August 2014 Archive

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition announced by Beamdog at PAX 201431 August 2014
Rockstar is updating Grand Theft Auto V’s soundtrack for PC release31 August 2014
Super Meat Boy: Forever revealed; is like the original "without the use of multiple buttons" 31 August 2014
Meet Ratbag, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s sniveling orc informant31 August 2014
Blizzard has "six or seven" World of Warcraft expansions planned; "easily 10 years worth of stuff"30 August 2014
Facepunch Studios announce Arcade: want to "let players design their own arcades"30 August 2014
ArcheAge gets a release date: launches September 16th30 August 2014
Dota 2 to receive long awaited Techies update next week; we're all doomed30 August 2014
GoD Factory: Wingmen launches on Steam, brightening up the galaxy30 August 2014
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell pits the gang against Satan29 August 2014
Maia 0.44 ramps up the danger with catastrophic earthquakes and suspicious aliens29 August 2014
PlanetSide 2 gets its first new aircraft since launch: the Valkyrie29 August 2014
Valve's going up against an Australian watchdog in court over its refund policy29 August 2014
Join our Diablo 3 clan as we jump head first into Seasons29 August 2014
The Journey Down: Chapter Two review29 August 2014
Telltale cruelly teases Game of Thrones details with A Dance With Dragons quote29 August 2014
Prison Architect alpha 24 turns prisoners into snitches 29 August 2014
Elite: Dangerous shows off mucky, banged up spaceships29 August 2014
Watch Dogs mod for GTA IV is finished and impressively faithful29 August 2014
Here's what to expect from Kerbal Space Program 0.2529 August 2014
Shadow of Mordor preview29 August 2014
Total War: Rome II to get new campaign map, "hundreds of hours" of free geopolitics29 August 2014
It looks like Volition will announce a Saints Row V this weekend29 August 2014
Firefall patch packs in the action making it much more fun to play29 August 2014
A City Sleeps is a bullet-hell shooter from Rock Band lot Harmonix about a dream exorcist29 August 2014
Throw shapes: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will have brain-wringing 3D grids29 August 2014
Wildstar producer and Carbine boss Jeremy Gaffney steps down29 August 2014
Hearthstone pro joins Blizzard as associate game designer29 August 2014
Titanfall gets a new mode, Pilot Skirmish, and Titans aren't invited 28 August 2014
No world is safe: Planetary Annihilation launches next week28 August 2014
Not going to PAX Prime? There are bundles for that28 August 2014
Warlords of Draenor's beta patch notes reveal big changes for Hunters28 August 2014
Put away your hidden blade: Assassin's Creed Unity delayed by two weeks28 August 2014
S.W.A.P is a first-person shooter with body-swapping and no guns28 August 2014
Internet misogynists drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house with death threats28 August 2014
Sledgehammer "worked with a Pentagon adviser" for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 28 August 2014
Empty space: Eve devs CCP close San Francisco office, high-ranking staff move on28 August 2014
Guild Wars 2 is doing really well in China28 August 2014
BioWare will support Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer "far beyond Mass Effect 3"28 August 2014
Why id reworked Quake Live for newcomers: "We have often longed for a wider audience"28 August 2014
Magicka devs' Gauntlet reboot set for September 23 release28 August 2014
Valve release Left 4 Dead 2 assets to Source Filmmakers28 August 2014
Quake Live gets a massive, newcomer-friendly update in anticipation of the Steam launch27 August 2014
Supply drops are how you gear up in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer27 August 2014
StarCrawlers makes dungeons out of spaceships 27 August 2014
Escape Dead Island in November 27 August 2014
Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut turns the expansion into a standalone next month27 August 2014
There was an Elite musical co-written by Ian Bell's brother. You can read the whole thing online now27 August 2014
The Walking Dead Season 2: No Going Back PC review27 August 2014
GOG grows: now there's optional regional pricing and DRM-free movies27 August 2014
CCP rework wormholes in Eve Online's third mini-expansion: Hyperion27 August 2014
