August 2015 Archive

Bombshell boss battle unbashfully bombastic31 August 2015
Isometric horror point 'n' click STASIS released on Steam today31 August 2015
Hearthstone gets Collegiate Championship for teams of three to earn scholarship in the US31 August 2015
Rollercoaster Tycoon World draws lots of Cities: Skylines comparisons at PAX31 August 2015
Cave schmups coming to PC this year, the most bullets you'll ever see on-screen31 August 2015
King's Quest Chapter 2: Rubble Without A Cause revealed at PAX31 August 2015
The Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood questline is "daunting" to design, filled with "cool plot twists"31 August 2015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided release date set for February 23rd; expect a better-than-average Tuesday31 August 2015
Prefer to drive your bikes sideways? Techland are making FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 for you31 August 2015
Atlas Reactor is a simultaneous turn-based tactics game from the makers of Rift and Trove31 August 2015
Diablo III Season 4 goes live; devil tempts with new transmogrification set and legendaries31 August 2015
Far Cry 2 director Clint Hocking returns to Ubisoft for new project: "It's good to be back"31 August 2015
Star Citizen alpha v1.2 adds its social module30 August 2015
Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trespasser DLC is set two years after the main story30 August 2015
Ark: Survival Evolved will get its first expansion "a few months after release"30 August 2015
Lionsgate are working on a Borderlands movie30 August 2015
This new Just Cause 3 dev diary is all about the destruction30 August 2015
Guild Wars 2 president says "this was the perfect moment" for free to play and raiding29 August 2015
Pre-order Steam hardware and get Portal 2 and Rocket League free29 August 2015
It looks like you might have to wait longer than you thought to play Metal Gear Solid 529 August 2015
Grab Stealth Inc. 2 for free in the Humble Summer Sale29 August 2015
Mutant Football League heading to PC29 August 2015
Diablo 3's 2.3 patch adds a new area, simplifies crafting29 August 2015
Guts and glory in Doom's gory Glory Kills29 August 2015
Hitman shows off 15 minutes of gameplay from its 'Showstopper' mission29 August 2015
Minecraft: Story Mode will let you craft your character29 August 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: nothing else matters28 August 2015
Speed of Light is Iron Maiden Donkey Kong, because why not28 August 2015
Starcraft 2's new 2v2 Archon mode featured in Red Bull Battle Grounds playoffs28 August 2015
Divinity: Original Sin 2 smashes Kickstarter target, starts on stretch goals28 August 2015
Gigantic enters closed beta today, signups available now28 August 2015
XCOM 2 delayed to February 201628 August 2015
Prison Architect final Alpha build and video released, game reaches version 1 in October28 August 2015
New Astro A40 TR headset due this October, yours for $250/Eur28 August 2015
Sword Coast Legends' new trailer is all about adventure28 August 2015
Wargaming announces Master of Orion Collector's Edition28 August 2015
See Cities: Skylines twinkle in its new After Dark trailer28 August 2015
Cliffy B's new FPS game, Lawbreakers, gets a gameplay reveal trailer28 August 2015
Top-down co-op Western A Fistful of Gun fires onto PC next month28 August 2015
Spiritual successor to Syndicate 'Satellite Reign' is out today28 August 2015
Woohoo, it's Daedalic publisher weekend on Steam28 August 2015
Hitman is getting a PAX panel and developer stream tonight28 August 2015
Claimony and Warner Bros. team up to find out who is the Maddest Max28 August 2015
Multiverse hopping MMO, Otherland, gets short Early Access delay28 August 2015
Valve's VR headset, Vive, will go head-to-head with Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift in 201628 August 2015
Humble Bundle lets you choose a charity in Humble Store28 August 2015
Skyrim multiplayer mod Tamriel Online gets significant update28 August 2015
The Assassin's Creed movie has Michael Fassbender looking really serious in it27 August 2015
Big Pharma is out today, it's about making money and optionally saving lives doing it27 August 2015
Just Cause 3 dev diary is all about the explosions27 August 2015
Black Ops 3 PC beta is live, we've just noticed27 August 2015
Dying Light demo now available on Steam, get out there and kill some zombies27 August 2015
Company of Heroes free on Steam this weekend27 August 2015
Killing Floor 2’s latest update asks you to pick between setting things on fire and blowing them up27 August 2015
