May 2018 Archive

The Banner Saga 1 & 2 are free with Twitch Prime through June31 May 2018
For Honor teases new hero with a distinctive sword31 May 2018
Two million viewers watched Bethesda’s Fallout 76 livestream of nothing31 May 2018
PUBG overhauls throwables, restores grenade knockback31 May 2018
Vermintide 2 gets mod support, daily challenges31 May 2018
Frostpunk to expand with new game modes and options throughout the year31 May 2018
The Tomb Kings get their Bone Giants in Total War: Warhammer 2 today31 May 2018
Everything Fallout 76 could be, from joining the Enclave to managing a city31 May 2018
Corsair HS70 review: wireless gaming headset without the premium price31 May 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for new Lovecraftian card game Cultist Simulator!31 May 2018
Dauntless is winning over PC monster hunters because, well, it's undaunting31 May 2018
Can't wait for STALKER 2? Feast your eyes on these Fear the Wolves screenshots31 May 2018
AMD's new H-series Ryzen Mobile CPUs are set to take on Intel's Coffee Lake chips31 May 2018
The Thargoids get new ships in Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter 231 May 2018
Don't believe the new FromSoft 'leak'31 May 2018
Fortnite Blockbuster week 5: where to find the secret Battle Star in Moisty Mire31 May 2018
New Fortnite skins pay homage to LeBron James31 May 2018
Fortnite week 5 challenges: Loot Lake Disco Ball, Greasy Grove treasure map, and Dusty Divot chests31 May 2018
Nvidia’s GTX 1180 GPU will be detailed at the Hot Chips symposium on August 2031 May 2018
Gearbox could be making Borderlands GOTY. Again31 May 2018
What it's like to be raided by Dr DisRespect fans31 May 2018
Black Ops 4 will have aim assist on PC, but only in Zombies31 May 2018
Rage 2's developer has been bought by a movie studio31 May 2018
Cities: Skylines adapted to teach civics and sustainability in the classroom30 May 2018
Runescape has a new big boss to fight30 May 2018
Fallout 76 announced, reported to be an "online survival RPG"30 May 2018
Battle for Azeroth will make being a tank much trickier30 May 2018
Call of Duty: WWII's new in-game items to help vets find jobs30 May 2018
Dying Light’s final content drop, Badlands Rider, has arrived30 May 2018
Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is out for Far Cry 5 season pass owners30 May 2018
Fallout 4: All 111 vaults explored30 May 2018
HyperX Cloud Flight review: good but not the Cloud Alpha of wireless headphones30 May 2018
Team Sonic Racing officially confirmed30 May 2018
Arca's Path is a VR dive into a labyrinth of pastel puzzles30 May 2018
Total War: Warhammer 2's Queen & Crone DLC upends elven playstyles 30 May 2018
Space Hulk: Tactics lets you play a Genestealers campaign for the first time30 May 2018
School-shooting FPS removed from Steam, but not because of its content30 May 2018
Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr is flesh-slicing fun but slips on the mess it creates30 May 2018
WW1 FPS Tannenburg gets Roumanian squads in a free update30 May 2018
Miami Street is a free-to-play racing game you control with only a mouse30 May 2018
GTA Online gets the Lampadati Michelli, plus assassination jobs29 May 2018
World War 3 announced alongside action-packed trailer29 May 2018
New Nvidia GTX 1180 GPU announcements? Watch the GTC Taiwan livestream here29 May 2018
The dawn of Horror Royale? Hide or Die fully backed in less than two weeks29 May 2018
Fortnite datamine uncovers new specialist backpack items29 May 2018
Eve Online's Into the Abyss expansion is out now29 May 2018
Agony feels shallow beneath its buckets of gore29 May 2018
TSMC and GloFo may compete to produce the most overclockable AMD Zen 2 CPUs29 May 2018
AMD Zen 2 launching with a 16-core CPU would be dumb29 May 2018
Why Divinity: Original Sin 2 made me a CRPG convert29 May 2018
Nioh has sold two million demon-slashing copies29 May 2018
Why wait for Vega Mobile? Acer fits a desktop AMD RX Vega 56 inside a gaming laptop29 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege champion SHA77E has left the pro league29 May 2018
STALKER 2 was only announced so the devs could find a publisher29 May 2018
Rideable shopping carts are coming to Fortnite29 May 2018
Who is playing Dauntless?29 May 2018
Fractured Lands is Mad Max meets PUBG, from ex-COD and Battlefield devs29 May 2018
The co-founder of Atari has died29 May 2018
