October 2015 Archive

SKT become first two-time LoL Worlds champions as KOO fall valiantly31 October 2015
Marvel Heroes 2015 adds Blade to its roster in time for Halloween31 October 2015
Fallout 4's Nuka Cola Quantum is heading to Target for a limited run - +5 rads31 October 2015
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition had prizes hidden in its EULA31 October 2015
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 shows off a redesigned Nuketown31 October 2015
Romero's Aftermath surpasses 1 million players31 October 2015
Weekend Halloween Deals Dump: the shape of an L31 October 2015
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth released, launch trailer brings bottlecap button30 October 2015
League of Legends Worlds Final kicks off tomorrow, SKT confident of victory30 October 2015
Frozen Cortex DLC introduces Pay2Lose armour and "cursory free Halloween aesthetic"30 October 2015
Hard West release date delayed deeper into November, more time to load your six-shooter30 October 2015
Atlas Reactor trailer shows of simultaneous turns, simultaneous deaths30 October 2015
Project CARS DLC arrives with Japanese Car Pack, includes "Rocket Bunny Editions"30 October 2015
Talisman: Digital Edition goes to The City in latest expansion30 October 2015
Sword Coast Legends has been "polarizing"; all planned DLC will be free30 October 2015
Overwatch character has backstory as StarCraft pro, metaverse implodes30 October 2015
The Technomancer gives Martian wildlife a kicking in combat trailer30 October 2015
Dawn of War II: Retribution extra gore DLC is so bloody it can "affect battle visibility"30 October 2015
Elite: Dangerous - Horizons surface base assault filmed by David Braben in a buggy30 October 2015
Hi-Rez make every Tribes game up to Ascend free to download (including Irrational's)30 October 2015
The Escapists: Duct Tapes are Forever DLC asks you to break your Bonds in a villain's lair30 October 2015
Diablo community demands action from Blizzard in open letter regarding botters30 October 2015
Dota 2 halloween patch brings HotS/TF2 mash-up custom map Haunted Colosseum29 October 2015
Mirror's Edge Catalyst delayed into May, it's probably for the best29 October 2015
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Orks arrive in ramshackle spacecraft29 October 2015
Outlast 2 trailer arrives to tease us with a release date: Fall 201629 October 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight PC port review29 October 2015
Paradox acquire World of Darkness owner White Wolf, "multiple digital games titles" promised29 October 2015
The making of: Duke Nukem 3D29 October 2015
GTA V Halloween Surprise brings slasher fun to a gangster's paradise 29 October 2015
Making it in Unreal: exploring the science of shadow in Styx: Shards of Darkness29 October 2015
The Town of Light release date set for February 26th, prepare for nightmares29 October 2015
Victor Vran is looking to be the Pumpkin King this Halloween29 October 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Search for Ethan Carter on NVIDIA GeForce NOW29 October 2015
Hitman trailer sees Agent 47 go on a killer vacation29 October 2015
Team Fortress 2 gets spooky with a new Halloween event29 October 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight re-release is still riddled with problems29 October 2015
Anno 2205 video shows off handy modular buildings28 October 2015
Armello's first update, Armellians Roar, gives players more control over the game28 October 2015
Devilian closed beta giveaway: Into the Fray begins 29 Oct, come grab a key28 October 2015
Dungeon of the Endless gets a Halloween update, starring Death28 October 2015
Quake Live is no longer F2P28 October 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Atmospheric horror adventure, The Park, arrives on GeForce NOW 28 October 2015
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns patch changes elite specialisation progression and mini-games 28 October 2015
The Daily Mail's coverage of Talk Talk hacker places the blame on videogames, obviously28 October 2015
Spectre may be great, but Bond games need a good shake and stir28 October 2015
Battlezone will be a PlayStation VR launch title, but it's still coming to PC28 October 2015
Overwatch after day one: surprise, it’s good28 October 2015
No Man's Sky trailer reveals June release date, also Rutger Hauer's voice28 October 2015
Alien: Isolation - The Collection out today, includes all previously released DLC 28 October 2015
Pollen is a Kubrickian space base adventure in which everything is interactive28 October 2015
Warframe's spooky Halloween week begins today with new skins, weapon & tactical alert28 October 2015
Getting started in Skyforge: it has the best first hours of any MMO in years28 October 2015
Open-world sandbox Boundless coming to PC, lets you become a real estate agent28 October 2015
Skyforge reveals new dungeons, classes and PvP coming soon28 October 2015
Armored Warfare: Tier 9 and everything coming next28 October 2015
Armored Warfare: Obsidian’s journey from fart jokes to tank combat28 October 2015
Starcraft legends are returning to play an Archon exhibition showmatch28 October 2015