Headlander is Double Fine's next game, a Metroid-ish adventure game where sometimes you're a robot dog27 August 2015
Street Fighter V's latest character is wrestler Rainbow Mika and she can use a Stone Cold Stunner27 August 2015
The making of: Garry's Mod27 August 2015
Total War: Warhammer shows off its Longbeards, Ironbreakers and Hammerers - alright, Dwarfs27 August 2015
Fable Legends won't be available on Steam, other Microsoft games in doubt27 August 2015
How drug testing at an e-sports tournament actually works27 August 2015
XCOM 2 screenshot suggests sharing and saving characters will be a thing27 August 2015
Proteus creator's new game is Forest of Sleep, an experimental storytelling/adventure game27 August 2015
Trine 3 devs respond to negative fan feedback about the game's length with forlorn video27 August 2015
World of Warcraft subscriber numbers dropping at record rate, still bigger than total population of Norway27 August 2015
This GTA 5 mod adds a Reaper to the Los Santos skyline because hey why not27 August 2015
The Witcher 3 sold 6 million copies in its first 6 weeks, earned £40 million in profit 27 August 2015
Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been funded in under 12 hours27 August 2015
Unsolicited is Papers Please developer Lucas Pope's latest game, it's about sending mail26 August 2015
Transformers: Devastation trailer insists that it's definitely a Platinum game26 August 2015
Heroes of the Storm's latest battleground, Infernal Shrines, goes live26 August 2015
Assassin's Creed Syndicate coming to PC on November 19th, Ubisoft explain delay26 August 2015
Constructor HD: evolving from MS-DOS to the high-definition age26 August 2015
Windows 10 running on 75 million devices, that's more than the population of the UK26 August 2015
Turok and Turok 2 re-releases for modern PCs coming soon26 August 2015
LawBreakers is Cliff Bleszinski studio Boss Key's first game, here's everything we know so far26 August 2015
Cliff Bleszinski’s new game is LawBreakers, a low-G multiplayer FPS26 August 2015
The Park is Funcom's upcoming horror game, and it plays on your Goosebumps fears26 August 2015
Free-to-play MMO Skyforge has an expansion on the way, and it's about invading plants26 August 2015
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter launches, details multiplayer features & new systems26 August 2015
Bethesda brings DRM-free Doom, Quake, Fallout & Elder Scrolls games to GOG26 August 2015
5v5 tactical shooter Red Awakening launches Kickstarter campaign, will make your Predator glands swell26 August 2015
Hearthstone review26 August 2015
Diablo 3's massive 2.3 patch out now, tees up Season 4 content, adds a lovely new cube 26 August 2015
Pillars of Eternity: The White March out now - come have some launch trailer26 August 2015
EVE Online’s Galatea update starts the search for the next leader of the Amarr Empire26 August 2015
Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate has missions featuring Charles Dickens and Darwin26 August 2015
Shovel Knight's free expansion, Plague of Shadows, gets a release trailer26 August 2015
Grandia 2: Anniversary Edition out now on Steam and GOG25 August 2015
Hyper Light Drifter gets a stylish new trailer25 August 2015
Flywrench, Nidhogg developer's new game, is out now25 August 2015
Here's how a bank robbery goes down in Hard West25 August 2015
DiRT Rally adds rallycross multiplayer mode25 August 2015
This GTA 5 mod will add photorealistic visuals25 August 2015
Nova-111 launches on Steam25 August 2015
GOG Galaxy's first major update allows players to rollback game updates25 August 2015
Tobii EyeX eye tracking lets you hunt with your eyeballs25 August 2015
Dying Light: The Following video shows fifteen minutes of new expansion25 August 2015
Metal Gear Solid V launch trailer is The Ultimate Thrill! 25 August 2015
Starbound has been expanded with massive Colony patch25 August 2015
Darkest Dungeon now lets you turn off corpses and heart attacks, but they’re still part of the “official vision”25 August 2015
Making it in Unreal: think of non-linear space shooter Everspace as Roguelike Squadron25 August 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is Drop Dead Gorgeous in 4K 25 August 2015
The Witcher 3’s New Game + glitch beefs up monsters to over level 10025 August 2015
Trine 3’s fan backlash puts “the future of the series in question”25 August 2015
LEGO Worlds update takes you under the sea25 August 2015
Pillars of Eternity expansion The White March Part 1 out tomorrow, new trailers detail weapons and areas24 August 2015
