September 2016 Archive

Twitch Prime comes with free Amazon Prime, Hearthstone hero, game, a streamer sub, more30 September 2016
Gears of War 4 shows off classic multiplayer in a reimagined Gridlock map30 September 2016
The Elders Scrolls: Legends Starter Pack offers ten packs for less than the price of two30 September 2016
Ubisoft stockholder meeting sees the French publisher gain a respite from Vivendi takeover30 September 2016
FIFA 17 review roundup: beautiful game or load of old balls?30 September 2016
Non-accredited Fig investors can now purchase equity in games on the crowd-funding platform30 September 2016
Deranged Rabbits giveaway! Win one of 175 copies of this deadly platformer!30 September 2016
COD: Modern Warfare Remastered's new trailer looks alright30 September 2016
The League of Legends World Championships 2016 begin with a massive upset30 September 2016
Should you play as Corvo or Emily in Dishonored 2? A hands-on comparison30 September 2016
Elder Scrolls gets the orchestra treatment with Skyrim In Concert, London, November 1630 September 2016
Amazon announce mythological football-MOBA Breakaway and two more games at TwitchCon30 September 2016
Watch Emily murder her way through Dishonored 2's Clockwork Mansion mission30 September 2016
Titanfall 2's cinematic single-player trailer sets the tone with some slick action29 September 2016
Super League Gaming brings competitive Minecraft to US cinemas29 September 2016
YouTube superstar PewDiePie signs deal to make games with the creator of Goat Simulator29 September 2016
Democracy developers are making Production Line, an isometric game about a car factory29 September 2016
Ubisoft say "f*** it" - Assassin's Creed and Far Cry will skip 2017 if it means more polish29 September 2016
Minecraft's two and-a-half year journey to virtual reality29 September 2016
Mafia 3 trailer shows both sides of Lincoln Clay: stealthy murder and loud KKK massacres29 September 2016
Warcraft actor Robert Kazinsky reveals his hardcore WoW past and doing "literally anything" to be in the movie29 September 2016
Bulletstorm remaster, Full Clip Edition, leaked by Brazilian ratings board29 September 2016
Half-Life (movie) confirmed, and expect "a Portal announcement soon," says J.J. Abrams29 September 2016
Overwatch players are randomly receiving 11 free loot boxes due to a bug29 September 2016
"I keep discovering new things about it" - Torment: Tides of Numenera's Colin McComb on the new Crisis system29 September 2016
You can now tour the Valve office lobby in VR from the safety of your computer chair29 September 2016
Confession: every RPG character I’ve ever created is a tedious Caucasian guy29 September 2016
Gears of War 4’s prologue released in full, world is at total peace 20 minutes in - probably won’t last29 September 2016
Our Paladins giveaway has ended :( But sign up to keep informed about the next one29 September 2016
Less than 18 hours after release, World of Warcraft: Legion’s hardest raid has been cleared29 September 2016
Team Fortress 2 patch sees bots fill in for Competitive quitters and rematches for Casual28 September 2016
Return to Lordran Dark Souls event repopulates the original RPG between Oct 4-1428 September 2016
Quantum Break on Steam won't be maxed out by one GTX 1080, say Remedy28 September 2016
Logitech Spotlight: gain a tactical edge over your competition 28 September 2016
Motorsport Manager release date and system requirements announced28 September 2016
Our epic Civilization 6 Let's Play reaches its season finale - can we win?28 September 2016
Aggro and Shaman decks get nerfed in Hearthstone patch 6.1.328 September 2016
Introducing our new weekly YouTube series: Overwatch This28 September 2016
Wasteland 3 takes place in a frozen, post-apocalyptic tundra, but you can bring a friend 28 September 2016
Corsair unveil their super-shiny, extremely rare, ultra-enthusiast special edition memory28 September 2016
No Man’s Sky under investigation by Advertising Standards Authority28 September 2016
Topic of the Week: What will be the best game of 2016?28 September 2016
Win over £200 worth of gaming goodies by taking part in the PCGamesN Reader Survey!28 September 2016
Sneak into occupied Philadelphia in Homefront: The Revolution DLC, The Voice of Freedom28 September 2016