Watch Blizzard explain the Diablo III ladder system new in Reaper of Souls 2.127 August 2014
Metro Redux is out this week and looking grimly gorgeous27 August 2014
SimCity modders do what Maxis couldn't: expand its maximum city size27 August 2014
British geologists fill the gaps in Ordnance Survey's Minecraft Great Britain27 August 2014
EA hope to make $1 billion from DLC this year27 August 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition has a four-player co-op dungeon-crawling mode27 August 2014
League of Legends hits 4.15 and another champion, Azir, is on its way26 August 2014
Smuggling booze in Elite: Dangerous is challenging, noble work26 August 2014
Siege Warbear: Orcs Must Die! Unchained update introduces Tundra, the polar bear26 August 2014
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham launches into space in November26 August 2014
Zombies Monsters Robots launches with mech-on-mech action and zombie attacks 26 August 2014
Topic of the Week: How do you play episodic games? 26 August 2014
The eight best babies in games26 August 2014
"Ungh!": voice actors take damage in the latest Evil Within trailer26 August 2014
The Crew will be locked to 30FPS on PC - but we can fix it26 August 2014
Square Enix on Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox deal: "We did not make this decision lightly"26 August 2014
Gotta have wraith: Zenimax to give pets as rewards to Elder Scrolls Online subscribers26 August 2014
Loadout is getting a co-op campaign mode; expect a Steam beta within weeks26 August 2014
Age of Empires: Castle Siege is a Clash of Clans-ish Windows 8 exclusive26 August 2014
Diablo III gains ladder-like Seasons system in Reaper of Souls 2.126 August 2014
Titan Souls trailer shows off delicious, demanding gameplay26 August 2014
Yoink! Amazon buys Twitch26 August 2014
How the indie community united to save survival game Duskers, a studio, and a dream 25 August 2014
Mojang postpone Minecon until 2015; still to take place in London25 August 2014
Screencheat is a game that encourages you to be "that friend" who, well, screen cheats24 August 2014
Future Hearthstone expansion includes around 100 cards; "It'll be booster pack format"24 August 2014
Sekai Project licenses Clannad visual novel for Steam release24 August 2014
It's not all doom and gloom: EG.Fear returns to Dota 223 August 2014
Warlords of Draenor will herald the end of Justice and Valour point currency23 August 2014
Capcom release public beta for Ultra Street Fighter IV to K.O. netcode issues23 August 2014
There's a new Witcher film in the works; directed by Tomasz Baginski23 August 2014
Belle of the brawl: Cannon Brawl launches in September23 August 2014
Build a civ: Firaxis shows you how to create a faction in Beyond Earth22 August 2014
ESA finds that more women play games than teenage boys22 August 2014
A Windows 9 preview build could come out as early as next month22 August 2014
Now you can hack your buddies in Watch Dogs22 August 2014
Last chance to make the finals: Red Bull Battle Grounds Detroit has begun 22 August 2014
Punch mechs for free with Titanfall's 48 hour Game Time promotion22 August 2014
How I fell in love with QuakeCon22 August 2014
Molyneux: 22cans "have done everything we possibly can" to ensure Godus ends up "great"22 August 2014
Why World of Warcraft subscriptions are still dropping, according to its lead designer22 August 2014
This clever album promo is a Proteus style, low-fi adventure22 August 2014
Minecraft 1.8 dubbed the Bountiful Update, dated for September 222 August 2014
System Shock 2's SHODAN voice actress on board for Dota 2 announcer pack22 August 2014
The Crew is a playground, promises new trailer: "If you can see it, you can drive there"22 August 2014
Riot on bringing back Featured Gameplay Modes: "No mode is off the table"22 August 2014
The Walking Dead Season 2 concludes next week, so prepare your emotions21 August 2014
Firaxicon: Firaxis is putting on its first official convention next month21 August 2014
Script Kiddies: PvP hacking with a hint of tower defence21 August 2014
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: the case opens in September21 August 2014
Renowned Explorers: International Society trailer sets the scene for globetrotting and artifact theft21 August 2014