SOMA developer diary shows off music, pre-orders now available24 August 2015
Barkley 2 teases release date with hilarious parody24 August 2015
70 minutes of Mad Max game footage, plus the 30 second ad if you're in a hurry24 August 2015
New Skywind video shows off fantastic redesigned landscapes24 August 2015
Hearthstone’s The Grand Tournament has launched. You rushed all at once.24 August 2015
Grand Theft Auto V's Rockstar Editor getting a big update next month24 August 2015
StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void patch removes macro mechanics, pros respond24 August 2015
Dota 2 Major Championships start this November24 August 2015
You can crawl dungeons early if you pre-order Sword Coast Legends24 August 2015
We’ve got 1,000 Pet Packages for La Tale. Want a fluffy companion in your life?24 August 2015
Morrowind Console Commands and Cheats24 August 2015
League of Legends Ranked Rewards will be granted to reformed players24 August 2015
ESL One Cologne Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament pulls in 1 million Twitch viewers, FNATIC crowned the victors24 August 2015
Guild Wars 2 Console Commands24 August 2015
Lara keeps her hands blood-free in Rise of the Tomb Raider stealth trailer24 August 2015
Why Metal Gear Solid 5 is the best Metal Gear yet24 August 2015
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows bags top voice talent23 August 2015
Age of Wonders 3 to get modding support23 August 2015
Grand Theft Auto series ships over 220m copies23 August 2015
Risen 3 gets titanic visual upgrade23 August 2015
Shoppe Keep opens on Steam Early Access23 August 2015
All Guns On Deck leaks onto Early Access on August 2823 August 2015
Rust Console Commands23 August 2015
John Smedley left Daybreak to start a new company22 August 2015
WildStar's free-to-play beta sign up now open22 August 2015
NSFW porn tycoon game HunieCam Studio announced22 August 2015
Dying Light: The Following stream on Twitch at 5pm (GMT)22 August 2015
MLG has their first Rocket League tournament22 August 2015
Serellan announces American-free, squad-based FPS Epsilon22 August 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: a new hope21 August 2015
Riot debut free web game alongside new arcade skins for League of Legends21 August 2015
Half-Line Miami is the Hotline Miami/Gravity Gun mashup you didn't realise you needed21 August 2015
Final Fantasy XIV account numbers up to five million, that's a lot of adventuring21 August 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight PC patch on the way, won't return game to sale21 August 2015
We’ve got 500 trial keys for Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces. Keep calm and win stuff.21 August 2015
Nvidia's new graphics card software lets you stream co-op games to your friend's PC21 August 2015
The Rick and Morty announcer pack for Dota 2 is available now21 August 2015
Twitch is playing Dark Souls, and they've (sort of) managed to beat the first boss21 August 2015
Somebody created a live action FPS in Chatroulette and it's brilliant21 August 2015
Duck Hunt is now hidden inside Heroes of the Storm20 August 2015
WildStar is introducing a loyalty program: Cosmic Rewards20 August 2015
Trine 3 escapes from the dungeon of Early Access and launches20 August 2015
Zombie Army Trilogy gets a free, time-bending Left 4 Dead update20 August 2015
You won't be able to preload Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain20 August 2015
Play Company of Heroes 2 - The British Forces for free, if you're lucky20 August 2015
Get acquainted with XCOM 2's mobile base, the Avenger20 August 2015
Cities: Skylines - After Dark gets a release date and its first developer diary20 August 2015
Five probably legal alternatives to doping up before an e-sports match20 August 2015
Eye of the Beholder and Pool of Radiance lead D&D resurrection on GOG20 August 2015
Why Blizzard should nerf Grim Patron, Hearthstone's most broken card20 August 2015
EverQuest II prison server goes live this week; "Let's see where this takes us"20 August 2015
BlizzCon Virtual Tickets now on sale ahead of November 7th California shindig20 August 2015
Battlefield 4 goes dark in free Night Operations DLC next month20 August 2015
Meching it in Unreal: inside the e-sports ready exosuit of Heavy Gear Assault20 August 2015
It'll take 10 days to drive across a planet in Elite Dangerous: Horizons20 August 2015
The Witcher 3 free DLC run comes to a close; covers everything from finishing moves to facial hair20 August 2015
Gearbox vs. 3D Realms lawsuit over Duke Nukem comes to an end with everyone saying they're happy19 August 2015
