May 2017 Archive

Rocket League is now so huge that it has ridiculous TV adverts31 May 2017
David Hayter congratulates groom-to-be as Solid Snake, via codec31 May 2017
Overwatch’s next map is set on the moon31 May 2017
Sonic Mania's release date is set for August31 May 2017
Battlegrounds Charity Invitational raises over $200k for sick children31 May 2017
League of Legends patch 7.11: Kindred rework, new Rek'sai ult and Chemtech Tryndamere31 May 2017
Overwatch This episode 34: the loot box problem and new moon map31 May 2017
Pyre, the next game from the Bastion and Transistor developers, is out in July31 May 2017
Obsidian are bringing the Pathfinder Adventure card game to PC in June31 May 2017
Gambling on esports is now enshrined in Las Vegas law31 May 2017
Hunt: Showdown is a monster-hunting FPS from Crytek31 May 2017
Tokyo 42 PC review31 May 2017
Tactical FPS Argo will be free, even from microtransactions31 May 2017
Intel's Skylake-X CPUs will be as much of a thermal nightmare as Kaby Lake31 May 2017
Want to know what a PC case covered with $10,000 worth of carbon fibre looks like?31 May 2017
Take-Two have bought Kerbal Space Program31 May 2017
The five biggest changes Stormblood brings to Final Fantasy XIV31 May 2017
It’ll cost $110 if you want to jump in to FFXIV’s next expansion with friends31 May 2017
A League of Legends esports management sim is in development31 May 2017
Papers, Please is getting a live-action movie30 May 2017
Twitch is now playing the stock market… with $50k of someone’s cash30 May 2017
Runes are going free in League of Legends’ big overhaul, Runes Reforged30 May 2017
Uzbekistan bans WooHoo - The Sims 4 is outlawed alongside Manhunt and Hatred30 May 2017
Titanfall 2's free new Titan is live now30 May 2017
Intel tech helps Vive go wireless - no more looking like some human-squid hybrid30 May 2017
Agents of Mayhem will feature the line "my lugnuts are tingling." Oh, and cars30 May 2017
Gain experience every time you use the toilet in Ark: Survival Evolved30 May 2017
No-one wants to talk about Tencent, the biggest gaming company in the world30 May 2017
Bayonetta 3 could be on the cards, but when?30 May 2017
The Theme Park creators are returning to their roots with a new game30 May 2017
Asus hint at 5GHz overclocking on AMD’s X399 Ryzen Threadripper platform30 May 2017
Battlefront 2 has spider drones and the creepiest old men30 May 2017
Intel's Kaby Lake-X chips are already breaking records at over 7.5GHz30 May 2017
Women watch more esports each day than men30 May 2017
Lost Sphear is a new nostalgic JRPG from the I Am Setsuna developers30 May 2017
Intel unveil the first 18-core CPU, delivering 'unquestioned performance leadership'30 May 2017
Nvidia's new Max-Q laptops deliver 15mm designs that are 60% faster than PS4 Pro30 May 2017
Soon you’ll be able to get into the Crossout beta without paying its upfront cost29 May 2017
Simon Miller has all of the facts that you could possibly need about Far Cry 529 May 2017
Soon you’ll be able to use your credit card in VR29 May 2017
Fans accuse Friday the 13th devs of "favoritism" over use of press keys29 May 2017
Urban legend Polybius is no longer a myth, as it's being ported to PC29 May 2017
Shenmue 3 won't be at E3, but here's a buff new character29 May 2017
Square Enix just assumed full control of the FF7 Remake29 May 2017
Making it in Unreal: why Nightdive rebooted System Shock, then rebooted it again29 May 2017
Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy game's second episode has a release date29 May 2017
Alan Wake had a massive 1,350% increase in players this month29 May 2017
Battlefield 1’s May Update will buff AA Guns and add an Operations Playlist29 May 2017
You can't play Far Cry 5's co-op locally29 May 2017
The Long Journey Home PC review29 May 2017
Battlegrounds’ lag problems won’t be properly fixed until June28 May 2017
Turn Fallout 4 into a horror game with this overhaul mod28 May 2017
Blizzard are investigating a mystery nerf to Overwatch's Reinhardt28 May 2017
Microsoft’s Mixer allows for four person co-streaming28 May 2017
Faker is the first League of Legends pro to earn $1 million28 May 2017
Diablo 2’s most popular mod is still being updated28 May 2017
Brood War’s top four players fight it out this weekend27 May 2017
Exo One’s opening has you bouncing between storm clouds to sand dunes27 May 2017
The Witcher 3 is getting its own vinyl soundtrack27 May 2017
COD: WW2’s campaign will not have playable Axis soldiers27 May 2017
The Humble Spring Sale Encore is live right now27 May 2017
Everspace’s full release removes its divisive scanning probes27 May 2017
Hitman may live on after Io Interactive’s breakup from Square Enix27 May 2017
The Signal From Tölva is getting a free expansion this year26 May 2017
The Quarians may be returning to Mass Effect very soon26 May 2017
WoW's Tomb of Sargeras raid gets ever closer with official preview26 May 2017
Meet the Sorlag: Quake Champions is getting its own comic series26 May 2017
Twitch embraces diversity today with TwitchUnity26 May 2017
Heroes of the Storm's second anniversary is giving out extra loot chests26 May 2017
Jeff Kaplan is listening to your criticisms of Overwatch loot boxes26 May 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, first Far Cry 5 details, and more!26 May 2017