AMD RX Vega 64 review: a high-end GPU waiting on a future its tech is trying to create29 May 2018
Here's exactly when Sea of Thieves' Hungering Deep goes live today29 May 2018
Here's how to check how many people have been banned from your CS:GO games29 May 2018
You can ride a laser-wielding dolphin in Battle for Azeroth29 May 2018
Fortnite's week 5 challenges won't release today29 May 2018
The new AMD Athlon 200GE is set for a budget battle royale with Intel's Pentium processors29 May 2018
Need help completing Fortnite's weekly challenges? Check out this fan-made map29 May 2018
Overwatch League to add six teams for Season Two28 May 2018
State of Decay 2 passed a million players in its first week28 May 2018
This Star Citizen pack will set you back $27,00028 May 2018
Terry Pratchett was an Oblivion modder28 May 2018
Making it in Unreal: how drones helped build MotoGP 1828 May 2018
Virtus.Pro takes $500k win at ESL One Dota 2 tournament27 May 2018
Surviving Mars Curiosity update adds new domes, graphs, and a tutorial27 May 2018
Entropia Universe might let you upload your consciousness into its MMO world27 May 2018
Fortnite mobile vs PC: how do the iOS and Android versions stack up?27 May 2018
PUBG Corp. details priorities for game fixes27 May 2018
How PUBG crates work: items, cosmetics, and crate keys explained27 May 2018
ESA chief defends loot boxes, warns against government “over-reaction”27 May 2018
Killer7 arrives on Steam this autumn27 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege’s next breacher will carry a blowtorch, datamine suggests27 May 2018
World War Z drops a new trailer26 May 2018
Titan-based Warhammer 40K game set to launch this week26 May 2018
Dauntless is now in open beta26 May 2018
Wargaming closes Seattle operations26 May 2018
Battlion 1944 announces $50,000 tournament26 May 2018
Russian bots propel indie game to top of Steam charts26 May 2018
Three men implicated in fatal Kansas swatting now face federal charges26 May 2018
Mirage: Arcane Warfare shuts down a year after launch thanks to GDPR25 May 2018
The Wolf Among Us 2 gets delayed until 201925 May 2018
League of Legends heads to ESPN streaming starting with the NA LCS25 May 2018
Free games: Overwatch’s latest free weekend is now underway25 May 2018
Micron turns its back on Intel's NAND flash memory tech as the love affair ends25 May 2018
DICE GM says Battlefield 5’s “female playable characters are here to stay”25 May 2018
The three essential STALKER mods keeping the series alive for fans25 May 2018
Free games: Grab a Steam key for a new tunnel shooter by the makers of Descent!25 May 2018
The best PC gaming crossovers25 May 2018
You can have a dude on your Battlefield 5 cover… for just $20 extra25 May 2018
Battlefield V might get remakes of the Omaha Beach and El-Alamein map25 May 2018
Will we ever get a Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2?25 May 2018
Battlefield 5 will surely come free with a new GTX 1180 as DICE ditch AMD for Nvidia25 May 2018
Battlefield 5's premium currency is for cosmetics only25 May 2018
BBC Three will broadcast Dota 2 matches this weekend25 May 2018
Apple has decided you won't be able to play Steam games on your iPhone25 May 2018
Samsung C49J89 review: the ultimate Fortnite gaming monitor25 May 2018
League of Legends patch 8.11: Marksman changes and Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper25 May 2018
John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain has died at 3325 May 2018
Another Conan game is coming to PC next year, and it'll probably be an RTS25 May 2018
PUBG’s sneaky new event is crossbows and melee weapons only25 May 2018
The Sims 4 finally gets Seasons, and lets you make your own holidays24 May 2018
Steam’s Spring Cleaning Event offers a weekend’s worth of free games24 May 2018
Nvidia drivers - Game Ready 397.93 preps for doomsday with State of Decay 2 support24 May 2018
The International prize pool has reached $10m24 May 2018
Pillars of Eternity 2’s first free DLC is all about getting really drunk24 May 2018
Far Cry 5’s first DLC takes you to Vietnam in two weeks - here’s a trailer24 May 2018
Every weapon and vehicle in the Battlefield 5 trailer24 May 2018
Death Stranding “needs collaboration” from people all over the world24 May 2018
What could Half-Life 3 have learned from Dark Souls?24 May 2018
Competitive Overwatch is getting more fluid with mid-season updates24 May 2018