Eleague will host the next CS:GO Major, final to be broadcast on TBS28 September 2016
Insomniac Games would "love" to bring Sunset Overdrive to PC but the "ball is in Xbox's court"28 September 2016
Gal*Gun: Double Peace giveaway! Win one of 25 copies of this love-struck shooter!28 September 2016
Get your guts ripped out by music: Doom’s soundtrack is finally officially released28 September 2016
The best WoW guilds in the world chase glory as Legion's Emerald Nightmare mythic raid opens28 September 2016
Destiny 2 could be coming to PC27 September 2016
This deep-learning AI is better at Doom than you are27 September 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: buy Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens on GeForce NOW, get it on PC for free27 September 2016
$4 million funding raised for LiquidSky, a cloud gaming platform that could fulfill the OnLive promise27 September 2016
Play Hyper Light Drifter at a blistering 60fps in meaty new patch27 September 2016
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 official mod support enters open beta27 September 2016
Battlefield 1's single-player trailer shows WW1 filtered through a summer blockbuster lens27 September 2016
New Dishonored 2 concept art has Corvo and Emily looking their absolute best27 September 2016
CSGO’s massive ESL One New York tournament this weekend, Nvidia providing 1080s for all tournament PCs27 September 2016
Watch us marvel at weather effects in episode two of our Forza Horizon 3 Let's Play27 September 2016
Bit.Trip Runner 3 mixes more rhythm action with endless running and the voice of Mario27 September 2016
Talking 'walking sims': The Chinese Room’s Dan Pinchbeck on the pointlessness of the debate27 September 2016
Team Liquid sells controlling interest to investment group behind Golden State Warriors27 September 2016
Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.4 out today - new quests, raids, dungeons and bosses27 September 2016
PMCs and human scarecrows in Hitman episode five, Colorado, out now27 September 2016
$300,000 Overwatch Open continues tomorrow with European teams vying for a spot in the finals27 September 2016
World War Cube: First Minecraft novel to be authored by Max Brooks27 September 2016
Paladins powers up Steam charts, Hi-Rez announces invitational to celebrate26 September 2016
Smokin’ hot: Firewatch headed for Hollywood as Campo Santo signs movie deal26 September 2016
Players will “need to play Dishonored 2 twice” to understand it, says Arkane’s Harvey Smith26 September 2016
League of Legends just hit its own dedicated China26 September 2016
The slide of your life: Tron meets Blade Runner in slide-em-up Standby26 September 2016
Pay to win: from chump to champion with a pro League of Legends coach - final report26 September 2016
The best World Championship LoL plays come to life in Riot and Zedd's 'Ignite' music video26 September 2016
Samsung are banking on PCIe SSD growth of 236% over the next two years26 September 2016
The Division’s public test server to launch on September 2626 September 2016
GOG Connect adds 17 more DRM-free games for Steam owners to freely download26 September 2016
Broforce devs set up with other indies on a tropical island to make games26 September 2016
Team Dignitas, Apex bought out by owners of Philadelphia 76ers, Crystal Palace and New Jersey Devils26 September 2016
Making it in Unreal: inside Earthlight, the viral space game that had Reddit fooled26 September 2016
Forza Horizon 3 PC review26 September 2016
Battlefield 2142 is back thanks to free, fan-made revival26 September 2016
Play 10 hours of Battlefield 1 a week before release with its Origin Access trial26 September 2016
Shovel Knight shows up in Yooka-Laylee's character trailer26 September 2016
Dota 2 tournament on a cruise ship will rent satellite to keep the stream sailing smooth25 September 2016
UK CS:GO pro banned from Twitch for "cheating" while watching demos with x-ray mode turned on25 September 2016
Steam store getting a facelift as Valve prepares devs for visibility changes25 September 2016
Minecraft lets you share modified mobs with Add-Ons in the Boss update24 September 2016
Sunless Sea devs take to space for next game Sunless Skies24 September 2016
Planet Coaster will obviously let you crash coasters into your customers24 September 2016
