May 2016 Archive

Blizzard have begun banning Overwatch cheaters31 May 2016
Someone has created a Half-Life 2 city scanner drone in real life31 May 2016
Unity claim PC gaming is worth $1 billion more than console31 May 2016
Minecraft to clamp down on in-game advertising31 May 2016
Injustice 2 to be unveiled around E3, will release early 2017, say reports31 May 2016
Tekken 7 could be heading to PC in 201631 May 2016
Overwatch is the friendliest, most accessible FPS you can play31 May 2016
Kerbal Space Program lead dev quits "to create more than one game in my life"31 May 2016
Lionhead alumni want to develop Fable card game with £250,000 of Kickstarter help31 May 2016
Total War: Warhammer's Chaos Warriors are the game's best faction31 May 2016
Just Cause 3's Mech Land Assault DLC gets physical with anti-gravity fun31 May 2016
Dead Island 2’s Steam page disappears but Deep Silver say it’s still in development31 May 2016
"We know you aren't stupid" - a quest design masterclass from CD Projekt RED31 May 2016
Intel's $1700, 10-core Broadwell-E CPUs are imminent, but they won't transform your gaming performance31 May 2016
Minecraft update - what’s coming in 1.1031 May 2016
Payday 3 stealth-announced by Starbreeze in franchise buyout31 May 2016
Payday 2 bins microtransactions as Starbreeze buy franchise back from 505 Games31 May 2016
The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: release date, map size, setting, story - everything we know30 May 2016
Astroneer's new gameplay video shows off multiplayer planet survival and terrain sculpture30 May 2016
Mafia 3 shows off its fictionalised take on New Orleans in new trailer30 May 2016
No Man's Sky creator gets death threats in the wake of delay30 May 2016
Making it in Unreal: build an impossible car and break it beyond repair in Vroomist30 May 2016
New Overwatch character, Liao, teased in blog post29 May 2016
GTA Online lets you become CEO of your own criminal empire next month29 May 2016
The eSport Creation Manual: how Ubisoft and ESL made Rainbow Six's pro scene29 May 2016
Vivendi sets sights on Ubisoft while moving ahead with Gameloft 'hostile takeover'29 May 2016
Turner's CS:GO ELeague pulls 500k during primetime, loses out to Big Bang Theory reruns29 May 2016
Mark Kern clarifies his comments on Firefall - "if you're not enjoying it, why play?"28 May 2016
Overwatch maphacks hit the market despite already existing in the game28 May 2016
Dota 2 patch adds golden trees, immediately ends tree-cutting challenge28 May 2016
Two players leave Team EnVyUs after Smite Pro League forfeit28 May 2016
No Man's Sky officially delayed six weeks to August 9th28 May 2016
The Witcher 3's massive 1.20 patch adds big changes to the base game ahead of Blood & Wine27 May 2016
Explore the lovely community-made islands of Worlds Adrift and build your own for free27 May 2016
Insurgency and its Day of Infamy mod get new maps and more in two hefty patches27 May 2016
ECHO is an eerie, Unreal 4-built sci-fi action game that has nothing to do with dolphins27 May 2016
Twitch clips let viewers share cool livestream moments as they happen27 May 2016
Kenshi giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this sandbox RPG, worth $19.99!27 May 2016
Total War: Warhammer hammers series sales records, 500,000 surpassed within days27 May 2016
Riot & Activision's Chinese distributor Tencent acquire 5% of Paradox27 May 2016
F1 2016 revealed - has our wish list come true?27 May 2016
F1 2016 announced with 10-year career mode and the return of the safety car27 May 2016
GTX 1080 release times - both Founders and non-Founders cards available from 2PM BST at Overclockers UK27 May 2016
Hitman’s second elusive target is live now, Sapienza hosts the end of a congressman27 May 2016
Mike Morhaime meets with controversial legacy WoW server representative Mark Kern27 May 2016
Here is your compendium of leaked OEM GTX 1080 cards - models from Asus, Zotac, Gigabyte & more27 May 2016
Castle Drachenfels and its dark depths come to Vermintide with a free Steam weekend27 May 2016
