October 2014 Archive

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager launches by aiming for the Moon31 October 2014
Playing With Myself: Salt31 October 2014
Tome: Immortal Arena is another MOBA, but it's doing away with a lot of genre mainstays31 October 2014
Watch four levels of Sneaky Sneaky, a stealthy dungeon adventure31 October 2014
Ubisoft reveals what you'll need to drive around in The Crew31 October 2014
This War of Mine trailer shows the brutality of surviving31 October 2014
One Minute to Midnight lets you start a revolution for free31 October 2014
Hearthstone win trading results in permanent bans and tournament disqualification31 October 2014
Watch Dogs sold 9m copies. Ubisoft expect to make €1.4bn by end of financial year31 October 2014
Battlecry trailer reveals a bloody Wild West in a weird Eastern Bloc31 October 2014
James Cameron calls VR “a yawn, frankly”31 October 2014
Prey 2 cancelled by Bethesda31 October 2014
Far Cry 4's PvP will let you duke it out using armoured vehicles, magic animals and teleportation30 October 2014
Survival management game This War of Mine gets a November release date and a gloomy trailer30 October 2014
Hone your testicle shooting skills in Sniper Elite 3's free Shooting Range update30 October 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's live action trailer is leaking testosterone all over the carpet30 October 2014
The best of the Steam Halloween Sale30 October 2014
Techland's brought in a special kind of expert to help with Dying Light30 October 2014
Alone in the Dark: Illumination and Haunted House: Cryptic Graves appear on Steam in time for Halloween30 October 2014
Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer transports our French Revolution assassin to WW230 October 2014
The Swindle is Spelunky meets Deus Ex, a stealth roguelike in a steampunk top hat30 October 2014
Shadow of Mordor DLC Lord of the Hunt detailed. Lead a ghul horde30 October 2014
The Long Dark update doubles world size with new Coastal Highway30 October 2014
Expect the Inquisition: Dragon Age Keep open beta begins30 October 2014
Enforcer: Police Crime Action is a full-blooded police simulator. Yet it’s hilarious30 October 2014
Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer shows off Nvidia Gameworks enhancements30 October 2014
The Evil Within patch unlocks 30fps cap and adds option to remove black bars30 October 2014
Scream Fortress has turned Team Fortress 2 into a urine-soaked carnival30 October 2014
50-100 million Oculus Rifts will need to be sold for it to be a "meaningful thing as a computing platform"29 October 2014
Modding support sneaks into Endless Legend's Halloween mini add-on29 October 2014
World of Speed developer Slightly Mad Studios is trying to do F2P without being "evil"29 October 2014
Watch a ship skim a sun in the Elite: Dangerous beta 3 trailer29 October 2014
Carbine starts free server transfers in WildStar to help out PvP realms29 October 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive kicks off the Electronic Sports World Cup29 October 2014
Bedlam Kickstarter ends in success. Bring on the vomiting mutants and cyborgs29 October 2014
Inside Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition and the future of D&D RPGs29 October 2014
Farming Simulator 15 trailer will make city dwellers sad their lives aren’t as delightful29 October 2014
Hands on with Dirty Bomb29 October 2014
Eve Online to make space for "boldest changes in years" in Phoebe update on November 429 October 2014
Humble Bundle have made more than 100 linux ports29 October 2014
EA are plotting a new Need for Speed release for 201629 October 2014
Star Wars Battlefront will be EA's "major" shooter of next year, out by Christmas 201529 October 2014
How item changes are redefining the jungle in League of Legends29 October 2014
Elite: Dangerous' beta 3 update is cosmically massive29 October 2014
Get Crusader: No Remorse free on Origin; you won't regret it28 October 2014
Battlefield Hardline is now sporting a new release date: March 17th28 October 2014
Topic of the Week: Do you buy season passes?28 October 2014
Dear everyone: it's time to stop buying season passes at launch28 October 2014
Update for Minecraft will let you control the fanciness of clouds28 October 2014
Democracy 3 hurtles into the future with the Clones and Drones expansion28 October 2014
Returning GTA V players to be rewarded with Dodo seaplane on PC28 October 2014
Valve to tackle "transparently unfair" distribution of Team Fortress 2 Halloween gifts28 October 2014