"Easy to spoof" Bitcoin cryptocurrency market is under criminal investigation by the feds24 May 2018
Forget Detroit, Hellblade's creator wants to make a game using AI24 May 2018
Fed up of Twitch chat? New streaming service Caffeine helps you ignore it24 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege's Doc elite skin casts him as a WW1 trench medic24 May 2018
Battle royale "came naturally" to Battlerite's developers24 May 2018
Dark Souls Remastered review scores - our roundup of the critics24 May 2018
A quicker version of Intel's eight-core Coffee Lake CPU has appeared online at 3.1GHz24 May 2018
A hacker has already figured out how to 'softban' you in Dark Souls Remastered24 May 2018
Evil Geniuses didn't win a single match at ESL One Birmingham24 May 2018
Intel and Micron's QLC memory could make for the perfect gaming SSDs24 May 2018
Under 16? You may soon need to ask your mum for permission to use Steam24 May 2018
AMD Drivers - AMD Adrenalin 18.5.1 drags Raven Ridge APUs into the driver mainstream24 May 2018
Dark Souls Remastered is available on Steam - 24 hours early24 May 2018
Ubisoft's AI assistant Sam is out but has shut up about Watch Dogs 324 May 2018
Blizzard is still working on ideas from Overwatch’s original development23 May 2018
Battlefield 5’s fortification system will let you tow AA guns across the map23 May 2018
I built a zoo in Cities: Skylines - Parklife and now I feel bad23 May 2018
Battlefield 5 won’t have a Premium Pass or loot boxes23 May 2018
Want Battlefield 5 screenshots? Here they are23 May 2018
Battlefield 5 rewards cooperative players and lets you build forts23 May 2018
Battlefield 5 releases this October with an early Origin Access trial23 May 2018
The Overwatch team has fan art “all over the walls”23 May 2018
Battlefield 5’s reveal livestream is starting now - watch it here23 May 2018
Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry is a real game that’s coming this year23 May 2018
New Rocket League arena launches next week23 May 2018
Runescape Classic is shutting down23 May 2018
Para Bellum tips: Tricks to help you in Rainbow Six Siege's latest operation23 May 2018
Samsung is beating Intel processors to 7nm and to EUV production, and maybe to 3nm too23 May 2018
Nvidia's GTX 1180 production should kick off with the new SK Hynix memory deal23 May 2018
Free games: We have 5000 Steam keys for rocket-jumping shooter Quake Champions!23 May 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is getting four pieces of DLC and mod support23 May 2018
Fortnite pros will partner with celebrities in $3m tournament at E323 May 2018
Black Ops 4 marks the end of Early Access battle royale games23 May 2018
Dynamic Dungeons adds beautiful animation to tabletop gaming23 May 2018
Age of Wonders: Planetfall brings Fallout-style sci-fi history to 4X23 May 2018
Sunset Overdrive could be coming to PC23 May 2018
London Spitfire cut four players after string of poor results23 May 2018
Battlefield 5's main art shows a WW2-era US paratrooper23 May 2018
Dauntless' turbulent new trailer heralds its arrival into open beta23 May 2018
Intel's financing of anti-diversity politicians and climate change deniers is 'a risk to the company'23 May 2018
League of Legends' MSI finals were watched by a record 127 million people23 May 2018
Visual novel devs head to GOG after uncertain warnings from Steam22 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum is live on the TTS - here are the patch notes22 May 2018
Sony PS5 coders are sharpening their tools for an AMD Ryzen-based PlayStation22 May 2018
Nexus Mods set aside $100,000 for new system to pay modders22 May 2018
Talk to an alien about the end of the world in Quarantine Circular, out now from Mike Bithell22 May 2018
Free games: Unreal is free on Steam and GOG for its 20th anniversary22 May 2018
Hearts of Iron 4 sells a million copies, gets a special edition22 May 2018
State of Decay 2 PC review: bugs hold back refined zombie bashing22 May 2018
Fortnite Blockbuster week 4: where to find the secret Battle Star in Snobby Shores22 May 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for strategic multiplayer arena battler The Maestros!22 May 2018
Dark Souls 2 and 3 are both cheap on the Humble Store22 May 2018
Overwatch’s Anniversary 2018 event is live now22 May 2018
State of Decay 2 PC performance analysis: buggy around the edges22 May 2018
Lister, Rimmer, and Cat all feature in a Red Dwarf mod for XCOM 222 May 2018