Microsoft altered the 'X' on the free Windows 10 upgrade popup so it means 'yes please' 26 May 2016
Rocket league's new experimental arena, 'Pillars', splits the pitch into three lanes26 May 2016
Nvidia Showcase: crucial tips for victory in Blizzard’s Overwatch26 May 2016
Battleborn slashed its price by $20 on Overwatch launch day26 May 2016
"What the hell was [Deep Silver] thinking?" - Mighty No. 9 dev reacts to "crappy" trailer26 May 2016
Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay shows samurai, shooting, swears and slick swordplay26 May 2016
"We'll be ready to react if Medivh gets too powerful" - Blizzard's game-breaking approach to Heroes of the Storm26 May 2016
Riktor joins Paragon on May 31, new video shows him going out on the pull26 May 2016
Ghost Recon Wildlands returns with new trailer; still loud, angry and full of beards26 May 2016
Beta version of Stellaris' Clarke patch now available, full patch notes released26 May 2016
Civilization 6's new world order: "He's always a dick. But now he might go be a dick somewhere else."26 May 2016
Online combat RPG Absolver announced, lets you customise every punch26 May 2016
Corsair next to have a go at making 4K PC gaming in your living room a thing26 May 2016
Deus Ex’s live action trailer shows how mankind was divided26 May 2016
Hitman's Marrakesh is the densest, most ambitious the assassin sim has ever been26 May 2016
The Mass Effect trilogy is now part of the Origin Access subscription service26 May 2016
Tyranny’s player character, the Fatebinder: judge, jury and executioner26 May 2016
The World in Wargaming: the Cold War heats up in Flashpoint Camaigns26 May 2016
Flashpoint Campaign giveaway! Win one of 10 codes for this tactical wargame, worth $49.99! 26 May 2016
Carbot Animations releases first episode in their own series of cartoony Overwatch shorts26 May 2016
Creator of Stellaris' 'White Humans' mod re-uploads it to Steam Workshop under new name25 May 2016
Riders of Icarus' new trailer highlights the classes instead of what's under their asses25 May 2016
Future Xbox One exclusives to come to PC thanks to Microsoft's 'Project Helix', say reports25 May 2016
Review aggregator site OpenCritic accuses Metacritic of using their data without consent25 May 2016
Failbetter Games CEO Alexis Kennedy is leaving the Sunless Sea dev to go freelance25 May 2016
"It lacks transparency" - pro CS:GO team FaZe explain why they've left WESA25 May 2016
Titanfall 2 introduces larger maps and grappling hooks, according to plausible rumour25 May 2016
PES 2017 will change the way individuals foot the ball25 May 2016
Topic of the Week: Will you be getting one of Nvidia’s new graphics cards?25 May 2016
Hitman’s next episode, Marrakesh, will be available on May 3125 May 2016
60 turns with Civilization 6: stabbed in the back by Teddy Roosevelt25 May 2016
Meet Civilization 6’s United States - Rough Riders, Mustang flyers, movie makers25 May 2016
The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine PC review25 May 2016
Blizzard on the future of the Overwatch cast - “We could definitely use some more villains in the universe”25 May 2016
Fractured Space: the view from forward base as the interstellar MOBA goes free-to-play25 May 2016
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launch trailer reassures us it’s a game about running25 May 2016
Fallout Cascadia is a Seattle-based Fallout 4 mod that's "a bit smaller than Fallout 3"24 May 2016
The Division's Conflict update is now live, adds a new Incursion, better loot, missions and more24 May 2016
Allegedly called "it" by her supervisor, a transgender ex-Valve employee is suing for $3 million24 May 2016
New screens show Vampyr's blood-sucking protagonist must be a night doctor24 May 2016
The source code for CryEngine is now available on GitHub24 May 2016
Alani joins Battleborn, along with updates to Incursion and character tweaks, in meaty patch24 May 2016