Twitch ban broadcasters from wearing "sexually suggestive" clothing on air28 October 2014
Spacebase DF-9 trailer marks launch. Free copy of Hack’n’Slash for owners28 October 2014
Gynophobia is a horror shooter about a man with a fear of women28 October 2014
Making it in Unreal: How Yager are reinventing the open world in Dead Island 228 October 2014
DICE open up Battlefield 4 PC test servers to premium console players28 October 2014
Valkyria Chronicles is coming to the PC28 October 2014
Several thousand bots banned from Hearthstone till 2015; "Fair play is the core of the Hearthstone experience"28 October 2014
Our moment of triumph? X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and LucasArts catalog on GOG28 October 2014
Lords of the Fallen is out tomorrow in surprise ambush release for Europe27 October 2014
Get ready for Warlords of Draenor with patch 6.0.3, heading to World of Warcraft tomorrow27 October 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity TV spot crashes a fancy French party with 1,400 fan-made assassins27 October 2014
Telltale's Game of Thrones adventure game confirmed to premier this year27 October 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leak upsets Sledgehammer: "A real bummer"27 October 2014
Go Beyond Earth for 100 turns with the new Civ's Steam demo27 October 2014
Unity CEO John Riccitiello insists developers have nothing to fear from him27 October 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts and Black Ops II are doing double XP all this week27 October 2014
Minecraft 2 unlikely from Microsoft: "We need to meet the needs of the community"27 October 2014
Hexakill comes to Twisted Treeline in League of Legends' Halloween event: The Harrowing27 October 2014
Warlords of Draenor TV ads are all heavy breathing and hurled fireballs27 October 2014
Magic 2015 is relaunching; adds expansion and removes premium boosters26 October 2014
Watch the Dota 2 Starladder Season X finals kick off right now; winner takes home over $100,00026 October 2014
Shroud of the Avatar hits Steam Early Access in November; "We are moving full steam ahead"25 October 2014
New Omega Mode changes just about everything in Ultra Street Fighter IV25 October 2014
Evolve's "Big Alpha" system requirements are surprisingly not monstrous25 October 2014
Final Fantasy XIV London Fanfest reveals EU servers, flying mounts and Dark Knight job25 October 2014
Spooky Races: Project CARS gets a Halloween trailer25 October 2014
First blood in the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship will be shed next week24 October 2014
Dark Souls 2 is the Golden Joystick Awards' Game of the Year24 October 2014
League of Legends is close to making $1 billion from microtransactions this year24 October 2014
Outlast 2 is in development; stock up on clean underwear 24 October 2014
Those crazy system requirements for Assassin's Creed Unity have been confirmed by Ubisoft24 October 2014
The Witcher 3's opening cinematic shows why you don't get into staring contests with crows24 October 2014
Football Manager 2014 has been played for 23,000 years, and that’s not including the pirates24 October 2014
Phonopath turns you into an audio codebreaker24 October 2014
Shelter 2 trailer makes survival look gorgeous while being totally harrowing24 October 2014
Flak in the USSR: World of Warplanes 1.6 introduces new Russian jets, more airspace24 October 2014
Codemasters' Toybox Turbos offers kitchen table careening in the mode of Micro Machines24 October 2014
Riot chase down League of Legends hackers; "Every player to trigger this exploit will be punished"24 October 2014
Blizzard to deploy Australian servers for World of Warcraft ahead of Warlords of Draenor24 October 2014
What to do in Assassin's Creed Unity's Paris: Murder, stealing and a bit of detective work23 October 2014
Take a free weekend break in Arma 323 October 2014
WildStar's Carbine Studios loses over 60 staff in NCSoft "restructuring"23 October 2014
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty will come to PC "as soon as possible", and a beta is being considered23 October 2014
Look at Dark Souls 2 through new eyes with the first-person mod23 October 2014
Guild Wars 2: Tyria prepares for war with the return of the Living World Season 223 October 2014
3D Realms rises from the grave with a 32-game anthology23 October 2014
Stockholm Syndrome: Why Scandinavia loves DreamHack23 October 2014
World of Warcraft character transfers and changes discounted by 25%23 October 2014
Past Team Fortress 2 Halloween events reactivated to warm you up for Scream Fortress 623 October 2014
