October 2017 Archive

Frozen Synapse 2 will likely have a beta by the end of the year31 October 2017
Hideo Kojima cheers himself up by watching the making of The Abyss31 October 2017
Dota 2's 7.07 Dueling Fates update is now live31 October 2017
This is your first look at the next Rainbow Six Siege season31 October 2017
EA are making changes to Battlefront 2’s progression system after community backlash31 October 2017
Dark’s five year undefeated streak against non-Korean StarCraft players just ended31 October 2017
We're giving away 1000 Halloween loot boxes for World of Warships - grab yours now!31 October 2017
You can choose the next League of Legends skin31 October 2017
Assassin's Creed Origins PC review31 October 2017
Here's when Hearthstone's next expansion will be announced and how to watch - expect rap31 October 2017
Creature collecting JRPG World of Final Fantasy is coming to PC next month31 October 2017
Spintires: MudRunner PC review31 October 2017
A novelty Dota 2 tournament is sponsored by the Kennedy Space Center, for some reason31 October 2017
How Brian Fargo's hustle kept inXile alive long enough to revive the RPG31 October 2017
Nvidia's GeForce Now turns MacBooks into GTX 1080 gaming machines through the cloud31 October 2017
Here's how to rebind even more keys in Destiny 231 October 2017
Get Guacamelee, Rain World, and Pathfinder books in the Humble Extra Life Bundle31 October 2017
Xbox are running a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds stream later today, watch it here31 October 2017
Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is here... as an unofficial isometric shooter31 October 2017
Gorgeous time-puzzler The Gardens Between hits PC alongside consoles30 October 2017
You can’t share uncensor patches for adult games on Steam anymore30 October 2017
Football Manager 2018 will have players come out as gay30 October 2017
CCP shut down multiple offices as they move away from VR development30 October 2017
Monster Hunter: World’s December beta is a PlayStation exclusive30 October 2017
League of Legends Worlds 2017: Prepare for the Grand Final30 October 2017
League of Legends' EU LCS is returning to its best-of-one format next year30 October 2017
Dauntless just got a major patch but it's the December update you should be excited for30 October 2017
Dauntless developers drop loot boxes in favour of "player first" monetisation30 October 2017
Destiny 2 PC performance review: a PC version worth waiting for30 October 2017
You can play every Far Cry 5 mission with a friend30 October 2017
Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris DLC launches on December 530 October 2017
Spelunky 2 has just been announced at Paris Games Week30 October 2017
Chris Redfield gets covered in zombie blood in a new Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero trailer30 October 2017
This man clocked almost a full year of playtime in Ark: Survival Evolved - here's why30 October 2017
Sony's Paris Games Week livestream starts in 20 minutes, may contain Destiny 2 news30 October 2017
Runescape's Halloween event features horror stories co-written by the community30 October 2017
Intel are launching 10nm chips before the end of the year, despite manufacturing hell30 October 2017
The Chinese government is discouraging the development of battle royale games30 October 2017
Win a virtual ticket to watch all the excitement of BlizzCon 2017 live on November 2-3!30 October 2017
Making it in Unreal: Tiny Metal improves on Advance Wars with help from a Japanese trick30 October 2017
MachineGames shaved Hitler for the German version of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus30 October 2017
Destiny 2 exotic weapons quest guide - how to get Rat King, MIDA Multi Tool, Sturm, and Legend of Acrius30 October 2017
Esports would need a worldwide governing body to join the Olympics30 October 2017
Here's how to trigger the Heroic mode of Destiny 2's public events30 October 2017
Escape From Tarkov gears up for open beta with new localizations, gear and a sack of guns29 October 2017
Star Citizen's new video roundup features promo ships, alien language & new engine tech29 October 2017
Indies In Development: This week's most promising picks from #ScreenshotSaturday29 October 2017