Flying a plane in real life vs flight sims - how does Dovetail Flight School compare?24 May 2016
Kojima’s new studio is modeled on Media Molecule and won’t go over 100 employees24 May 2016
10 Second Ninja X will begin the countdown again with release on July 1924 May 2016
Overwatch PC port review24 May 2016
Overwatch graphics drivers - AMD and Nvidia both issue launch day updates24 May 2016
Overwatch Easter eggs - StarCraft, WoW and more24 May 2016
Dota 2 now supports Vulkan, it might help with mid-range system performance24 May 2016
Overwatch map guide24 May 2016
Overwatch with Game of Thrones stars is the endless series of murderous betrayals you’d expect24 May 2016
Total War: Warhammer now playable after going live on Steam eight hours early24 May 2016
Here are the prices for Overwatch's microtransaction loot boxes24 May 2016
Get yourself into an Overwatch clan with the two best group finders currently available23 May 2016
Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn't kingdom coming until 201723 May 2016
"I would call Oculus the first SteamVR licensee," says Valve employee on Rift's Vive-based tech23 May 2016
Riders of Icarus' final closed beta begins June 2; participants earn shiny exclusive capes23 May 2016
Overwatch comes out at 16:00 PDT, 00:00 BST - here's all the info23 May 2016
Ori and the Blind Forest is getting a physical PC release on June 1423 May 2016
Homeworld: Remastered: Remastered - bugs, balancing and ballistics fixes incoming23 May 2016
Overwatch isn't just for shooting: the new Blizzard universe that could "support a World of Warcraft someday"23 May 2016
It doesn't matter which way you look in Total War: Warhammer's 360 degree trailer - there's only war23 May 2016
V-arrrrrr: Oculus suffer another setback in battle against pirates23 May 2016
AMD Zen Summit Ridge shot appears, showing a glimpse of their high-end desktop plan for Q423 May 2016
Dota 2 patch 6.87d nerfs Doom, Phoenix and other big players23 May 2016
Making it in Unreal: SculptrVR is the Vive's Minecraft (as played by giants)23 May 2016
SimCity 2013’s launch was “like being on a sinking ship” says creative director23 May 2016
First Five Night’s At Freddy’s Sister Location trailer introduces evil pigtails23 May 2016
Terraria's 1.3.1 patch sorts inventories and Medusa22 May 2016
Overwatch's latest cinematic explains why Soldier: 76 hates glow-in-the-dark skulls22 May 2016
League of Titans is an upcoming Chinese game that definitely isn't Overwatch22 May 2016
Overwatch stats site reveals mechanics behind every character ability22 May 2016
Capcom under fire for banning "adult content" sponsors from SFV Pro Tour21 May 2016
Far Harbor is Bethesda's biggest DLC, adds hours onto Fallout 421 May 2016
Shaq gets into the game in latest ad for Turner's CS:GO ELeague21 May 2016
Blizzard concept artist brings young Overwatch fan's character to life21 May 2016
See Gabe Newell's 10-year journey from Half-Life 3 enthusiasm to complete shutdown20 May 2016
Doom Easter eggs - 14 references and secrets you need to find20 May 2016
Playtonic's 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee resurfaces; Toybox demo heading to backers in July20 May 2016
Battleborn is having its first double XP weekend; new hero Alani is coming May 2420 May 2016
Resident Evil PR stunt causes China to be accused of selling tinned human meat to Africa20 May 2016
Customers report that latest Oculus Store update ties DRM to the headset20 May 2016
Overwatch launch parties start tonight - Blizzard hint they have something to show off20 May 2016
Overwatch giveaway! We've got two Collector's Editions, worth £99.99, to give away! 20 May 2016
Hitman's next Elusive Target arrives May 27, sees the death of a congressman in sunny Sapienza20 May 2016
Escape from Tarkov debuts co-op gameplay footage in massive developer livestream20 May 2016
The Talos Principle 2 announced at Nordic Game conference20 May 2016
Can an eSports hater be converted by going to his first pro tournament?20 May 2016
Elite’s biggest ever free update, The Engineers, arrives May 2620 May 2016