Falling through the scenery, tricky race corners, and more: PC gaming’s most unfair moments26 May 2017
Far Cry 5’s Hope County is a “magnet for crazy”26 May 2017
The Constructor remake is out now along with a free demo26 May 2017
Win one of 500 open beta keys for unpredictable turn-based RPG Chronicles of Eidola!26 May 2017
Nvidia / Intel is still the most common combo requested at system builders26 May 2017
Nier: Automata's sales have been "significantly above" expectations26 May 2017
We've had Ryzen, now get ready for the AMD Kyzen update26 May 2017
It looks like we'll be waiting until 2020 for the Final Fantasy 7 remake26 May 2017
A bright summer's neon murder with Ben and Joel: watch Tokyo 42 live now26 May 2017
You can now play Gwent in the open beta26 May 2017
Far Cry 5 releases February 27, trailer introduces you to its religious cult26 May 2017
Cults, cops and co-op in Far Cry 5: five things you need to know26 May 2017
Dota 2 tournament holds on-stage raging competition26 May 2017
GTA Online’s Gunrunning update will add shady bunkers full of military-grade hardware26 May 2017
For Honor will start punishing rage-quitters26 May 2017
Destiny 2 won't be using solely peer-to-peer servers26 May 2017
AOC AGON AG352UCG review: High-res, high-refresh & ultrawide. A panel that has it all?26 May 2017
Dota 2 was chosen over LoL in the MOBA category at an Asian Olympic esports event25 May 2017
EA announce the games lineup and entertainment for their pre-E3 show25 May 2017
You can play COD: Black Ops 3’s multiplayer DLC free for 30 days25 May 2017
DayZ’s 0.62 patch stops players hiding inside trees and makes forests beautiful 25 May 2017
The Amnesia: Dark Descent developers want to “stray away” from horror25 May 2017
Minecraft is getting an Adventure Time Mashup Pack, exclusively on Windows 1025 May 2017
The Castlevania Netflix series just got a very '80s trailer25 May 2017
Win a copy of Livelock! We've got 25 copies of this explosive, machine-killing top-down shooter to giveaway!25 May 2017
Today's Battlegrounds patch has arrived after all - on a motorbike with a sniper rifle25 May 2017
Hearthstone recovers from February's dip, thanks to release of Journey to Un’Goro25 May 2017
Final Fantasy Tactics gone wild: Disgaea 5 could soon be on PC25 May 2017
Vanquish PC graphics, performance, and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN tech review25 May 2017
Twitch makes it easier for you to tell streamers how they're messing up25 May 2017
Nvidia are now recommending AMD's Ryzen chips for their Battlebox branded PCs25 May 2017
Final Fantasy VII remake is "urgently recruiting" staff25 May 2017
Awesomenauts goes free-to-play on Steam25 May 2017
New Overwatch hero teased during anniversary celebrations25 May 2017
How to use Joy-Cons as a combined controller on PC25 May 2017
Play as Overwatch’s Sombra and Widowmaker in Invisible Inc24 May 2017
This 3D printed version of Fallout 4’s laser pistol is perfect24 May 2017
Watch a giant baby rip a person in half in the Blasphemous trailer24 May 2017
The PC Master Race subreddit has a cameo in Spider-Man Homecoming24 May 2017
Here’s how you can group up for Raids as a solo player in Destiny 224 May 2017
Three reasons Steel Division isn't like other RTS games24 May 2017
Divinity: Original Sin 2 now has a pirate dwarf and a flying boat24 May 2017
Overwatch This episode 33: Ranking Anniversary dances and skins24 May 2017
No, AOC's new monitor can't perform high-res magic tricks24 May 2017
You can play Fallout 4 for free this weekend24 May 2017
At last, Rainbow Six Siege's spawn killing is getting fixed24 May 2017
Bayonetta has sold over 170k on PC - Sega say they’re “really happy with the performance”24 May 2017
AMD blames board makers for Ryzen's memory problems. Some say that's unfair24 May 2017
Tired of BF1? Tannenberg offers the Eastern Front24 May 2017
Call of Duty: WW2 will feature Battle of the Bulge and Invasion of Normandy24 May 2017
Riot just took ownership of the entire LoL pro scene24 May 2017
A curved-screen laptop free-for-all is about to happen24 May 2017
Dota 2’s latest patch brings high performance to low-end PCs24 May 2017
CS:GO's Operation Hydra adds new maps, modes, and a campaign24 May 2017
Run a guild of robbers in Killers and Thieves, a new game from The Banner Saga devs23 May 2017
Historically-accurate RTS Steel Division: Normandy 44 is out now23 May 2017
Watch Terminator 2 (the full film) in GTA 523 May 2017
Wargaming apologise for accusing YouTuber of hate speech over critical World of Tanks video23 May 2017
Watch us play the entire Inverted Spire Strike in Destiny 223 May 2017
Keystone is an interdimensional sci-fi CCG FPS that begins via a board game23 May 2017
Overwatch patch 1.11 - buffs to Genji and Hanzo, nerfs to Soldier and Reinhardt23 May 2017
SteamVR gets a virtual social space23 May 2017
Overwatch Anniversary skins, maps and emotes23 May 2017
Win a copy of Endless Space 2 Digital Deluxe Edition - worth $49.99! We’ve got ten copies of this sci-fi 4X up for grabs23 May 2017
Overwatch's Anniversary event is now live23 May 2017
GTA 5 has now sold over 80 million copies23 May 2017
Look out, controllers. We've got analogue keyboards now23 May 2017
2K could be working on a new Bioshock or Borderlands game23 May 2017
Mirage: Arcane Warfare - a magical new multiplayer FPS from Chivalry devs is out today23 May 2017
