April 2022 Archive

Even Hollow Knight-like indie games hate the Silksong delay30 April 2022
You can get the best Jurassic World game for only $130 April 2022
Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 Game Pass likely coming soon30 April 2022
Survival game The Long Dark gets paid season pass this year30 April 2022
Dead Space dev on PUBG horror game: "almost time" for reveal30 April 2022
Valheim update shows off new Mistlands creatures and ruins29 April 2022
Genshin Impact 2.7 delay announced by Mihoyo29 April 2022
Final Fantasy 16 update: RPG in "final stages," says Yoshida29 April 2022
YouTuber beats Minecraft challenge run with no kills29 April 2022
Total Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires release date: not before July29 April 2022
Bungie's claim against Destiny 2 cheats seller dismissed29 April 2022
W.A.S.D Curios exhibiters gather to chat about indie games development29 April 2022
Truck Simulator devs offer geography lessons on Texas and Montana28 April 2022
Rogue Legacy 2 has left Early Access, to much rejoicing28 April 2022
A fireside chat with the director of Fights in Tight Spaces28 April 2022
E3 is cancelled, but Xbox's E3 2022 show has a June date28 April 2022
The future of games media is here, and it's social28 April 2022
You can explore the White House in Minecraft at 1:1 scale28 April 2022
In Victoria 3, wounded veterans are war's lasting scars28 April 2022
Our favourite LG gaming monitor is $110 off on Amazon28 April 2022
HP, Intel, and Nvidia want to pioneer the optical gaming PC28 April 2022
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event set for May 1028 April 2022
Veteran industry figures talk about the future of games development28 April 2022
Meta wants to replace your PC with its Project Cambria VR headset28 April 2022
Starfield beta could decide if the space RPG releases on time28 April 2022
War Thunder gets a 4K 'Wind of Change' update28 April 2022
Next-gen AMD Radeon GPU may double 6900 XT performance28 April 2022
GTA Online's weekly update brings back cargo reward boosts28 April 2022
Galactic Civilizations IV is out and ready to conquer your free time28 April 2022
Captain's log – The last voyage of Trigon: Space Story28 April 2022
BAFTA nominees and winners talk about their incredible indie games28 April 2022
Overwatch 2 gets record viewers after Twitch Drop beta keys27 April 2022
This Total Warhammer 3 mod lets you paint Daniel any colour27 April 2022
Minecraft player makes a working car without mods27 April 2022
Minecraft update: snapshot 22w17a adds musical goat horns27 April 2022
How game development can be more sustainable27 April 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel coin flip exploit finally fixed27 April 2022
Twitch reportedly considering more ads and worse subscription deals27 April 2022
Bethesda Steam migration - here's how to transfer your games27 April 2022
AMD Ryzen 7000 supports faster DDR5 RAM than Intel CPUs27 April 2022
Total War: Warhammer 3 roadmap will lead the way this Friday27 April 2022
Grab the Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse for half price27 April 2022
Warzone Season 3 patch notes include new Caldera locations27 April 2022
What is AMD FSR? FidelityFX Super Resolution explained27 April 2022
Meta kills Oculus Quest 2 site, redirects to Facebook store27 April 2022
These Elden Ring mods make the ultimate Legend of Zelda RPG27 April 2022
Intel Arc Alchemist gaming laptops finally show up online27 April 2022
Valorant Fade update: patch notes arrive for Episode 4 Act 327 April 2022
WoW Lich King dungeon finder axed as it didn't "feel Classic"27 April 2022
Nvidia GPU drivers are better than AMD and Intel, says Nvidia27 April 2022
Windows 11 update enhances gaming PC auto HDR settings27 April 2022
Does DayZ have crossplay?27 April 2022
Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti GPU with 46GB VRAM could be on the cards27 April 2022
Elden Ring patch 1.04.1 makes Malenia less undefeatable27 April 2022
League of Legends patch 12.8 notes – Swain update, Eclipse skins27 April 2022
CPU and GPU giants like Intel and Nvidia need to lay off Arm27 April 2022
4X game Dune: Spice Wars is finding an audience on Steam26 April 2022