Massive tabletop game studio Fantasy Flight announce a dedicated videogame division29 October 2017
The first qualifying matches for FIFA 18's eWorld Cup event start next week29 October 2017
Hunting for tales: a celebration of The Witcher's 10th anniversary28 October 2017
Even in the far future of Heat Signature, the Skeleton War still rages this Halloween28 October 2017
Minecraft celebrates Stranger Things' second season with an official skin pack28 October 2017
STALKER-like F2P shooter Survarium adds its first cooperative PvE story mission in v0.5028 October 2017
Activision reassures players it has no plans to use patent for glistening steel horror which feasts on blood28 October 2017
Eve Online's new Lifeblood expansion builds on resource conflict at every level28 October 2017
The weird and wonderful keyboards of Kickstarter28 October 2017
Torment: Tides of Numenera gets a free weekend as the inXile library goes on sale27 October 2017
Here’s how combat works in Kingdom Come: Deliverance27 October 2017
Assassin's Creed Origins PC performance review: a port as strong as the pyramids27 October 2017
The Papers, Please movie trailer looks like a perfect adaptation27 October 2017
Visceral’s Star Wars game was to be a gritty heist story with multiple protagonists27 October 2017
A new study suggests gaming addiction isn’t a real disorder27 October 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a new hand-drawn Steam game, beat Destiny 2, play Junkenstein's Revenge, and more!27 October 2017
Watch concept footage of the Resident Evil TV show that almost was27 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Grab one of 500 codes to get into Laser League's field test this weekend!27 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Win one of 50 codes for hand-drawn adventure game The Inner World 2!27 October 2017
Destiny 2 is the perfect game for us filthy casuals, despite its rep as a time hog27 October 2017
Halloween savings hit GOG and Humble Store alongside free games27 October 2017
Okami HD gets two new trailers ahead of its December release27 October 2017
Overwatch should look to the horde mode greats to improve on Junkenstein's Revenge27 October 2017
Watching Overwatch is about to get easier, and Mercy is about to get nerfed27 October 2017
Nvidia is cracking down on servers powered by GeForce graphics cards27 October 2017
Destiny 2's grandiose story is let down by its mission design27 October 2017
"No single-player is coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," according to Brendan Greene27 October 2017
Under a mechanical sky: we toured The Elder Scrolls Online's Clockwork City27 October 2017
Destiny 2 is getting private matches and better activity incentives27 October 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda book tells you where the quarians got to27 October 2017
You'll need an internet connection to play Metal Gear Survive's single-player27 October 2017
NeoGAF competitor ResetEra has reached 100,000 posts in less than 36 hours27 October 2017
EA shut down Battlefield multiplayer restoration project The Revive Network27 October 2017
Blizzard are taking action against fake Hearthstone events26 October 2017
Here are the final system requirements for Call of Duty: WW226 October 2017
Friday the 13th’s latest update aims to keep Tommy Jarvis players from being jerks26 October 2017
Steam’s Halloween Sale 2017 is here with deep discounts on Doom, RE7, and more26 October 2017
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus review - the killin' Nazi business26 October 2017
Digital Extremes have “hit the pause button” on The Amazing Eternals development26 October 2017
Year two of Civilization 6 will extend its endgame through diplomacy and new leaders26 October 2017
Diablo 3 and its expansions are half-price ahead of BlizzCon26 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Win a copy of cartoony, FTL-like WW2 survival sim Bomber Crew!26 October 2017
Things are getting spooky in Fortnite's Halloween update26 October 2017
Why one gamer spent over a year cataloguing over 1500 videogame vending machines26 October 2017
Total War: Warhammer's world-colliding Mortal Empires DLC is out now26 October 2017
The Witcher 1 still shares the intoxicating atmosphere of Wild Hunt 10 years later26 October 2017