World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2 brings flying in Draenor on September 1st19 August 2015
League of Legends patch 5.16 introduces dragon-controlling juggernauts19 August 2015
Legacy of the Void beta brings automated tournaments to StarCraft II19 August 2015
Enterprises lets you fly around the flagships of Star Trek in VR19 August 2015
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD released, has unsurprising port issues19 August 2015
Hearthstone's The Grand Tournament release date set for next week, get your lances ready19 August 2015
How the deck is stacked against women in e-sports19 August 2015
Kathy Rain saddles up on a Harley for some noir investigations19 August 2015
Gremlins Inc. gambles with steampunk politics in new Early Access digital board game19 August 2015
Heroes of Normandie is a WW2 board game on your PC, and it’s invading this September19 August 2015
Steam Machines suspend/resume feature pulled due to reliability problems19 August 2015
Clint Hocking resigns from Amazon Game Studios, alongside two other veterans19 August 2015
Team Fortress 2 has a new football-inspired mode: PASS Time19 August 2015
Planetary Annihilation: TITANS standalone expansion released, is free for Kickstarter backers19 August 2015
Get spiritual with Heroes of the Storm's latest patch19 August 2015
Rainbow Six Siege has been delayed until December18 August 2015
Hearthstone's Grand Tournament patch has been datamined; gorge yourself on details18 August 2015
Let Satellite Reign's launch trailer fill your eyes with neon18 August 2015
Best Steam skins18 August 2015
Topic of the Week: What terrible things have you done online that you regret?18 August 2015
Cloud Imperium brings more Star Citizen development in-house18 August 2015
Marvel Heroes 2016: a new dawn for Gazillion's reinvigorated comic MMO18 August 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime almost ready to serve breathless starship defence for two18 August 2015
Doom modding community mourns one of its greats: TNT: Evilution's Ty Halderman18 August 2015
The best Fallout 3 mods18 August 2015
Blade & Soul will bring Crouching Tiger combat and chronicling to the West in early 201618 August 2015
The Witcher 3 New Game+ is out - a chance to rejoin Geralt minus your Gwent cards18 August 2015
Windows 10 won't run some games that rely on SafeDisc or Securom DRM18 August 2015
As Eternal Conflict wraps up, what's the new normal for Heroes of the Storm?18 August 2015
Resident Evil 2 Reborn project shut down as Capcom gear up for official remake18 August 2015
Edmund McMillen returns to work on Super Meat Boy Forever18 August 2015
Tales from the Borderlands episode 4 launches tomorrow, new trailer sends it into space17 August 2015
Masquerada's fantasy world of magical masks is drawn like Bastion, plays like Baldur's Gate17 August 2015
Play with Hearthstone's Grand Tournament cards in this week's Tavern Brawl17 August 2015
Introducing Hob, the exploration Zeldalike with no dialogue just revealed by the Torchlight devs17 August 2015
Skyrim mod Enderal is the sequel to the best Oblivion mod of all time17 August 2015
Ex-Witcher 3 devs are spearheading a post-apocalyptic isometric RPG called Seven17 August 2015
WildStar’s free-to-play closed beta is live and ready for sign-ups17 August 2015
World of Warcraft Console Commands17 August 2015
The boss of the Confederation of British Industry thinks games are created by “spotty nerds”. Rebellion disagree 17 August 2015
Windows 10 is programmed to seek and disable pirated games17 August 2015
Heat Signature alpha is now available to Gunpoint Exclusive Edition owners17 August 2015
Rainbow Six: Siege dev diary explores the spirit of competition17 August 2015
Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s mo-capped combat looks astonishing 17 August 2015
Guild Wars 2’s Revenant elite is the heal-happy Herald17 August 2015
The Witcher 3 will not be getting any further mod support17 August 2015
Total War: Arena patch 10 incentivises defense and makes battles more deadly16 August 2015
Company Of Heroes 2: The British Forces dev diary shows off the choice-heavy faction16 August 2015
Free empires: Civilization: Beyond Earth is playable on Steam this weekend16 August 2015
New Mad Max trailer gives you the choice between explosions, explosions and explosions16 August 2015
Edmund McMillen's Fingered is a simple whodunnit where you have ultimate power over life and death16 August 2015
Long-in-development MMO Otherland enters Steam Early Access August 26th15 August 2015
Stardock release tool to give Windows 10 the Windows 7 start menu15 August 2015