Sifu roadmap reveals new difficulty options on the way26 April 2022
We’re hiring! PCGamesN is looking for a full-time News Editor26 April 2022
Setting off fireworks in FFXIV PvP can get players banned26 April 2022
Next Minecraft Now stream is all about the Allay mob26 April 2022
Here's how Crusader Kings 3's struggle system works26 April 2022
Bethesda adds retro games to Steam, misspells Elder Scrolls26 April 2022
Flight Simulator sim update 9 adds new supersonic effects26 April 2022
Sega delists retro games ahead of Sonic Origins26 April 2022
Galactic Civilizations 4 review: a great space strategy game26 April 2022
VR games - grab nine Oculus Quest games for $49.99 from Fanatical26 April 2022
Fortnite is getting Street Fighter's Blanka before the Hulk26 April 2022
DDR4 RAM might stop gaming PC upgrades to AMD Zen 4 CPUs26 April 2022
A500 Mini review: An imperfect Amiga retro gaming PC capsule26 April 2022
We're hiring! PCGamesN is looking for multiple writers and editors26 April 2022
Lost Ark South Vern: hidden quests and Una's Tasks26 April 2022
Free Minecraft server: how to make a private server26 April 2022
DnD XCOM King Arthur: Knight's Tale exits early access today26 April 2022
Valorant patch 4.08 won't include one planned Sova nerf26 April 2022
Microsoft celebrates Windows 11 upgrade as "smoothest" ever26 April 2022
Block Quake mod turns the FPS into a LEGO game26 April 2022
FFXIV Crystalline Conflict PvP guide26 April 2022
Diablo Immortal system requirements26 April 2022
Steam Deck update finally adds security options26 April 2022
Real-time Stardew Valley-like gets a second life on Steam26 April 2022
New Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel banlist doesn't ban much25 April 2022
Forza Horizon 5 update sets the stage for Cinco de Mayo25 April 2022
Overwatch 2 beta release time and Twitch drops confirmed25 April 2022
Dying Light 2 NG+ arrives this week with new infected25 April 2022
It only takes 17 Ender Dragon kills to trap Minecraft's Ender Dragon25 April 2022
Warcraft-style RTS The Purple War begins its open playtest25 April 2022
Valheim's Mistlands will launch this year25 April 2022
Elden Ring enemy randomizer mod looks like pure chaos25 April 2022
Apex Legends devs confirm leaked Newcastle abilities25 April 2022
Apex Legends new legend: when will we meet Newcastle?25 April 2022
AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends gaming monitor review25 April 2022
Snag this 2TB Samsung SSD for less than half price on Amazon25 April 2022
MMO New World April update adds hotkeys for targeted healing25 April 2022
AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT leak suggests teensy boost over RX 670025 April 2022
The DayZ player count record on Steam just got broken, again25 April 2022
Fun, free, turning three: It's time to check out Raid: Shadow Legends25 April 2022
RPG Diablo Immortal arrives on PC in open beta this summer25 April 2022
EVGA shows off ridiculous dual RTX 3090 Ti gaming PC setup25 April 2022
Lord of the Rings MMO soars like an eagle after free DLC update25 April 2022
Vampire Survivors Bone Zone update adds flower-farting dog25 April 2022
Uncharted PC release date speculation - summer raiding25 April 2022
New Valorant agent Fade: abilities and battle pass revealed25 April 2022
Doom-like indie FPS is basically Duke Nukem vs crypto mining24 April 2022
Player meets Elden Ring Jesus and Satan builds, tragedy ensues24 April 2022
Valorant Fade gameplay reveal start time - how to watch24 April 2022
Sony wants someone to shape its Playstation PC plans24 April 2022
Someone beat every Kingdom Hearts boss with a dance pad24 April 2022
Project Q signups live for new Ubisoft PvP game with no NFTs23 April 2022
WoW Dragonflight Mythic raid race won't be "unhealthy"23 April 2022
Subnautica meets Cities Skylines in this sunken city builder23 April 2022
Eve Online subscriptions are going up due to "global trends"23 April 2022
Call of Duty 2022 tease hints at Modern Warfare 2 reveal23 April 2022
Satisfactory enters a "new phase of production" toward 1.022 April 2022
NLRB finds against Activision in Warzone union hearing22 April 2022
Indie devs talk making your game idea a reality22 April 2022