Squad say "core" Kerbal team haven't left for Valve after all23 May 2017
Weekly 'making of' livestreams for Call of Duty: WW2 start today23 May 2017
Battlefield 1 multiplayer is finally getting female soldiers23 May 2017
A sentient rifle was cut from the final version of Prey23 May 2017
Destiny 2 developer diary delves into a tragic story about a moon clamp22 May 2017
Sunless Sea’s writer is working on a questline in the next Dragon Age22 May 2017
Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a raft of new screens as console delay announced22 May 2017
Rainbow Six Siege is getting better servers and improved tech22 May 2017
Valve confirm they've hired a portion of the former Kerbal Space Program team22 May 2017
Overwatch Contenders, the first stage of Overwatch League, begins June 322 May 2017
Microsoft's AR prototype glasses could be the horror game tech of your nightmares22 May 2017
Nothing about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds makes sense, so says Simon Miller22 May 2017
A computer inside a robot fox didn't even win this incredible case mod competition22 May 2017
Lawbreakers PC is getting better thanks to the PS4 port22 May 2017
Macmillan’s Game Heroes raises £40k on Twitch for cancer support22 May 2017
Destiny 2 has no grimoire cards because “all the story is told through adventures”22 May 2017
Making it in Unreal: meet the mannequins of Waking the Glares22 May 2017
SKT1 win League of Legends tournament and are handed medals by Ronaldo22 May 2017
Paladins hits 11 million players, Hi-Rez promise a year of big changes22 May 2017
Your next Battlegrounds death will be from the barrel of this new silent sniper rifle22 May 2017
Dawn of War 3 is coming to Mac and Linux21 May 2017
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s open beta is live right now21 May 2017
Facebook invest heavily in esports livestreaming21 May 2017
Platinum Games are working their first own original IP21 May 2017
Pharah’s original name was Mercy in early versions of Overwatch21 May 2017
Federal court case will decide if Valve owns the rights to Dota21 May 2017
Owlboy and Kentucky Route Zero star in Humble Indie Bundle 1821 May 2017
You can now play H1Z1: King of the Kill’s Skirmish update21 May 2017
More Overwatch animated shorts are on the way21 May 2017
League's "fight porn" animation showcase comes to an end20 May 2017
For Honor dataminer uncovers unreleased Mythic and Elite outfits20 May 2017
Five new features that improve Destiny 2 over the original20 May 2017
Immortals don’t know if they’ll have an Overwatch team in six months20 May 2017
Day of Infamy brings Aussies, Scots and Black Panthers to the fight20 May 2017
Overwatch’s Reaper has been recreated in vanilla Minecraft20 May 2017
Twitch users have been put in control of a giant robot squid 20 May 2017
Second Life’s rabbit population is starving to death today20 May 2017
You can now test Rainbow Six Siege’s active matchmaking19 May 2017
Nier: Automata’s white screen bug fixed for AMD card users19 May 2017
King of Fighters XIV launches June 15 on Steam19 May 2017
Star Wars Battlefront 2’s story will show “the people inside the Empire”19 May 2017
AMD’s RX Vega release fake-out is cruel, underhanded, aggressive and bloody brilliant19 May 2017
Grab a free Hearthstone card tomorrow19 May 2017
Grab one of 10,000 SpellForce 3 beta keys and start playing right now!19 May 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, catch up with Destiny 2, play The Surge and more!19 May 2017
Watch the most ridiculous plot twists in PC gaming and feel ashamed of your words and deeds19 May 2017
Scalebound might not be cancelled after all19 May 2017
Win a copy of Slime-san Deluxe Edition! We’ve got 120 copies of this quirky, pixelated platformer up for grabs!19 May 2017
Destiny 2 causes a record-breaking price spike for WoW Tokens19 May 2017
You can play COD: Infinite Warfare free this weekend19 May 2017
Prey has a new unlimited resource glitch19 May 2017
Watch us steal from each other in Antihero, live now19 May 2017
Destiny 2's PvP has learned a new trick: Counter-Strike19 May 2017
Call of Duty won’t be coming to - unless it does19 May 2017
Getting to know PlayerUnknown19 May 2017
Would you play a Magic: The Gathering MMO?19 May 2017
Dean Hall isn't bothered if people don't want to play Stationeers19 May 2017
Destiny 2 has no dedicated servers - even on PC19 May 2017
We'll drop $40 billion-a-year on our gaming rigs by 202119 May 2017
Destiny 2 is the PC's next big obsession - the guns, quests, and features that convinced us19 May 2017
You can now play as the Companion Cube in Dota 218 May 2017
What will set the PC version of Destiny 2 apart, from the people making it18 May 2017
Power a space colony with farts in Oxygen Not Included, out now18 May 2017
Destiny 2 PC hands-on: unique DNA and some of the best weapons in history18 May 2017
Cities: Skylines’ Mass Transit expansion is out - mind the gap18 May 2017
Solo players will be able to take part in Destiny 2 raids thanks to the new clan system18 May 2017
You can crack planets open in Endless Space 218 May 2017
Destiny 2 might be delayed on PC18 May 2017
Destiny 2 will be sold through Battle.net18 May 2017
You can get Devolver Digital games for up to 90% off right now18 May 2017