Titanfall 2's system specs are surprisingly light on their feet24 September 2016
Capcom roll back Street Fighter V update after installing security vulnerability in System3224 September 2016
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s first story DLC, System Rift, is go23 September 2016
Watch Lincoln Clay drop a mob boss from the top of a skyscraper in Mafia 323 September 2016
Capcom: We can’t go on ignoring shooting and strategy games23 September 2016
SOMA breaks even “and then some” as sales near half a million23 September 2016
Tekken 7 won’t sport cross platform play on PC due to first-party concerns and community perception of PC gamers23 September 2016
We played Serious Sam VR... with a minigun23 September 2016
Watch Dogs 2's latest trailer sports Hollywood style hacking, and an amazingly hairy beard23 September 2016
Forza Horizon 3 PC port review23 September 2016
Board Defenders giveaway! We've got 100 copies of this fast-paced logic puzzler up for grabs23 September 2016
Star Citizen right not to ape “basic, bare minimum” approach of Elite: Dangerous, claims Chris Roberts23 September 2016
If you're excited about Tyranny, this new dev diary will only fuel your fire23 September 2016
Civilization 6 reveals hardware-friendly system requirements23 September 2016
Watch Dogs 2 is the personality upgrade the series desperately needed23 September 2016
Watch us play three new missions from Watch Dogs 223 September 2016
Hands-on with Dishonored 2's Emily: a beautifully brutal assassin 23 September 2016
Riot discuss Mechs vs Minions, their new board game based in the League of Legends universe23 September 2016
Amazon's Lumberyard game engine gets a significant update in beta 1.523 September 2016
Outcast: Second Contact feels archaic, but perhaps it's just what fans need23 September 2016
Former Star Citizen devs claim impossible standards wasted months of development, Roberts responds23 September 2016
Action-RPGs meet robo suits and Final Fantasy-scale swords in The Surge's new screens23 September 2016
Dishonored 2 the “biggest, most important thing we have” this Christmas, says Bethesda23 September 2016
Doom’s free-for-all deathmatch is go as Free Update 3 rolls out23 September 2016
Stalled on the start line: download issues hamper Forza Horizon 3 pre-loading22 September 2016
Titanfall 2's 1v1 mode 'Coliseum’ revealed in swish new trailer22 September 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: first-person FBI thriller, Virginia, launches on NVIDIA SHIELD and PC22 September 2016
The Division is the biggest selling game of 2016 so far, Ubisoft the most prolific publisher22 September 2016
Pachter DID call PC gamers “arrogant twits”, Daily Star releases audio from interview 22 September 2016
Mafia 3‘s “precision instruments of death” showcased in fresh trailer22 September 2016
Stronghold Legends giveaway! One one of 20 copies of this fantasy strategy game!22 September 2016
Dark Souls dead for Miyazaki, but “weird” new From Software IP incoming22 September 2016
See Dark Souls 3's snowy Ashes of Ariandel DLC in a five-minute gameplay video22 September 2016
Being unlicensed frees up Motorsport Manager creatively but the devs are open to licensing22 September 2016
How to build a spaceship: a masterclass with Fractured Space22 September 2016
UK retailer's store display reveals £189.99 pricing for Oculus Touch controllers22 September 2016
Mafia 3 trailer shows us why you shouldn't carry thousands of dollars in your wallet22 September 2016
The Mionix Naos QG knows the way to a gamer’s heart is through their palm22 September 2016
FIFA 17 doesn't feature Iceland because the team turned down EA's $15,000 offer22 September 2016
Sorcerer King: Rivals review22 September 2016
Half-Life 2 sucks: scathing user reviews for classic games21 September 2016
You can now play co-op multiplayer in Stardew Valley...albeit unofficially21 September 2016
Blizzard to can branding to avoid “confusion”21 September 2016
ArenaNet clarifies position on insider trading in Guild Wars 2 AMA21 September 2016
Kingdoms of Amalur dev 38 Studios agrees $2.5 million settlement in fraud case21 September 2016
Microsoft lands Oculus mentor and VR pro Mark Bolas21 September 2016
BBC plotting “collision” between multiplayer gaming and live TV21 September 2016