Heat Signature: surviving in space for as long as you can21 August 2014
Noir Syndrome is a randomly generated murder mystery game21 August 2014
How To Train Your Drakken: Endless Legend's next playable race has been revealed21 August 2014
Ancient Space: a Paradox-published RTS with a cast from Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica21 August 2014
Is World of Warcraft's Robin Williams tribute a genie NPC?21 August 2014
Metal Gear Solid 5's online base infiltrations look absolutely hilarious21 August 2014
Minecraft Bukkit project lead quits, Mojang take over21 August 2014
Gamescom 2014: Hands-on with Alien: Isolation21 August 2014
Hi-Rez: Steam free-to-play games have a discovery problem21 August 2014
Watch a man and his elephant go clay human shooting in Far Cry 421 August 2014
Na'Vi Dota 2 squad has "lost its leader": Puppey moves on with "no regrets"21 August 2014
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 box art and screenshot make a brief appearance21 August 2014
Hitting the bottle: Brainiac gets his own Lego Batman 3 trailer20 August 2014
Overkill's The Walking Dead takes place in the comic universe, but with new survivors20 August 2014
Hellgate is quietly attempting a comeback through Steam Greenlight20 August 2014
Celebrate Final Fantasy XIV's anniversary with free game time20 August 2014
Sienna Storm: a spy thriller and digital card game from Deus Ex and Knights of the Old Republic 2 devs20 August 2014
ESL One Cologne: 856 years of Counter-Strike was watched by nearly half a million people 20 August 2014
Some new Star Citizen stretch goals20 August 2014
So many tears: here are seven minutes of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in co-op20 August 2014
Don't Starve Together closed beta planned for September20 August 2014
Gamescom 2014: The Indie Games Roundup20 August 2014
Valve voted the company developers most want to work for, ahead of BioWare and Ubisoft20 August 2014
Jonathan Blow and friends to fund Rainbow Six-ish tactical FPS Due Process20 August 2014
Atari's latest PC reboot is Alone in the Dark: Illumination20 August 2014
How a working 1kb hard drive was built in Minecraft20 August 2014
Blizzard don't expect World of Warcraft subscriptions to grow again20 August 2014
Tee off: The Golf Club launches20 August 2014
Rad news: Wasteland 2 is only a month away19 August 2014
Hatoful Boyfriend flies the nest on September 4th19 August 2014
The Humble Jumble Bundle will keep you in strategy games for a good long while19 August 2014
Here's Johnny: Geralt makes a new chum in this 35 minute demo of The Witcher 319 August 2014
The Odyssey is the Smite World Championship's answer to the Dota 2 Compendium19 August 2014
Topic of the Week: Exclusives - what are they good for?19 August 2014
Pillars of Eternity backer beta now open to higher tier pledgers19 August 2014
Alienware: Steam Machine owners will "sacrifice content" for the sake of Linux19 August 2014
Who is the least worst publisher of PC games? EA or Ubisoft?19 August 2014
Activision want to be "involved" in the indie movement: hence Sierra's return19 August 2014
Mojang plan to pre-release Minecraft 1.8 this Thursday19 August 2014
Oculus VR "could" become a Sony or Microsoft, but "don't want to"19 August 2014
Notch is back aboard the VR train: "I'm over being upset about Facebook buying Oculus"19 August 2014
EA "haven't always been great listeners" but are "getting better"19 August 2014
Puppygames co-founder: customers "are worthless to us"18 August 2014
Kholat is a horror game inspired by a 55-year-old mystery18 August 2014
Enemy Starfighter will be at the PAX Indie Megabooth, so let's watch a lovely trailer18 August 2014
No Man's Sky won't be infinite, but it might as well be18 August 2014
Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition pits surgeons against teeth and eyeballs18 August 2014
Sunless Sea's combat system has been thrown overboard18 August 2014
Hands on with The Golf Club18 August 2014
Drink of champions: League of Legends spotted on Coca-Cola bottles18 August 2014
Ever imagined an Assassin's Creed MMO? Unity's producer has18 August 2014
Why Riot Games aren't planning on matching the Dota 2 International's $10m prize pool18 August 2014
Microsoft's Phil Spencer thinks Xbox exclusivity deal will be good for Tomb Raider18 August 2014
Hearthstone spectator mode is in "active development" and "coming along"18 August 2014