Destiny 2's first mission has you defending the Tower from the Cabal18 May 2017
Life is Strange 2 is confirmed18 May 2017
Watch the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal here18 May 2017
How Destiny 2 can overcome its predecessor's shortfalls: what we want to see18 May 2017
Battlegrounds devs would work 14-hour days even if you gassed them18 May 2017
Win a copy of Black & White Bushido! Sneak and slice your way through this arena brawler18 May 2017
Endless Space 2 review18 May 2017
Three new Overwatch maps landing next week - one is Sombra's house18 May 2017
Here's what Bethesda will send if your copy of Elder Scrolls stops a bullet18 May 2017
How Cities: Skylines was nearly a political sim18 May 2017
Tencent made $7 billion in three months18 May 2017
Your mum is still more popular on Pornhub than Overwatch, but the gap is closing18 May 2017
Brutal melee takedowns are coming to Battlegrounds18 May 2017
Think Vega and Zen are big news? AMD have already moved on...18 May 2017
Minecraft meets The Martian in ROKH, out now in Early Access18 May 2017
Overwatch’s standard loot boxes are changing on Tuesday18 May 2017
Tencent are going to build an "esports town"17 May 2017
Pathfinder gets its first ever CRPG, written by Chris Avellone17 May 2017
Logitech Spotlight: in virtual worlds, ‘real’ controls are vital17 May 2017
Overwatch Game of the Year edition out on May 2317 May 2017
Rocket League partners with WWE - can Roman Reigns superman punch a car?17 May 2017
Overwatch's anniversary event runs from May 23 to June 1217 May 2017
You can play Gwent for free from next week17 May 2017
Overwatch this episode 32: Where in the world is the Overwatch League?17 May 2017
South Park: The Fractured But Whole gets its fourth (and final) release date17 May 2017
Nvidia's sub-$70 graphics card is out. Gamers beware...17 May 2017
WoW guild Serenity quits raiding after members defect to rivals Method17 May 2017
Win a key for free access to the Awesomenauts beta - it’s bright, colourful and full of explosions! 17 May 2017
No more dodgy PS3 ports: PES 2018 will "enjoy parity with current gen formats"17 May 2017
A Minecraft mod could get this museum a Guinness world record17 May 2017
Here's why Overwatch's Symmetra isn't classed as defence17 May 2017
Wild West Online releasing this year... because of Red Dead 217 May 2017
You can drive Senna's 1988 McLaren and Mansell's 1992 Williams in F1 201717 May 2017
How to science the shit out of Surviving Mars17 May 2017
Assassin's Creed Origins is starting a trilogy which goes to Greece next, say latest rumours17 May 2017
AMD's new Radeon Vega Frontier Edition is the red team's Titan17 May 2017
Minecraft devs agree not to kill birds17 May 2017
The next Runescape will use Improbable's SpatialOS to be bigger and better17 May 2017
Rainbow Six Siege games may suffer disconnects as Ubisoft start emergency server maintenance16 May 2017
Sonic Forces has a character creator: your 'fan art' just got real16 May 2017
You can now share and import Hearthstone decks with text codes16 May 2017
Why didn't Tyranny sell? Paradox on Obsidian's RPG "everyone was hoping would do better"16 May 2017
Steam Trading Cards will now only be offered with "legitimate games"16 May 2017
Quake Champions characters - all the combatants and their abilities detailed16 May 2017
Overwatch’s D.Va is now playable in Heroes of the Storm16 May 2017
Harvest Moon coming to PC for the first time ever16 May 2017
League of Legends patch 7.10: Pulsefire Caitlyn plus Heimerdinger and Rammus reworks16 May 2017
Photorealistic VR is 20 years away16 May 2017
Far Cry 5 will be out within a year16 May 2017
Turns out backflipping, teleporting Shinobi make For Honor Shadow and Might pretty fun16 May 2017
Total War: Warhammer 2's Lizardmen will have dinosaurs with lasers on their backs16 May 2017
We're hiring! Network-N are looking for a Network Executive16 May 2017
Win a copy of Starpoint Gemini 2! Explore space, captain a ship, hire a crew and fire lasers - what more could you want?16 May 2017
Shinobi and Centurion come to For Honor in season two: Shadow and Might16 May 2017
The Surge PC review16 May 2017
AMD’s $600 RX Vega Nova rumoured to be the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti killer16 May 2017
Stellaris may get Doomsday weapons and "galactic UN", not a "deep economic system"16 May 2017
Watch us raise the dead in Diablo III's Necromancer beta, live16 May 2017
Paradox know "people want a Bloodlines sequel," will make one "when the time is right"16 May 2017
Half-Life 2's VR mod is greenlit on Steam, devs promise a build "soon"16 May 2017
42% of esports fans don't play the game they watch, 70% watch only one game16 May 2017
The Surge PC graphics, performance and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN tech review16 May 2017
Phantom Dust HD is out tomorrow on PC - the cult classic is completely free15 May 2017
ZeniMax file lawsuit claiming Samsung Gear's technology was conceived at id Software15 May 2017
Ego, the planet with a face, features in new Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 trailer15 May 2017
The Surge’s New Game+ will have special enemies you won’t encounter on your first run15 May 2017
Here's exactly when The Surge unlocks in your area15 May 2017
“I've been thinking a lot about jetpack cat” - Blizzard’s Michael Chu holds Overwatch AMA15 May 2017