Space Hulk: Deathwing devs on getting horde AI right and making Terminators feel vulnerable 21 September 2016
Framerate smoothing and dynamic optimization: Forza Horizon 3’s graphics settings revealed21 September 2016
Bank Bidders "wouldn't make a dent" on Runescape's economy, says Jagex Mod Osborne21 September 2016
We're a long way from Dunwall: new Dishonored 2 concept art shows off sunny Karnaca21 September 2016
See Dishonored 2's powers combined in sadistic ways in the Creative Kills trailer21 September 2016
New quests, updates & more: everything that's coming to Runescape in 201721 September 2016
It's about ethics in user reviews - how to get a positive Steam critique of your game for $521 September 2016
Battlefield 1's nine launch maps and six game modes revealed21 September 2016
Breakaway will be the first title from Amazon Game Studios, unveiled at TwitchCon next week21 September 2016
Tera goes to war with a revamped guild system21 September 2016
Samsung's SSD 960 Pro is a speed reader - runs at a heady 3.5GB/s21 September 2016
You'll now see all Steam reviews by default, but they still won't all count towards a game's rating21 September 2016
Paladins isn't an Overwatch clone - Hi-Rez Studios co-founder has the proof21 September 2016
League of Legends’ Ivern, The Green Father’s abilities revealed in fresh trailer21 September 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: Gears of War 4 GTX Bundle - how to get the game for free on PC20 September 2016
Is Square Enix’s next big game called Stormblood?20 September 2016
Diablo 2 HD countdown site appears...and is immediately dismissed by Blizzard20 September 2016
Team Fortress 2 three day marathon raises $180,000 for kids cancer charity20 September 2016
League of Legends patch 6.1920 September 2016
GTA 5 mod Redux “isn't going anywhere” says creator Romito, despite plagiarism claims20 September 2016
Building blocks: Worms publisher Team17 hires Minecraft man Chris van der Kuyl20 September 2016
Sniper Elite 4's debut gameplay trailer shows off X-ray melee kills and Hitler pre-order bonuses20 September 2016
Forza Horizon 3‘s launch trailer is sexier than a sports car smothered in whipped cream20 September 2016
Gigabyte X99-Ultra Gaming review: an LED-ridden motherboard with serious gaming speed20 September 2016
Blizzard are looking for a legendary Hearthstone player to help design upcoming Adventures20 September 2016
Gears of War 4 is being thrown in as a freebie with Nvidia Pascal graphic cards and systems20 September 2016
Star Wars Battlefront patch makes way for the Death Star DLC, bumps level cap and more20 September 2016
We're a long way from the '90s: meet The Bunker, a good live action adventure game20 September 2016
Elite: Dangerous 2.2 enters beta today, adding ship-launched fighters and more 20 September 2016
League of Legends board game, Mechs Vs. Minions, pits Yordles against trash mobs20 September 2016
Battlefield 1 system requirements revealed20 September 2016
Better mouse smoothing, improved FOV slider and more are heading to Bioshock remasters20 September 2016
Metal Gear Survive’s new 15 minute playthrough is getting hammered on YouTube20 September 2016
Shooting for the Doom: Old school FPS Dusk set to take us on a 90s trip19 September 2016
Badgers, bears and birds: Might and Delight’s Meadow to launch this October19 September 2016
Watch mammoth mechs make their mark in Gears of War 4‘s launch trailer19 September 2016
Oculus unveils Facebook integration, allows users to easily play VR games with their Gran19 September 2016
Boss your own biker gang in GTA Online update19 September 2016
Aorus X7 Pro v5 review: an SLI machine that sounds like a hovercraft but games like a pro19 September 2016
Gears of War 4 creative director: “PC isn't a second-class citizen"19 September 2016
Elite: Dangerous is dropping support for 32-Bit Windows and DirectX 10 - "to make the game better"19 September 2016
AMD’s manufacturing buddies are set to skip 10nm CPU lithography and go straight to 7nm19 September 2016
Official VR support could be coming to Alien: Isolation - "Dreams can come true" say Sega19 September 2016
Nvidia’s Pascal architecture has two GPU gems still to come - GTX 1080 Ti and GTX 105019 September 2016
Titanfall 2's boxed edition comes with a download code, not discs19 September 2016