Risk of Rain patch 1.2 adds killer chef and Aliens-inspired Loader23 October 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth review23 October 2014
Dota 2 players outnumbered all 99 other games on Steam's most-played list put together today23 October 2014
Warframe Archwing update turns you into a rocket-powered space ninja23 October 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity system specs are as steep as Notre Dame23 October 2014
Nvidia now support DSR scaling for GeForce GTX 500, 600 and 700 Series graphics cards23 October 2014
Counter-Strike ushers in its Halloween Mask-erade with player ghosts and vengeful chickens23 October 2014
Get better acquainted with Dragon Age: Inquisition's Iron Bull, Sera and Dorian23 October 2014
Don't call them dreadnoughts: Fractured Space is a multiplayer ship combat game from the Strike Suit Zero team22 October 2014
Lucas Pope's Return of the Obra Dinn is a 1-bit mystery, and you can play some of it right now22 October 2014
Titanfall's next update will add wave-based co-op shenanigans and a bunch of new enemies22 October 2014
Lords of the Fallen is a bit tricky, so Deck13 has broken down the mechanics in video form22 October 2014
Unity co-founder and CEO steps out of the ring, tagging ex-EA boss John Riccitiello 22 October 2014
Judge dismisses securities fraud suit against EA; executives were just being optimistic 22 October 2014
Win a ticket to the Tank Museum and a premium Fury Sherman with World of Tanks22 October 2014
Lords of the Fallen is a ferocious, and infuriating Dark Souls clone22 October 2014
Red:Out is Wipeout, but on the PC. It’s about time.22 October 2014
Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim books will cover the lore and the land of Tamriel22 October 2014
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor gear guide: getting started22 October 2014
Aliens by way of XCOM game, Halfway, gets mod support22 October 2014
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor has a place called Gorgrond that’s positively beastly22 October 2014
The Stanley Parable sells over a million copies; "The Narrator decided not to tell Stanley"22 October 2014
Ragnar Tørnquist defends ableist language in Dreamfall Chapters: "Those people exist in real life, and so they must exist in fiction"22 October 2014
Titanfall's "biggest update" is still ahead of it; expect details via Twitch today22 October 2014
Master of Draenor I'm pulling your strings: Metallica are playing at BlizzCon 201422 October 2014
Epic's hosting an Unreal Engine game jam this weekend, so get tinkering21 October 2014
Putting on the deerstalker and becoming Sherlock Holmes in Crimes and Punishments21 October 2014
Rodina is No Man's Sky on a budget21 October 2014
Paranautical Activity developer steps down after threatening Gabe Newell21 October 2014
It will never end: Assassin's Creed Chronicles will be a series21 October 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor free DLC lets you dress all in black and laugh in the face of poison21 October 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSports team ALSEN accused of match fixing21 October 2014
Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond leaves to “pursue my other ambitions and new opportunities”21 October 2014
Fighting the inevitable in Stardock's Sorcerer King21 October 2014
Dark Souls' Games for Windows Live refugees can play on Steam from November21 October 2014
Riot approve two third-party apps for League of Legends: Curse Voice and Razer Comms21 October 2014
Team Fortress 2 now lets players treat themselves to an early Halloween21 October 2014
Paranautical Activity un-launches on Steam after creator threatens to kill Gabe Newell21 October 2014
Uber cancels its Human Resources Kickstarter: "We simply don’t have the human resources"21 October 2014
Play Civilization V for free while you pre-load Beyond Earth20 October 2014
In The Evil Within, even gods can be decapitated 20 October 2014
Far Cry 4 will let you fight yetis, but only if you have the season pass20 October 2014
Prepare for BlizzCon 2014 by joining a Hearthstone or StarCraft II fantasy league20 October 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Catching up with Cassandra20 October 2014
1m Space Engineers copies sold thanks to developer’s use of blood magic20 October 2014
Clockwork Empire update means stew no longer requires eyes to boil20 October 2014
XCOM: Enemy Within Long War mod ramps up the difficulty till you cry20 October 2014
Minecraft has now sold 17 million copies on PC20 October 2014