My game is augmented - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided confirmed to feature New Game+15 August 2015
Massive scale RTS Ashes of the Singularity is now in "Founder's Program" early access15 August 2015
Major changes come to Dota 2 teams C9, Secret and EG after TI515 August 2015
Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament: all the spoiled cards so far14 August 2015
Diablo 3 patch 2.3.0 preview teases lots of lovely armour sets 14 August 2015
Ark: Survival Evolved gets updated development tools, a new game mode and a $25,000 modding contest14 August 2015
Empyrion - Galactic Survival Early Access review: No Man's Sky and Space Engineers had a baby14 August 2015
Making it in Unreal: living the bream with Dovetail Games Fishing14 August 2015
Ears-on with HyperSound, the magic speakers that act like a pair of invisible headphones14 August 2015
The Witcher 3 mod tools have been released. Go make a funny horse14 August 2015
Rust update addresses bulletproof fingers, among other things14 August 2015
Nvidia Showcase: All monitors used at the Dota 2 International were Nvidia G-Sync14 August 2015
Is Star Citizen worth playing?14 August 2015
Warframe is getting an Infested Nightmares double affinity weekend14 August 2015
Watch the six million dollar chaos dunk that changed the face of Dota 2 at 1000 FPS14 August 2015
Peter Moore says Star Wars: Battlefront doesn't have single-player because "few people actually play [it in] these kinds of games"13 August 2015
Mafia 3 Inside Look video series talks character, location and family13 August 2015
Larian boss Swen Vincke announces Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Linux compatibility on twitter13 August 2015
World of Warcraft patch 6.2.2 hits PTR, gives glimpses into the future13 August 2015
Let Dustin Browder tell you what's so great about punching people with Heroes of the Storm's Monk13 August 2015
Beyond Earth: Rising Tide's diplomacy changes shown off in trailer, livestream tonight13 August 2015
Dota 2's all star 10v10 mode is now unofficially available in the Reborn beta13 August 2015
Mafia 3 looks lovely… apart from all the face stabbing13 August 2015
We’ve got 2000 closed alpha keys for Total War: Arena. Ready to march on your enemies? 13 August 2015
Scalebound, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break and other Xbox One exclusives could come to PC ... eventually13 August 2015
Black Ops 3 will be "the best PC game in Treyarch history"13 August 2015
Team Fortress 2 makes sandviches of I am Bread in free new level13 August 2015
The past, present and future of Final Fantasy 1413 August 2015
Dying Light: The Following makes the case for dirt buggies as weapons in debut trailer13 August 2015
Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide has the most interesting diplomacy system I've seen in a strategy game13 August 2015
What Edmund McMillen would do with a Binding of Isaac 213 August 2015
The best games of Gamescom 2015: Dark Souls 3, XCOM 2, and high-flying VR13 August 2015
Divinity: Original Sin II is so ambitious it will "sink us, or be remembered as our best game ever"13 August 2015
Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 1 will scale to your level, or not, depending on what you like13 August 2015
Two ghouls, one carbine: shooty Fallout 4 footage gets off on Pornhub12 August 2015
Warcraft 4 may be on the horizon, but it could be inside Heroes of the Storm12 August 2015
You can play Star Citizen's Arena Commander module without spending a penny until August 19th12 August 2015
Dota 2's Reborn client lets team coaches see enemy's movement12 August 2015
Sheltered Early Access review12 August 2015
This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is spell-based and all the latest expansion cards12 August 2015
Resident Evil 2 is getting the full remake treatment12 August 2015
Secret World developer Funcom is up for sale12 August 2015
Divinity: Original Sin II is coming to Kickstarter on August 26th12 August 2015
Rocket League upgrades with new map and spectator mode12 August 2015
Heroes of the Storm patch offers rewards to Diablo III players12 August 2015
Beyond Eyes PC review12 August 2015
Galactic Civilizations III players can now 3D print their own ships in 1.2 update12 August 2015
Rockstar bans creators of FiveM multiplayer mod, claims it can “facilitate piracy”12 August 2015
Watch a full Overwatch match with music man Lúcio11 August 2015
Skyforge's Crucible of the Gods update lets you become a deity today11 August 2015