Victoria 3's Civil War can begin with the North seceding22 April 2022
Enter the Dragon Chinese games showcase kicks off today22 April 2022
Co-op Minecraft speedrun drops the record under two minutes22 April 2022
Elder Scrolls remake Daggerfall Unity is killing it on Nexus Mods22 April 2022
Growing a studio of indie college pals into a triple-A powerhouse22 April 2022
Alienware unveils new Ryzen gaming PC and gaming laptops22 April 2022
Re-thinking the work week in post-pandemic game development22 April 2022
Valve quietly upgrades its upcoming Steam Deck dock22 April 2022
Here's how to get your indie game noticed on Steam22 April 2022
FFXIV Aglaia Alliance Raid: how to defeat every boss22 April 2022
Two Point Campus' latest course can give you your Hogwarts Legacy fix22 April 2022
Razer Leviathan V2 PC soundbar boasts THX audio and Chroma RGB22 April 2022
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D gaming CPU stock sells out at launch22 April 2022
Elden Ring multiplayer will be even better with this co-op mod22 April 2022
Final Fantasy XI returns to Final Fantasy XIV in one week21 April 2022
Tales from the Borderlands 2 exists, we know nothing about it21 April 2022
Thomas Was Alone, Volume dev Mike Bithell on indie games in 202221 April 2022
Mushroom butts got Tiny Tina's Wonderlands slapped for 'nudity'21 April 2022
Meet the diverse devs of London Games Festival's Ensemble21 April 2022
Wu-Tang is for the children who play Fortnite21 April 2022
Stellaris' Overlord DLC lets you rule the galactic empire21 April 2022
Epic's next free PC games have been revealed21 April 2022
Intel Arc Alchemist GPU could include a Radeon RX 6400 rival21 April 2022
Ali-A reveals how you can make a name for yourself on YouTube21 April 2022
Game Pass games to play with friends21 April 2022
Gaming PC peripheral maker Glorious ditches controversial name21 April 2022
New Minecraft snapshot adds more chill music21 April 2022
Long-running MMO Tera is shutting down21 April 2022
Grab the Razer Kiyo Pro webcam for half price on Amazon21 April 2022
GTA Online weekly update quadruples rewards on one mode21 April 2022
Oculus Quest 2 update could help you play VR guitar solos21 April 2022
Lost Ark Glaivier release date delayed at the last minute20 April 2022
Here is a map of every Skyrim mod20 April 2022
Phoenix Point will get official mod support this summer20 April 2022
WoW: Dragonflight story won't be "high concept" like Shadowlands20 April 2022
Hunt: Showdown update 1.8.1 will add armed zombies20 April 2022
Saints Row reboot customisation will be more outrageous20 April 2022
Steam demo hit Nobody: The Turnaround launches this autumn20 April 2022
Resident Evil 4 for Quest 2 gets The Mercenaries, for free20 April 2022
Sonic Origins got help from the Sonic Mania team20 April 2022
Truck Simulator now has mod refunds20 April 2022
Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 release date20 April 2022
Quake update adds new accessibility options after 26 years20 April 2022
Digimon Survive Steam release date set for summer20 April 2022
Minecraft build provides alternative to latest FFXIV housing crisis20 April 2022
Action RTS Crossfire: Legion Early Access postponed to May20 April 2022
This Fallout 4 mod is the ultimate Doctor Who RPG20 April 2022
NZXT release limited edition My Hero Academia gaming PC case20 April 2022
Valorant patch 4.08: update brings huge Jett nerf20 April 2022
Sonic Origins release date - remasters spinning-in summer20 April 2022
The WD Black SN850 1TB gaming SSD is $110 off on Amazon20 April 2022
How Galactic Civilizations IV is influenced by its community20 April 2022
Porsche and AOC craft stunning 32-inch 4K Mini LED gaming monitor20 April 2022
City builder Surviving Mars is a space train game now20 April 2022
The first six years of MMO LOTRO goes fully free-to-play20 April 2022
Rainbow Six Siege just got the first of three new maps19 April 2022
Assassin's Creed Valhalla update adds new mastery challenges19 April 2022
The first Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' DLC arrives this week19 April 2022
WoW Dragonflight beta sign-ups are live19 April 2022
The cinematic Star Wars game EA cancelled is happening again19 April 2022
WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic release date set for 202219 April 2022
Game Pass April games - Assassin's Creed Origins coming soon19 April 2022
WoW Dragonflight's Dracthyr Evoker is both a race and class19 April 2022
Crusader Kings 3 Fate of Iberia DLC set for May release date19 April 2022
Fans make Minecraft build of Carl & Ellie's house from Up19 April 2022
Prowler quests hint at a Fortnite Miles Morales skin19 April 2022
Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs might not show up until late Summer19 April 2022
We’re hiring! PCGamesN is looking for full-time guides writers19 April 2022
Dishonored x Divinity: Original Sin 2 in this new sandbox RPG19 April 2022
Fortnite Prowler skin - how to complete Prowler quests19 April 2022
The Steam Deck is currently the top selling game on Steam19 April 2022
WoW expansion announcement time - watch the reveal here soon19 April 2022
Raid: Shadow Legends code gives rare content to new players19 April 2022
Elden Ring update 1.04 patches Patches19 April 2022
New AMD Radeon GPUs may gatecrash the RTX 4000 release date19 April 2022
Enjoy VPN privacy from IPVanish for 63% off19 April 2022
MTG Streets of New Capenna deck reveal - Cabaretti Cacophony19 April 2022
Ayaneo teases thinnest Windows handheld gaming PC with OLED19 April 2022
Genshin Impact Ayaka banner release time - 2.6 rerun soon19 April 2022
Is Jason Momoa Minecraft Steve?19 April 2022
The free indie game that became part of Portal 2 hits Steam18 April 2022
Fortnite 20.20 release confirmed18 April 2022
Minecraft has a fully functional keyboard now18 April 2022
Riders Republic update will add gnarly new BMX tricks18 April 2022
Dev finds a platform Doom has not been ported to, ports it18 April 2022
Aurelion Sol rework isn't a VGU, it's LoL's first CGU18 April 2022
Portal co-writer Erik Wolpaw: “We’ve gotta start Portal 3”18 April 2022
The best Genshin Impact Sayu build18 April 2022
Battlefield 2042 update 4.0 goes live tomorrow18 April 2022
Break stuff (but not DMCA guidelines) in Fred Durst Doom mod18 April 2022
World of Warcraft bug allows players to pile on Legendaries18 April 2022
Genshin Impact animated short teases Ayaka banner rerun18 April 2022
Yoshi-P clarifies FFXIV Housing Lottery bug situation18 April 2022
The best Genshin Impact Rosaria build18 April 2022
You can play as Superman in The Matrix Unreal 5 demo17 April 2022
Card game city builder Stacklands is getting DLC17 April 2022
Here are all Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter eggs, explained17 April 2022
Jurassic World Evolution 2 mods de-extinct BBC dinosaur doc17 April 2022
FFXIV Housing Lottery bug is making everyone losers17 April 2022
The Halo Infinite Season 2 maps are "very different"16 April 2022
Two new Fortnite Marvel skins are free with upcoming comic16 April 2022
Diablo 2: Resurrected sales hit over 5 million copies16 April 2022
DnD Direct features game reveals, Baldur's Gate 3 teased16 April 2022
Leaked Among Us VR release date is a month after Starfield16 April 2022
Someone beat Terraria hard mode with 1 HP and no dodges16 April 2022
Warframe's Angels of the Zariman will explore Tenno origins15 April 2022
Project Zomboid NPCs will have complex, dynamic stories15 April 2022
This Minecraft horror map looks genuinely spooky15 April 2022
Fortnite is bringing Coachella into your home15 April 2022
Konami looks to salvage eFootball 2022 with Season 1 update15 April 2022
Diablo 2: Resurrected updates class balance after 12 years15 April 2022
Soulslike Stray Blade shows off furry companion Boji15 April 2022
Steelrising looks like the first true Bloodborne-like for PC15 April 2022
Apex Legends Unshackled event brings back Flashpoint limited-time mode15 April 2022
Hardspace: Shipbreaker comes to PC Game Pass next month with v1.015 April 2022
The perfect DnD RPG exists thanks to Solasta: Lost Valley15 April 2022
No, Kojima Productions hasn’t been bought by Sony15 April 2022
Return to Monkey Island brings back a classic adventure game location15 April 2022
Witcher season 3 casts an original character and three more14 April 2022
Overwatch Sojourn gameplay trailer and details have arrived14 April 2022
This Skyrim mod… fixes orcs’ teeth?14 April 2022
