free map to celebrate series' 16th anniversary24 March 2017
Play Football Manager 2017 for free this weekend, and buy for half price24 March 2017
Professional animators talk about what went wrong with Mass Effect: Andromeda24 March 2017
Dishonored 2 gets third patch of technical fixes - now Jindosh won't make fun of you after death24 March 2017
Australia backtracks on Outlast 2 ban despite “implied sexual violence”23 March 2017
Rocket League's new Dropshot mode is live - smash through the arena floor to score23 March 2017
Free-to-play Monster Hunter-alike Dauntless gets an alpha in April and you can sign up now23 March 2017
GOG Galaxy exits beta, adding universal cloud saves, screenshot capturing, new chat, more23 March 2017
Titanfall 2 free DLC lands March 30, while a single-player mission also goes gratis23 March 2017
Playtonic remove YouTuber JonTron from Yooka-Laylee due to far-right videos and tweets23 March 2017
Nier: Automata PC graphics, performance and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN tech review23 March 2017
Assassin's Creed is getting a TV show, probably on Netflix23 March 2017
The Overwatch characters we want to see in Heroes of the Storm 23 March 2017
Microsoft’s Windows 10 keylogger, how to get rid and the Creators Update changes afoot23 March 2017
Monster Slayers giveaway! Win a game from the developer's beloved back catalogue23 March 2017
Star Wars Battlefront 2 and FIFA 18 will be playable at pre-E3 show EA Play 201723 March 2017
Hands-on with Ruiner, the ultraviolent Neo Tokyo-based action shooter of your dreams23 March 2017
Street Fighter V gets a free week with all characters unlocked and new online features23 March 2017
Hearthstone Journey to Un’Goro Hunter card reveal: Tol’vir Warden23 March 2017
The Nightmare will hunt Yu down if you use too much alien DNA in Prey23 March 2017
‘34T MY W4RP FUM35’ - Frontier to sell nameplates for Elite: Dangerous ships23 March 2017
Why race when you've only yourself for competition? A look at No Man's Sky's new track building tools23 March 2017
Community fixes Nier: Automata - here's a patch for the frame rate and resolution23 March 2017
Unlocking every cosmetic in For Honor takes 2.5 years because you're not meant to do it, say Ubisoft23 March 2017
Helicopter crashes hurt now - Ghost Recon Wildlands gets patch23 March 2017
Logitech Spotlight: the pro gaming keyboard by the numbers23 March 2017
Take an extended look at customisation and PvP in crunchy punch-‘em-up Absolver 22 March 2017
The next Civilization 6 leader will be Alexander the Great of Macedonia22 March 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: four crucial keys to victory in For Honor22 March 2017
Overwatch This episode 25: Lucio, Orisa, balance changes and more22 March 2017
See the first level of co-op shoot-'em-up RiftStar Raiders in this developer walkthrough22 March 2017
'Making of' video shows how Resident Evil 7 looked to The Evil Dead for inspiration22 March 2017
Civilization 6 expansions & DLC - here's what we want to see22 March 2017
Win a pack of in-game goodies for Heavy Metal Machines!22 March 2017
Vulkan’s multi-GPU support isn’t just for Windows 10. Linux gamers get to suffer too.22 March 2017
Amazon's VP of Games on Twitch and getting "smarter" about making games fun to watch22 March 2017
All Walls Must Fall combines XCOM with Braid, Rez, and Superhot - Kickstarter launched22 March 2017
Assembly required: someone has just recreated Stockholm in Cities: Skylines22 March 2017
Dunk your enemies in lava in Burial Chamber, a fiery new map for Quake Champions22 March 2017
Rare adult adventure game, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, is unearthed to everyone's regret22 March 2017
You can now bet on Rocket League in Australia, but the devs don’t want you to22 March 2017
Troll and I is a Brothers-style Nordic adventure with orcs and crafting, out now22 March 2017
COD Modern Warfare Remastered gets four new maps for $14.99, here's a shouty trailer22 March 2017
Diablo 3 patch 2.5.0 now live, adds build-swapping Armoury, Primal Ancient gear22 March 2017
Fallout 4 will be playable in VR at this year's E321 March 2017
Killing Floor 2’s The Descent adds maps, weapons, and a new sub-mode for free21 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide - how you do it, whom you can do it with21 March 2017
Game developers respond to harassment by donating to Girls Make Games charity21 March 2017