Ghost Recon WIldlands’ second expansion, Fallen Ghosts, releases on May 3015 May 2017
Tokyo 42’s multiplayer trailer shows off neon-soaked social stealth and fast-paced shootouts15 May 2017
League of Legends is the PC's biggest failure, claims renowned League of Legends expert Simon Miller 15 May 2017
Star Citizen’s April development update adds pipes to carry heat and power through ships15 May 2017
Win one of 50 copies of Shock Tactics! Lead your squad and take on aliens, pirates and the Imperial Consortium15 May 2017
Dota 2 patch 7.06 changes core systems - it's a whole new game (again)15 May 2017
"Forget it" - Eidos Montreal head squashes Thief 5 rumour15 May 2017
Prey rallies in second week, top of UK charts and nearly 200,000 owners on Steam15 May 2017
Making it in Unreal: how Milestone took 20 years of motorsports experience off-road in Gravel15 May 2017
Fix Glaz, then worry about Operation Health, say Rainbow Six Siege community15 May 2017
Overwatch gets art book and comics anthology, due in October 15 May 2017
League of Legends might get voice chat - Riot are reviewing it "very positively"15 May 2017
The robotic roguelike Botlike has players toppling a totalitarian regime as a surly warbot14 May 2017
“It’s driving blind to a certain degree” - Dirt 4 dev diary explores the thrill of rally driving14 May 2017
Immortal Planet footage shows the constant cycle of kill, sleep, level up, repeat14 May 2017
Steam Summer Sale may run from June 22-July 5, according to Steamworks screenshots14 May 2017
Halo 6 won’t be at E3, but 343 promise to “have a little something” for Microsoft’s conference14 May 2017
New Ashes of Creation cinematic trailer shows a Predator pulling off a high-stakes heist14 May 2017
G2's Lifecoach is crowned champion at the first Gwent Challenger event14 May 2017
Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen teases a “totally new unannounced IP”14 May 2017
BattleTech developer Harebrained Schemes show off a typical multiplayer match13 May 2017
Ska Studios bring Charlie Murder and The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile to Steam13 May 2017
Google acquire the award winning Job Simulator developer Owlchemy Labs13 May 2017
Darksiders 3 developer walkthrough shows the current state of its combat system13 May 2017
Fly your way back to Earth when The Long Journey Home launches on May 3013 May 2017
Paragon’s new support hero Phase can throw allies a literal lifeline 13 May 2017
Redout’s 1.2.0 patch finally adds local split-screen, along with its Neptune DLC13 May 2017
Sonic Mania trailer has Knuckles conquering a revamped version of Flying Battery Zone13 May 2017
Cooler Master form all-female Overwatch esports team with MBT in Malaysia 13 May 2017
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Zombies Chronicles gameplay trailer shows off remastered maps12 May 2017
VR enthusiasts make a tracker configuration so you don’t step on your cat in HTC Vive12 May 2017
This funny, official retro animation will get you up to speed on Tekken’s story so far12 May 2017
May 26 is Twitch Unity day - a celebration of diversity and inclusivity 12 May 2017
Rainbow Six Siege's Alexandre Remy and Xavier Marquis on Operation Health and 10 more years of content12 May 2017
Overwatch player captures 16 minutes of verbal abuse to highlight online sexism12 May 2017
How id Software make character abilities feel natural in the old-school arenas of Quake Champions12 May 2017
Endless Space 2 trailer shows how you go from a single-planet civ to a galactic superpower12 May 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, play Strafe, get ready for The Surge, and more!12 May 2017
War Thunder in 2017 and beyond: a state of the union with Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev12 May 2017
Watch as we delve into the worst PC games we've ever played12 May 2017
Win one of 50 copies of Divine Ascent! Race against other ancient civilisations and build a tower up to the gods12 May 2017
The Surge launch trailer shows what happens when good robots go bad12 May 2017
Watch us nail rail after rail (to the wall) in Quake Champions, live now12 May 2017
Five ways that The Pillars of the Earth revives the point-and-click adventure12 May 2017
Alan Wake will be removed from Steam: you'll have two days to get it for 90% off12 May 2017
That 'leaked' RDR2 screenshot actually comes from Wild West Online12 May 2017
The Quake Champions open beta goes live today, here's when and how to jump in12 May 2017
The Surge's first six hours promise a worthy successor to the hardcore action-RPG throne12 May 2017
The Lamborghini of PC cases? Thermaltake’s latest is rocking a gull-wing door at least…12 May 2017
Deadly Premonition: The Board Game exceeds funding target in eight hours12 May 2017
Strafe's first patch makes the game easier and fixes bugs12 May 2017
Vici Gaming just voted to fire three-time LoL world champion Bengi from their team12 May 2017
AMD’s dual-GPU RX Vega card might be lurking in the latest Linux drivers12 May 2017
Prey 1.2 patch fixes corrupt saves, prevents infinite item duplication12 May 2017
Civ V lead designer Jon Shafer starts "brand new team" at Paradox Interactive12 May 2017
Tropico devs Haemimont Games working on Surviving Mars, a city-building game set in space12 May 2017