Nvidia finally announce the GTX 1070 Ti, and it's an overclocking monster26 October 2017
AMD bring 1080p gaming performance to ultrabooks with their Ryzen Mobile APUs26 October 2017
The Witcher series is 10 years old today26 October 2017
Battlefront 2 actor and DeviantArt founder launch NeoGAF competitor: The Forum26 October 2017
The next Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings 2 expansions are out next month26 October 2017
Warner Bros. have taken over the retail rights to Rocket League26 October 2017
Bungie say Destiny 2 players banned "in error" have been unbanned26 October 2017
Magic: The Gathering Arena’s closed beta starts next month25 October 2017
Nvidia Showcase: why your PC needs a Destiny 2 upgrade25 October 2017
Steam finally has digital gift cards25 October 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s expansion pass features new characters and a new region25 October 2017
Ela nerfs lead the charge with Rainbow Six Siege’s mid-season reinforcements25 October 2017
5 reasons to dive back into Rift for the Crucia's Claw update25 October 2017
You can be banned for spamming voice lines in Overwatch25 October 2017
Loot boxes have no impact on game sales, according to NPD analysts25 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Win a code to unlock all the fighters in platform-fighter Brawlhalla!25 October 2017
Destiny 2's mute player is an ill-advised throwback that pushes you out of the world25 October 2017
Ryzen processor success edges AMD back into profit25 October 2017
Destiny 2's European Dead Zone is great for the same reasons as Half-Life 2: Episode 225 October 2017
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is free on Steam until tomorrow25 October 2017
The voice of B.J. Blazkowicz on the "binary choice" of killing Nazis in Wolfenstein 225 October 2017
Destiny 2's shooting is amazing because every enemy is a loot box25 October 2017
Destiny 2 PC review25 October 2017
Destiny 2 datamine mentions Osiris, Sparrow Racing, and other future content25 October 2017
Stardew Valley bug lets you spawn in any item you want whenever people say your name25 October 2017
The idea that single-player games will disappear is "totally absurd," ex-Visceral dev says25 October 2017
Robert Guillaume, the voice of Half-Life 2's Eli Vance, has died25 October 2017
Metal Gear Survive is out February 2018 and you can pre-order it now25 October 2017
Here's how to unlock your second and third subclasses in Destiny 225 October 2017
Double Fine’s finest adventures are cheap for the Humble Day of the Devs Bundle24 October 2017
GOG are giving away Stronghold HD with a bizarre gender war adventure game24 October 2017
Former Visceral dev says single-player games aren’t going anywhere24 October 2017
Destiny 2’s population tracker is gone because it was used to “spread a false narrative”24 October 2017
Destiny 2 has major crashing issues for AMD Phenom users24 October 2017
Destiny 2 guide - tips for Guardians starting their loot-filled adventures24 October 2017
South Park: The Fractured but Whole is getting blasted on Steam for bugs24 October 2017
Destiny 2 will not have a Halloween event this year24 October 2017
League of Legends' new Lag Report service helps you find the best ISP24 October 2017
Win a new Voden skin and the new necromancer hero in our Gigantic: Season of Souls giveaway!24 October 2017
Destiny 2 arrives on PC today, here's exactly when you can play24 October 2017
How videogame developers are helping us get to Mars24 October 2017
Destiny 2’s aim assist options are unchanged from the beta24 October 2017
Destiny 2's developers expect PC players to do "interesting and nefarious" things24 October 2017
How does Destiny 2 on PC compare with console? Our hands-on impressions24 October 2017
Curious bike adventure game Steel Rats blends Trials with Inside24 October 2017
Developer worried Star Trek Discovery lifted giant space bug storyline from his game24 October 2017
League of Legends Patch 7.21: Death Sworn Skins and more Balance Changes24 October 2017
GG Expo wants to bring professional level esports to the masses24 October 2017
There's no multiplayer in Wolfenstein 2, because it would "dilute" the story24 October 2017
Do the impossible and kill Rasputin in World of Warships24 October 2017