Cloud9 eSports organisation Series A financing includes ex NFL players and Reddit co-founders21 March 2017
League of Legends patch 7.621 March 2017
Overwatch patch 1.9 notes - new tank hero Orisa, Sombra buffs and Ana nerfs21 March 2017
The fiery Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano joins Halo Wars 2 as a new multiplayer leader21 March 2017
Heroes of the Storm needs to change its business model - and it seems like Blizzard have already started21 March 2017
City of Heroes' Statesman playable in Master X Master's next beta, starting April 621 March 2017
Seven AMD Vega GPU IDs have appeared in the latest Linux driver release21 March 2017
Civ 6 spring update announced, will add Persia and one other new civilisation21 March 2017
Materia is "something like a skill", and you can destroy boss parts in the FF7 Remake21 March 2017
Martial arts MMO Blade & Soul gets slicker skills, level 50 voucher in April 12 expansion21 March 2017
Orisa comes to Overwatch today, or next week in competitive - here's what you need to know21 March 2017
Smashen an Ashen One - Dark Souls III patch adds new PvP maps and buffs big weapons21 March 2017
Overwatch may get a map editor in future, you'll be able to save highlights by the end of summer21 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda release times - the earliest you can possibly play the full game20 March 2017
Syberia 3 gameplay shows off a downbeat asylum escape20 March 2017
Speedy strategy game Motorsport Manager is free to play until March 27 - it’s also 50% off20 March 2017
Squad: Alpha 9 rolls out on Steam with a cracking new trailer20 March 2017
Rumours point at a sequel for The Evil Within20 March 2017
Kid gets in trouble for calling classmate a "Hanzo main"20 March 2017
Starfighter Inc. makes a swift return for a second round on Kickstarter20 March 2017
Nvidia release 378.92 driver for improved Mass Effect: Andromeda performance20 March 2017
Seems there might be a jury-rigged 16-core/32-thread Ryzen CPU on its way soon20 March 2017
Face off against Gabe Newell in roguelike Crawl next month20 March 2017
You'll never guess who thinks Gears of War is better than Mass Effect: Andromeda - yeah, it's Simon Miller20 March 2017
Future champions in Quake Champions will be free, closed beta starting "in a few weeks"20 March 2017
The Kit Filter: Corsair's Platinum board, a sexy standing desk and a classic rodent returns20 March 2017
Nier: Automata PC review20 March 2017
You can get Just Cause 3 and three more games for £10 in Squeenix spring sale20 March 2017
"Our history has taken its toll", says CD Projekt Red co-founder on darkness in The Witcher20 March 2017
The characters of Mass Effect: Andromeda - who you can batter, befriend and boink20 March 2017
Making it in Unreal - how Void Eclipse: Empires at War tames infinity20 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda gets second pre-release patch, fixing multiplayer sound20 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda PC review20 March 2017
Featuring evil sloths and glam metal pugs, the surreal Paradigm comes to Steam April 519 March 2017
Daily login bonuses and the Community Skin Contest return for Smite's third birthday19 March 2017
Farming Simulator 2017 mods - maps, vehicles, tools and textures to up your farming game19 March 2017
Learn about the digital biology of Snake Pass’ snake in this technical developer diary19 March 2017
Pack your hat and magnifying glass - Arctic mystery Kona is now available on Steam19 March 2017
DotEmu’s online store is set to close on June 119 March 2017
Cultivate a clowder of cute cats with Mineko’s Night Market, coming in 201819 March 2017
CCP’s Sparc is a virtually real VR sport but “it’s the reality bit that’s the coolest part.”19 March 2017
Star Citizen now plans to use the Vulkan API, dropping DX12 support19 March 2017
Behaviour Interactive introduce a free to play option for Eternal Crusade19 March 2017
Path of Exile’s 2.6.0 launch sets record for most popular content update to date18 March 2017
Undersea survival horror Narcosis surfaces on Steam March 2818 March 2017
Space markets are in uproar as CCP announce major PLEX changes for Eve Online18 March 2017
In a partnership with ESL, CD Projekt RED announce Gwent Challenger18 March 2017
Bethesda and Arkane show off the first 35 minutes of Prey18 March 2017
A storm’s brewing for Sniper Elite 4 with its new Deathstorm campaign, starting March 2118 March 2017