The sun comes up on new Lego Minecraft minifigure sets18 August 2014
Star Citizen reaches $50 million in funding by selling more virtual spaceships18 August 2014
Orc-ward: World of Warcraft UK subscription price to rise for Warlords of Draenor18 August 2014
Former designer apologises for Sacred 3: "die-hard fans didn't get the game they wanted"18 August 2014
Begin your Jedi training with the Sixense STEM System and Oculus Rift DK217 August 2014
This Project CARS Gamescom trailer looks absolutely stunning17 August 2014
Resident Evil HD Remaster shambles onto Steam; launching early 201517 August 2014
BattlEye bans now extend across Arma 3, DayZ and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead17 August 2014
Meet Shangri-La: the mystical and fantastical land of Far Cry 416 August 2014
Dead Rising 3 on PC removes FPS limit and provides mod support16 August 2014
Debut your artistic skills with Team Fortress 2 merchandise; royalties included16 August 2014
SEGA quietly announce that they're improving their Dreamcast ports on Steam16 August 2014
Diablo 3 patch 2.1.0: monster-slaying is always in season15 August 2014
Riot wants to help eSports players plan for old age, otherwise known as mid-twenties 15 August 2014
Take a whirlwind tour of Warlords of Draenor 15 August 2014
The summoning is complete: Clockwork Empires lands on Steam Early Access15 August 2014
EverQuest Next is looking impressive at SOE Live15 August 2014
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is free for 72 hours with Game Time15 August 2014
Landmark is getting combat, monsters and "consensual" PvP15 August 2014
Paradox announces Charlemagne for Crusader Kings II and Art of War for Europa Universalis IV15 August 2014
Here's a new trailer for the only Tomb Raider game we're getting for a good while15 August 2014
Gwent is The Witcher 3's game within a game: a Hearthstone-alike "invented by dwarves"15 August 2014
PES 2015 on PC won't be quite the same game as on new-gen consoles15 August 2014
Unity assassinations will be choice-driven: "We give you an objective, and that's it"15 August 2014
Cities: Skylines is a simulator sequel with "sprawling" maps and mod support15 August 2014
Big Claptrap: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trailered at GamesCom15 August 2014
Dota 2 spawns largest New York eSports event ever in Madison Square Garden15 August 2014
Want to go higher? The Elder Scrolls Online update 4 will introduce Upper Craglorn14 August 2014
Invisible, Inc. is sneaking its way onto Steam Early Access on August 19th14 August 2014
There's quite a bit of reckless driving in this trailer for The Crew14 August 2014
Ubisoft wants to improve its reputation amongst PC gamers14 August 2014
Diablo 3 patch 2.1.0 introduces the golden home of the Treasure Goblins: the Vault14 August 2014
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade trailer promises a lot of war, a whole planet of it14 August 2014
CLOSED: We've got 1000 Warlords of Draenor beta keys to giveaway14 August 2014
Galactic Civilizations III beta: now it's getting fun14 August 2014
Warlords of Draenor cinematic revealed; expansion launches on November 13th14 August 2014
Watch the Warlords of Draenor cinematic and street-date reveal14 August 2014
Assassin's Creed: Unity microtransactions won't "compromise" its Parisian parkour fun14 August 2014
Hearthstone's Construct Quarter now open to Curse of Naxxramas players14 August 2014
Assassin's Creed: Rogue footage demos reverse ship-boarding and machine guns14 August 2014
Fine-tune the hair on your chinny-chin-chin in The Sims 4 Create-a-Sim demo14 August 2014
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is coming to PC. Here's 17 minutes of gameplay footage14 August 2014
It's time to meet Runemaster: a tactical Viking RPG from the makers of Crusader Kings14 August 2014
Obsidian enter "long-term partnership" to make games based on Pathfinder tabletop RPG14 August 2014
Payday devs Overkill are making a co-op "survival horror" Walking Dead FPS14 August 2014
Company of Heroes 2 is getting some solo campaign love with Ardennes Assault14 August 2014
We can be heroes: Ubisoft announces Might & Magic Heroes VII13 August 2014
You'll need to be able to improvise if you plan on surviving Alien: Isolation13 August 2014