Weird survival game Kenshi is having a weird Easter Egg hunt14 April 2022
Call of Duty: Vanguard is getting round-based Zombies maps14 April 2022
The Minecraft Warden is getting more powerful14 April 2022
Cyberpunk 2077 expansion release date confirmed for 202314 April 2022
Fortnite tower defence map takes the game back to its roots14 April 2022
Genshin Impact teases Tale of the Five Kasen in animated short14 April 2022
TikTok sister company rivals Oculus Quest 2 VR headset in EU14 April 2022
Epic's next free game is Diablo x Minecraft in co-op chaos14 April 2022
We’re hiring! PCGamesN is looking for full-time news writers14 April 2022
AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT price may cost as much as a gaming PC14 April 2022
GTA Online weekly update boosts rewards from extraction mode14 April 2022
Daemonhunters adds the silly side of Warhammer 40k to XCOM14 April 2022
The best OTs 9 loadout in Warzone Pacific14 April 2022
Diablo 2, but the demons are from Asian folklore14 April 2022
Ballads of Hongye is a gorgeous Chinese-themed city builder14 April 2022
CD Projekt Red delays Witcher 3 next-gen upgrade indefinitely14 April 2022
The best Bullfrog Warzone Pacific loadout14 April 2022
The Elder Scrolls Online is free-to-play for under two weeks14 April 2022
Here’s the League of Legends 2022 patch schedule - all season 12 release dates14 April 2022
KOTOR remake studio acquires DnD remaster devs13 April 2022
Historic RPG Expeditions: Rome has new DLC about gladiators13 April 2022
AEW game release reportedly expected in September13 April 2022
AMD Zen 4 CPUs may benefit your overclocked DDR5 gaming PC13 April 2022
Deep Rock Galactic season 2 will add new weapons and robots13 April 2022
Here's why players are talking about the Lost Ark Ark Pass13 April 2022
Dragon Age 4 characters will have "more personality than ever"13 April 2022
Elder Scrolls' free retro games are coming to Steam13 April 2022
This Elden Ring summon can ride a wolf13 April 2022
The Fortnite Light Turret is the latest Funding Station winner13 April 2022
Where to find jetpacks in Fortnite13 April 2022
Minecraft now has a gigantic working version of Minesweeper13 April 2022
No Man's Sky update turns the space game into Firefly13 April 2022
Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise guide13 April 2022
The best Bren loadout in Warzone Pacific13 April 2022
Space 4X Galactic Civilizations 4 release date set for April13 April 2022
The first Core Keeper event is a Golden Egg hunt13 April 2022
Steam Deck external GPU setup unleashes portable's potential13 April 2022
Vampire Survivors 0.5 adds Arcana power-ups and lots of cats13 April 2022
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D gaming CPU shines in early reviews13 April 2022
Genshin Impact Floral Courtyard guide13 April 2022
League of Legends patch 12.7 notes - Arcana skins, Zeri nerf13 April 2022
Xbox Game Pass adds a cult indie game hit and a JRPG spinoff13 April 2022
Blizzard eats Tony Hawk remake studio12 April 2022
Age of Empires 4 patch nerfs Khans and mangonels12 April 2022
MythForce blends Vermintide with '80s action cartoons12 April 2022
Fortnite Jetpacks and Egg Launchers are back, baby12 April 2022
American Truck Simulator remakes a 20-year-old Montana map12 April 2022
Deus Ex dev's game looks like Elden Ring x Death Stranding12 April 2022
Ultima's creator is making a new MMO, and it's built on NFTs12 April 2022
Intel: Alder Lake CPU bending issue is a feature, not a bug12 April 2022
LEGO Star Wars is bigger than Elden Ring12 April 2022
Valorant patch 4.07 nerfs the Bulldog and Stinger12 April 2022
Blizzard gauging WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic price12 April 2022
Halo MCC update breaks the game on Steam Deck and Proton12 April 2022
Halo MCC update brings Flood Firefight and Halo 3 crossplay12 April 2022
The best Genshin Impact Yae Miko build and team comp12 April 2022
Before Skyrim: the Elder Scrolls games that nearly broke Bethesda12 April 2022
Activision officer tackles both corporate and "game design" diversity11 April 2022
Planetary Annihilation: Titans patch emerges from hyperspace11 April 2022
Roccat Kone XP review - a beautifully bright RGB gaming mouse11 April 2022