Hearthstone makes Blizzard $20 million a month, according to research company11 August 2015
Take a peek at the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta, launching this month11 August 2015
Rising Thunder is now open to everyone11 August 2015
Topic of the Week: What should we play on community game nights?11 August 2015
Cloudhead Games think they've found the solution to VR nausea 11 August 2015
Heroes of the Storm matchmaking is the dev team's "highest priority" right now11 August 2015
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will let you mix mods to your heart's content11 August 2015
OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood PC review11 August 2015
Here's how Carbine plan to fix WildStar - will it be enough?11 August 2015
If Just Cause 2 was a Uwe Boll film, then Just Cause 3 is "an Expendables movie"11 August 2015
Civilization sees population growth: 31 million copies now shipped over course of the series11 August 2015
Mafia III shouldn’t be compared to GTA V, says Take-Two CEO11 August 2015
This year's Gamescom was the largest one yet11 August 2015
Blizzard job listing teases a new Diablo game10 August 2015
IO Interactive will reveal Hitman's launch content "soon"10 August 2015
Stunning watercolour adventure Beyond Eyes launches tomorrow10 August 2015
Overlord: Fellowship of Evil can be played solo or in a party of evildoers 10 August 2015
Rise of the Tomb Raider's Gamescom demo puts Lara through the wringer10 August 2015
Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries developer requests bankruptcy, shuts down development10 August 2015
PCGamesN is hiring… and we face a dilemma10 August 2015
Pixels copyright claim pulls its own trailer from Vimeo10 August 2015
Don’t expect any new Elder Scrolls games for a “very long time”10 August 2015
Need For Speed is always-online, social media ‘likes’ are currency10 August 2015
Super Meat Boy 2 isn’t an impossibility 10 August 2015
The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 fixes 1.07’s mistakes, quests, and disappearing heads10 August 2015
Mega Man Legacy Collection arriving on PC on August 25th9 August 2015
Microsoft: Games For Windows "wasn't the right approach", pledges Steam support9 August 2015
Here's 20 minutes of Mad Max cruising the wasteland. Because: Mad Max9 August 2015
Nvidia confident in growth of PC gaming9 August 2015
Ori and the Blind Forest to get a "definitive edition" on PC 9 August 2015
Windows 10 users can play the Fable Legends beta this month9 August 2015
Dota 2 International 2015: Final Day9 August 2015
Blizzard just invented a new way for Heroes of the Storm to crush your wallet8 August 2015
Dota 2 International 2015: Day 58 August 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: Cops and crooks7 August 2015
Toon Skyrim transforms the game into a gorgeous cartoon7 August 2015
Hitman is moving forward by looking to the past7 August 2015
American Truck Simulator's many lovely trucks are getting me sweaty 7 August 2015
Star Citizen reveals multi-crew ships; messes with gravity and our heads7 August 2015
A John Wick VR shooter published by Starbreeze is in the works7 August 2015
StarCraft's medic joins Heroes of the Storm as a shield-wielding support character7 August 2015
Watch Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Evie infiltrate the Tower of London7 August 2015
Metal Gear Solid V looks best on PC proves shocking new evidence7 August 2015
Rift is getting its first brand new class: The Primalist7 August 2015
We’ve got 50 copies of Victor Vran to give away. Let’s slay some demons. 7 August 2015
Act of Aggression brings new faction The Cartel to the fight 7 August 2015
Dota 2’s custom games now support 24 players, watch a 10v10 match from The International7 August 2015
Dirty Bomb recruits a new mercenary: Redeye7 August 2015
Hard West is X-Com with cowboys and demons. Watch it in action7 August 2015
We’ve got 500 Founders Packs for Skyforge to give away. Be elite in this cool new MMO7 August 2015
Blood Bowl 2 unleashes its star players onto the field7 August 2015
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gamescom video introduces you to Snake’s modular Motherbase7 August 2015
A closer look at Hellblade, Ninja Theory's psychosis-exploring hack and slash7 August 2015
Mad Max system requirements revealed: have you got what it takes to survive the wastes? 7 August 2015
DOTA 2 International 2015: Day 4 - Wherein Valve Introduce 24-player Dota7 August 2015
XCOM 2 screenshots show off its meaty customisation options6 August 2015
Cities: Skylines is getting a nightlife in the After Dark expansion6 August 2015