Play Unreal Tournament for free without buying Unreal Engine 413 August 2014
Konami leaks Metal Gear Solid 5's future launch on Steam13 August 2014
Guild Wars 2 gets competitive in Cologne with the International All-Stars Tournament13 August 2014
The Evil Within will get three bits of DLC, so it's getting a season pass too 13 August 2014
Mechs join humans, zombies and demons in Zombies Monsters Robots13 August 2014
Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers are about to get player housing13 August 2014
League of Legends' Gnar is always angry in its Champion Spotlight13 August 2014
Daedalic are doing a Blackguards 2 with bigger and blowy-up-ier battle maps13 August 2014
Rise of the Tomb Raider won't be Xbox exclusive forever13 August 2014
Capcom to tackle Street Fighter IV Steam netcode issues with opt-in beta test13 August 2014
Here's twelve minutes of Battlefield Hardline's single player campaign13 August 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition is 150 hours wide, a million words of dialogue deep13 August 2014
Respawn talk Titanfall's final DLC pack: IMC Rising13 August 2014
All Gone! We've got beta keys for ArcheAge, an MMO with the ethos of Eve13 August 2014
BioWare's Shadow Realms is a 4 vs 1 "story-driven" action RPG from the SWTOR team13 August 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare universe is another without the Golden Gate Bridge13 August 2014
More changes are coming to Steam, including ominous groups of curators13 August 2014
Grand Ages: Medieval gives you a crown to wear and an empire to carve out12 August 2014
A new game announcement from Volition will kick off PAX Prime12 August 2014
The killing fields of Far Cry 4: from civil wars in forests to magical tigers in spirit realms12 August 2014
The latest Witcher 3 developer diary details Geralt's stomping grounds12 August 2014
Atari announces RollerCoaster Tycoon World; it's micro-transaction free12 August 2014
Topic of the Week: What do you want us to tell you about from Gamescom? 12 August 2014
This Assassin's Creed Unity GamesCom trailer is bloodless and beautiful12 August 2014
Activision's indie-friendly Sierra label will publish new King's Quest and Geometry Wars 312 August 2014
It looks like Rise of the Tomb Raider isn't coming out on PC12 August 2014
Metal maketh the man: watch Mortal Kombat X's Kano do irrecoverable damage12 August 2014
Sega plan to pay $1.25m to escape Aliens: Colonial Marines false advertising lawsuit12 August 2014
Space Hulk rises above criticism with RPG-infused Ascension edition12 August 2014
John Romero is making a shooter for the first time in 14 years12 August 2014
Poolgate: why Maxis haven't put pools in The Sims 411 August 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-order edition lets you play 24 hours before the masses11 August 2014
Map porn: Hearts of Iron 4 in action11 August 2014
Life is Strange, especially when you can rewind time11 August 2014
A StarCraft classic for a new Proleague era11 August 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer promises some big changes11 August 2014
War does change: Toy Soldiers returns in War Chest, introducing some unconventional armies11 August 2014
City of Zombies: Dead Island 2 trailer is a montage of murder11 August 2014
The Great Gamescom 2014 Road-Trip: prepare for streams and news galore11 August 2014
Enemy Unforgiven: Hard West is XCOM as a Western11 August 2014
Mastertronic will live on: UK publisher wins backing for all-digital future11 August 2014
Premier League clubs now using Football Manager database to determine new signings11 August 2014
Steam beta update makes reference to film and TV11 August 2014
Michael Fassbender's Assassin's Creed film will "respect the game"11 August 2014
The Alienware 13 laptop is slimmer than a rookie's chance of hitting a sectoid11 August 2014
Watch the voice of Geralt live-dub the San Diego Comic-Con Witcher 3 demo11 August 2014
4A Games defend Metro Redux pricing; "50% discount is more than fair"10 August 2014
Lucius II: The Prophecy announced; reminds us not to mess with Satan's son10 August 2014
Street Fighter IV plagued with netcode issues after Steamworks move; Capcom working on it10 August 2014
Farming Simulator 15 is real; coming to PC in October10 August 2014
Dying Light trailer demonstrates how to kill zombies like it's night and day9 August 2014