Blink and you’ll miss this gameplay teaser for Sonic Forces18 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda PC graphics, performance and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN tech review18 March 2017
Kerbal Space Program gets its next big update with the Making History expansion18 March 2017
Slay them with your looks - Phoenix Labs reveal more about Dauntless’ armour system18 March 2017
Hitman has produced some seriously silly statistics over the last year17 March 2017
Wage tiny war across a world of dioramas in Wartile17 March 2017
Logitech Spotlight: five things you need to know about the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard17 March 2017
Phoenix Point - the next game from XCOM creator - gets a spooky teaser trailer17 March 2017
Reflex Arena rocket jumps out of early access17 March 2017
Prey's origins in Arx Fatalis and the legend of the Turret Lord with lead designer Ricardo Bare17 March 2017
Space Hulk: Deathwing shores up the bulkheads with a huge patch17 March 2017
Titanfall 2, Star Wars and South Korea on the agenda for Respawn Entertainment17 March 2017
Sonic Mania delayed until summer, new trailer proves he's still going as fast as ever17 March 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: get away with murder in free game The Deed, ready yourself for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and more!17 March 2017
Command your minions on the go with the Mass Effect: Andromeda companion app17 March 2017
Join us on YouTube, Fatebinder, as we pick the best companions from RPGs past17 March 2017
Win a free Steam key for The Deed!17 March 2017
The Surge is out on May 16, so here's two men in exosuits beating the crap out of each other17 March 2017
CS:GO's eighth Operation may be around the corner, datamining reveals17 March 2017
Nier: Automata is out today and ready for pre-load - here's when it releases on PC17 March 2017
Dauntless boss on the game and his company - "We cannot go anywhere near putting weapons behind a paywall"17 March 2017
Updates blocked for you Windows 7/8.1 OS luddites. Thank your new AMD and Intel CPUs17 March 2017
"Argh f***, Darvo Thellere" - Eve player gets revenge on guy who bullied him four years ago17 March 2017
Smite Rivals, Smite's card battler spin-off announced two months ago, is on hold17 March 2017
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League year two will take place exclusively on PC16 March 2017
War Thunder 1.67 makes way for Assault co-op mode and adds 19 new vehicles16 March 2017
Telltale’s CEO steps down to “pass the reins” to someone to take it “next level”16 March 2017
The $1 million prize pool Krakow CS:GO Major kicks off June 116 March 2017
Civilization 6 gets a demo - and there's a sale to celebrate16 March 2017
Furi gets its first piece of DLC, face off against The Flame in One More Fight today16 March 2017
Is it time to take a trip back to No Man's Sky?16 March 2017
Meet the Typhons: new Prey trailer shows off the many horrors Yu'll face on board Talos I16 March 2017
New CS:GO map Canals takes you to Italy with the new Spectrum gun case, out now16 March 2017
Dota 2 patch 7.03 revealed, brings long-awaited Juggernaut Arcana15 March 2017
Read into early Draenor history in World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 2, out now15 March 2017
Heroes of the Storm patch increases free Hero rotation from 10 to 14 slots as Probius lands15 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer guide - Strike Teams, missions, classes, and customisation15 March 2017
O brother, where art thou? Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's new trailer steals your sibling15 March 2017
Overwatch This episode 24: Lucio changes in Kaplan's AMA and Orisa's release date15 March 2017
Faeria giveaway! We've got 5,000 battle chest packs to give away!15 March 2017
Living board CCG Faeria getting first expansion The Adventure Pouch this summer15 March 2017
Overwatch was developed with integrated graphics-users in mind15 March 2017
System Shock 3 will be published by Starbreeze Studios, who've invested $12 million15 March 2017
Rainbow Six Siege mid-season patch gives Glaz a thermal scope, promises PC test servers15 March 2017
The Honor system in League of Legends is being overhauled this year14 March 2017
Resogun developers Housemarque are bringing their cyberpunk shooter, Nex Machina, to PC14 March 2017
Watch someone do Titanfall 2’s Gauntlet in 34 seconds while running backwards14 March 2017