Minecraft is heading to China, and Mojang are celebrating in their own special way20 May 2016
The Witcher 4 - it's not in development and "won't be any time soon" say CD Projekt RED20 May 2016
Get a mystery PC game for $0.06 in Green Man Gaming's Birthday Bundle sale19 May 2016
Boom and zoom - these Doom world record speedruns are brutal and brisk19 May 2016
Halo 5's Forge map creation tool is heading to Windows 1019 May 2016
"The path has not always been smooth" - Homefront: The Revolution dev leaves a message in the credits 19 May 2016
The Technomancer companions trailer teaches you to share Mars with friends19 May 2016
Here are the GTX 1070's full specs 19 May 2016
Dark Souls 3's servers will go down for a couple of hours on May 20 for patch 1.0719 May 2016
"We messed up" say Edge Case Games of ill-received Fractured Space patch19 May 2016
Deadly Boss Mods, World of Warcraft's most useful addon, is now on Patreon19 May 2016
Total War: Warhammer review19 May 2016
Doom SnapMap: 8 great player-made maps and modes19 May 2016
Sales of Battleborn are “very encouraging” but Take-Two aren’t ready to draw conclusions yet19 May 2016
League of Legends patch 6.1018 May 2016
GTA V has shipped 65 million copies to date, and new Rockstar games "will be revealed soon"18 May 2016
Warlords of Draenor is now free when you purchase World of Warcraft18 May 2016
Sci-fi thriller Tetris movie planned as a trilogy; seems they expect a blockbuster18 May 2016
Try Paragon in its free beta weekend beginning May 2618 May 2016
It's knot over - Unravel 2 signed up by EA18 May 2016
The Dota 2 International prize pool is at $5 million - after just 40 hours of crowdfunding18 May 2016
Total War: Warhammer mods: what we want to see18 May 2016
Knight, knight PC gamers - the Batman Arkham remasters aren't for you18 May 2016
Topic of the Week: Does it matter to you if you don't finish a big RPG?18 May 2016
Fallout 4: Far Harbor, out tomorrow, dangles meat hooks and harpoon guns18 May 2016
Hands off the wheel: Motorsport Manager is coming to PC in September18 May 2016
Kojima Productions' studio mascot is so very, very Kojima18 May 2016
Doom PC review18 May 2016
Stellaris patch tackles orbital bombardment, ship dressing and desktop crashes18 May 2016
Star Wars Battlefront sacrificed single-player to keep up with The Force Awakens18 May 2016
Has Dark Souls III's poise puzzle been solved?18 May 2016
New trailer answers age-old philosophical question: what is Total War: Warhammer?18 May 2016
StarCraft: Brood War will now finally work properly on modern PCs18 May 2016
A closed beta participant leaked Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC onto Nexus Mods17 May 2016
Quantum Break's upcoming patch will add G-sync and FreeSync17 May 2016
Blizzard are investigating a Twitch pilot program to battle chat harrasment17 May 2016
Nvidia Showcase: Manipulate time and choose life or death for your foes in Shadwen now on PC and NVIDIA SHIELD17 May 2016
Nvidia Showcase: a guide to Homefront: The Revolution’s treacherous zones17 May 2016
Sega have sold over 350k retro classics on Steam in less than a month17 May 2016
Taliyah, League of Legends' next champion, has her abilities revealed17 May 2016
Watching the World of Warcraft movie at participating cinemas will get you the game free17 May 2016
2D Dark Souls-alike Salt and Sanctuary is now on Steam17 May 2016
Fallout 4 mod has mother nature claw back the wasteland17 May 2016
Football club FC Schalke 04 takes over eSports team Elements17 May 2016
Pillars of Eternity 2 is definitely happening and could be crowdfunded17 May 2016
Nvidia's GTX 1080 only needs one 8-pin power connector17 May 2016
Project CARS 2 is now in full-production by the entire development team17 May 2016
Dark Souls 3 now has a first-person mod, should it not be Elder Scrolls enough for you17 May 2016
Vegas is looking to start taking bets on eSports17 May 2016
Super Serious News: pro-EU Twitter campaign thinks students are morons for playing Doom17 May 2016