How Battlefield Hardline has got better since beta20 October 2014
Samsung White crowned League of Legends world champions in front of 40,000 in Seoul20 October 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare system requirements are after your hard drive spacey20 October 2014
Killing Floor celebrates Halloween with evil, demented killer toys and new maps19 October 2014
Londinium's burning in this new Total War: Attila siege battle trailer19 October 2014
Dear Microsoft: about that Minecraft deal19 October 2014
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion announced; coming Spring 201519 October 2014
Here's what's coming in EVE Online's Phoebe expansion, and beyond18 October 2014
Watch CCP's EVE Vegas event unfold on Twitch right now; find out what's in store for EVE Online18 October 2014
Dota 2 team Arrow Gaming disqualified from The Summit 2 over match-fixing allegations18 October 2014
Playing With Myself: Legend of Grimrock 218 October 2014
Doughlightful: Bossa Studios announces I am Bread17 October 2014
Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.4 will bring Shiva, a naked guy and some glasses to Eorzea17 October 2014
Tired of Waiting: Asus gets off Valve Time and announces its console PC, the GR817 October 2014
Heroes of the Storm celebrates Halloween with the time-honoured tradition of getting new skins17 October 2014
Project CARS has hit a few speed bumps and won't reach the finish line until March 17th17 October 2014
Play Hearthstone and meet Blizzard's Hamilton Chu in Stratford next week17 October 2014
Halo: Spartan Strike trailer promises top-down prometheans and warthogs17 October 2014
Ubisoft won't stop PC players from fiddling with The Crew's frame-rate17 October 2014
Minecraft 1.8.1 will improve stability, make the ender dragon killable again17 October 2014
AMD to cut 7% of workforce after iffy sales forecast17 October 2014
A storm is coming to League of Legends, tease Riot17 October 2014
Valve fix Team Fortress 2's most powerful exploit: items_game.txt17 October 2014
Minecraft Movie lures Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy17 October 2014
Blizzard will feed Heroes of the Storm thousands of new players over the next month17 October 2014
Dreadnought's 10-ship battles are big, messy firework displays16 October 2014
Mount & Blade: Warband has been invaded by rowdy Vikings16 October 2014
Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault is the single-player campaign you've been waiting for16 October 2014
Steam's got 10 free games waiting to swallow up your weekend16 October 2014
Make conversation, not war: Galactic Civilizations III gets diplomacy16 October 2014
Stoic considered kickstarting legal fees for use of ‘Saga’16 October 2014
Warner Brothers to lay off Turbine staff for “strategic alignment of our company”16 October 2014
Far Cry 4 trailer features edible monkey heads16 October 2014
Kerbal Space Program beta starts after next update16 October 2014
Wasteland 2 patch stops monks surviving their own suicide bombs16 October 2014
Invisible, Inc update adds two new characters and agent augmentation16 October 2014
Lego games sales have made $2bn for Warner Brothers16 October 2014
Anita Sarkeesian cancels Utah State University talk after violent threats15 October 2014
Battlefield 4: Final Stand now available on Community Test Environment15 October 2014
The Crew trailer shows off the in-game Kwik Fit15 October 2014
World of Warcraft's handsome new character models in action15 October 2014
Octodad catches new levels and co-op in latest patch15 October 2014
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is coming sooner than you thought, armed with the seven deadly sins15 October 2014
League of Legend’s Halloween content isn’t in-game15 October 2014
Halo is kind of coming to PC again with Halo: Spartan Strike15 October 2014
GOG's giving away Aliens vs Predator Classic to Galaxy beta testers15 October 2014
Cloud9 announce their new Heroes of the Storm team; will debut at BlizzCon15 October 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth intro cinematic is as beautiful as you'd expect15 October 2014
Ultra Street Fighter IV netcode patch lands today amongst balance changes15 October 2014
Planetside 2 to receive deployable automated turrets; "the lethality of these turrets is still being discussed"15 October 2014
Ubisoft on the "no respawn rule" for Rainbow Six Siege: "we wanted to revive that lethality and tension"15 October 2014
An additional decimal means Unreal Engine 4.5 has a bunch of new features15 October 2014