The closed beta for LawBreakers begins March 16 and you can sign up now14 March 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: pitch your VR and AR ideas at GTC 2017 for a chance to win 14 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda trailers - all the footage, all in one place14 March 2017
Dead Rising 4 is now available to buy on Steam14 March 2017
Around 1,500 For Honor players banned for AFK farming 14 March 2017
BlizzCon 2017 returns to California on November 3-4, tickets on sale in April14 March 2017
The first hour of Mass Effect: Andromeda, as played and narrated by us14 March 2017
Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass patch notes14 March 2017
AMD says Ryzen’s Win10 performance is fine, thread/core scheduler confusion isn't an issue14 March 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands PC review14 March 2017
There are 3,449,638 bushes in Ghost Recon Wildlands, and other insane open-world stats14 March 2017
Is Microsoft HoloLens a slender window into the future? We test it out14 March 2017
Doom soundtrack secrets and many more await in the GDC talk vault14 March 2017
Diablo III's female Necromancer, blood build skills and the future of the series14 March 2017
StarCraft: Brood War HD remaster rumours spark up again, could be released this year14 March 2017
Ex-World of Warcraft developers announce Rend, a fantasy survival RPG14 March 2017
Zotac VR GO review: niche, pricey and fails to deliver on the full promise of tether-free VR14 March 2017
What can an ArcheAge character wipe tell us about the end times? Actually quite a bit14 March 2017
Jeff Kaplan AMA reveals that Lucio changes, loot box gifting, and a ‘making of’ documentary are coming to Overwatch14 March 2017
Pathologic standalone demo The Marble Nest lets everyone experience plague hallucinations for free14 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda introduces the Angara - a new race that punch their family in the face13 March 2017
New No Man's Sky patch lets you take vehicles to any planet13 March 2017
Pokémon Red has been recreated in its entirety in Minecraft and you can play it now13 March 2017
Halo Wars 2 gets a 17GB demo13 March 2017
Here's when Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass DLC unlocks on PC tomorrow13 March 2017
PS4 exclusives like Uncharted 4 could be heading to PC via PlayStation Now13 March 2017
Ghosts, grammar and tarmac: Simon Miller reveals the secrets Ubisoft don't want you to know about Ghost Recon Wildlands13 March 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands sells more at launch than any other game of 2017 so far13 March 2017
Roguelike sci-fi shooter Strafe delayed, will bring 1996 to 2017 on May 913 March 2017
Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven brings shoguns to the global stage on April 613 March 2017
Go-karts coming to Planet Coaster with spring update on April 1113 March 2017
Latest RX Vega compute benchmarks put it almost 35% faster than GTX 108013 March 2017
Making it in Unreal: how Formula Fusion nailed the feeling of fast13 March 2017
Star Citizen's persistent universe draws closer with the imminent Multiplayer Mega Map13 March 2017
Survival platformer Rain World is coming out like umbrellas in a downpour on March 2813 March 2017
Befriend giants, raid neighbours, and stock up for harsh winters in Viking RTS Northgard12 March 2017
tinyBuild and Bread Team announce Phantom Trigger, a “hardcore neon slasher”12 March 2017
After almost two years on Steam Early Access, Battle Brothers finally launches March 2412 March 2017
Swedish politician uses his own Hearthstone stream to explain eSports legislation12 March 2017
Dead Mage announce Tale of Ronin, a wandering samurai RPG12 March 2017
Victor Vran gets a second outing, with the upcoming Fractured Worlds expansion12 March 2017
Cling on for dear life - Sumo Digital show off Snake Pass’ final elemental area12 March 2017
Starting as a survival game, Tequila Works discuss Rime's design process12 March 2017
Starbreeze Studios release an explosive cinematic trailer for RAID: World War II12 March 2017
Stage an ape escape with simian smash ‘em up Ape Out12 March 2017
Anarchic roguelite Streets of Rogue releases on Steam Early Access11 March 2017
First person swordfighter Mordhau promises 64 player sieges and responsive swordplay11 March 2017
Running five major eSport franchises - the challenges, surprises and failures with Blizzard’s Kim Phan11 March 2017