Development on Battleborn has now officially come to an end24 October 2017
NeoGAF is back online, with a statement addressing sexual assault allegations24 October 2017
Maia’s 0.64 update brings kittens and puppies to space23 October 2017
Larian tease “something wicked” coming to Divinity: Original Sin 223 October 2017
Assassin’s Creed Origins: release date, setting, open world, combat, weapons, pre-order - everything we know23 October 2017
WWE are among the esports investors funding Cloud923 October 2017
Assassin’s Creed Origins’ launch trailer features gladiators, makeouts, and angry elephants23 October 2017
Don’t expect any single-player DLC for Grand Theft Auto 523 October 2017
Destiny 2 planets: your guide to Titan, Nessus, Io, and the European Dead Zone23 October 2017
Destiny 2's text chat has no public channel23 October 2017
After the first month, Destiny 2 PC will have simultaneous content releases with console23 October 2017
Vibrant brings hypnotic arcade action to Steam after 15 years of development23 October 2017
Can Studio Wildcard win back the players turning against Ark: Survival Evolved?23 October 2017
The voice of BJ Blazcowicz didn't know he was auditioning for Wolfenstein23 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Get in the mood for Halloween by winning one of 50 codes for Killing Floor 2!23 October 2017
Here are the system requirements for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus23 October 2017
Ex-Mass Effect dev: "the linear single-player triple-A game at EA is dead for the time being"23 October 2017
Creative Assembly on the daunting task of fusing its Total War: Warhammer trilogy in Mortal Empires23 October 2017
Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on January 26, with pre-orders available now23 October 2017
Mortal Empires lets you live out your wildest Total War: Warhammer fantasies23 October 2017
Ataribox's general manager reckons it'll succeed where the Steam machine didn't23 October 2017
A team of speedrunners think they've set an unbeatable Mirror's Edge record23 October 2017
Making it in Unreal: how Floppy and the Sleepy Planet's 3D platforming was informed by Worms' bazooka23 October 2017
Victorious Graves is this year's League of Legends ranked season reward skin23 October 2017
Destiny 2 story guide: "get the band back together," save Nathan Fillion23 October 2017
Overwatch streamer showcases harassment faced by women23 October 2017
The latest PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds patch adds more damage to the Blue Zone23 October 2017
The Sword Art Online deluge on PC continues with Hollow Realization's release next week22 October 2017
Moody puzzle-platformer In The Shadows launches on Steam & GOG22 October 2017
Indies In Development: This week's most promising picks from #ScreenshotSaturday22 October 2017
DOS classics Star Control 1 & 2 hit Steam, but you might want to try this HD fan-remaster21 October 2017
2009 sci-fi JRPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope finally hits PC next month, remastered in 4k21 October 2017
Ambitious Half-Life 2 mod Dark Interval rebuilds the classic from early concepts21 October 2017
This gamer mum review bombs her son for neglecting household chores21 October 2017
Funcom's early Halloween treat: Multiplayer spook-em-up Hide and Shriek is now free21 October 2017
Consortium: The Tower's new playable demo offers freedom befitting an immersive sim21 October 2017
Destiny 2's quarterly seasons will bring in-game events, rebalancing and clan ranking resets21 October 2017
Alter Army is an impressively stylish action game by two 15-year-olds from India20 October 2017
Civilization 3 is free today on the Humble Store20 October 2017
Twitch will finally have a clear path to become a partner or affiliate20 October 2017
Northgard's latest update adds a very big, very nice bird20 October 2017
Gabe Newell is one of the 100 richest people in America20 October 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: Enter our 10,000 code giveaway, pre-load Destiny 2, get The Witcher 3 cheap, and more!20 October 2017
How I learned to start roleplaying somebody other than myself20 October 2017
Here’s a full view of Total War: Warhammer 2’s combined campaign map, out next week20 October 2017