Fallout 4 will do away with level caps and let you choose when to end the game6 August 2015
Paradox announce Stellaris, grand strategy in space6 August 2015
Treyarch reveal minimum specs and features of Black Ops 3 on PC6 August 2015
The Surge imagines what it might look like if Google took over the planet6 August 2015
World of Warcraft: Legion sees the return of the Burning Legion6 August 2015
Dreadnought is a slow-paced, multiplayer naval warfare game in space6 August 2015
Watch Blizzard unveil World of Warcraft's next expansion here6 August 2015
Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord trailer shows off fancy weather and crafting system6 August 2015
The Technomancer sprints from the Mars Police in Gamescom trailer6 August 2015
Steam is offering refunds with no limits on Journey of the Light, the "impossible" game with just one level6 August 2015
Motörhead crash Victor Vran’s party with Motörhead through the Ages expansion6 August 2015
The Crew: Wild Run has had a huge graphics overhaul, here's the before and after6 August 2015
Battlefield 4 gears up for Night Operations6 August 2015
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gamescom trailer brings all the drama6 August 2015
Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part One expansion releases this month6 August 2015
Battleborn is set to launch next February. Here's a brand new trailer6 August 2015
Anno 2205 shows off its beautiful cities and moon craters in new Gamescom trailer6 August 2015
Dota 2 International 2015: Day 36 August 2015
Sword Coast Legends delayed, but a pre-order grabs you DLC6 August 2015
Riot launches new "experimental blog" Riot Pls to make it clear where their development efforts are focused5 August 2015
Dark Souls 3 hands-on impressions: yep, it's definitely Dark Souls5 August 2015
EITR: The breeding of Dark Souls and Diablo5 August 2015
What the new Age of Sigmar timeline means for Total War: Warhammer5 August 2015
Marvel Heroes 2016 coming this fall, big changes inbound5 August 2015
What Star Citizen's Chris Roberts thinks of Derek Smart5 August 2015
This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is a masquerade party5 August 2015
Aer gamescom trailer shows beautiful world of flight, caves and ghosts5 August 2015
New Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, The Descent, announced - battle Darkspawn in the Deep Roads5 August 2015
New Hellblade dev diary lays out the three core elements of the game - combat, character and art5 August 2015
Overwatch picks up musician character Lúcio, and two new maps at Gamescom5 August 2015
Minecraft snapshot 15w32a brings us a better Ender Dragon battle5 August 2015
Here's a closer look at some of those game concepts EA are working on5 August 2015
Bungie are hiring a PC Compatibility Tester. Does something lie in our destiny? 5 August 2015
Nosgoth is joining the eSports circuit with Nosgoth Leagues5 August 2015
Mafia III reveal trailer takes us back to 19685 August 2015
Starcraft II is getting co-op in the form of Allied Commanders5 August 2015
Meet Heroes of the Storm's new heroes: Rexxar and Kharazim5 August 2015
Hearthstone is getting a Joust mechanic and Highest Rank Bonuses to reward you for hitting high ranks5 August 2015
EA reveals new footage of their physics-based puzzle platformer Unravel5 August 2015
Rainbow Six: Siege has a spectator mode, watch men with guns hunt each other down5 August 2015
Final Fantasy XV trailer has gorgeous hair and beards, is really glum5 August 2015
Elite Dangerous: Horizons series of expansions finally lets you land on planets5 August 2015
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire gamescom trailer reveals the next episode5 August 2015
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is getting a solo mode and a Mass Effect mech5 August 2015
Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron is a 20-player aerial mode5 August 2015
The Sims 4 Get Together expansion coming November5 August 2015
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will reveal Faith’s transformation and inspiration5 August 2015
Need for Speed reveals its live-action cutscenes and racing icons at Gamescom5 August 2015
Fallout meets The Sims: living it up with a nuclear family in Sheltered5 August 2015
The Escapists: The Walking Dead spins the breakout sim off into survival sandbox territory5 August 2015
Watch EA's gamescom briefing live right here5 August 2015
Dota 2 International 2015: Day Two5 August 2015
Overwatch will enter beta 'this fall', here's all the recent teases4 August 2015