Mark Hamill didn’t read the Star Citizen script before signing on17 May 2016
Heroes of the Storm brings time-bending WoW character Chromie to the fight17 May 2016
Homefront: The Revolution PC port review17 May 2016
Dota 2's compendium returns, adds automated community tournaments on top of crowdfunding17 May 2016
Dark Souls 3's latest patch has been removed due to freezing issues16 May 2016
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to have space dogfights and mag-boots that stick to walls16 May 2016
Marque goals: Dark Souls 3 board game Kickstarter funded, raised almost 5.5 million dollars16 May 2016
An interview with CS:GO world champ FalleN: on duelling, playing in arenas and how to improve16 May 2016
Get The Witcher 3 for $25 before Blood and Wine releases in GOG's DRM-free Witcher sale16 May 2016
LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2 and Hearthstone monopolise Twitch audience with 65% viewership16 May 2016
Watch Overwatch's new animated short, 'Dragons', here16 May 2016
Stellaris patch plans revealed: UI improvements in May, more diplomatic options in June16 May 2016
Never-before-seen characters and clips from Warcraft movie shown at Dota tournament16 May 2016
Black Mesa patch 0.3.0 expands Surface Tension chapter with three new maps16 May 2016
Total War: Warhammer launch guide: system requirements, factions and everything youu need to know16 May 2016
Making it in Unreal: InSomnia leaves you sleepless in a space-city drifting through the void16 May 2016
Nostalrius-Blizzard meeting set for “the beginning of June” to discuss legacy servers16 May 2016
This CS:GO highlight reel redefines the term ‘frag video’16 May 2016
System Shock: Remastered jacks into Kickstarter on June 2916 May 2016
Gears of War’s CliffyB goes in for the kill with Doom criticism15 May 2016
Final Fantasy fan unveils 60fps mod for FFX to combat "lazy" Square Enix15 May 2016
Molyneux "totally up for" working on Fable IV despite Lionhead closure15 May 2016
Microsoft calls time on Project Spark, to be pulled from Windows Store on Monday15 May 2016
SKT become first League of Legends team to hold all major titles with MSI victory15 May 2016
Playtonic’s Twitter account goes bee barmy, major Yooka-Laylee announcement incoming?14 May 2016
Lifeless unveils fresh environments and looting techniques, does so with especially lifeless teaser trailer14 May 2016
New Hearts of Iron IV dev diary lifts lid on full scale of its WWII epic14 May 2016
Disney canned Infinity just as series was on the cusp of mammoth 201714 May 2016
Americans CLG face League of Legends World Champions in MSI finals14 May 2016
Blizzard are nerfing stun and root chaining in Heroes of the Storm13 May 2016
CoD: Infinite Warfare's movement system will make Black Ops 3 players feel at home13 May 2016
Try Trion World's turn-based tactics game, Atlas Reactor, in its open beta now13 May 2016
CoD: Black Ops 3 and Arma 3 are free on Steam this weekend13 May 2016
See the first gameplay trailer for Lovecraftian RPG Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones13 May 2016
League of Legends Mid-Season Magic explained: Riot on Tibbers, elemental dragons, and how to break a champion13 May 2016
Kona giveaway! Win one of 150 copies of this atmospheric survival game!13 May 2016
Total War: Warhammer showcases devastating magic attacks in new trailer13 May 2016
World eSports Association officially announced by ESL and largest eSports teams13 May 2016
Unbreakable Rainbow Six - the resurrection of Tom Clancy's original shooter13 May 2016
Hitman’s first time-limited Elusive Target goes live in two hours - you’ve only got one shot at it13 May 2016
Doom PC port review13 May 2016
The strange, slow launch of Eve: Valkyrie - and what's filling the space beyond13 May 2016
Doom's music required a nine-string guitar to sound Doom enough13 May 2016
Battlefield 1 will have microtransactions and map packs, but they won’t be pay to win13 May 2016