Poke around derelict space stations for ship upgrades with Everspace’s latest update11 March 2017
The ruined paradise of Eden is now open as P.A.M.E.L.A launches on Steam Early Access11 March 2017
Whip it good - Epic Games break down wind mage Yin in this Paragon character overview11 March 2017
The launch trailer for Styx: Shards of Darkness is full to the brim with goblin wisecracks11 March 2017
Washington D.C. invests in eSports, with $65 million stadium and NRG Esports sponsorship11 March 2017
Torn Banner Studios show off two new maps for Mirage: Arcane Warfare11 March 2017
Jason unleashes a cavalcade of carnage in this new trailer for Friday the 13th: The Game11 March 2017
Cities: Skylines sells over 3.5 million copies, free Pearls from the East DLC planned in celebration10 March 2017
PC’s Monster Hunter, Dauntless, gets a new gameplay trailer10 March 2017
Quake Champions will be free-to-play with the option to buy in10 March 2017
Elite: Dangerous video teases an alien base and more terrifying-sounding ships10 March 2017
The Twitch Desktop App arrives March 16, providing an alternative to Discord 10 March 2017
Sonic Mania gameplay video shows off reimagined Green Hill Zone action at 60fps 10 March 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win an indie puzzle game, prepare for the Shadow of War, see Dawn of War 3's coolest units, and more! 10 March 2017
Hearthstone packs get a price hike in the UK and EU due to “regional market conditions”10 March 2017
Parking valet? Documentary filmmaker? Watch us try out new careers with seven alternate jobs in Ghost Recon Wildlands10 March 2017
Rhianna Pratchett's next game is an indie platformer set within the pages of a diary10 March 2017
Exit giveaway! Win one of 50 copies of this brain-melting puzzle game!10 March 2017
Second Life studio Linden Lab want to "change the way we live our virtual lives" with Sansar in VR10 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda gets blockbuster launch trailer, reveals fate of the Golden Worlds10 March 2017
The best Paladins champions - a guide to the best characters in every class10 March 2017
Rewind time and rob banks in Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, coming to PC this Spring10 March 2017
Mayan-themed arena shooter Antegods launches Fig crowdfunding campaign10 March 2017
Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti is paving the way for a new Titan this year10 March 2017
Stardock unveil ship and civ builder for Galactic Civilizations 3's upcoming Crusade expansion10 March 2017
Brace yourselves, two Mass Effect: Andromeda reveals are inbound for today's PAX East stream10 March 2017
WW2 shooter Day of Infamy leaves Early Access on March 239 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda's recommended specs will get you 30fps at 1080p9 March 2017
Halo Wars 2 gets a 9.9GB performance patch9 March 2017
Every game procedural - No Man’s Sky developers Hello Games are publishing indies9 March 2017
The WoW Arena World Championship 2017 will be open to any who want to sign up9 March 2017
Story details, screens, and the cast have been revealed for Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy9 March 2017
No new story content planned for The Division year two, but two free expansions are coming9 March 2017
Tickets for Gamescom 2017 are now available to buy9 March 2017
Combat and class profiles in Mass Effect: Andromeda - how you fight, guns you fight with9 March 2017
China stop South Korean games being published in the country in response to US9 March 2017
Q3DM6 returns as Blood Covenant in reimagined map for Quake Champions9 March 2017
For Honor PC patch targets block cheats, Raider and Lawbringer buffs also incoming9 March 2017
Panzer Corps 2 is in production using Unreal Engine 4, due out 20189 March 2017
What Elder Scrolls Legends' PC launch today means for the lore - and why it's more Skyrim than you think9 March 2017
Paradox don't think they got victory conditions right in Stellaris, hope to fix them in the future9 March 2017
Here’s everything coming to Stellaris this April with the Utopia expansion and free Banks update9 March 2017
Blizzard issue bans to top guilds who sold WoW content for real money, call it “a warning”9 March 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands guide - beginner's tips for surviving your first jaunt in cartel land9 March 2017
Inside nominated for seven BAFTA game awards, Overwatch for four at this year’s show9 March 2017