No, Ubisoft didn't just claim they invented women in games28 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront trailer shows Han, Leia, Boba Fett in action28 October 2015
Shenmue 1 & 2 might be getting remakes, if you squint at these quotes from Sega the right way28 October 2015
Battleborn's competitive multplayer gets revealed in a new trailer27 October 2015
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition launches with over 1,000 improvements27 October 2015
2Dark is a horror stealth game from Alone in the Dark's designer27 October 2015
Street Fighter 5's release date has been revealed27 October 2015
Topic of the Week: What are your favourite horror games?27 October 2015
Battleborn PvP hands-on: like eating a lot of cookie dough27 October 2015
Overwatch beta live - come watch us play27 October 2015
Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest expansion is the next best thing to a Knights of the Old Republic sequel27 October 2015
The Park launch trailer reminds us that kids are just terrible at drawing27 October 2015
GOG release seven more DRM-free Dungeons & Dragons games27 October 2015
Fallout 4 achievement list looks like spoilers if you squint a bit27 October 2015
Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 2: Assembly Required tipped onto unsuspecting public27 October 2015
The best GTA 5 Editor videos27 October 2015
Maia hatches single-player scenarios, incubates "many hours" more27 October 2015
MSI Z170A Gaming M5 motherboard review - a solid platform for Skylake overclocking27 October 2015
Dirty Bomb bringing team-based battle to the Millennium Dome in biggest update yet27 October 2015
DirectX 12 lets you mix NVIDIA and AMD cards, and the performance boost is real27 October 2015
Home Free collars more than $85k in Kickstarter funds with dog simulator concept27 October 2015
Chaos Reborn audio drama series in the works; Julian Gollop "tremendously" excited27 October 2015
Dragon's Lair to return as a movie courtesy of Don Bluth and Dirk the Daring27 October 2015
Chaos Reborn released out of Early Access, X-COM creator's new project26 October 2015
Final Fantasy 14 Patch 3.1 trailer shows off new raid, dungeons, missions and RTS mode26 October 2015
Mojang's Cobalt delayed, to release in busiest quarter video games have ever had26 October 2015
StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void beta coming to an end26 October 2015
Street Fighter 5 datamined for new characters26 October 2015
Why Faker is the world's best League of Legends player - an interview with "god"26 October 2015
Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate released, filled with content from both original games26 October 2015
Pillars of Eternity has sold 500,000 copies, card game and eBooks still to come26 October 2015
Star Citizen as a star-studded, single-player space story - Squadron 42 explained26 October 2015
Spintires update has parked new trucks in the garage, also receiving new mod tools26 October 2015
Just Cause 3 hands-on: the Medici tourism industry is blowing up26 October 2015
Cancelled Star Wars Darth Maul game is looking to make a comeback26 October 2015
Windows 10 makes you reinstall Windows 7 when you upgrade your motherboard26 October 2015
Payday 2’s Black Market isn’t going anywhere, is “working as intended”26 October 2015
Day of the Tentacle Remastered is coming early next year, check out some pixel-smooth screens26 October 2015
Oliver Twins have released Wonderland Dizzy, a game they forgot about for 22 years26 October 2015
Warhammer: End Times Vermintide will have free and paid DLC, but no microtransactions25 October 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight gets a re-release date - the Dark Knight returns25 October 2015
GTA 5's impressive Hulk mod makes actual Hulk games green with envy25 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront is EA's biggest ever beta with almost 10 million players - you beta believe it25 October 2015
Armored Warfare introduces the XM8 light tank, playable in the beta24 October 2015
Hellblade gives us a look into its audio development, shows us a microphone with actual ears24 October 2015
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 shows us its bonus "The Giant" Zombies map24 October 2015
Fallout 4 has gone gold - sound the air raid sirens and prepare the bottlecaps24 October 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: End of the world deals23 October 2015
Heroes of the Storm's Hallow's End event starts next week23 October 2015
Carlsberg have made Fallout Beer for some reason23 October 2015
Infinity: Battlescape's Kickstarter promises wars the size of solar systems and a seamless space sandbox23 October 2015
inXile have filed a trademark for Autoduel, the caRPG23 October 2015
Vivendi continues to buy up more stakes in Ubisoft, despite Yves Guillemot's protests23 October 2015
Just Cause 3's story trailer explains why everything needs to be blown up23 October 2015
The high fantasy apocalypse is upon us: Warhammer: End Times Vermintide is out23 October 2015
Overwatch beta coming to Europe sooner than expected, alongside Americas on October 2723 October 2015