Football Manager 2018 aims to make matchdays "more immersive and authentic"20 October 2017
Free Steam keys: We're giving away 10,000 multiplayer beta codes for Aquanox Deep Descent!20 October 2017
The next three Steam sales have been revealed20 October 2017
Building the massive new arena that will put London at the heart of European esports20 October 2017
Star Wars Battlefront 2's campaign will be "5-7 hours" long20 October 2017
Extinction isn't the giant slayer Attack on Titan fans are looking for20 October 2017
Here’s the release schedule for Destiny 2 PC's Leviathan raid20 October 2017
Why Football Manager 2018 finally puts graphics before graphs20 October 2017
Civilization 6's fall update, out now, adds two new civs and overhauls religion20 October 2017
The Overwatch competitive community thinks Mercy is too strong, and boring, for the World Cup20 October 2017
The biggest upset in League of Legends history is on for the World Championships20 October 2017
Zotac just created the perfect single-slot GTX 1080 Ti, then ruined it20 October 2017
You can pick up a Steam Link for just 80p20 October 2017
Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode two is out now, without its Denuvo protection20 October 2017
Microsoft quietly snuck a new anti-cheat system into the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update19 October 2017
The Black Death’s latest update totally overhauls the medieval survival sim19 October 2017
Rainbow Six Siege is about to give Jager a new elite skin19 October 2017
Gaming videos are bigger than HBO, Netflix, and Hulu combined19 October 2017
Bomber Crew drops FTL into World War 2, and is even more hectic19 October 2017
Dawn of War 3 gets its biggest update yet alongside a free weekend19 October 2017
Tekken director’s dream game is a multi-franchise fighter in "a King of Fighters style"19 October 2017
This Divinity: Original Sin 2 player proved you can kill bosses with their own portraits19 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Win The Black Death! The medieval survival game, not the disease19 October 2017
Playing Janna, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the League of Legends meta19 October 2017
'Plunder the dunj' with Boyfriend Dungeon, a dungeon crawler crossed with a dating sim19 October 2017
Only a single player has guessed LoL Worlds correctly so far19 October 2017
Watch a woman shoot herself into space in Star Wars Battlefront 2's campaign trailer19 October 2017
Cities: Skylines - Green Cities does an excellent job of spreading the vegan cause19 October 2017
OpenMW is a fan-made project to crack into the Morrowind engine19 October 2017
Warframe's Plains of Eidolon update is a bold change for veterans only19 October 2017
Without those leaked benchmarks you already know how the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti performs19 October 2017
I thought Gigabyte's Aorus X9 was a super quiet SLI laptop… until we actually turned the fans on19 October 2017
Some South Park: The Fractured But Whole pre-orders are getting cancelled19 October 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds overtakes League of Legends at Korean PC bangs19 October 2017
Halo Wars 2 will get cross-play this month18 October 2017
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Dust2 revamp is now live18 October 2017
Destiny 2 pre-loads are live on Battle.net18 October 2017
Immortals’ investment in Overwatch League reportedly cost them their LCS spot18 October 2017
Only cheat in South Park: The Fractured but Whole if you want to get chewed out18 October 2017
Overwatch This episode 52: can the UK win the World Cup?18 October 2017
Steam is set to have 6,000 new releases in 2017 alone18 October 2017
Runescape players will win a paid trip to Jagex in the Dimension of the Damned event18 October 2017
Humble's latest bundle celebrates developers from Down Under18 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Expand your evil touch by winning one of 50 codes for Dungeons 3!18 October 2017
LawBreakers' All-Star update adds ranked matchmaking 18 October 2017
Asus hints Coffee Lake's lack of backwards compatibility is down to future 8-core CPUs18 October 2017
Civilization 6's Indonesia is led by a 14th-century warrior-queen18 October 2017