Activision Blizzard earnings call: WoW subs down to 5.3 million, Legacy of the Void this year4 August 2015
Topic of the Week: what are you looking forward to from Gamescom 2015?4 August 2015
Massive changes are coming to League of Legends' champion pool, starting with juggernauts4 August 2015
New footage accompanies announcement We Happy Few will make it to Xbox One4 August 2015
Diablo 3 patch 2.3.0 streamlines crafting and makes Rifts more fun4 August 2015
No Pineapple Left Behind takes on the American school system by making you teach sentient fruit4 August 2015
Robbery, the second Battlefield Hardline expansion announced, adds 5v5 heists4 August 2015
Here are all the Gamescom Xbox announcements Microsoft probably aren't bringing to PC4 August 2015
Rise of the Tomb Raider shows Lara's a lot better at killing people now4 August 2015
Watch some Germans walk slowly in Rainbow Six Siege's Gamescom trailer4 August 2015
Creative Assembly are making Halo Wars 2, coming to Windows 104 August 2015
Just Cause 3 trailer burns it all4 August 2015
First Dark Souls 3 in-game footage shown at Gamescom, has dragons and big spooky faces4 August 2015
Homefront: The Revolution trailer reminds us that the game still exists4 August 2015
Cobalt, a new side-scrolling shooter from Mojang, coming this October4 August 2015
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will have crossplay between Xbox One and PC, shows off new character4 August 2015
Quantum Break gameplay revealed at Gamescom 2015; Game of Thrones' Aiden Gillen and Lost’s Dominic Monaghan are in it4 August 2015
Watch Microsoft's Xbox gamescom briefing live right here4 August 2015
Lord of the Rings Online sees worlds succumb to darkness in big shutdown4 August 2015
Twitch streamer gets banned after faking his own swatting4 August 2015
Microsoft proclaim the keyboard to be ‘scary’, suggest an Xbox One controller instead4 August 2015
Mad Max visits some strongholds to smash war boy heads in new trailer4 August 2015
Dota 2 International 2015: Day One4 August 2015
No Man’s Sky will take you 585 billion years to explore, but its universe isn’t random4 August 2015
Metal Gear Solid 5’s system requirements have been revealed4 August 2015
ESL announce massive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament in Dubai, debut world rankings3 August 2015
Sheffield Utd will be the most successful club in all of history, according to 1000 years of Football Manager3 August 2015
Jotun is a top-down RPG about killing Norse giants and it's absolutely gorgeous3 August 2015
Smite developers Hi-Rez announce TF2ish objective-based FPS Paladins3 August 2015
First footage of commercial version of minimalist RTS/RPG Kingdom released3 August 2015
Metal Gear Solid 5 PC release date is September 1st, will have better graphics options3 August 2015
Nom Nom Galaxy PC review3 August 2015
DiRT Rally adds cars and courses in World RX Update3 August 2015
The International 2015's main event kicks off tonight, four teams will be eliminated3 August 2015
Street Fighter V roster adds beautiful, dangerous, claw-wielding Vega3 August 2015
Making it in Unreal: returning to Raccoon City with Resident Evil 2 Reborn3 August 2015
Windows 10 is used by more Steam gamers than Mac OS or Linux3 August 2015
League of Legends killed off Gangplank, but he’s coming back soon3 August 2015
BattleCry's Viktor Antonov on creating an "exotic and exciting" new frontier3 August 2015
Windows 10 downloaded by 14 million people in 24hrs, people think it’s good3 August 2015
PS4 horror PT recreated in Unity3 August 2015
Doom will not support mods, only SnapMap creations3 August 2015
Anno 2205 beta has been cancelled, replaced with in-game bonus3 August 2015
There's going to be a Banner Saga board game titled Warbands, funded via Kickstarter2 August 2015
LEGO Worlds will offer split-screen and online multiplayer, many other upcoming features revealed2 August 2015
Neverwinter Strongholds expansion brings 20 vs 20 MOBA-like combat between guild halls2 August 2015
RSI announce improved netcode for Star Marine, Star Citizen's FPS component2 August 2015
Just Cause 3 dev diary details "crazy, badass, angry" Rico and his multi-tether grappling hook1 August 2015
The Witcher 3 Patch 1.08 paves way for New Game+1 August 2015
New SUPERHOT footage shows story mode, spooky messages1 August 2015
Warframe Echoes of the Sentient update brings new wall-running, sleek robot suits1 August 2015
Rat miniguns and forcing co-op in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide1 August 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: Mud, moons and murder1 August 2015