Left 4 Dead 3: what we want to see9 March 2017
Pathologic developers Ice-Pick Lodge have a mystery five-day countdown going9 March 2017
Dead by Daylight is at its historically lowest price on Steam8 March 2017
Unity to sponsor 50 developers affected by the Trump travel ban to attend Unite Europe8 March 2017
The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter is over, is funded with over double its $200,000 goal8 March 2017
Overwatch This episode 23: Ana nerfs, Sombra buffs and $15 million teams8 March 2017
New Overwatch comic, Binary, explores the relationship between Bastion and Torbjorn8 March 2017
Blizzard to take "disciplinary action" over custom game xp farming in Overwatch8 March 2017
System Shock remaster will have "modern level design principles" and other changes8 March 2017
Pastel-coloured adventure game Rime will release on May 268 March 2017
Project Genom giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this Sci-fi MMO!8 March 2017
6 things I learnt about Life is Feudal: MMO by playing it alone8 March 2017
Rockstar are paying hackers a minimum of $150 for finding flaws in their systems8 March 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands PC graphics, performance and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN tech review8 March 2017
See Middle-earth: Shadow of War's reworked Nemesis system in action in new 16 minute gameplay reveal8 March 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War's expanded Nemesis system builds unique forts to conquer and pillage8 March 2017
Cinematic crime thriller Late Shift coming to PC as an interactive FMV game this April8 March 2017
Vive: it’s going to be years before VR gets its dedicated, large-scale, single-player games8 March 2017
Riot accuse LoL site of “thousands, if not tens of thousands” of fraudulent account sales8 March 2017
For Honor getting new cosmetic headgear and effects tomorrow8 March 2017
The next Heroes of the Storm hero is called Probius - he’s a probe8 March 2017
Mandragora announce Freaky Awesome, a co-op roguelike about mutating into monsters7 March 2017
A Just Cause film is in the works, with Jason Momoa set to star as Rico Rodriguez7 March 2017
CCP Games entice new pilots to try out Eve Online with this gameplay trailer7 March 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: 7 underrated characters to try in Marvel Heroes 20167 March 2017
RPG management sim Kingsway is the offspring of Windows 98 and a D&D dungeon manual7 March 2017
No more missing point blank Gnasher shots, thanks to Gears of War 4's March update7 March 2017
Nier: Automata’s launch trailer is wonderfully melodramatic7 March 2017
League of Legends patch 7.57 March 2017
Take a walking tour of the Nexus with this Mass Effect: Andromeda footage7 March 2017
Don’t develop on DirectX 12 just chasing performance gains, says Ubisoft programmer7 March 2017
Practice those infinites as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is now available on Steam7 March 2017
Run your own demonic cult as Crusader Kings 2: Monks and Mystics is now available7 March 2017
Overwatch shorts, comics and more still in development - one is "just around the corner"7 March 2017
Watch us unbox the collector's edition of Torment: Tides of Numenera7 March 2017
Quake Champions closed beta signups are now live7 March 2017
Team Racing League giveaway! We've got 200 codes for this competitive racing game up for grabs!7 March 2017
DayZ creator Dean Hall's ambitious spacefaring MMO, Ion, has been cancelled7 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda’s post-launch multiplayer maps will be free7 March 2017
Dawn of War 3 system requirements revealed7 March 2017
SEGA and Creative Assembly acquire Crytek Black Sea, forming Creative Assembly Sofia7 March 2017
Riot show off Galio’s revamped look, ahead of League of Legends patch 7.66 March 2017
The Ancient Ruins update for Slime Rancher adds reality warping slimes to the mix6 March 2017
Preside over court cases during the Reign of Terror in Polyslash’s We The Revolution6 March 2017
The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers also work on Mac and PC6 March 2017
Get over 85% off Devolver Digital games as part of this week’s Humble Store sale6 March 2017
Jetpacks at the ready as LawBreakers’ closed beta runs from March 16-196 March 2017
Learn what makes a ‘golden world’ in this special Mass Effect: Andromeda briefing6 March 2017