Meet the game inspiring cosplayers to make a pilgrimage to a coastal village22 May 2018
Rage 2's developers have just opened a new studio22 May 2018
Intel and AMD CPUs face a new Spectre vulnerability... but it’s all going to be okay22 May 2018
Inside the irresistible power fantasy of Paradox's Imperator: Rome22 May 2018
Nvidia’s GPP fail hasn’t killed the AMD-exclusive Asus Arez GPUs, it’s all Twitter lies22 May 2018
A beginner’s guide to World’s Adrift22 May 2018
Left 4 Dead meets an alien invasion in Earthfall, with a full release in July22 May 2018
Black Ops 4's battle royale looks like it will have a bigger map than Fortnite22 May 2018
Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition is available now22 May 2018
Fortnite: search between a bench, ice cream truck, and a helicopter - where to look22 May 2018
Fortnite week 4 challenges: Wailing Woods chests, storm circle centres, and trap eliminations22 May 2018
Valve are very sorry for the sad statue they sent to Dota 2 megafans21 May 2018
Paradox are trying to figure out how to sell DLC “without upsetting everyone”21 May 2018
Jetpacks fly into Fortnite tomorrow21 May 2018
Paladins devs accidentally used Overwatch art for a mobile promo21 May 2018
Epic will provide $100,000,000 for Fortnite tournament prizes21 May 2018
Here's a thorough look at Rainbow Six Siege's Clubhouse map buff21 May 2018
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire endings explained: how to get all endings21 May 2018
The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is here21 May 2018
Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry pops up on Steam21 May 2018
Yes, that was Prophet in that Black Ops 4 trailer21 May 2018
Thanks to Battle for Azeroth, I found a whole WoW zone I'd never explored21 May 2018
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 is "an obvious choice" for Paradox21 May 2018
Tyranny 2 is uncertain - but could the series have a future in grand strategy?21 May 2018
BattleTech’s DLC “will always involve story”21 May 2018
Resident Evil 7 for Nintendo Switch is the PC version streamed from the cloud21 May 2018
Nvidia's GTX 1050 3GB is actually a faster GTX 1050 Ti GPU, but with hobbled memory21 May 2018
League of Legends' Clash mode will feature 'Sudden Death'21 May 2018
Making it in Unreal: the periodic table becomes an RPG in Tetra: Elemental Awakening21 May 2018
First major esports organisation wins Rainbow Six Siege season 7 finals21 May 2018
The Shanghai Dragons train up to 72 hours a week for the Overwatch League 21 May 2018
Black Ops 4 may get a DLC campaign21 May 2018
Acer's 4K Nvidia G-Sync HDR monitor will ship on June 1 for $2,00021 May 2018
Tencent now own a majority stake in the Path of Exile devs21 May 2018
Rainbow Six’s Thatcher shows his face in new Para Bellum elite skin20 May 2018
Explore Rainbow Six Siege’s new Villa map for four weeks on casual20 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege's Alibi and Maestro evolve the defender meta - hands-on impressions20 May 2018
Several Titanfall devs have left Respawn for Infinity Ward20 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege's new esport rules promise to make Pro League massive20 May 2018
Safe House is a management game about cool ‘60s spies20 May 2018
Star Control: Origins reveals your future alien comrades20 May 2018
Here is Overwatch’s upcoming Petra map in action20 May 2018
Antigraviator will bring breakneck split-screen racing to Steam June 620 May 2018
Valve are walking back their visual novel purge, according to devs20 May 2018
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X review: a CPU that deserves to be the heart of your next gaming rig20 May 2018
Overwatch anniversary event skins seem to have leaked19 May 2018
House Flipper is about renovation, but without all the annoying “work”19 May 2018
ESRB to drop “Short Form” ratings system for downloadable games19 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege has a new set of chibi figurines19 May 2018
For Honor Season 6 is underway19 May 2018
Free up storage space on your PC19 May 2018
Hundreds of Warcraft movie props are up for auction19 May 2018
Stellaris Distant Stars DLC comes out this week19 May 2018
Crusader Kings 2, Hearts of Iron IV, and Europa Universalis IV all get expansions this year19 May 2018
Age of Wonders: Planetfall takes the fantasy TBS to space next year19 May 2018