SKT demolish RNG with perfect game for League of Legends MSI comeback13 May 2016
Capcom front up about SFV's "lack of content and server issues"; future games to get "more time"13 May 2016
Applying Ofsted's lesson observation criteria to Dovetail Flight School13 May 2016
Overwatch beta cheaters now perma-banned, say Blizzard13 May 2016
Mercy Mei - Overwatch's open beta had almost 10 million players12 May 2016
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter video shows eavesdropping, trailing and deduction12 May 2016
An elven palace, warring vineyards and a spoon-collecting beast - must be a new Witcher 3: Blood & Wine video12 May 2016
Officer Bradford leads the squad against new enemies in XCOM 2's Alien Hunters DLC12 May 2016
Russian embassy Nods off on Twitter, posts photo of Command & Conquer bomb truck as news12 May 2016
Doom PC release date, beta details and mods: everything we know12 May 2016
Overwatch's third animated short explores the rivalry between Genji and Hanzo on May 1612 May 2016
Consortium: The Tower is an immersive sim set in a single building, due for release in 201812 May 2016
"We wanted to shake it up" - how Civilization 6 is changing the series more than ever before12 May 2016
Riot using LoL’s Mid-Season Invitational in Shanghai as testing ground for hosting Worlds12 May 2016
Chronicle: Runescape Legends starts Jagex's CCG story on Steam May 2612 May 2016
Gigantic, Motiga’s free-to-play third-person MOBA, saved by Perfect World partnership12 May 2016
Prey 2 rumoured to be returning at E3, made by Dishonored devs12 May 2016
NVIDIA only natively supporting 2-way SLI with GTX 1000 series12 May 2016
Assassin’s Creed movie trailer has wrist-stabs, jumping off tall buildings and Kanye12 May 2016
Get your first look at Doom's single-player campaign on PC - it's glorious12 May 2016
EA aren't worried about Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 cannibalising sales from each other11 May 2016
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition update unlocks frame rate, adds v-sync toggle and more11 May 2016
Paragon's latest hero is an imp controlling a hulking sentrybot11 May 2016
Final Fantasy X PC graphics options revealed; the Remaster will be locked at 30fps11 May 2016
Topic of the Week: What do you want from Civ VI?11 May 2016
"Enough is enough" - Dreamhack mod speaks out against toxic Twitch chat11 May 2016
Doom's new trailer shows off hyper fast combat, upgrades and guns - so many guns11 May 2016
Witcher 3 gets improved graphics in Blood & Wine - "We have 20 times the amount of vegetables!"11 May 2016
Civilization 6 returns October 21 with cities that sprawl across the map and semi-stackable units11 May 2016
First Stellaris patch fixes crashes, stubborn allied wormholes and performance issues11 May 2016
Man O' War: Corsair Early Access review - Mega Shark vs Elite11 May 2016
Turtle Beach targeting the eSports crowd with new Elite Pro gaming headset11 May 2016
Two new Overwatch cinematics to be shown at special screenings in movie theatres on May 2211 May 2016
Rainbow Six Siege's Dust Line DLC will force you to re-think established tactics11 May 2016
“Multiple buyers” were after Lionhead, but Microsoft didn’t want to sell the Fable IP11 May 2016
How to conquer the northern wastes for the powers of Chaos in Total War: Warhammer11 May 2016
Next Star Wars Battlefront and new IP coming from EA in 201710 May 2016
Disney Infinity cancelled and Avalanche Software closed as the media giant pulls out of game development10 May 2016
Nvidia Showcase: World of Tanks Blitz: 4 armor-plated reasons to enter the battlefield10 May 2016
Battlefield 1's North American boxed release will contain a download code instead of a disc10 May 2016
Streamer beats Dark Souls 3 without leveling up, blocking, rolling or parrying10 May 2016
The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine, releasing May 31, will let you mutate Geralt and equip him with fancier gear10 May 2016