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is live and the MMO now has seven million accounts23 October 2015
Elite: Dangerous planetary base raid footage features bouncing buggies and low-flying ships23 October 2015
Games Workshop explain why there are suddenly so many Warhammer games23 October 2015
Making it in Unreal: a dissection of a doomed mission in Eve: Valkyrie23 October 2015
Halo 5 has "plenty of chance" of coming to PC, say its developers23 October 2015
Crumbs: Goat Simulator and I Am Bread collide in free GoatBread DLC23 October 2015
Descent: Underground surfaces on Steam Early Access, disintegrates microtransaction plans23 October 2015
Overwatch beta to have Battle.net voice chat, launches October 2723 October 2015
Activision Blizzard announce new dedicated e-sports division22 October 2015
Ashes of the Singularity arrives on Steam early access, requires high-end hardware22 October 2015
Everspace to land on Windows 10 and Steam simultaneously next year 22 October 2015
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate has a secret to share ahead of its November 19 release date22 October 2015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer introduces Adam Jensen 2.022 October 2015
eBay are offering 20% off everything - here are the very worst ways to make use of it22 October 2015
The Witcher 3's patch 1.11 fixes Skellige Most Wanted bug and other issues22 October 2015
Unreal Tournament pulls on its Halloween mask for spooky seasonal rewards22 October 2015
Doom alpha weapons revealed, along with a speedy new trailer22 October 2015
Total War: Warhammer release date is April 28th, pre-order bonuses revealed22 October 2015
Planet Coaster not just a spiritual successor, but Rollercoaster Tycoon "and better"22 October 2015
Rainbow Six Siege trailer and screenshots are here to remind you things explode a lot22 October 2015
Hop aboard Gremlins, Inc. - a manipulative Monopoly-alike where greed and trickery are rewarded22 October 2015
Canadian Prime Minister says we need to “stand against” Gamergate22 October 2015
Anno 2205 multi-sessions explained in new video, build your utopias simultaneously22 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage shows orbital battles over prequel Coruscant22 October 2015
Devilian Cannoneer Class revealed22 October 2015
Telltale's Game of Thrones concludes on November 17 with 'The Ice Dragon' 21 October 2015
Resident Evil HD Remaster finally has the original voice acting mod it deserves21 October 2015
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is coming soon, features a silly amount of new content21 October 2015
Elite: Dangerous shows off the SRV's handling in an hour long livestream - new details emerge21 October 2015
Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Releases Cinematic Launch Trailer, is full of CGI rat death21 October 2015
Kingdom squeezes permadeath into a strategy and management game, and somehow it works21 October 2015
Fallout 4's final S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video is all about Luck21 October 2015
Rainbow Six Siege hands-on: work as a team or die cold and alone21 October 2015
Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries IP bought by Rebellion21 October 2015
Gigabyte's watercooled, overclocked GeForce GTX 980 can probably run Crysis, I reckon21 October 2015
Payday 2 makes changes to its microtransaction model, but the community isn't happy21 October 2015
Gaming exhibition opens at Manchester's National Football Museum - a "playable history of football gaming"21 October 2015
The Solus Project is a handsome new survival game from the folks who made The Ball21 October 2015
The ex-Dead Island 2 developers on going indie: "it cuts down on the bullshit"21 October 2015
This Back To The Future scene in GTA 5 is ridiculously on point21 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront villain Emperor Palpatine wields force lightning & supply drops. Gooood.21 October 2015
Doom multiplayer closed alpha begins this weekend 21 October 2015
Rebel Galaxy brings the Wild West to space - it's out today20 October 2015
Xbox Wireless Adapter for Xbox One controllers ships today, only compatible with Windows 1020 October 2015
Uplay's new update lets you import your Steam friends and introduces the Ubisoft Club20 October 2015
One Life is an FPS that locks you out of the game when you die - now that's permadeath20 October 2015
LoL’s head of e-sports on making the game more accessible, taking cues from football20 October 2015
Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure is a classic point and click inspired by Broken Sword and Discworld20 October 2015
EVE Online braces for The Crimson Harvest, starting today20 October 2015
Tales from the Borderlands PC review20 October 2015
League of Legends World Championships sees Gragas banned partway through20 October 2015
165Hz refresh rates are now a thing as Asus reveal two new 27-inch monitors20 October 2015
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire is a single-player game hiding in an MMO20 October 2015
Final Fantasy XIV has a dedicated data center in Europe from today20 October 2015
Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a pixelated, postmodern pastiche of D&D, out today20 October 2015