Eve Online will not adopt blockchain tech or NFTs for now11 April 2022
Capcom reveals a new retro game collection, with a free game11 April 2022
This Fortnite map code is goin' down to South Park11 April 2022
These Sifu mods make The Batman 2022 game we need11 April 2022
Meta may make a mini-LED Oculus Quest 2 Pro VR headset11 April 2022
FFXIV patch 6.1 has massive White Mage, Dark Knight buffs11 April 2022
Valheim patch makes trolls more wobbly when they're hit11 April 2022
Building the ultimate Corsair setup for a gaming all-rounder11 April 2022
HP suffers while Asus thrives as worldwide PC sales fall11 April 2022
Apex Legends Mad Maggie abilities11 April 2022
"No guarantee" the League of Legends MMO will ship11 April 2022
Minecraft fans find new easter egg in two-year-old snapshot11 April 2022
The best Minecraft XP farm 1.18 for Bedrock and Java11 April 2022
Vampire Survivors 0.5 update adds Arcanas this week11 April 2022
Mid-tier AMD Radeon RDNA 3 GPUs may be as fast as RX 6900 XT11 April 2022
Elden Ring speedrun world record is now nine minutes, gosh11 April 2022
CD Projekt is still "working on" Cyberpunk 2077 expansions11 April 2022
Kingdom Hearts 4 Star Wars tease spotted in trailer10 April 2022
Total War NFTs? Creative Assembly aware of "concerns"10 April 2022
Doom x F.E.A.R. FPS Selaco Steam demo coming this summer10 April 2022
Kingdom Hearts 4 is real, but no word on a PC version10 April 2022
The latest Elden Ring speedrun is a glitchy 12 minutes10 April 2022
Warframe Angels of the Zariman release date - Gyre hits soon9 April 2022
Elden Ring secret answers a Dark Souls 3 mystery9 April 2022
Halo MCC Flood Firefight teased, coming "next week"9 April 2022
YouTube and Ali-A are launching a talent show for new content creators9 April 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel Synchro Festival details revealed9 April 2022
Subnautica 3 confirmed - or at least the third Subnautica8 April 2022
Valorant devs remind players to report toxic behaviour8 April 2022
This Fortnite Assassin’s Creed map even has Eagle Vision8 April 2022
League of Legends challenges will arrive with patch 12.98 April 2022
There will finally be an FFXIV auto-target option in 6.18 April 2022
HyperX Pulsefire Haste review - the best ultra-light gaming mouse8 April 2022
Get 70% off PureVPN’s one-year VPN tier to protect your privacy8 April 2022
Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga size: trim your install by 8GB8 April 2022
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU beats Intel i9-12900KF in Tomb Raider8 April 2022
Minecraft Elden Ring has arrived thanks to mods8 April 2022
Lost Ark ability stones guide8 April 2022
Streamplify could help start your Twitch streamer journey8 April 2022
Want to get into games journalism? There’s a W.A.S.D panel for that8 April 2022
Genshin Impact mechanism: how to activate8 April 2022
YouTube star Ali-A to reveal new project at W.A.S.D8 April 2022
This Samsung NVMe SSD has a chunky $140 discount right now8 April 2022
GOG will refocus on retro PC gaming7 April 2022
Victoria 3 will let you switch sides to lead a revolution7 April 2022
Unionising QA workers won't get raises from Activision Blizzard7 April 2022
Activision Blizzard turns 1,100 testers full-time amid union pressure7 April 2022
Generation Zero patch adds a new base assault mode7 April 2022
Fortnite funding stations are back in action7 April 2022
Fastest Intel CPU overclocks even faster, breaking records7 April 2022
The best Genshin Impact Kokomi build for 2.67 April 2022
Epic's making Lego Roblox7 April 2022
New Minecraft snapshot introduces game-changing item7 April 2022
OneXPlayer makes its AMD handheld gaming PC Steam Deck size7 April 2022
21 days to the Rogue Legacy 2 release date, roguelike fans7 April 2022
Next week's free PC game from Epic is peak roguelike7 April 2022
Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga codes7 April 2022
VR fantasy board game Demeo feels right at home on PC7 April 2022
GTA Online weekly update boosts rewards on VIP and bodyguard work7 April 2022
Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga co-op: how to play on two screens7 April 2022
Oculus Quest 2 wireless adapter could help cut the cord7 April 2022