Postal Redux slowly murders its way to a Steam release next week10 May 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda delayed to early 201710 May 2016
Stellaris enjoys faster-than-light launch, breaks Paradox records with 200,000 sold in 24 hours10 May 2016
The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine lets you restore an old vineyard for Geralt to live happily ever after in10 May 2016
The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine - train up for a tournament in the huge sunny land of Toussaint, but beware the local serial killer10 May 2016
Universal Windows Platform now supports unlocked framerates and G-Sync/FreeSync10 May 2016
Clint Hocking narrates a playthrough of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's best level10 May 2016
StarCraft 2 co-op is getting mutators and paragon levels in patch 3.310 May 2016
Minecraft update - what's new in 1.9.310 May 2016
Gigabyte tease GTX 1080 Extreme Edition, coming June10 May 2016
Heroes of the Storm’s next patch adds new hero Chromie and updates matchmaking10 May 2016
Final Fantasy X and X-2 reach Steam at last on May 1210 May 2016
Dead Island Retro Revenge is a madcap 16-bit brawler included in the Dead Island Collection9 May 2016
"We know [Battlefield 4] was a difficult launch," - DICE confident for smoother Battlefield 1 release9 May 2016
Overwatch's colourblind modes make things worse for many sufferers9 May 2016
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dust Line adds a free map and two operators on May 119 May 2016
Unfortunate Spacemen evokes the paranoid fear of The Thing, in Early Access9 May 2016
Stellaris teases galactic wonder in its launch trailer9 May 2016
The release date for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine has leaked9 May 2016
It's officially a Total War: Warhammer achievement to beat someone from Creative Assembly9 May 2016
How the "inherent problems" of Dust 514 gave rise to Project Nova, the new Eve FPS9 May 2016
Dreamhack Austin CS:GO screwup is the most painful eSports moment of the year9 May 2016
Stellaris review9 May 2016
Riders of Icarus hits open beta July 6, founder's packs give early access and cosmetics9 May 2016
Desperate for new Doom? Here’s 32 new maps for the original, by one of its best level designers9 May 2016
Here's what NVIDIA's new GTX 1080 can do in Ashes of the Singularity9 May 2016
Making it in Unreal: how 50 v 50 shooter Squad is staving off chaos with coordination9 May 2016
Stellaris comes out at 17:00 BST / 12:00 EDT - launch stream running until then9 May 2016
Ex-Squad members' allegations do not reflect reality, say company founders9 May 2016
The best Hearthstone legendary cards9 May 2016
Riot ban three teams from the LCS for player mistreatment and collusion9 May 2016
Smite update unleashes Japanese God Susano, boasts tweaks to rebalance play8 May 2016
Overwatch porn searches jump 817% as Blizzard’s sex appeal soars8 May 2016
Stellaris multiplayer: a story of space turkeys, betrayal, and murdering kittens8 May 2016
Dota 2 patch 6.87c rolls out, Valve lifts lid on re-tweaks and adjustments aplenty8 May 2016
Battlefield 1 trailer spanks Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in YouTube brawl8 May 2016
Overwatch open beta - everything you need to know8 May 2016
GTA Online event offers Time Trial pack and price cuts on speedy vehicles7 May 2016
Eve Online turns 13, unlocks free weekend on Steam to celebrate7 May 2016
West Ham United scores with first ever eSports pro signing by a UK soccer club7 May 2016
Epic calls time on pricey Gears of War style single player games7 May 2016
NVIDIA reveal GTX 1080 and 1070 - $599 for the flagship card, 2x Titan X performance7 May 2016
NVIDIA livestream could reveal new GPUs - watch it here at 2am BST, May 76 May 2016
Battlefield 1 reveal trailer debuts WW1 shooter with trench warfare, cavalry charges and zeppelins 6 May 2016
Battlefield 5 livestream reveal begins in 30 minutes, at 9pm BST - watch it here6 May 2016
Mafia 3's new trailer shows car handling inspired by '60s Hollywood action films 6 May 2016