World of Warcraft given subscriber reprieve ahead of Warlords of Draenor; up to 7.4 million players15 October 2014
The Humble Mozilla Bundle says cheerio to OS restrictions and game managers15 October 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer piles on the pressure 14 October 2014
The Flame in the Flood Kickstarter sails past its initial goal; stretch goals go up to $400k14 October 2014
Crusader Kings 2 gets fatter with the Charlemagne expansion today14 October 2014
Rebel Galaxy is an outlaw space adventure with big ol' capital ships from ex-Torchlight devs14 October 2014
Topic of the Week: When getting a new PC, do you build or buy?14 October 2014
Port Inspection - The Evil Within14 October 2014
Hands on with Assetto Corsa, a racing simulator made using lasers14 October 2014
Skywind trailer beautifies some of the Elder Scrolls' oddest-ever environments14 October 2014
Wasteland 2 patch offers low-spec PC users a "large amount" of memory optimisations14 October 2014
Warlords of Draenor group finder will allow WoW players to "actually meet new people"14 October 2014
Nobody is buying Unity: "it is best for us to be an independent company"14 October 2014
Bethesda open The Evil Within's box of debug commands; unleash "fully playable" 60fps14 October 2014
Riot rework League of Legends' "severely abused" refer-a-friend system to fight botting14 October 2014
Heroes of the Storm rolls on: Chinese players to test ranked play, draft mode and more14 October 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition's PC streams shows off an hour of mouse clicking and keyboard tapping13 October 2014
"Cinematic experience" is a nonsense term and isn't achieved by frame rates13 October 2014
Assassin's Creed Rogue will sail onto PC early next year13 October 2014
Firefly Online's environment engine creates procedurally generated maps, from floating cities to derelict ships13 October 2014
Sigils of Elohim is a free prequel to The Talos Principle13 October 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare won't "lend itself" to quick-scoping13 October 2014
Payday: The Heist will be free on Steam for 24 hours this Thursday13 October 2014
Warlords of Draenor comic introduces a new zone and orc chieftain: Blackhand13 October 2014
The real-life story that inspired Kevin Spacey's speech in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare13 October 2014
League of Legends champion Cassiopeia is in "clear need of attention", Riot admit13 October 2014
Chris Roberts demos planet exploration in new Star Citizen footage13 October 2014
Jagex are making a Hearth-style collectible card game named Chronicle: Runescape Legends13 October 2014
Square Enix previews new Rogue class and Ninja job for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn12 October 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update adds Music Kits to help "establish your identity"12 October 2014
Flagship Kickstarter cancelled with just five days to go, but they're "not giving up on it"12 October 2014
Take a look at how the Alienware Alpha handles the latest games in these benchmark videos12 October 2014
Bioware address concerns over the absence of healers in Dragon Age: Inquisition11 October 2014
We’ve 1,000 Hex closed beta keys burning a hole in our spellbook11 October 2014
Cops 'n Robbers: The Elder Scrolls Online justice system unveiled11 October 2014
Tango-Foxtrot: watch Star Citizen's Drake Cutlass ship waltz through danger in style11 October 2014
Painting Paris red with Killing Floor 2's M.E.A.T. system10 October 2014
Infinifactory: the spawn of SpaceChem and Infiniminer 10 October 2014
Playing With Myself: Sid Meier's Covert Action10 October 2014
Devour Dragon Age: Inquisition PC screenshots and system requirements10 October 2014
Nvidia's plans to become a "full-service" video performance company10 October 2014
Ian Livingstone, Games Workshop co-founder and President of Eidos, wants to open a free gaming school10 October 2014
Centrifrugal: Space Engineers is free on Steam this weekend10 October 2014
We've got 50 codes for Anno Online starter packs that'll make privateers of you10 October 2014
Your call is important to us: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number delayed for "tweaks and polish"10 October 2014
You'd better believe the War Thunder 1.43 update is a big one10 October 2014
World of Warcraft 6.0.2 patch due Tuesday is an "overture" for Warlords of Draenor10 October 2014
Michael Ironside thinks the recasting of Sam Fisher was a "great idea for Ubisoft"10 October 2014