Prey update offers more clues to the moon DLC18 May 2018
Fortnite comes to Android this summer18 May 2018
5 Rainbow Six Siege Operators that need a rework18 May 2018
Total War: Warhammer 2's next update is huge and adds "Dwarf Forging"18 May 2018
The GTX 1180 could be an Nvidia retail-exclusive if it does actually launch in July18 May 2018
Pillars of Eternity 2 and Fallout: New Vegas director is “taking a break”18 May 2018
Left unchecked, Bitcoin's energy consumption may equal Austria's by the end of 201818 May 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for iconic arena shooter Quake Champions!18 May 2018
Black Ops 4's battle royale has a history Fortnite can't compete with18 May 2018
Battle for Azeroth will let you tame unicorns18 May 2018
MSI B360M Mortar review: a great-value Intel Coffee Lake board for the purestrain gamer18 May 2018
BattleTech should be even more like Cowboy Bebop and Firefly18 May 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for world-bending puzzle game Youropa!18 May 2018
Black Ops 4’s battle royale map draws from past Call of Duty locations18 May 2018
No Man’s Sky gets multiplayer this summer18 May 2018
Hands-on with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – the most competitive COD multiplayer yet18 May 2018
Skull & Bones has been delayed out of 201817 May 2018
Free games: Get Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition from Humble17 May 2018
Ubisoft will announce a new sequel at E3 - what’s it going to be?17 May 2018
Black Ops 4 will have three zombies maps on day one, including a Mob of the Dead remake17 May 2018
Black Ops 4 PC will launch exclusively on Battle.net17 May 2018
Steam Link app preview: completely unnecessary for over 75% of PC gamers17 May 2018
Black Ops 4 is “100% boots on the ground,” here’s the first trailer17 May 2018
The Division 2 will release before April 201917 May 2018
Watch the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal here17 May 2018
Green Man Gaming say cost per hour stat is about “informed choices”17 May 2018
Here's what Bungie need to do at E3 to save Destiny 217 May 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for beautiful new sky-island MMO Worlds Adrift!17 May 2018
Fortnite’s first competitive mode is Solo Showdown17 May 2018
Hellblade's permadeath bluff is "not as simple as people think"17 May 2018
Alith Anar is free in Total War: Warhammer 2 alongside Queen and Crone DLC17 May 2018
Minecraft adds swimming, fish, and sunken treasure in the Update Aquatic17 May 2018
AMD and Nvidia graphics card prices may start to rise with Ethereum ASICs "a non-starter" 17 May 2018
Destiny 2 finally gets clan chat, and what sounds like a Crucible PTR17 May 2018
Siri’s creators are training AI to form memories - by playing StarCraft17 May 2018
Red Dead Redemption 2 publishers say PC is a "very, very important platform"17 May 2018
Esports betting may soon become legal in several American states17 May 2018
"Community-crafted" airship MMO Worlds Adrift flies into Early Access17 May 2018
Rage 2 will have "fun stuff" to make you play longer - but not loot boxes17 May 2018
Xbox reveal the Adaptive Controller - designed for accessibility17 May 2018
Datamined Fortnite files hint at upcoming competitive mode17 May 2018
Fortnite’s meteor at Dusty Divot is hiding something16 May 2018
2K's "highly anticipated title" won’t be out this year, and don’t expect it at E316 May 2018
The Crew 2 beta features the entire open world, sign-ups now live16 May 2018
WoW Battle for Azeroth’s flying requirements revealed16 May 2018
Maestro mans a remote turret in Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum trailer16 May 2018
Someone beat Pillars of Eternity 2 in just 26 minutes16 May 2018
The Crew 2 is a driving paradise worth slowing down for16 May 2018
GTA Online adds a battle royale mode with a twist16 May 2018
Ancestors Legacy's multiplayer captures the brutality of Company of Heroes16 May 2018
League of Legends' intense new tournament mode targets lapsed players16 May 2018
League of Legends' Clash mode opens next week16 May 2018
Sea of Thieves adds private crews then immediately removes them16 May 2018
Fortnite's Thanos event proved battle royale games can bring people together too16 May 2018
Free games: Win one of the new, punchy Warhammer 40,000 tanks for World of Tanks!16 May 2018