Gears of War 4 will have split-screen co-op on PC, but not competitive19 September 2016
Gears of War 4's PC port is a technical powerhouse, and the best UWP game so far19 September 2016
Tulisa from British pop group N-Dubz wants to play Lara Croft in a movie19 September 2016
Harambe Vs. Capcom pits the martyred primate against the Street Fighter roster 19 September 2016
Making it in Unreal: sucking blood and beating thugs in Vampyr, Dontnod’s bitey action-RPG19 September 2016
Creator of weaponised bees and photosynthesis women says zombies don't fit Metal Gear Solid19 September 2016
Death Stranding will have a female protagonist, says Kojima19 September 2016
Unreleased Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage shows off the training mission from the alpha19 September 2016
Hybrid Wars brings top-down mech and tank action on September 2918 September 2016
Dota 2's post-International roster shuffle ends with surprisingly little drama18 September 2016
Walking simulator Dear Esther to step up to the stage for play adaptation18 September 2016
No more embarrassing BattleTags as Blizzard lets you pay for more name changes18 September 2016
Watch a dude play Overwatch as Lúcio with a DJ Hero turntable17 September 2016
WoW and StarCraft senior leads leave Blizzard after combined two decades experience17 September 2016
Metal Gear Survive lets you Fulton a sheep as bait for zombies in base defence co-op17 September 2016
Metro devs tease their next game - likely a sci-fi VR title16 September 2016
Sony's Shuhei Yoshida says he understands "some criticisms Sean Murray is getting" for No Man's Sky16 September 2016
MiniLaw: Ministry of Law lets you live out both your RoboCop and Judge Dredd fantasies16 September 2016
Star Citizen shows off new and improved first-person gunplay in 60fps video16 September 2016
Dead Rising 4's new gameplay trailer is full of selfies, shops and exo-suit slaughter16 September 2016
Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star gameplay trailer finally brings space battles to the FPS16 September 2016
Newzoo Twitch viewing stats show how big eSports events really shake up the top games16 September 2016
Ian's Eyes giveaway! 100 keys to be won for this stealth puzzler16 September 2016
Smite studio Hi-Rez launch their hero shooter, Paladins, into open beta16 September 2016
Watch the first hour of Divinity: Original Sin 2's Early Access version16 September 2016
Hearthstone’s new Priest hero, Tyrande, datamined after patch 1440616 September 2016
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided coming to Mac and Linux this year16 September 2016
Hitman’s tenth elusive target gives you a whole week to go after a pharmacy company CEO16 September 2016
The greatest moments in World of Warcraft history16 September 2016
Telltale’s Batman episode two out September 20, spoiler-packed trailer debuts the gun-toting Children of Arkham16 September 2016
Logitech spent $13m on flightsticks because “simulation games are cool and getting cooler”16 September 2016
Dishonored 2 is 16-20 hours long on your first playthrough, up to 30 for the slower paced16 September 2016
How does the Bioshock Collection compare to the originals when run at max settings?16 September 2016
Gaming survey proves that age makes us less competitive15 September 2016
Atlas Reactor releases October 4 and there's an open beta for you to try right now15 September 2016
Kit Harington tells Conor McGregor to punch you to death in Infinite Warfare's story trailer15 September 2016
BlizzCon's eSports schedule and in-game freebies laid out for the Opening Week15 September 2016
The British Royal Navy are cruising into World of Warships15 September 2016
Battlefield 1 has the biggest open beta ever, with 13.2 million players15 September 2016
South Park: The Fractured But Whole delayed15 September 2016
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is out today on Steam Early Access15 September 2016
World of Tanks’ new Convoy mode has you escorting the first ever tank into battle15 September 2016
Return to the Great Gubal Library when patch 3.4 for Final Fantasy XIV goes live September 2715 September 2016
What do PC developers really think of Steam user reviews?15 September 2016
An exclusive look at Ashes of the Singularity's new expansion, Escalation15 September 2016