The Evil Within 2 is a survival horror greatest hits compilation18 October 2017
Hearthstone Halloween event adds Witch Jaina skin - we know what you're doing, Blizzard18 October 2017
Microsoft's Classic Intellimouse is a retro hardware remake I can get behind18 October 2017
Dead Space 2 cost $60 million to make and 4 million sales "weren't enough"18 October 2017
Warhammer: Vermintide 2: release date, Chaos, career paths, gameplay, trailers - everything we know18 October 2017
Activision say their microtransaction patent "has not been implemented in-game"18 October 2017
Here is how Ubisoft are fixing ping abuse in Rainbow Six Siege18 October 2017
Hearthstone no longer has synergy picks in Arena matches17 October 2017
Dead by Daylight adds Freddy Krueger to its roster of slashers17 October 2017
Overwatch's latest Lucio fix is live17 October 2017
EA have shut down Visceral Games, and will reboot their Star Wars title17 October 2017
The Axiom mod makes it easier to play Starcraft competitively17 October 2017
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 brings a touch of Chaos to the Left 4 Dead formula17 October 2017
Vermintide 2’s live gameplay reveal starts in minutes17 October 2017
Webcomic fans are running an xkcd-inspired game jam17 October 2017
Minecraft now lets you export in-game models, but only in the Windows 10 version17 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Win a copy of new science-fantasy RPG Elex, from the creators of Gothic17 October 2017
To celebrate the series' 10th anniversary, pick up The Witcher 3 for 60% off17 October 2017
Hitler makes a cameo in Wolfenstein 2's launch trailer17 October 2017
Infinite Shadow Wars are coming to Middle-earth: Shadow of War for free17 October 2017
Gearbox are hiring a writer for what's almost definitely Borderlands 317 October 2017
Destiny 2's best bits are swallowed by the yawning void of the grind17 October 2017
The UK government have responded to questions about in-game gambling17 October 2017
The Nemesis system is wasted on Middle-earth: Shadow of War17 October 2017
Sony announce Unties, a new indie publishing label for PC17 October 2017
Forza Motorsport 7 PC performance review: a PC port in need of a pit stop17 October 2017
Wolfenstein 2's B.J. reloads faster when he's under pressure17 October 2017
Team Fortress 2 is heading to the jungle with its new update, out this week17 October 2017
South Park: The Fractured But Whole PC review17 October 2017
Rogue Trooper Redux, a remaster of the 2006 original, is out now17 October 2017
WoW’s biggest legacy server project is forced to relaunch after accusations of corruption17 October 2017
Resident Evil 7’s End of Zoe DLC finally adds a non-creepy hillbilly16 October 2017
Forged Battalion will let you create your own RTS faction and units16 October 2017
Destiny 2's Monty Python emote was an expert wall hacking tool, so now it's gone16 October 2017
The silly stories behind Fallout's biggest icons16 October 2017
The Khmer have put a ballista on top of an elephant for Civilization 616 October 2017
Win two new aircraft and more prizes in our big World of Warplanes giveaway!16 October 2017
Overwatch just reached 35 million players16 October 2017
Star Citizen's single-player spin-off won't be launching in 201716 October 2017
Sadly, Overgrowth feels like a game from 2008, because it is16 October 2017
The director of Nier: Automata wants to make an "adult movie"16 October 2017
Kingdom Come: Deliverance brings Skyrim crashing down to medieval reality16 October 2017
CD Projekt Red lose staff because they "reinvent the wheel every friggin' time"16 October 2017
Ransomware attack on Toshiba means 400,000TB of SSD storage is missing16 October 2017
Making it in Unreal: inside the gloomy prison cells of Inmates16 October 2017
Assassin's Creed fans have translated Origin's ancient Egyptian adverts16 October 2017
South Park: The Fractured But Whole release date, collector’s edition, gameplay, classes – everything we know15 October 2017
The Evil Within 2 guide: weapons, upgrades, crafting, and survival tips15 October 2017
Supremely silly Sauron simulator Dungeons 3 is out now on Steam, GOG, Humble & more15 October 2017
Indies in development: this week's most promising picks from #ScreenshotSaturday15 October 2017