Final Fantasy XIII is locked at 720p on PC - but Dark Souls modder Durante is working on it10 October 2014
Football Manager 2015 release date set for November 7 (after traditional two week beta)10 October 2014
Retina-melting Geometry Wars 3 launches in November9 October 2014
Watch 50 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition and marvel at ugly elves9 October 2014
Sunless Sea's new real-time combat leaves the dock9 October 2014
Becoming a people person with Warlords of Draenor's Garrisons9 October 2014
Who wants to buy Unity?9 October 2014
Wild Cards: what does the future hold for Hearthstone's fresh pros?9 October 2014
Evolve's "Xbox One exclusive" alpha is coming to PC a day later9 October 2014
DICE: "we lost player trust" because of Battlefield 4 launch9 October 2014
Here's the BlizzCon 2014 panel schedule and floor map9 October 2014
Welcome to the new jungle: Riot test preseason changes for League of Legends9 October 2014
Horror: The Evil Within will be locked at 30fps despite the steep requirements9 October 2014
Warlock 2 is set to become a snake-filled waterpark with the Wrath of the Nagas expansion8 October 2014
Help out sick kids by playing through OnLive's game library for 24 hours8 October 2014
Total War: Rome II - One Year On8 October 2014
Dragon Age: Origins is free on Origin until October 14th8 October 2014
The big, fat Battlefield 4 Premium Edition is only a fortnight away8 October 2014
Hang out in the Batcave with the Oculus Rift this winter8 October 2014
We're giving away 60 booster packs for the new Might & Magic: Duel of Champions expansion8 October 2014
The Flame in the Flood is a survivalist raft adventure from ex-Bioshock devs8 October 2014
Grid Autosport Oculus support coming in next update8 October 2014
Microsoft’s RoomAlive is basically a holodeck8 October 2014
Kerbal Space Program update 0.25 lets you crush unpaid interns with bits of rocket ship8 October 2014
Alien: Isolation Oculus Rift support enabled with a couple of .ini changes8 October 2014
Biggest Age of Empires 2 tournament ever has $120,000 prize pool8 October 2014
Next Car Game shakes off its old name and becomes Wreckfest7 October 2014
The Black Glove, ex-BioShock devs' surreal narrative game, gets a Kickstarter7 October 2014
Costume Quest 2 launches today, pitting time-travelling scamps against an evil dentist from the future 7 October 2014
League of Legends' Sion has been taken apart and put back together again7 October 2014
The return of Heroes of the Storm's technical alpha will introduce custom games, observer mode and replays7 October 2014
Broforce's Bro-ctober update gives power to the masses with Steam Workshop support7 October 2014
"Every star in the night sky exists in Elite: Dangerous" — Braben on recreating a galaxy all over again7 October 2014
Hints of Warcraft 3 remake spotted in Battle.Net launcher7 October 2014
Planetary Annihilation update switches on offline LAN7 October 2014
Australian consumer rights regulator sues Valve over Steam refund policy7 October 2014
Crytek are finding it "increasingly difficult to wow people" with graphics7 October 2014
Massive Chalice Steam beta open to some from October 217 October 2014
StarCraft II WCS Global Finals tickets go on sale today7 October 2014
Epic Mickey 2 leads parade of Disney games onto Steam7 October 2014
Playing With Myself: Alien: Isolation7 October 2014
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes hits Steam in December6 October 2014
Ubisoft has parked The Crew until December 2nd6 October 2014
Stark Revan mad: The Old Republic's next expansion has been revealed6 October 2014
WildStar cancels Christmas6 October 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's new multiplayer mode is basketball with jetpacks6 October 2014
We've got 50 starter packs for Might & Magic Heroes Online. Want one?6 October 2014
Alien: Isolation slips horribly from a nearby vent onto the Steam Store today6 October 2014
War Thunder goes live action with commemorative (but explosive) trailer6 October 2014
The uneasy brilliance of This War of Mine6 October 2014
Sledgehammer ripped apart, "rebuilt" Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare maps for double jump6 October 2014
Football Manager documentary screenings are one-night-only - and selling out6 October 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros will grapple for $250,000 at DreamHack Winter6 October 2014
One of Warlords of Draenor's eight new dungeons will arrive early6 October 2014
Crusader King 2 Charlemagne expansion is arriving on October 14th5 October 2014