Ancient empires wake in the new Leviathans Story Pack DLC for Stellaris15 September 2016
Dawn of War 3 introduces its MOBA-like support hero, Jonah Orion, and his deadly psychic powers15 September 2016
Quantum Break developers Remedy will incorporate multiplayer into future games15 September 2016
Heat vision, battle roars and a helpful astrodroid come to Battlefront in new Death Star DLC15 September 2016
Strike from the shadows with Aragami's stealth-action on October 415 September 2016
“We didn’t have a better idea” for Bioshock’s final boss, says Ken Levine15 September 2016
Dell U2717DA review: a beautiful, floating panel with an unfortunate pro-level price tag15 September 2016
New Resident Evil 7 trailer has men on fire, bloody family gatherings and a glimpse of combat15 September 2016
This November takes The Sims 4 out of the suburbs and into the city in a new expansion14 September 2016
New LoL Champion Ivern: Friend of the Forest gets a teaser14 September 2016
UFC star Conor McGregor plays a character in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare14 September 2016
Clinton 'Fear' Loomis retires as a player for Evil Geniuses to become a coach14 September 2016
The World eSports Association adds a player-elected council14 September 2016
Ubisoft are giving away open world racer The Crew14 September 2016
All Battlefield 4's expansions are free until September 1914 September 2016
The best League of Legends players: top pros from across the globe14 September 2016
BioWare are running a competition to voice two Mass Effect: Andromeda characters14 September 2016
Guild Wars 2's next Living World update gets a fiery trailer ahead of release14 September 2016
Watch Dogs 2's villain is Dušan Nemic, a throat-punching yoga lover ok with civilian casualties14 September 2016
WoW: Legion’s first mega-secret involves ten hidden orbs spawning Kosumoth, an Old God world boss14 September 2016
BioWare get new boss after EA shake-up, Maxis and Frostbite consolidated14 September 2016
Burn books and kill authors in Quote, an action-RPG in which knowledge is the enemy14 September 2016
Bioshock: The Collection PC release tomorrow - here’s when, and the console launch trailer14 September 2016
Dead Rising PC port review14 September 2016
The search for WoW: Legion’s hidden artifact skins involves exploding sheep and fishing14 September 2016
StarCraft 2 patch 3.6.0 adds a new Commander and map to co-op missions, along with tweaks13 September 2016
Hypnospace Outlaw has you policing the criminals of the internet via an arcane OS13 September 2016
100 million people play League of Legends every month13 September 2016
For Honor's closed alpha begins this Thursday, September 1513 September 2016
Mafia 3 is the first triple-A game that's comfortable depicting racism13 September 2016
Our Cat President Let's Play returns! Can things get any more unhinged? Quite possibly…13 September 2016
De-Void giveaway! Win one of 200 copies of this atmospheric exploration game13 September 2016
Warcraft releases on Blu-ray and DVD on October 1013 September 2016
Dishonored 2 Corvo gameplay trailer highlights Corvo and Delilah, the game’s villain13 September 2016
Riot say there’s “a lot left to do” with League of Legends before they’re happy - replays, sandbox and the new client13 September 2016
League of Legends: the future according to the founders of Riot13 September 2016
Mafia 3 will get more violent in response to your choices13 September 2016
Ed McMillen’s new game is Ouroboros, “like if you took Mega Man and tossed him out of a moving car”13 September 2016
Death Stranding is an open-world action game, production has now begun in earnest13 September 2016
Chris Metzen, Blizzard’s creative director and most recognisable figure, retires13 September 2016
Blackbeard nerfed, Twitch and Doc buffed in game-changing Rainbow Six: Siege patch12 September 2016
New Dragon Age likely as BioWare hire Sunless Sea's writer to work on unannounced game12 September 2016
Daymare: 1998 is a homage to old-school Resident Evil12 September 2016
Dataminer discovers interactive 3D model of a huge, futuristic city in Star Citizen12 September 2016
Hearthstone's $4.99 Welcome Bundle gets you 10 Classic Hearthstone packs and a Legendary12 September 2016
Mafia 3 system requirements revealed12 September 2016