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is free with Amazon Prime this month7 April 2022
The Rust rail network (partly) arrives in the April update6 April 2022
Rockstar is funding a triple-A Max Payne remake at Remedy6 April 2022
Total War: Warhammer 3 mods are filling the Workshop fast6 April 2022
Diablo 3 Season 26 start date set for next week6 April 2022
Get MMO Black Desert free (to keep) on Steam6 April 2022
Epic 'accidentally' teases a big Fortnite Star Wars crossover6 April 2022
New indie games: our picks from W.A.S.D Curios6 April 2022
FFXIV Hatching-tide 2022 tributes an absurd community moment6 April 2022
The only Wheel of Time game is remastered on GOG6 April 2022
Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga scavenger abilities: how to unlock6 April 2022
More Ubisoft NFT games are coming, publisher threatens6 April 2022
Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga mumble mode: how to enable6 April 2022
Oh no, there are Elden Ring invisible paths6 April 2022
MMO city builder Romans: Age of Caesar launches this month6 April 2022
How to fix the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 60Hz lock6 April 2022
Upcoming League of Legends Zeri nerfs will "hit all builds"6 April 2022
The Witcher 4: what is the School of the Lynx?6 April 2022
Two Point Campus release date delayed to August6 April 2022
Two Point Campus gameplay: a hint of Stardew Valley6 April 2022
Dune: Spice Wars Early Access release date - 4X game out soon6 April 2022
AMD Ryzen CPU overclock bug in Radeon software under investigation6 April 2022
New Genshin Impact event offers a free Xingqiu6 April 2022
Escape From Tarkov patch will add Nvidia DLSS first, AMD FSR later6 April 2022
Humble Choice adds a cyberpunk platformer and Naruto5 April 2022
1 million Sea of Thieves players have reached the endgame5 April 2022
Elden Ring's worst bosses are FromSoft's best worst bosses5 April 2022
The new Lego Star Wars is the biggest Lego or Star Wars game on Steam5 April 2022
Vampire Survivors update 0.42 brings new stage and weapon5 April 2022
Fortnite 20.10 update paves the way for Assassin's Creed skins5 April 2022
Here's the PCGamesN Theatre schedule for W.A.S.D5 April 2022
We still can't believe this Minecraft zipline is real5 April 2022
Ubisoft confirms Ghost Recon Breakpoint is dead5 April 2022
Fortnite Klombo-sized snow mound locations5 April 2022
Next Tomb Raider game will "push the envelope of fidelity"5 April 2022
PC Game Pass April free games - adventures and a war game5 April 2022
Total War: Warhammer 3 patch 1.1 updates the Realm of Chaos5 April 2022
Oculus Quest 2 is still top, but Valve Index gains ground5 April 2022
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt system requirements5 April 2022
How to place Fortnite weapon schematics in Synapse Station5 April 2022
Fortnite Data Receiver: how to destroy structures, collect data5 April 2022
Teardown release date - anti-Minecraft indie game is out soon5 April 2022
First discrete Intel GPU falls flat against Nvidia GTX 16505 April 2022
The best Terraria wings5 April 2022
LEGO Star Wars glitch makes a Mandalorian army5 April 2022
Next Nvidia GPU lineup will be solely fabbed by TSMC5 April 2022
Steam Deck Xbox games include Fable and non-FPS Halo now5 April 2022
Fortnite's new season made $144m, which all goes to Ukraine5 April 2022
Lost Ark's Lance Master is now the Glaivier, out in April4 April 2022
Activision Blizzard changes vaccine decision after walkout4 April 2022
Skyrim is a city builder now4 April 2022
This Minecraft Civ 6 build is a wonder to behold4 April 2022
Dead By Daylight 6th anniversary event leaks4 April 2022
Terraria potions: how to make a crafting station4 April 2022
The Witcher season 3 has started filming - here's the plot4 April 2022
People prefer to update Windows 10 than upgrade to Windows 114 April 2022
The 'real' Monkey Island 3 is coming this year4 April 2022
This Pokémon-based Terraria mod is a "passion project" you can try now4 April 2022
World of Tanks developer pulls out of Russia and Belarus4 April 2022
These Call of Duty-inspired Fortnite maps are incredible4 April 2022
Steam Deck Q2 pre-orders kick off this week4 April 2022
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