Four-way anime fighter crossover BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle confirmed for a Steam release15 October 2017
Multiple players banned live during Eleague's CS:GO Boston Major qualifier matches15 October 2017
A Hat In Time opens up for modding, with official Psychonauts & Freedom Planet add-ons15 October 2017
Heavy machinery sim and TV tie-in Gold Rush: The Game becomes a surprise hit on Steam14 October 2017
The Surge's free Fire & Ice Weapon Pack DLC adds fun new ways to disassemble angry robots14 October 2017
Blizzard office disaster: Secret Santa cancelled after everyone gets duplicate sprays14 October 2017
Destiny 2 gives Overwatch a playful and overt nod in this Iron Banner commentary easter egg14 October 2017
The Asus Zephyrus sure is a slimline notebook, but it ain't no gaming 'laptop' 14 October 2017
Pink-haired Gnomes race across Azeroth today to raise money for breast cancer awareness14 October 2017
Valve: Fans are allowed to stream tournament DotaTV matches if ad & sponsor-free14 October 2017
Europe’s top non-HGC Heroes of Storm players will be competing in the Nexus Games13 October 2017
Nvidia Showcase: the epic spectacle of battle in Shadow of War13 October 2017
IGN have bought Humble Bundle13 October 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: play The Evil Within 2, mod Total War: Warhammer 2, get Borderlands cheap, and more!13 October 2017
Tekken has dropped tutorials because players don’t use them13 October 2017
Rayman 4 will be great so long as it remembers the series' secret weapon: reinvention13 October 2017
Life is Strange: Before the Storm's second episode is out next week13 October 2017
We have 1000s of codes for Kritika Online you can grab for free right here!13 October 2017
Everything that the new open-world Plains of Eidolon update adds to Warframe 13 October 2017
No, Nvidia aren't blocking overclocking on the GTX 1070 Ti13 October 2017
Far Cry 5 is the first in the series to be localised in Arabic13 October 2017
Star Wars Battlefront 2's beta is two different games that never meet13 October 2017
Shadow of War is $30 in South Asia, thanks to Steam's new pricing region13 October 2017
Here's how Weird West bounty hunting sim Hunt: Showdown works13 October 2017
A wave of six-month bans has hit World of Warcraft cheats13 October 2017
How death influences Alexis Kennedy's writing on Dragon Age 4 and other games13 October 2017
The best items in Star Wars: Battlefront II are only available through gameplay13 October 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War's Denuvo piracy protection was cracked in less than 24 hours13 October 2017
Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw leaves BioWare12 October 2017
Riot founders hint at new game as they return to development12 October 2017
Game companies can now run their own verified Discords12 October 2017
This free-to-play Steam game is filled with unlicensed Warcraft characters12 October 2017
Battlefield 1 adds Operations server browser in latest update12 October 2017
Spintires: Mudrunner trailer shows off its gloriously thick mud12 October 2017
A brief history of how Steam review bombing damages developers12 October 2017
Ys 8’s localization was a mess, but it’ll be fixed in time for the PC version12 October 2017
Games rating boards can't call loot boxes gambling until the law does12 October 2017
Plains of Eidolon, the new Warframe expansion, arrives on PC today12 October 2017
An Elite Dangerous player drew a Thargoid ship on their calculator12 October 2017
Modern stealth games give players too much power12 October 2017
LawBreakers' concurrent player count dropped to 10 this afternoon12 October 2017
Michel Ancel wants to make Rayman 412 October 2017
Zuckerberg aims to get a billion people into VR with new mobile headset and Rift price drop12 October 2017
You can turn off Shadow of War's loot boxes if you know you will hate them12 October 2017
Football Manager 2018's new scouting system replicates habits of real-world clubs12 October 2017
The huge Team Fortress 2 rebalance announced in June is now "imminent"12 October 2017
Intel's Coffee Lake paper launch leaves less than a handful of chips for sale12 October 2017