Twitch remove two hour highlight limit, add appeal button to muted VODs9 August 2014
Scream: Killing Floor 2 showcases more of its deadly denizens9 August 2014
Swish and flick: Hearthstone now supports Windows 8 touch devices9 August 2014
Weekend breaks: Kingdoms of Amalur is free on Origin for two days8 August 2014
Stop it: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris comes in three different pre-order flavours8 August 2014
Vigil Games is reborn in the form of Gunfire Games; Darksiders a possibility 8 August 2014
Acting out: Eugen Systems teases Act of Aggression RTS8 August 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth - don't call aliens "barbarians"8 August 2014
Square Enix won't let Sleeping Dogs lie; announces Definitive Edition8 August 2014
Metro Redux Uncovered: Welcome back to the Metro, it's changed a lot8 August 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mapper rebuilds Tomb Raider's Croft Manor8 August 2014
Activision have resurrected the Sierra name. But what for?8 August 2014
Crytek "didn't have to sell" Homefront: The Revolution to Deep Silver8 August 2014
Battlefield 4's September patch to emulate Battlefield 3's soldier movement8 August 2014
Everybody panic: Steam is different8 August 2014
Twitch CEO on video muting: "We wouldn't do this if I thought there was a better way"8 August 2014
Football Manager 2015 release set for November; buy now for beta access8 August 2014
The game is afoot: Sherlock Holmes - Crimes & Punishments arriving on September 30th7 August 2014
BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson flies the coop7 August 2014
War is cheap in Battlefield 4: it's free for a week and on sale7 August 2014
Ask Twitch CEO anything, unless it's about being bought by Google7 August 2014
Project CARS comparison video shows two years of evolution7 August 2014
Space banditry: Tom Francis shows off Heat Signature 7 August 2014
Earth gets caught between Apokolips and New Genesis in DC Universe Online's Halls of Power DLC7 August 2014
Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is the name of a real game coming to Steam7 August 2014
All Ryse: Crytek are releasing Xbox One's Son of Rome in 4K on PC7 August 2014
Crytek kept the Timesplitters license when they sold off Homefront7 August 2014
BioWare's third Shadow Realms teaser is called Impact; you'll see why7 August 2014
A fish is playing Pokemon on Twitch today7 August 2014
Not even Valve are safe from Twitch's copyright tech: Dota 2 International VoDs muted7 August 2014
Firefall PC review7 August 2014
The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria is half city-builder, half co-op RPG7 August 2014
Valve appear to have soft-launched Source 2 alongside new Dota 2 Workshop tools7 August 2014
The Stomping Land isn't dead, but players are still out of the loop6 August 2014
Googled: Twitch starts to mute third-party audio in recorded videos today6 August 2014
World of Warcraft's 10 year anniversary will be filled with corgis and violence 6 August 2014
The decline of pre-orders is good for everyone6 August 2014
Illuminating Seldon Crisis: a space MMO gunning for EVE Online6 August 2014
Elite: Dangerous Beta 1.03 review6 August 2014
The Art of Free to Play: Viktor Antonov on designing Battlecry's beautiful world6 August 2014
Play four hours of SimCity for free in an oddly-timed trial6 August 2014
Activision have noticed a "downturn" in pre-orders - and Call of Duty is "not immune"6 August 2014
Curse of Naxxramas campaign brings Hearthstone its "strongest week ever"6 August 2014
Where are those Warlords: World of Warcraft subscriptions fall again to 6.8 million6 August 2014
Assassin's Creed: Rogue casts players adrift as a Templar on a boat in the North Atlantic6 August 2014
What's next for TUG, the freshly Yogscast-backed survival RPG?6 August 2014
Codemasters refund players of Colin McRae Rally: not "the game they thought it would be"6 August 2014
Born to dye: guild and customisation-focused Elder Scrolls Online Update 3 now live6 August 2014
Evolve delayed till 2015 to ensure it's "genre-defining"6 August 2014
Blizzard previews Warlords of Draenor's Nagrand: home of the Warsong Outriders5 August 2014
XCOM: The Board Game is a cooperative war against aliens led by a possibly evil companion app5 August 2014
Topic of the Week: What are your favourite mods?5 August 2014