World of Tanks gets skins from Warhammer 40K's Imperial Guard16 May 2018
Gigabyte Aero 15W review: six-cores of Intel Coffee Lake magic in an ultrabook style16 May 2018
Fortnite update v4.2 adds new assault rifles and... apples?16 May 2018
Germany allows Nazi imagery in a game for the first time since 199816 May 2018
Boss Key's cancelled games include "feudalpunk" dragons and dog-tanks16 May 2018
Intel says expecting 10nm delays to affect 7nm CPU transition is a “premature assumption”16 May 2018
Mafia 3 devs add a UK studio to work on a new triple-A game16 May 2018
PUBG players are confounded by new golden treasure chests16 May 2018
Valve are hiring writers and level designers for "top secret" new games15 May 2018
Today’s Fortnite patch will actually launch tomorrow15 May 2018
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition will be a free update for PC players15 May 2018
Overwatch now has 40 million players15 May 2018
It’s alive! Intel silicon to recreate the synapses of a mouse brain before the end of 201915 May 2018
F1 2018 is out this summer with classic cars and an expanded career mode15 May 2018
Vermintide 2 is "not 100% there, but closing in" on the difficulty sweet spot15 May 2018
MotoGP 18 launches in June with a brand new engine15 May 2018
Want to play World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth? We have 500 codes for the beta!15 May 2018
How Phoenix Point’s AI assembles an army designed to kill you specifically15 May 2018
Square Enix and the Bulletstorm devs are making a new triple-A shooter15 May 2018
Rage 2 is out in 2019 and co-developed by id Software - here's the gameplay trailer15 May 2018
Roblox is bigger than Italy, and now has Spanish localisation 15 May 2018
Why Avalanche are the perfect studio to make Rage 215 May 2018
Here are all the abilities for Pyke, League of Legends' latest support15 May 2018
AMD confirms 7nm+ Zen CPUs and next-gen graphics cards by 202015 May 2018
F.E.A.R. gets a movie from the makers of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn15 May 2018
You'll soon be able toast headcrabs with fire as Spyro comes to Half-Life15 May 2018
You can now filter PUBG streams based on surviving players15 May 2018
Portal writer helping Arizona Sunshine team on their next game15 May 2018
Fortnite week 3 challenges: Lonely Lodge chests, Fortnite Rubber Duckies, and the Salty Springs treasure map15 May 2018
British Hurricane are Overwatch Contenders Atlantic champions15 May 2018
The Council's puzzle-focused second episode reveals the cracks in its RPG ideas15 May 2018
Eidos Montreal are making three games, but Deus Ex isn’t one of them14 May 2018
Outlast devs plan "a departure" for next entry as the series sells 15 million units14 May 2018
LawBreakers and Radical Heights devs Boss Key shut down14 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege’s Alibi shows off her holograms in a new Para Bellum trailer14 May 2018
Battle for Azeroth makes renovations to Uther's Tomb, but why?14 May 2018
Fortnite’s Infinity War mashup ends tomorrow14 May 2018
You can get Nvidia's 144Hz 4K G-Sync HDR monitors this month... if you can afford one14 May 2018
League of Legends takes a step toward the Olympics at this summer's Asian Games14 May 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider cost $135 million and may have online elements14 May 2018
Nvidia could skip 12nm GPUs and go straight to 7nm, despite fresh GTX 1180 / 1170 rumours14 May 2018
Mad Max's developers are making Rage 214 May 2018
4 spectacular Star Wars Battlefront 2 events we’d like to see14 May 2018
Thanos' Fortnite dance moves are upsetting Josh Brolin14 May 2018
Gigabyte aren’t Intel - getting into the SSD game is almost mission impossible14 May 2018
Bloodstained gets an 8-bit homage to the original Castlevania next week14 May 2018
Nier: Automata devs will "turn the action genre on its head" with next project14 May 2018
Republican politician running for election... in Eve Online14 May 2018
Intel officially unveil Coffee Lake’s new Z390 chipset... hope they have enough 14nm silicon14 May 2018
Making it in Unreal: how raccoon noir Backbone invented smell-based stealth14 May 2018
A Japan-themed Superhot sequel has been announced14 May 2018
Legendary Final Fantasy composer may return for 7 Remake14 May 2018
New games: Scoundrel is the roguelite child of Gunpoint and Thief13 May 2018
Vermintide 2 developers worked closely with Games Workshop on "every line of text"13 May 2018