Fortnite Battle Royale gets player stats and cheat reporting in new patch12 October 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda and a Star Wars Battlefront 2 trial are coming to Origin Access12 October 2017
COD: WW2 has a new version of Uplink and a London Blitz map11 October 2017
The game industry’s value has tripled because of DLC and microtransactions11 October 2017
PS4-exclusive Until Dawn is playable on PC with the latest PS Now update11 October 2017
Nvidia Showcase: 5 ways Shadow of War expands on Tolkien’s universe11 October 2017
Respawn are working with Oculus on a VR war game11 October 2017
Bungie made Destiny 2's shaders and mods controversies worse than they needed to be11 October 2017
A solo WoW player just beat one of the hardest raid bosses in the game11 October 2017
3 ways Battalion 1944 goes backwards to push the FPS forwards11 October 2017
AMD’s Vega beats Nvidia’s GTX 1080 by up to 21% in Shadow of War at 4K11 October 2017
Overwatch This episode 51: Halloween and a fear of the future11 October 2017
Celebrate Star Trek Online - Season 14 by winning a new, powerful ship in our huge giveaway!11 October 2017
Thanks to Football Manager, the Bolivian national team tried to field a French player11 October 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War PC performance review - a PC port forged from Mithril 11 October 2017
Why XCOM still needs Julian Gollop11 October 2017
If you've always had a thing for burnt flesh, the Evil Within 2 launch trailer is for you11 October 2017
Chinese gamers are review-bombing Kerbal Space Program over a single line of text11 October 2017
Intel's quantum chip could loosen Nvidia's grip on parallel computing11 October 2017
Throwback RPGs like Divinity and Torment are rediscovering the power of prose11 October 2017
Get the full Borderlands series for $10 in latest Humble Bundle11 October 2017
Colonel Sanders is in WWE 2K1811 October 2017
Nvidia's robotaxis offer our first look at post-Volta graphics architecture11 October 2017
You’ll have to leave the house to get Hearthstone’s newest hero10 October 2017
This CS:GO frag video is a terrific way to make you feel bad about your skills10 October 2017
The Battlefront 2 beta got a last-minute extension10 October 2017
The Stardew Valley creator’s next game will be in the same world but a different genre10 October 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War skills guide - your first look at Talion’s abilities10 October 2017
Here are all the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 skins, including a totally 80s Zarya10 October 2017
Overwatch patch 1.16: instant ultimates and Halloween Terror10 October 2017
League of Legends Patch 7.20: Evelynn Rework and Super Galaxy Skins10 October 2017
You don’t need to buy loot chests to enjoy Shadow of War’s endgame10 October 2017
Valve were told that Portal would only appeal to "female gamers"10 October 2017
How the Shadow of War devs (try to) stick to Tolkien lore10 October 2017
Hawken’s shutdown is a real blow to mech fans10 October 2017
You can't spend real money on Assassin's Creed Origins' loot boxes10 October 2017
Elder Scrolls Online delves deeper into Morrowind with the Clockwork City DLC10 October 2017
Free Steam keys: Win the remastered version of strategy game classic Stronghold 2!10 October 2017
Doubts over Overwatch League lead analysts to downgrade Blizzard's financial status10 October 2017
World of Warplanes 2.0 aims to fix the game's biggest problems with Conquest mode10 October 2017
How Call of Duty killed any hopes for Battlefield: Bad Company 310 October 2017
Elite Dangerous players have found out how to bait Thargoids with space fruit10 October 2017
The 5 best orcs I butchered in Middle-earth: Shadow of War10 October 2017
Intel's 'Vega Inside' would be a mighty mobile chip, but it's just wishful thinking10 October 2017
How anime landed BattleTech and the MechWarrior games in legal trouble10 October 2017
Facebook's StarCraft AI lost to three lone developers in a recent tournament10 October 2017
Tacoma, Tomb Raider, and Alien: Isolation going cheap in Humble's Female Protagonist Sale10 October 2017
A new Overwatch game is in development10 October 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War PC review10 October 2017
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