Gfinity announce details on their upcoming Gfinity Challenger Series6 March 2017
Simon Miller reviews the Nintendo Switch: not as good as the PC/106 March 2017
Pillars of Eternity is £13.99, The Witcher 3 is £20.99 in GOG's Spring Sale6 March 2017
Rev up your chainswords as Dawn of War 3 launches on April 276 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda story guide - premise, plot, bad guys and the Cerberus theory6 March 2017
Outlast 2 release date set for April 28 - Warner Bros are publishing6 March 2017
Relic plan to launch Dawn of War 3 with a Steam Workshop enabled map editor6 March 2017
Wraithknight powerslides and custom armies: Dawn of War 3 multiplayer burns the RTS rulebook6 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda's Origin Access trial offers gated access to single-player, full multi6 March 2017
Steel Division: Normandy 44's units, phases, multiplayer, divisions and suppression explained6 March 2017
Here's when Ghost Recon Wildlands unlocks on PC tomorrow6 March 2017
Here are the six major updates planned for Conan Exiles between now and full release6 March 2017
Making it in Unreal: the view from the 40k factory floor in Necromunda: Underhive Wars6 March 2017
The main character from Deus Ex was actually called Jesus Christ Denton6 March 2017
"It’s all poop" - Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro on the action RPG's story6 March 2017
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 delayed by a few weeks, biding its time like a real sharpshooter6 March 2017
Making VR Resident Evil 7 was 'like making two games at once' says engineer Kazuhiro Takahara5 March 2017
StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm both have showstopper grand finals at IEM Katowice5 March 2017
Potential season pass leak shows off For Honor’s first two DLC heroes5 March 2017
A convoy of new vehicles joins up to fight in Squad’s Alpha 9 update5 March 2017
Overload gets a free playable teaser ahead of its launch on Steam Early Access5 March 2017
The Sabotage DLC pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now available on PC5 March 2017
Team17 and Mothership Entertainment unveil the new Expedition system for Aven Colony5 March 2017
Smash robot heads together in VR, as Robo Recall launches on Oculus Rift5 March 2017
Runescape comes to Amazon’s Alexa with interactive audio adventures5 March 2017
Get set to slither as Sumo Digital run down the basics of Snake Pass5 March 2017
Heroes of the Storm's new patch will add party frames, on fire system and armour for tanks5 March 2017
Heroes of the Storm ex-game director Dustin Browder still “a resource” for the team5 March 2017
Brood War eSports could return to the west - maybe not at BlizzCon4 March 2017
Rockstar announce new cars, races and modes coming to GTA Online4 March 2017
Unreal’s updated VR editor is set to launch on April 174 March 2017
Paint the town red when de Blob makes its PC debut on April 274 March 2017
Sean Murray likens No Man’s Sky's development to “being fired into the sun”4 March 2017
Slice through hordes of bugs in hex based puzzler Morphblade4 March 2017
Blizzard eSports team are “very interested” in WoW PvE as a competitive environment4 March 2017
Riot win $10 million lawsuit against League of Legends scripting site LeagueSharp4 March 2017
Prepare for emergence from cryosleep with this footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s opening4 March 2017
Donnie Yen is set to star in a film adaptation of Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs4 March 2017
Multiplayer mech builder Robocraft gets quite the tune up as it enters beta4 March 2017
Organise large hunting parties with Dauntless' guild system4 March 2017
Total War: Warhammer, Poly Bridge and more feature in March’s Humble Bundle3 March 2017
Overwatch principal designer Scott Mercer runs through play stats from Season Three3 March 2017
Fire Pro Wrestling World body slams onto Steam Early Access in Q2 20173 March 2017
Sunless Skies successfully funded on Kickstarter, raising triple its initial goal3 March 2017
G2A apologise for G2A Shield/IndieGala mixup, sending a free game to those affected3 March 2017
Plan a impromptu trip to the wilderness, as the Far Cry series goes on sale this weekend3 March 2017
Bungie announce that only character personalisation will carry over to Destiny 23 March 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a Robocraft starter pack, play Torment, use Overwatch’s new hero, and more! 3 March 2017