DayZ's Brian Hicks explains why not everyone can get into the 0.60 experimental branch6 May 2016
Crazy Pixel Streaker giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this exhibitionist roguelike! 6 May 2016
Blizzard's efforts to grow Heroes of the Storm - "There's no end point where we get a medal and then walk away."6 May 2016
Heroes of the Storm upgrades to season one with ranked play changes in June6 May 2016
Why being able to poison your friends creates a better story in Divinity: Original Sin 26 May 2016
Total War: Warhammer brand director explains why it isn't called Total Warhammer6 May 2016
Microsoft: "We look forward to showing Halo Wars 2 to the world at E3."6 May 2016
Activision CEO on COD: Infinite Warfare reaction - “The day to worry is the day we stop trying new things.”6 May 2016
Overwatch’s open beta is near-identical to the launch version of the game, new comic released6 May 2016
Devolver Digital discount their entire catalogue of indie games for a long weekend5 May 2016
New Vampire Bloodlines trademark spotted - let that sink in5 May 2016
Nvidia Showcase: get to grips with Overwatch's character roles5 May 2016
Windows 10 will cost $119 from July 295 May 2016
Atlas Reactor is no longer free-to-play: "Business model isn't religion to us"5 May 2016
You can now play Forza on PC for the first time ever - recommended specs revealed5 May 2016
It's all boom and zoom in Doom's explosive launch trailer5 May 2016
NVIDIA's new GeForce 365.10 WHQL game-ready drivers released, featuring optimizations for Overwatch, Paragon, Forza 6: Apex5 May 2016
Super-aliens attack in the XCOM 2 Alien Hunters DLC, coming May 125 May 2016
Tyranny’s Elder Scrolls-like skill system required "fundamental change" from Pillars of Eternity5 May 2016
New Hearthstone bugs include healing spells doing damage and 1x2 = 15 May 2016
Escape From Tarkov features weapons so real you’ll think about getting a license just to play5 May 2016
The Witcher 3's Battle of Kaer Morhen quest was a huge technical challenge, say CD Projekt 4 May 2016
Dishonored 2 will have quick saves and quick loads; both protagonists will have unique targets4 May 2016
Nvidia Showcase: Jotun is a visually arresting viking adventure worth experiencing 4 May 2016
Halo and Destiny designer announces Asemblance, delivering creeping dread this month4 May 2016
Lego Star Wars: TFA trailer bridges the gap between the original trilogy and Episode VII4 May 2016
Planetary Annihilation: Titans adds over 100 new units in the Legion expansion4 May 2016
Titanfall devs Respawn are making a third-person action game set in the Star Wars universe4 May 2016
Are 32-bit games set for a revival?4 May 2016
LoL troll trolled by LoL - trolololol4 May 2016
Topic of the Week: What do you want from Dawn of War 3?4 May 2016
Bethesda’s largest ever add-on, Far Harbor, hits Fallout 4 on May 194 May 2016
New Vermintide DLC takes us to Castle Drachenfels, the site of the Skaven invasion4 May 2016
Explosion in one: Dangerous Golf trailer blows up your kitchen4 May 2016
Update to Steam user review system brings more clarity on what games are like to play now4 May 2016
League of Legends patch 6.94 May 2016
Competitive Play "temporarily disabled", will come back "sometime after Overwatch launches"3 May 2016
Vincent D'Onofrio, Rosario Dawson, Pedro Pascal and more join the cast of Dishonored 23 May 2016
Battlefield 4's Dragon's Tooth DLC and Battlefield Hardline's Robbery DLC currently free on Origin3 May 2016
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Intel Core i7 7700K specs and performances surface online via SiSoft Sandra database3 May 2016
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Stellaris mods will span the tech tree from new races and ships to total conversions3 May 2016
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Blizzard wanted to keep vanilla WoW server Nostalrius going, are currently in talks with the creators2 May 2016
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