Details leaked for Overwatch’s second anniversary event, which starts next week13 May 2018
Destiny 2's factions could be getting their own unique emotes and ornaments13 May 2018
Onward developers and community rally around bereaved family of a fallen player13 May 2018
Report: Thanos close to collecting every Infinity Wars think piece despite time spent in Fortnite13 May 2018
Vermintide 2’s console release will be good news for PC players, developers say 13 May 2018
Valve have activated Bluetooth on the Steam Controller. Here’s how to turn it on.13 May 2018
La-Mulana 2 finally has a Steam page12 May 2018
Atomic Heart trailer is weird, colorful, horrifying, beautiful12 May 2018
Konami omits Metal Gear Survive sales from earnings call12 May 2018
Free games: Stories: The Path of Destinies is yours to keep this weekend12 May 2018
How to work around the Warmind Heroic Strikes bug in Destiny 212 May 2018
Destiny 2 Warmind puzzle leads Redditors to a mountain in New York state12 May 2018
Ninja pledges to tone down cursing in streams, and some fans aren’t happy12 May 2018
Intel NUC Hades Canyon review: the fastest NUC ever, but at a hell of a cost12 May 2018
Valve will pay thousands to hackers reporting critical Steam security flaws12 May 2018
Headset makers Turtle Beach see record revenue thanks to Fortnite11 May 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 11 May, 201811 May 2018
Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia gets harder in next week’s beta update11 May 2018
Fortnite 50v50 is back11 May 2018
Splice your way to a better weekend with the best crossovers in PC gaming11 May 2018
Next Mortal Kombat trollingly teased by series director11 May 2018
Your first look at Rainbow Six Siege's Para Bellum Villa map11 May 2018
Intel, Tobii, and Microsoft are bringing eye tracking into the mainstream11 May 2018
Get Serious Sam, Shadow Warrior, and more for cheap in Devolver Digital sale11 May 2018
Hunt: Showdown punishes campers with first update11 May 2018
Free games: We have 1000 Steam keys for competitive cyberpunk RTS NeuroSlicers!11 May 2018
Here's what we think those Bethesda teasers might mean11 May 2018
Final Fantasy 14 gets a new Ivalice raid on May 2211 May 2018
How Eidos Montreal are bringing a touch of Deus Ex to Shadow of the Tomb Raider11 May 2018
Here's why Intel and AMD's 7nm CPU revolution is so important to the future of PCs11 May 2018
Eidos Montreal head responds to Final Fantasy Project W rumours11 May 2018
Can projects like Tabletop Simulator ever replace physical board games?11 May 2018
The best Fortnite replays11 May 2018
Nvidia will lose $190 million in graphics card sales thanks to the cryptocurrency GPU dip11 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege buffing Echo so you “take more risks” with his drones11 May 2018
Looks like Bethesda are teasing Rage 211 May 2018
You can now gift games on the Microsoft Store11 May 2018
Anthem will "solve" storytelling in live multiplayer games11 May 2018
Another publisher banned from Steam after accusations of fake reviews10 May 2018
Nvidia's next-gen graphics cards are still a way off if the GPU 'supply run' is any indication10 May 2018
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock gets a new campaign in Broken Alliance DLC10 May 2018
Path of Exile: Incursion: release date, Temple of Atzoatl, and skill revamps - everything we know10 May 2018
Say hello to Rainbow Six Siege's Para Bellum operators: Alibi and Maestro10 May 2018
Overwatch League stage 4 probably won’t have nerfed Brigitte or reworked Hanzo10 May 2018
Just Cause 4? Gears of War 5? Perfect Dark? All major E3 rumours vetted10 May 2018
Two Point Hospital's developers "can't help" the dad jokes10 May 2018
The Red Sox love Fortnite so much they forget to eat10 May 2018
Asus ROG Strix Flare review: sturdy gaming keyboard that gets lost in the crowd10 May 2018
Cowboy MMO Wild West Online hits Steam today10 May 2018
Underworld Ascendant's quest to keep immersive sims alive10 May 2018
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will hit PC sooner than expected10 May 2018
Squeeze two gaming PCs into one with Corsair's monolithic Obsidian 1000D monster10 May 2018
DayZ loses another creative director10 May 2018
Rialto is the best Overwatch map in a while10 May 2018
Rainbow Six Siege stat tracker R6DB shutting down10 May 2018