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter will attend to your investigative itch in early 201620 October 2015
Guild Wars 2 WvW XP system shaken up ahead of Heart of Thorns hero challenges20 October 2015
Konami deny Hideo Kojima exit, say Metal Gear Solid creator is on holiday20 October 2015
Payday 2 microtransactions trigger backlash in Steam's criminal community20 October 2015
Hard West release date just a couple of weeks away; pack your bags for the freaky frontier20 October 2015
Steam paid mods still under consideration at Valve: "We screwed things up in the details"20 October 2015
The Witcher 3 Modkit update allows for modding textures20 October 2015
Pastebin data dump points to possible EA security breach - EA say there's no evidence of breach19 October 2015
World of Warcraft patch 6.2.2 lets you get Terky the pet, if you know where to look19 October 2015
Galak-Z is coming to Steam - release date is October 2919 October 2015
Sword Coast Legends Dungeon Master mode: how to kill friends and alienate people19 October 2015
World of Warships gets German cruisers and Soviet destroyers19 October 2015
GTA Online Lowriders is out tomorrow - trailer shows tricked out rides, from vans to sedans 19 October 2015
Stanley Parable developer teases new game using an ARG and a handful of screenshots19 October 2015
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide introduces the Bright Wizard with character trailer19 October 2015
Meet Star Citizen's big-spending evangelists - inside CitizenCon 201519 October 2015
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PC "around December" - it's about time19 October 2015
HD remakes are not in EA’s culture says Moore19 October 2015
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide tells you everything you need to know about murdering big rats19 October 2015
Life Is Strange Episode 5 is coming October 20th: prepare yourself for the big season finale19 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront will not support private matches “at launch”19 October 2015
Adr1ft footage shows how terrifying space is with no oxygen 19 October 2015
Korean StarCraft 2 pros banned for life in match-fixing scandal19 October 2015
AMD are losing quite a lot of money - $197 million net loss announced for Q3 201519 October 2015
Valve are removing SteamOS support icons from games in the store19 October 2015
Defiance TV show cancelled, but the game will continue “exactly as before” say Trion19 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront's beta mined for data - weapons, Hero characters, abilities, game modes and planets revealed18 October 2015
Elite: Dangerous shows us the science and technology behind creating realistic planets18 October 2015
Skyforge shows off its Infected Territories in new trailer18 October 2015
Prey for the Gods is Shadow of the Colossus in the snow17 October 2015
Battleborn's closed beta begins on 0ctober 29 - here's how you register17 October 2015
Valve are gifting all their games - past, present and future - to Steam hardware owners on Mac17 October 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: Dumpelstiltskin17 October 2015
Valve explain why Steam's customer service is bad and how they're working to improve it17 October 2015
The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone developer video gives you a glimpse behind the scenes at CD Projekt Red16 October 2015
Lords of the Fallen: Complete Edition release date set for October 27, in North America16 October 2015
Natus Vincere's Dota 2 squad disbands after failing to qualify for the Frankfurt Majors16 October 2015
Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless push series sales over 2 million units16 October 2015
The Journey Down: Chapter 3 hits Kickstarter goal16 October 2015
Elite: Dangerous teases more planetary landing - it's a bit buggy16 October 2015
Valve have no plans to put advertisements on Steam16 October 2015
Star Citizen earned more in 2014 than all videogame Kickstarters combined16 October 2015
GTA Online is getting lowriders, custom interiors and more, on October 2016 October 2015
Valve expects players to improve the Steam Controller 16 October 2015
Payday 2 is looking to make real money through microtransactions 16 October 2015
EA want to create new open-world IPs inspired by GTA and Assassin’s Creed16 October 2015
NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers will soon require GeForce Experience and your email address16 October 2015
Europa Universalis IV will be invaded by The Cossacks in new expansion16 October 2015
Prison Architect Escape mode: breaking out of a supermax 16 October 2015
Eternal Step asks you to climb an endless tower filled with monstrous bosses16 October 2015
Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch is a turn-based war against the hive, out now on Steam16 October 2015
The Mammoth is a free indie game from former Spec Ops developers, is just as traumatic16 October 2015
Dying Light: The Following trailer teases release date15 October 2015
World of Warcraft patch 6.2.3 will add new Timewalking dungeons and rewards15 October 2015
Devilian's closed beta starts soon, and we've got 3,000 keys to give away15 October 2015