Paradox will be publishing Battletech, adding their weight to the crowdfunded $2.7 million12 May 2017
Dead by Daylight adds an esports pro and a sadistic doctor in its Spark of Madness DLC11 May 2017
Blizzard brush off Overwatch League trouble rumours as "unverified and wildly ranging"11 May 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: 5 local multiplayer PC games you can cast to your TV11 May 2017
Plant shrubs with a shotgun in this ridiculous Fallout 4 mod11 May 2017
Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire - Mirage: Arcane Warfare’s open beta is live now11 May 2017
Payday 2’s DLC is being consolidated into an Ultimate Edition - all future add-ons will be free11 May 2017
Visit Dauntless' multiplayer hub, Ramsgate, to become the prettiest Slayer in all the land11 May 2017
Rainbow Six Siege season 2 will include no new operators or maps, focus is on game health11 May 2017
Whitehaven could be AMD’s 16-core answer to Intel’s Skylake-X11 May 2017
Hate elves? Watch a T-Rex eat one in Total War: Warhammer 2's Lizardmen trailer11 May 2017
If Little Nightmares' world run by grotesque monsters feels real, "we should try to fix that"11 May 2017
System Shock 3 will have things that “no-one’s ever seen or done before” says Warren Spector11 May 2017
Prey PC port is so much better than console versions it “almost changes the game” say Digital Foundry11 May 2017
The Long Journey Home is FTL meets No Man's Sky, with more personality11 May 2017
Indie builder Block'hood leaves early access, adds story mode11 May 2017
This mod will only fix Nier: Automata's PC port if you didn't pirate it11 May 2017
Payday 2 is coming to VR, will support cross-play with normal PC players10 May 2017
Logitech Spotlight: inside the high-quality G413 mechanical backlit keyboard10 May 2017
BioWare Montreal is now a support studio as Mass Effect is put on hold, say sources10 May 2017
Overwatch World Cup group stages, locations, and Competition Committees revealed10 May 2017
Trackmania 2: Lagoon is corkscrewing its way onto PC on May 23 10 May 2017
Quakecon will host Quake Champions’ first esports tournament10 May 2017
"You can't make a chip any bigger" than Nvidia's new Volta GPU10 May 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda patch 1.06 adds more polish to cinematics, fixes a litany of issues10 May 2017
Overwatch This episode 31: Doomfist, Athena, or a creepy spider lady?10 May 2017
Absolver out August 29 - see the fully-customisable movesets in action10 May 2017
Nvidia announces 48% revenue increase ahead of this year’s big Volta/Vega showdown10 May 2017
Vanquish PC port confirmed, due May 25, with unlocked frame rate and resolution10 May 2017
There are new Marvel games on the way, including "absolutely amazing" VR games10 May 2017
Coin-op conspiracy: uncovering Polybius, the arcade’s enduring urban legend10 May 2017
The next Need for Speed will have an offline single-player mode10 May 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda attacked in EA earnings call, analyst asks if there will be "developer turnover"10 May 2017
MSI promise the “Best. Motherboard. Ever.” for their upcoming X299 range10 May 2017
Twitch rivals Azubu and Hitbox merge to form Smashcast10 May 2017
Saving highlights is still coming to Overwatch - "expect more details early this summer"10 May 2017
Blizzard consolidates Major League Gaming: will run all Overwatch esports programmes10 May 2017
BioWare’s new IP is delayed until April 2018 at the earliest, according to EA conference call10 May 2017
Endless Space 2’s final faction, The Unfallen, are a race of pacifistic living trees9 May 2017
Squad-based RTS Ancestors promises medieval carnage for both keyboard and gamepad users9 May 2017
Stellaris gets anniversary edition and free portrait pack, in celebration of its first birthday9 May 2017
The goal of Darksiders 3 is potentially “setting up the next one”, say Gunfire Games9 May 2017
“The possibilities are endless” - Nvidia unveil their multi-GPU, multiplayer VR prototype9 May 2017
4v1 shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet is getting a closed beta, running from May 13-149 May 2017
Strafe gets four-minute movie to celebrate launch - "God wouldn't stand a chance"9 May 2017
Divinity: Original Sin 2's Game Master mode delivers on the promise of D&D at your PC9 May 2017
Streaming like it's 1996, come watch us play Strafe live9 May 2017
Strafe PC review9 May 2017
AMD’s Vega could be a paper launch - less than 16,000 cards reportedly available on release9 May 2017
The Secret World Legends gets free-to-play relaunch on June 269 May 2017
Green Man Gaming to publish Aporia: Beyond The Valley, a beautiful Myst-like puzzle game9 May 2017
Two NFL franchises reportedly buy spots in Overwatch League9 May 2017
Isometric action game Tokyo 42 releases May 31, gets trailer with 4.2 seconds of gameplay9 May 2017
Kroq-Gar, a lizard riding a bigger, angrier lizard, confirmed for Total War: Warhammer 29 May 2017
New Steam update will now give you precise reasons for a game recommendation9 May 2017
Risk of Rain 2 is in development and it is making the jump from 2D to 3D8 May 2017
Worms WMD’s free Forts update is now available on PC8 May 2017
Mount and Blade’s first esports event, the Battle of Bucharest, rides out on May 208 May 2017