Wing Commander III: Mark Hamill vs. Space Lions is free on Origin5 August 2014
Hunt killers and wear ten gallon hats in Westerado: Double Barreled5 August 2014
Expendabros: Broforce and Expendables 3 join forces to fight Mel Gibson in free spin-off5 August 2014
Vampire open season: Nosgoth open beta weekend begins on August 7th5 August 2014
How Divinity: Original Sin put the magic back into spellcasting5 August 2014
Guild Wars 2: The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2 gets new trailer5 August 2014
The Sims 4 will support mods and comes standard with mod directory5 August 2014
Back from the dead: Resident Evil remake announced by Capcom5 August 2014
Epic Games have a new UK studio devoted to Unreal Engine 4 support5 August 2014
Wolfenstein: The New Order directors give its first level the commentary treatment5 August 2014
Twitch has now played every generation of Pokemon5 August 2014
Get kraken: watch 23 minutes of the monster galumphing about Evolve5 August 2014
Slap your eyes on Warlords of Draenor's cinematic trailer on August 14th; launch date reveal planned, too5 August 2014
Grand Theft Auto IV gets infected with selfies4 August 2014
The Fullbright Company is now just Fullbright; new game in the works4 August 2014
Second extinction: The Stomping Land developer SuperCrit goes quiet 4 August 2014
Thailand's military government stops Tropico 5 release: "This does sound like it could have come from one of El Presidente’s own edicts"4 August 2014
Inclusion in The Sims 4: "You don't want to trivialize somebody's life by making it a gameplay feature"4 August 2014 engineer joins Stardock to build new cloud service Tachyon4 August 2014
Gun Monkeys giveaway at its peak was “giving away over 100,000 keys per hour”4 August 2014
Tango Fiesta update brings bosses with the best names4 August 2014
Star Citizen patch 12.5 improves multiplayer and adds flushable toilets4 August 2014
Nvidia Geforce 880 GTX expected to launch this September4 August 2014
Infinity Ward gobble up two of Naughty Dog's best4 August 2014
We don't need to worry about No Man’s Sky's PS4 deal: "We've always had PC in mind"4 August 2014
Post-apocalypse soon: Wasteland 2 delay till September "pretty likely"4 August 2014
Facepunch's arcade shooter won't be called Riftlight, because Trion Worlds' Rift exists4 August 2014
A la cart: Nemesis DLC takes Call of Duty: Ghosts players to the coalface4 August 2014
50 more games Greenlit on Steam; includes Deep Space Settlement and Jotun3 August 2014
Wasteland 2 beta update rebalances weapons and adds "tons of new audio"3 August 2014
Mammoth Planetside 2 update to land on Tuesday; new directives system, resource revamp and more3 August 2014
Watch this: a stunning fan-made recap of the 2014 Dota 2 International2 August 2014
Awesomenauts patch 2.6b ditches loadouts in favour of a "big ass shop"2 August 2014
Stardock's annual customer report reveals 94% buy digital; states "retail is dead"2 August 2014
Toxikk's debut trailer says no to the modern FPS; go and "frag like it's 1999"2 August 2014
Blizzard's kicked artifacts to the curb in Heroes of the Storm1 August 2014
Mass Effect's Comic-Con panel is up for all to watch and slim on details1 August 2014
Enslave Pokémon on your PC with fan-made Pokémon Zeta and Omicron1 August 2014
World of Warcraft's Alliance is getting a chopper after all 1 August 2014
I love lamp: unlock lamps for The Sims 4 by owning The Sims 31 August 2014
Epigenesis launches today: get your fill of future sports without risky time travel 1 August 2014
Frontier complete bug-hunting contract in Elite: Dangerous standard beta update 1.031 August 2014
Watch John Carmack rattle through an entire career in his '20 Years after Doom' talk1 August 2014
Sacred 3 PC review1 August 2014
Modder snatches away Thief: Deadly Shadows' loading screens1 August 2014
Rust devs Facepunch have prototyped "tennis crossed with Street Fighter", named it Deuce1 August 2014
Crytek USA will stop making games, ship Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age off to Frankfurt1 August 2014
Colin McRae Rally "returns to PC" - but it's been a bumpy ride1 August 2014
BioWare tease Shadow Realms project with live-action firecrackers1 August 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis DLC reimagines smallest-ever CoD map: Shipment1 August 2014