Sunless Sea's Zubmariner DLC will take captains beneath the underground ocean15 October 2015
In The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, the taxman accuses players of abusing exploits15 October 2015
Making it in Unreal: how the madness of MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto feeds into First Wonder15 October 2015
Black Desert is heading west, launching in 2016 as Black Desert Online15 October 2015
Broforce's brilliant launch trailer reminds us that it's out now15 October 2015
Fallout 4 live action trailer starts like Desperate Housewives, goes to hell fast15 October 2015
Julian Gollop was "outraged" by 2K's XCOM FPS, almost launched a Kickstarter himself15 October 2015
Overclockers UK launch £800 OcUK Marvel 4K PC, a cheap way into 4K gaming15 October 2015
Just Cause 3 launch trailer will be outsourced to Avalanche's fans for a $5,000 prize15 October 2015
The Crew: Wild Run beta begins today, and we've got 2,000 codes. Wanna join Ubi's gang?15 October 2015
The making of: X-Com15 October 2015
StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void 3.0 update disables all maphacks, hackers are not impressed15 October 2015
ARK: Survival Evolved now has baby dinosaurs and battleship sea beasts15 October 2015
Resident Evil and a bunch of other Capcom favourites are the stars of the latest Humble Bundle15 October 2015
Doom closed alpha provides a 6v6 arena and playable Revenants15 October 2015
The Age of Decadence begins after a decade in development15 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront's Walker Assault mode isn't balanced, DICE acknowledge 14 October 2015
Fallout 4 trailer shines a spotlight on agility14 October 2015
Rise of the Incarnates is shutting down after only three months 14 October 2015
GTA V's Michael, Franklin and Trevor star in their own version of Blink 182's 'What's My Age Again'14 October 2015
Overwatch's beta is coming very soon14 October 2015
Star Citizen drops alpha access and module passes for its one million citizens14 October 2015
Styx: Shards of Darkness pits the Goblin thief against a city of Dark Elves14 October 2015
SteelSeries launch sub-$40 Rival 100 gaming mouse, claim "we sacrificed nothing"14 October 2015
From fact to fiction: how fantasy set Creative Assembly free in Total War: Warhammer14 October 2015
Steam's having a stealth game sale - it's party time for the conflict-averse14 October 2015
We’ve got 10 keys for the newly updated Castle Crashers to give away!14 October 2015
Slitherine announces partnership with acclaimed board game maker, Napoleon-themed game on the way14 October 2015
Guild Wars 2's PvP is on the rise, and everyone could be a pro14 October 2015
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be integrated into Plays.tv capture/editing service14 October 2015
Black Ops 3's new Shadows of Evil trailer makes Zombies mode look like the game's best feature14 October 2015
How Pillars of Eternity found widespread success by embracing its niche appeal14 October 2015
Cities: Skylines saved a couple's home from being flooded14 October 2015
World of Tanks' four best e-sports teams to face off at WGL's Continental Rumble, October 1714 October 2015
Rift giveaway! We've got 10,000 packs of Into the Wilds goodies for you to grab14 October 2015
Counter Strike: Global Offensive now has a clothing line that asks which chicken print you want on your dress14 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront won't support in-game voice chat13 October 2015
Ashes of the Singularity hits Steam early access on October 22, 201513 October 2015
Assassin's Creed Syndicate crams loads of historical figures into new trailer13 October 2015
Counter Strike: Global Offensive's FACEIT League Season Finale will have a prize pool of $250,00013 October 2015
Hearthstone's infamous Grim Patron deck is being nerfed to death by Blizzard13 October 2015
The Witcher 3's first big expansion, Hearts of Stone, is available to download now13 October 2015
Bedlam is a hyperactive, first-person trip down memory lane and it's out now13 October 2015
Topic of the Week: Has CitizenCon 2015 changed your opinion of Star Citizen?13 October 2015
Deus Ex is getting an officially-endorsed fan remaster called 'Revision'13 October 2015
Minecraft: Story Mode's 12+ EU age rating - Telltale Games respond13 October 2015
World of Tanks players are needed to operate remote-controlled tanks, says Russia's weapons chief13 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront's Hoth just feels unfair. And that's a worry13 October 2015
War Thunder devs' Apache: Air Assault mistaken by news anchor for Russian airstrikes in Syria13 October 2015
Wii U emulator appears with plans for fortnightly updates; welcome to Nintendo Land13 October 2015
Elite: Dangerous players uncover ship schematics in unidentified artifact signals: "The mystery is just beginning"13 October 2015
We have 100 keys for luscious Zelda-like Animal Gods. Fancy a meander through the Bronze Age?13 October 2015
Your SSD can now be watercooled, for some reason13 October 2015
Ubisoft apologise and offer refunds after Might and Magic Heroes VII Collector's Edition kerfuffle13 October 2015