Here's what's new in PUBG's Sanhok map, which returns today10 May 2018
Easter egg leads fans to secret Battlefield announcement10 May 2018
Nvidia drivers - Game Ready 397.64 readies up for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire10 May 2018
This AI can design maps for Doom10 May 2018
The Binding of Isaac's Isaac is now in a fighting game10 May 2018
Razer Naga Trinity review: an MMO gaming mouse that isn't a nightmare with other genres10 May 2018
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Square Enix will hold an E3 conference this year for the first time since 20158 May 2018
Dark Souls: Prepare To Die edition prepares to die8 May 2018
Fortnite week 2 challenges: Fortnite film cameras, Greasy Grove chests, and search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen8 May 2018
Intel can't manufacture enough 14nm silicon to keep making all Coffee Lake motherboards8 May 2018
Far Cry 5's Lost on Mars DLC might add a Power Glove and a phaser pistol8 May 2018
Avengers costumes are not coming to Fortnite8 May 2018
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New games: Forest of Liars is a trip through magical painted landscapes6 May 2018
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Massive Witcher 3 mod overhauls just about every aspect of combat6 May 2018
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PUBG’s 50-player deathmatch mode called off early5 May 2018
Attentat 1942 wins Berlin gaming festival award, but can’t be played in Germany5 May 2018
An Elite Dangerous player drew the game’s logo on the entire galaxy5 May 2018
Massive collection of classic games and hardware going up for auction5 May 2018
YouTubers completely cover Dusty Depot crater for some reason5 May 2018
Six Days In Fallujah dev details the canceled game’s creation process5 May 2018
Horde, Alliance finally declare war after more than 20 years of constant, unceasing war5 May 2018
They Are Billions update adds the Six Wonders5 May 2018
Steam’s Hardware Survey was over-counting users in Asian cyber cafes, but it’s fixed now5 May 2018
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's PC version is getting special attention, Activision say5 May 2018
Rust gets safe zones where you’re gunned down if you break the rules4 May 2018
Destiny 2’s new Prismatic Matrix system aims to make Eververse more generous4 May 2018
Valkyrie goes photographer with her elite skin, hitting Rainbow Six Siege next week4 May 2018
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2020’s next-gen DDR5 memory isn’t about performance it’s “mostly a capacity solution.”4 May 2018
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AMD are trolling Intel, launching their Z490 chipset months before Intel's Z3904 May 2018
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Swery’s The Good Life is now fully funded on Kickstarter2 May 2018
Another Beyond Good & Evil 2 dev stream is set for tomorrow2 May 2018
Nvidia and AMD GPU manufacturer, TSMC, is about to revolutionise graphics cards2 May 2018
Grim Fandango cast will reunite at E3 for an anniversary celebration2 May 2018
Runescape's developer wants to get into publishing2 May 2018
There's a Fortnite Battle Star hidden in a loading screen2 May 2018
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Paladins' full release arrives next week2 May 2018
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Tencent looking to buy another 5% of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer2 May 2018
Intel are pretending Kaby Lake-X isn't already dead by officially killing it in November2 May 2018
Far Cry 5 gets a shovel gun in the White Collar Job event2 May 2018
Giant footprint appears in Fortnite, reigniting dinosaur theories2 May 2018
Teachers want to get PC Building Simulator in the classroom2 May 2018
There are now green screens in Fortnite, and they’re already being put to good use1 May 2018
Fortnite’s revamped map has hidden superhero lairs and a missile silo1 May 2018
Episode I: Racer comes to GOG alongside a massive Star Wars sale1 May 2018
Fortnite’s Orange Shirt Kid finally gets justice as an in-game emote1 May 2018
Sea of Thieves gets a chest-load of new cosmetic loot1 May 2018
Dark Nexus will shape Heroes of the Storm's lore1 May 2018
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Two League of Legends pros have landed roles in Deadpool 21 May 2018
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