You can now claim your $30 back from Nvidia for your GTX 970's missing memory12 September 2016
Pathologic gives you a second chance to play 2005's most haunting game12 September 2016
Shadow Warrior 2 new gameplay goes from rural Japan to neo cityscapes within 12 minutes12 September 2016
Dota 2 performance issues mean your fps drops in every successive game12 September 2016
Arcen Games founder explains why Release Raptor was cancelled after Early Access release12 September 2016
Dual Universe is a daringly ambitious mash-up of Minecraft and Eve Online12 September 2016
Hearthstone’s standard-defining Classic set could see more changes for 201712 September 2016
Kerbal Space Program patch 1.2 hits closed beta phase, makes satellites useful12 September 2016
The 10 strongest League of Legends champions in patch 6.1812 September 2016
Making it in Unreal: creating utopian Los Angeles in LawBreakers12 September 2016
Blizzard’s StarCraft II microtransaction ideas range from unit skins to a Snoop Dogg announcer pack12 September 2016
WoW’s lead designer and some of Blizzard’s biggest names start new studio with Riot Games funding12 September 2016
Teamless StarCraft player wins South Korea's biggest league, advances to BlizzCon11 September 2016
Sorcerer King: Rivals lets you make your own grand strategy map and quests11 September 2016
The Elder Scrolls: Legends will go gold once tablet version of card game arrives11 September 2016
Smite co-op wave survival boss rush mode kicks off this year's Odyssey11 September 2016
Epic Games founder calls on Sony to reconsider Fallout 4 and Skyrim mod ban on PS410 September 2016
CS:GO fixes day-old hitbox issue and crouch spam in first public beta balance patch10 September 2016
Smite organisation banned from pro league after players refuse to sign $1 salary contract10 September 2016
Canned WoW adventure game Lord of the Clans finds its way to release after 18 years10 September 2016
"I play like 16-17 hours per day," claims Reaper main who hit level 1000 in Overwatch9 September 2016
Bioshock remasters system requirements revealed, along with details on how to get a free upgrade9 September 2016
Terraria patch 1.3.3 improves blizzards and adds sandstorms9 September 2016
Xbox didn't prompt Sony to make PS4 Pro - they were worried about players migrating to PC9 September 2016
Overwatch's netcode has been significantly upgraded9 September 2016
YouTube stars, Drift0r and TmarTn, had homes targeted by criminals while away at COD XP9 September 2016
Knights of the Old Republic 2 studio devs recreate Mos Eisley spaceport in Unreal 49 September 2016
Blizzard are streaming a live WoW Legion Q&A on Twitch, September 99 September 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition is a DLC-complete edition of Bethesda's MMO9 September 2016
How do you fix a problem like Yorick? Reworking LoL's worst champ9 September 2016
Grab a set of Faeria booster packs! We've got 5000 to give away!9 September 2016
The 100-person Overwatch team still takes months to develop new maps and heroes9 September 2016
World of Warcraft’s most sought-after mount, the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph, has been found9 September 2016
Starbound patch 1.1 arrives with fishing, interface improvements and friendly animal murder9 September 2016
Get your Warhammer games while they’re cheap in Focus Home's sale9 September 2016
Razer and Creative want you to wave at your webcam9 September 2016
Facepunch don't know how to fix Rust's broken XP system so they're getting rid of it9 September 2016
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night expanding development, delayed into 20189 September 2016
Doom is finally getting a free-for-all Deathmatch mode later this month8 September 2016
Top teams launch the Professional eSports Association, will host $1m CS:GO League8 September 2016
GOG offer refunds on year-old game, Armello, because DLC is only for the Steam version8 September 2016
Some cards have been removed from the draft in Hearthstone Arena for balance purposes8 September 2016
Tropico 4 is free on Humble Bundle for a limited time8 September 2016
Prey takes place in an alternate timeline where JFK wasn't assassinated8 September 2016
Dual Universe Kickstarter promises a space MMO without instances, zones and transitions8 September 2016