Telltale hosted the 'World's Largest Let's Play' last night in honour of Minecraft: Story Mode13 October 2015
Minecraft: Story Mode is a big departure from ‘the Telltale formula’13 October 2015
Stanley Parable co-creator teases continent-spanning mystery with new studio including Banjo-Kazooie's composer13 October 2015
Allison Road cancels Kickstarter as Team17 swoop in to publish 12 October 2015
Black Ops 3's campaign missions don't have to be played in order12 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront reveals details of its $50 season pass and 'Hero Hunt' mode12 October 2015
Back to the Future's DeLorean is coming to Rocket League on October 2112 October 2015
Britain's National Health Service is treating videogame addiction12 October 2015
Firewatch release date is February 9 201612 October 2015
Minecraft player hopes to have beat the world record with a 35 hour marathon12 October 2015
Rainbow Six Siege reveals the German GSG 9 Unit in new trailer12 October 2015
Minecraft meets Kill Bill in Paint the Town Red12 October 2015
Swatter has been sentenced to a year in prison12 October 2015
Marvel Heroes 2016 launches December, and brings Secret Invasion with it12 October 2015
We’ve got 50 keys for indie action platformer Feist. Want to take one off our hands? 12 October 2015
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition releases October 27th12 October 2015
Half-Life 3 text files found in Dota 2 code, time for the conspiracy theorists to start work again 12 October 2015
Former Yager developers band together to form inbetweengames 12 October 2015
Government to provide £4m in funding for small UK developers12 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront beta extended to live another day12 October 2015
Star Citizen shows us the opening moments of Squadron 42 in The Morrow Tour video11 October 2015
Star Citizen: Gary Oldman struggles to say his character's name and compares Chris Roberts to George Lucas11 October 2015
Star Citizen features Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis - My God, it's full of stars11 October 2015
Star Citizen : the journey so far and the promising future of alpha 2.011 October 2015
Star Citizen reveals more of its campaign with these new Squadron 42 screens - now with Gary Oldman10 October 2015
Animal Gods releases on October 12, a year ahead of schedule10 October 2015
Phil Spencer wants Xbox 360 games to work on PC10 October 2015
Darksiders 2: Deathfinitive Edition is coming to PC "some time after its console release"10 October 2015
Inside a multi-million dollar Kickstarter with the team behind Divinity: Original Sin 210 October 2015
CoD: Black Ops 3 beta sees Treyarch respond to PC-specifc issues10 October 2015
Elite: Dangerous shows us a sneak peek at planetary exploration in new video10 October 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: LAN Edition10 October 2015
Lego Marvel's The Avengers trailer has the Hulk falling in love with a chicken9 October 2015
Astroneer trailer is absolutely lovely space-Minecraft of bounding around9 October 2015
The Park trailer reveals psychological horror starring a single mother9 October 2015
Mordheim: City of the Damned trailer arrives ahead of mid-November release9 October 2015
Blizzcon 2015 schedule leaked, no big announcements noted9 October 2015
Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide trailer cinematically celebrates release9 October 2015
Chinese Room studio head Jessica Curry quits over illness, publisher relationships and sexism9 October 2015
Breaking Bread: how Bossa Studios are changing MMOs with Worlds Adrift9 October 2015
Copse and robbers: Sir, You Are Being Hunted goes multiplayer9 October 2015
Georgia Tech researchers take liquid cooling directly onto the chip, might enable CPU 'stacking'9 October 2015
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide trailer gives us the Dwarf Ranger9 October 2015
The Witcher 3 patch 1.10 will re-order your inventory and improve your relationships9 October 2015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's lead writer wanted to kill off Adam Jensen9 October 2015
Hitman's episodic structure is the evolution triple-A gaming needs9 October 2015
ARK: Survival Evolved has more than two million rapt players on Steam9 October 2015
G2A condemn their League of Legends sponsorship ban as "heavy handed and potentially damaging"9 October 2015
Chaos Reborn release date is weeks away; summon a skeleton or five on October 26th9 October 2015
Star Citizen ship explosions are some of the finest ever committed to space9 October 2015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided doesn't have a "choose your ending" finale, but it is decided in the last level9 October 2015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided hands-on impressions - video9 October 2015
Rise of the Tomb Raider microtransactions are more than just cosmetics9 October 2015
Ark: Survival Evolved AMA reveals how baby dinosaurs work8 October 2015
How Eidos Montreal are striving for more than 'sneak or shoot' in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided8 October 2015
ESL join forces with Sportradar for e-sports betting integrity8 October 2015