Agents of Mayhem characters revealed: an ex-porn star, a sky pirate and a Navy officer8 May 2017
Which game does Miller think is better than every PC game ever? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, of course8 May 2017
Play Quake Champions in open beta, starting May 12 (or watch streams as NDA drops)8 May 2017
Street Fighter 5's latest character, Ed, has simplified inputs for easier combos8 May 2017
The MMO Book Club has launched on Reddit, trialling a cycle of MMOs for three months each8 May 2017
Prey PC review8 May 2017
Prey runs great on PC except in one area8 May 2017
Prey abilities guide: Neuromods and powers explained8 May 2017
Intel Core i3-7350K review: this is not the budget gaming chip we were looking for...8 May 2017
Far Cry 5 might be a Spaghetti Western, and launch in September8 May 2017
AMD Ryzen memory troubles to be eased with new motherboard beta BIOS updates8 May 2017
G2A put Na'Vi and Virtus.Pro fans head to head - whoever buys more stuff on G2A wins8 May 2017
Making it in Unreal: how watching Alien too young informed first-person coder Tartarus8 May 2017
Redditor impersonates contest winner, incites rage against innocent Overwatch YouTuber8 May 2017
Overkill's co-op shooter The Walking Dead delayed (again) to late 20188 May 2017
Grim RPG The Executioner has players balancing their sanity with being a paid killer7 May 2017
The World of Tanks Grand Finals rolls into Moscow from May 27-287 May 2017
Rime dev diary breaks down the process of creating a single puzzle for its mysterious island7 May 2017
Overwatch becomes Activision Blizzard’s eighth billion dollar franchise in under a year7 May 2017
Patch 257 for Ark: Survival Evolved adds giant bees and laser beam wielding sharks7 May 2017
Play Smite as a happy little tree with the new Bob Ross Bundle7 May 2017
System Shock 3, Psychonauts 2 and more will feature in Starbreeze’s Starstream on May 107 May 2017
Prepare for a night fight with Battlefield 1’s upcoming Nivelle Offensive maps7 May 2017
Classic adventure, Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood, now on GoG6 May 2017
Squads in Phoenix Point will contain as many as 16 soldiers, says creator Julian Gollop6 May 2017
World to the West, sequel to Teslagrad, now available on Steam6 May 2017
Outlast 2 patches down the difficulty by reducing battery consumption6 May 2017
Horror-RPG Hellhunter stalks its way onto the Steam store6 May 2017
Ex-Fable devs announce Kynseed, an eccentric new 2D sandbox RPG6 May 2017
“StarCraft is like chess. It’s timeless” - StarCraft: Remastered will keep things familiar6 May 2017
Bethesda’s Prey trademark dispute spills onto Twitter6 May 2017
Winterfest release trailer shows sumos, dinosaurs and yetis in new add-on for Steep5 May 2017
Tactical FPS Ready Or Not announced via gritty teaser trailer5 May 2017
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds event raises over $200,000 for children's charity5 May 2017
Logitech Spotlight: new video reveals slick custom Mass Effect: Andromeda keyboard5 May 2017
Prey glitch allows players to generate unlimited crafting resources5 May 2017
First Darksiders 3 gameplay trailer whips Sloth into shape5 May 2017
Black Desert Online Steam release will not be compatible with classic version5 May 2017
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days encourages us to rewind and re-load in new gameplay trailer5 May 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, play Prey, get hyped for Destiny 2, and more!5 May 2017
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Endless Space 2 jumps into warp drive with exploration showcase5 May 2017
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Korean politician gives herself play of the game in Overwatch-themed campaign video5 May 2017
Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Heroes loot box odds have been public in China since April5 May 2017
Get fragging this weekend by winning one of 5,000 Quake Champions beta codes5 May 2017
Bossa Studios invite 500 of you fine folks to play their new game, Decksplash, in alpha testing5 May 2017
Watch us play Prey beyond the demo area, live on Facebook and YouTube5 May 2017
Watch Brian Blessed sing opera (and explain why he loves Kingdom Come: Deliverance)5 May 2017
Paradox profits up 51% after Cities: Skylines sells 3.5 million5 May 2017
Watch us fight The Surge's second boss Firebug, a gigantic drone with flamethrowers5 May 2017
Here's Palmer Luckey wearing a bikini top and tights cosplaying as MGSV's Quiet5 May 2017
Destiny 2 will have "meaningful features that are bespoke" for PC players5 May 2017
Prey PC graphics, performance and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN tech review5 May 2017
MotoGP 17 will have a managerial career mode for those budding pitstop purveyors4 May 2017
Shattered Worlds introduces Runescape to procedurally-generated experiences4 May 2017
Designing The Surge - "We attached twenty-something kilos to our stuntman"4 May 2017
Here’s exactly what time you can play Prey on May 54 May 2017
WoW gets official ‘Running of the Gnomes’ quest for breast cancer awareness month4 May 2017
PC Gaming Show returning to E3 on June 124 May 2017
Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade review4 May 2017
The Town of Light is getting an enhanced edition on June 64 May 2017