ArenaNet want your ideas on how raiding should work in Guild Wars 25 October 2014
We're prepared: Battle.net launcher update adds Warcraft III icons and background5 October 2014
Firefall devs plan for revenge in the "final chosen offensive" event tomorrow4 October 2014
Steam Halloween Sales kicks off on October 30th according to leaked dev post4 October 2014
Meet the life cycle of your typical bug in Planetside 24 October 2014
Bomb scare at Gearbox HQ; "someone is out of control" says CEO Randy Pitchford4 October 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Meet my nemesis: Grublik the Black3 October 2014
Get a sneak peak at Warlords of Draenor’s new dungeons3 October 2014
Dying Light lets you hunger for brains in ‘Be The Zombie’ multiplayer mode, provided you pre-order3 October 2014
Unreal Tournament has a flash new logo3 October 2014
Hackers are controlling 17,000 Apple Macs through Reddit3 October 2014
Rift’s Nightmare Tide expansion open beta is being opened a little wider 3 October 2014
Unreal Engine 4.5 promises to make skin look less like paper mache3 October 2014
Valve release annual Team Fortress 2 comic six months early3 October 2014
Call of Duty marketing techniques could help the US government, says Black Ops 2 director3 October 2014
Why the Divinity: Original Sin devs might return to Kickstarter after all: "the halo effect"3 October 2014
Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 123 October 2014
The Evil Within minimum system requirements are difficult to process3 October 2014
Twitch push for "complete transparency" in sponsored videos3 October 2014
Buy a BlizzCon 2014 virtual ticket for loot in WoW, Diablo III, StarCraft II and Hearthstone3 October 2014
Alien: Isolation review - easily the best alien game3 October 2014
Steam Curators now have to tell us if they were paid to recommend a game3 October 2014
Piranha Games shuts down Transverse crowd-funding; begins refunding backers2 October 2014
Oculus Rift Development Kit 1 plans are now open source, go “make something awesome” say devs2 October 2014
ArenaNet are hiring a Guild Wars 2 game designer for "raid content"2 October 2014
Far Cry 4 has a lot of tools for destruction2 October 2014
It's squid monsters versus killer robots in apocalyptic RTS, Human Resources2 October 2014
Pillars of Eternity delayed until next year2 October 2014
Rust’s mouth now moves when it talks2 October 2014
Beyond the Summit announce The Summit 2: $100,000 global Dota 2 tournament2 October 2014
Stardock unveil Sorcerer King, a new 4X fantasy game on Steam Early Access2 October 2014
Crusader Kings 2 is free this weekend on Steam to celebrate 1 million copies sold2 October 2014
Valve announce the 2014 Saxxy Award winners (they're all TF2 shorts)2 October 2014
Hands-on with The Crew2 October 2014
Watch WoW boss Anub'arak make holes in a Heroes of the Storm map2 October 2014
How Hex has evolved on the way to open beta2 October 2014
Bedlam is a permadeath post-apocalyptic roguelike built around the Banner Saga engine2 October 2014
Planetside 2 grows space pumpkins in today's update2 October 2014
Kickstarter games in 2014 will make less than half the amount they did last year, say analysts2 October 2014
Star Citizen's $55m won't turn into profit; all pre-launch funds to be "spent on development"2 October 2014
Hearthstone expansion will shuffle 100 new cards into the game2 October 2014
Discover how to colonize, build and achieve victory in this Civilization: Beyond Earth trailer1 October 2014
EVE Online is altering the laws of physics to allow capital ships to fit through stargates1 October 2014
You might find a ghost on your toilet in Sims 4 this month, and in your pools in November1 October 2014
Borderlands 2 explodes onto Linux and SteamOS; is also 75% off on Steam1 October 2014
Australian Steam store quietly removes "Australia Tax" from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor1 October 2014
Kickstart a first-person space strategy game inspired by Star Trek: Flagship1 October 2014
War Thunder update 1.43 okays air-to-ground assaults in new arcade mode1 October 2014
EverQuest Next will let NPC groups roam the map and dynamically determine quests1 October 2014
Smite picks up another Roman god: green-fingered tree-chap Sylvanus1 October 2014
Pathologic reaches Kickstarter target; new stretch goal could fund a "small prequel"1 October 2014
Watch Middle-Earth canon do backflips in Monolith's Shadow of Mordor trailer1 October 2014
Say Hallow to Hearthstone's new Ranked Play Season card back1 October 2014