Steredenn is a new bullet-hell roguelike that is the most videogames8 October 2015
theHunter adds new chilly reserve to its repertoire8 October 2015
Fallout 4 release details: system requirements, disk space, exact times and more8 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront PC beta impressions: the best sounding game ever made?8 October 2015
Broforce release date set for October 15th, flags will be flown, apple pie made, guns fired wildly into the air8 October 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Assassin's Creed Syndicate brings revolution to industrial London8 October 2015
Just Cause 3 is on a mission to demolish in new trailer8 October 2015
Rift Into the Wilds update is huge, adds new calling, zone, and dungeon8 October 2015
League of Legends live coverage is coming to the BBC8 October 2015
Overwatch hands-on: Blizzard's tightrope walk can bring in old and new8 October 2015
Bethesda have “concerns” about Battlecry8 October 2015
Videogame voice actors strike is authorised with 96% approval8 October 2015
Chunks is Facepunch’s answer to Minecraft, with rollercoaster support8 October 2015
Torment: Tides of Numenera trailer shows off crisis mode combat and diplomacy7 October 2015
Pathologic Classic HD announced for later this year, not the Kickstarter remake7 October 2015
StarCraft 2 Patch 3.0 has arrived, Legacy of the Void prologue missions free to all7 October 2015
The making of: Gone Home7 October 2015
Fallout 4 trailer shows off the possibilities of Intelligence7 October 2015
Street Fighter 5 PC beta to begin October 24th, pre-order to take part7 October 2015
Deus Ex trailer celebrates 15th birthday, recaps plot7 October 2015
Sonic Lost World PC is coming and fast7 October 2015
Anno 2205 hands-on: building cities with fruit juice7 October 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Learn the art of siege in the new Rainbow Six7 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront open beta gets a new NVIDIA driver to optimise performance7 October 2015
How concealment works in XCOM 27 October 2015
ARK's new dinosaur is as deadly as it is hilarious - extremely deadly, then7 October 2015
The unique development approach behind SOMA, one of the most narratively ambitious games ever made7 October 2015
Riot Games ban G2A from sponsoring professional League of Legends teams7 October 2015
Star Citizen's pace of funding has accelerated, and it's powered by new backers7 October 2015
Resident Evil 7 news coming soon, says Capcom producer7 October 2015
Team Fortress 2's community-led Invasion update goes live with four new maps, chestbursters7 October 2015
Far Cry Primal's player character is voiced by Adam Jensen actor Elias Toufexis7 October 2015
Making it in Unreal: the mammoth technical effort behind ARK: Survival Evolved7 October 2015
Microsoft's new Surface Book is the company's first ever laptop, can be used for gaming7 October 2015
Devilian is a Diablo-like MMO that takes you straight to the fight7 October 2015
Minecraft is getting a flying cape - Adventure Mode will never be the same again7 October 2015
No Man's Sky was on The Late Show, and Stephen Colbert now has his own solar system6 October 2015
This War of Mine gets Steam Workshop support; more modding tools on the way6 October 2015
League of Legends' new champion has been delayed until the next patch6 October 2015
Prison Architect's launch trailer reminds us that there are prisons to mismanage 6 October 2015
The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone's launch trailer is pretty grisly6 October 2015
Topic of the Week: Have you ever upgraded your PC for a single game?6 October 2015
AMD partners with Oculus, Dell and others to create VR-ready PCs6 October 2015
Far Cry Primal release date, trailer and prehistoric setting officially revealed6 October 2015
Indivisible is a Metroidvania RPG from the studio behind Skullgirls6 October 2015
Microsoft HoloLens developer kits will cost $3,000, to ship in Q1 20166 October 2015
P.O.L.L.E.N is a virtual reality game set on Titan: wander around an abandoned station searching for the truth6 October 2015
Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransaction madness: Base Insurance is now a thing6 October 2015
Doom needs to bring its greatest enemy back from the dead, and here's why6 October 2015
Cyberpunk 2077 is “far, far bigger than The Witcher 3” say CD Projekt6 October 2015
XCOM 2 declassified: why Firaxis are ripping up their strategy layer and starting again6 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront microtransactions are not part of the plan6 October 2015
Rocket League update is like free candy for Halloween6 October 2015
Far Cry Primal accidentally leaked, will take us back to the Ice Age6 October 2015
The Crew: Wild Run PC beta prepares its engines this month6 October 2015
EVE Online's roadmap offers a detailed look into the future5 October 2015
Dota 2's evolution between The International and the Majors5 October 2015
Coast Guard trailer sets the scene: "Every day could be your last"5 October 2015
Star Wars Battlefront's matchmaking system will keep things "fair and even" according to DICE5 October 2015
WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth, the StarCraft 2 mod, has become infested with Orcs5 October 2015
Divinity: Original Sin 2's PvP could be the game's unexpected masterstroke5 October 2015
World of Tanks 10.0 will make you rampage5 October 2015
Orsinium is The Elder Scrolls Online's next piece of DLC, and it's full of Orcs5 October 2015
Minecraft master-builders BlockWorks make piratical Peter Pan map at the behest of Warner Bros.5 October 2015
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will have a Realistic difficulty setting; probably not a threat to Arma5 October 2015
Block N Load's not like other free shooters: "players are rewarded for being smart"5 October 2015
Star Wars: The Old Republic just fixed MMO levelling5 October 2015
StarCraft 2 GSL streaming rights go to new broadcaster with Brood War tournament plans5 October 2015
Where next for Wargaming? "We have ten years of content ahead."5 October 2015
Valve open the first page of the Dota 2 Fall Season 2015 Compendium5 October 2015
Chronicle: RuneScape Legends beta registration begins; Jagex take up the Talismantle5 October 2015
RuneScape founding fathers reunite to design new quest; expect cabbages5 October 2015
Lithium City is a neon soaked, isometric, tactical shooter inspired by Hotline Miami4 October 2015
Just Cause 3's new developer diary shows us the world - shining, shimmering, splendid4 October 2015
Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson cast in the Fassbender Assassin's Creed movie4 October 2015
Sniper Elite series sells over 10m units during its lifetime4 October 2015
Pokemon Red is being rebuilt in Minecraft, yeah3 October 2015
Angels Fall First enters Early Access with a small team and big ambitions3 October 2015
Microsoft acquires Havok - ragdolling intensifies3 October 2015
Windows 10 is being used by a quarter of all Steam gamers3 October 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: Megaman Parrot Attack3 October 2015
StarCraft 2's new UI, collector's edition and more unveiled2 October 2015
This Weekend In E-sports: ESL One, Road to Blizzcon and LoL Worlds2 October 2015
Master of Orion trailer shows off two races and first gameplay2 October 2015
Survival RPG Skyhill is about escaping a 100 floor hotel, has a demo on Steam2 October 2015
Building on Blood Bowl 2: can high fantasy football succeed as an e-sport?2 October 2015
Steam Hardware Survey: Windows 10 and new graphics cards make significant gains2 October 2015
Wildstar server issues follow free to play launch, fixes being applied now2 October 2015
Rocket League DLC Revenge of the Battle-Cars releases October 13th2 October 2015
How ARK blindsided the industry to gain more Steam players than GTA 52 October 2015
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide's third character trailer shows off the Empire Soldier2 October 2015
Battlefield 4 is preparing Community Operations, a DLC map made with the help of players2 October 2015
Oculus Rift will be expensive because of new technology that was not in DK22 October 2015
Burnout developers tease a spiritual successor 2 October 2015
Fallout Anthology released in Europe, find the payload in shops now2 October 2015
P.A.M.E.L.A. receives the Steam Greenlight, will release 20162 October 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight expects to be ready for battle at the end of October2 October 2015
Minecraft: Story Mode trailer introduces Ender Dragon slayers The Order of the Stone2 October 2015
Trackmania Turbo release date delayed into 2016, the Christmas schedule clears a bit more1 October 2015
Dog simulator Kickstarter Home Free racing towards goal1 October 2015
Humble releases Humble Monthly - it's kinda Netflix for games1 October 2015
Dirt Rally's latest Early Access update adds, uh, Finland. Cool.1 October 2015
Hearthstone Arena overlay: Blizzard say "we can’t condone or approve of their use"1 October 2015
Soma post-mortem reveals new trailer and sales stats: it's done well1 October 2015
Worlds Adrift: Persisting in MMO survival1 October 2015
Why NVIDIA's "Apple TV-beating" Shield might actually be kind of a big deal1 October 2015
Heroes of Normandie, the "furious and funny" antidote to dry wargames, is out on Steam today1 October 2015
UK games charity GamesAid raises £564,000 for disabled and disadvantaged children1 October 2015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 'Augment Your Pre-Order' campaign scrapped after a "resounding amount of negative feedback"1 October 2015
Reaction is an Action Quake 2 remake gunning for votes on Steam Greenlight1 October 2015
Block N Load is now free-to-play: "It just makes sense"1 October 2015
Dota 2 player numbers drop sharply after introduction of Reborn client1 October 2015
Nvidia Showcase: GeForce GTX - The Future is Now1 October 2015
Verona smuggles Romeo and Juliet into Firefly; steal the Statue of Liberty from a doomed Earth1 October 2015
UK consumers now entitled to full refunds for faulty digital goods1 October 2015
Rainbow Six Siege beta extended once more; down some tangos of a weekend for double XP1 October 2015
Guild Wars 2 lead designer jumps from ArenaNet airship, lands at Amazon Game Studios1 October 2015