Watch 10 jaw-dropping PC games that were visually ahead of their time3 March 2017
Learn about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Helius Cluster in this exploration themed gameplay3 March 2017
Robocraft giveaway! Win one of 10,000 starter packs for this mech building game!3 March 2017
It’s goblin double trouble in new co-op trailer for Styx: Shards of Darkness3 March 2017
Mass Effect 2 is currently completely free on Origin3 March 2017
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice enters alpha, is now playable from start to finish3 March 2017
Bolivia threaten legal action over Ghost Recon Wildlands' depiction of the country3 March 2017
Fan-made comic Half-Life: A Place in the West chapter 2 is now on Steam3 March 2017
Near a tomato: Nier: Automata was almost a Farmville clone on mobile3 March 2017
Riot tease Galio’s Champion update ahead of the next League of Legends patch3 March 2017
StarCraft 2 patch 3.11 adds The Dead of Night, a co-op mission based on custom map Left2Die3 March 2017
Square Enix Collective are now set to publish tactical RPG Children of Zodiarcs3 March 2017
Karax the Protoss engineer tipped to be next HOTS hero, revealed Friday2 March 2017
ESL and DreamHack partner with Twitter to livestream upcoming tournaments2 March 2017
Establish empires of the East, with the Mandate of Heaven DLC for Europa Universalis IV2 March 2017
Beware of the spreading infection, coming in Subnautica’s Infected update2 March 2017
Square Enix unveil system requirements and March 17 release date for Nier: Automata2 March 2017
Ubisoft announce free PVP update for Ghost Recon Wildlands, alongside its season pass2 March 2017
Jeff Kaplan admits that Bastion "is a little too powerful right now", patch 1.9 now on PTR2 March 2017
Blizzard unveil new Efi Oladele tease2 March 2017
Blizzard finally unveil Overwatch’s newest tank hero, Orisa2 March 2017
Overwatch picks up yet another Game of the Year trophy at the 2017 GDC Awards2 March 2017
AMD R7 1800X early reviews: Ryzen star or another false dawn?2 March 2017
See Nier: Automata’s Reliquary System and more in this 27 minute walkthrough2 March 2017
AMD's Ryzen has ushered in a new phase of hardware tribalism2 March 2017
Gabe Newell on Source 2: "For us, it's useful. For other devs, it's not as useful as Unity"2 March 2017
Blackwood Crossing pushes the boundaries for narrative-driven indies2 March 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t be getting a multiplayer beta - here's why2 March 2017
Crytek employee claims to have not yet been paid in 20172 March 2017
Dirt Rally powerslides onto Linux2 March 2017
For Honor class guide: how to use Vanguards, Heavies, Assassins, and Hybrids2 March 2017
Nerf this: Overwatch bug lets players shoot through D.Va’s Defense Matrix2 March 2017
ModernHot brings SuperHot's stylish, slow-mo shooting into COD 4: Modern Warfare2 March 2017
G2A spokesperson turns TinyBuild GDC panel into an argument about fraudulent keys2 March 2017
The Nintendo Switch Pro controller works natively with PC via bluetooth1 March 2017
Overwatch quotes: all the voice lines for every character1 March 2017
Borderlands 3 could have players travelling to planets other than Pandora1 March 2017
Oculus Rift and Touch get $200 price reduction, now $598 for the bundle1 March 2017
Overwatch This episode 22: Season 4 begins and Uber Bastion is unleashed1 March 2017
Watch Epic Games’ GDC Unreal presentation here1 March 2017
Turok 2 remaster is releasing March 16, adds guns, levels, and a brand new multiplayer mode1 March 2017
Ark devs to introduce $4,000 a month payment scheme for modders - but mods will stay free1 March 2017
Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed beta starts March 27, instant access if you pre-order1 March 2017
Who will win: Strafe, or the allure of '90s shooter nostalgia?1 March 2017
Wargame devs partner with Paradox for Steel Division: Normandy 44, a WW2 RTS1 March 2017
Starbound devs reveal Wargroove, a turn-based tactical game inspired by Advance Wars1 March 2017
Concept art for Battlefield 1 DLC reveals Russian front and (maybe) Somme Offensive1 March 2017
Cities: Skylines' Mass Transit expansion introduces blimps, ferries, and monorails1 March 2017
GTX 1080 gets a $100 price cut and a brand new version for overclockers1 March 2017
The Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Titan-killer is here and they’ve turned it up to 111 March 2017