DayZ is finally moving into beta, but is it too late for the fans?4 May 2017
Geoff Keighley to host E3 Coliseum: "two days of panels, conversations" and surprises 4 May 2017
YouTubers struggling to cover Call of Duty: WW2 as new ad policies bite4 May 2017
Destiny 2: should you believe the hype?4 May 2017
Who is Rogue Trooper? Meet 2000 AD's revenge-fuelled soldier ahead of his remaster4 May 2017
Watch Titanfall 2's devs play through its best mission, the time-jumping Effect & Cause4 May 2017
Redditor finds StarCraft source code in eBay box, returns to Blizzard, gets trip to BlizzCon4 May 2017
Steam Gifting blocked across countries with big price differences in overhaul by Valve4 May 2017
No beating up your console friends - Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite won't have cross-platform play4 May 2017
AMD and Nvidia silicon manufacturing secrets allegedly stolen and sold to China4 May 2017
New Quake Champions trailer gives classic Ranger character the modern treatment3 May 2017
Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 is available on Steam3 May 2017
Not so humble bundle brings together a selection of highly rated titles3 May 2017
Oil up your airships! Steam Hammer set for early access on May 123 May 2017
Dota 2 tournament hosts issue apology for ending broadcast with weird girl montage3 May 2017
Eve community hosts mental health awareness day in memory of former player3 May 2017
Minecraft: Education Edition teaches kids how to write code3 May 2017
Flight Sim returns to the skies this month with a brand new title3 May 2017
Democracy in action - Call of Duty's return to WW2 decided by full studio vote3 May 2017
Overwatch This episode 30: Happy anniversary - maybe3 May 2017
Get a free Paladins champion skin! We've got 3000 to give away3 May 2017
Tom Clancy’s The Division will be free all weekend, starting May 43 May 2017
Legendary armour arrives in Flashpoint, fifth episode of Guild Wars 2 season 3, live now3 May 2017
Galax GTX 1070 EXOC SNPR review: GTX 1080 performance with a little light OC magic3 May 2017
Squad gets mortars, mines, IEDs and a new APC in Alpha 9.4 update, live now3 May 2017
"The outbreak can be contained" - fighting talk and alien face-sucking in Prey launch trailer3 May 2017
Why Guild Wars 2 looks different than the concept art - inside ArenaNet's family business3 May 2017
You can stream Prey's soundtrack (written by the Doom 2016 composer) right now3 May 2017
Steam support get 75,000 requests a day, says new stats page3 May 2017
Mirage: Arcane Warfare beta gets nine new maps, plus character customization2 May 2017
Shiny new military mits are on the way in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive2 May 2017
Logitech Spotlight: 7 things they don’t tell you about Mass Effect: Andromeda2 May 2017
Nier: Automata gets first DLC pack, adding three new colosseums2 May 2017
Good old Games is having a huge Star Wars Sale - May the fourth be with you2 May 2017
Pulsefire Caitlyn officially revealed on LoL social accounts, will debut tomorrow2 May 2017
CS:GO player banned for cheating returns to sport, new teammates promptly quit in protest2 May 2017
League of Legends patch 7.92 May 2017
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III sees over 100 years of game time in first week2 May 2017
Prizes to be won amidst the digital destruction of Strafecon2 May 2017
Ashes of Creation blasts $750K Kickstarter goal in 12 hours; aims to revolutionise MMOs2 May 2017
Phoenix Point fully funded - XCOM creator's new game gets half a million dollars and rising2 May 2017
Guild Wars' starting area was built in "just a few weeks" after a last-minute request2 May 2017
Dawn of War 3 PC graphics, performance and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN tech review2 May 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sells 2 million - publishers to match $100K of charity donations2 May 2017
Quake Champions’ duel mode has each player select three champions in a MOBA-style draft2 May 2017
Italy is coming to War Thunder: air force to be added in next update, other vehicles to follow2 May 2017
Quake Champions beta impressions: fluid frag fun helps paper over this scant shooter's cracks2 May 2017
AMD are still losing money despite an 18% revenue boost thanks to Ryzen2 May 2017
Overwatch's Uprising event re-enabled until 5pm Pacific after accidental shutdown2 May 2017
Left 4 Dead and Portal writer Chet Faliszek leaves Valve2 May 2017
Odds for a Dota 2 treasure chest published according to Chinese law, others to follow2 May 2017
Save up your bottlecaps as you can now buy a $400 replica of Fallout 4’s Alien Blaster1 May 2017
Call of Duty: WW2 is coming, so here is paragon of truth Simon Miller to cut through the hype1 May 2017
Try out Street Fighter 5’s new character during its second CFN beta, running from May 11-141 May 2017
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Elite Dangerous’ latest community event sabotaged by deep cover trolls1 May 2017
Serene space explorer Exo One reenacts humanity’s first exoplanetary mission1 May 2017
Making it in Unreal: how blind horror game Perception nails the sight of sound1 May 2017
Blizzard to host special Diablo 3 Necromancer Q&A on May 31 May 2017
Oculus will miss E3 2017, are "focusing on the awesome games and announcements" throughout this year1 May 2017