Can you build a PC to match the new PS4 Pro's price and performance?8 September 2016
Are OLED and Quantum Dot the future of gaming monitors? Not according to Philips8 September 2016
Oculus just won an Emmy for a short film about a hedgehog called Henry8 September 2016
Geforce Experience moves to version 3.0, significantly reduces system footprint8 September 2016
Rocket League gears up for eSports with crate-and-key Rumble update8 September 2016
Dawn of War 3 is a surprisingly conservative RTS 8 September 2016
Street Fighter 5’s Urien release date will be revealed at TGS next week8 September 2016
WoW: Legion sold 3.3 million copies by day one, matching previous records8 September 2016
Mass Effect’s two protagonist options are brother and sister, their dad’s an N7 operative8 September 2016
How Atlas Reactor's seasons let you dictate and change the lore8 September 2016
The World in Wargaming: hitting the road with Drive on Moscow8 September 2016
Earthworm Jim, MDK & more: Interplay are selling the 90s IPs you always said you'd play8 September 2016
League of Legends patch 6.188 September 2016
"In hindsight it was very cool" - Cliff Bleszinski regrets vetoing playable woman from Gears of War8 September 2016
Why Endless Space 2 is Amplitude's first sequel8 September 2016
CoD: Infinite Warfare gameplay trailer takes us to an abandoned facility filled with killer droids7 September 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda gets a first gameplay trailer in gorgeous 4K7 September 2016
PlayStation meeting livestream scheduled for today at 12pm PDT / 8pm BST7 September 2016
You can customise your mech in Titanfall 2 with garish camo and 'Thug Life' art7 September 2016
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8: 'A Journey's End' releases September 137 September 2016
"Here’s the fact: the game didn’t turn out like we wanted" - Bethesda talk Prey 2's cancellation 7 September 2016
Topic of the Week: What do you think of Legion?7 September 2016
The Tau join Battlefleet Gothic: Armada tomorrow via an opt-in beta7 September 2016
Hitman's Elusive Targets will never be re-released because "they wouldn't stand up"7 September 2016
Deus Ex: Revision vs. Mankind Divided - why I jilted Jensen for Denton7 September 2016
Hitman's fifth episode is larger than Sapienza, features gameplay changes and a scarecrow7 September 2016
Corsair K70 Rapidfire review7 September 2016
PETA want Farming Simulator 17 to include graphic pig-slaughter footage "to give players an accurate depiction of the industry"7 September 2016
Dreadnought is the next big free-to-play heavy hitter7 September 2016
Samsung will release Quantum Dot GSync and 4K gaming monitors in 20177 September 2016
D4D project recreates Doom 2016 intro map in original Doom engine7 September 2016
Watch the first 15 minutes of Tacoma, the sci-fi narrative game from the Gone Home team6 September 2016
Forza Motorsport 6: Apex leaves beta and adds steering wheel support6 September 2016
FIFA 17 PC demo is releasing on September 136 September 2016
First PC footage of ReCore revealed, along with system requirements6 September 2016
WoW Legion companion app out now on Android and iOS6 September 2016
Virginia gets a haunting, pastel-coloured cinematic trailer6 September 2016
Watch: Mother Russia Bleeds, punches us until we throw up 6 September 2016
Hitman Episode 5 is out September 27 - infiltrate a private militia camp in Colorado6 September 2016
Fallout 4 is a surprisingly good zombie game6 September 2016
Studio Wildcard respond to ARK expansion controversy6 September 2016
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The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier sees Clementine return this November2 September 2016
No green light yet, but Shenmue 1 & 2 remakes have Sega's "full attention"2 September 2016
Worms studio and indie publishing label Team17 secure £16.5m investment2 September 2016
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer reveals class-based multiplayer with on-the-fly crafting2 September 2016
ReCore's launch trailer shows action platforming through a desert with robot pals2 September 2016
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Batman - The Telltale Series Episode 2: Children of Arkham releases September 202 September 2016
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