November 2013 Archive

Call of Duty: Ghosts dog now has fancy fur thanks to Nvidia30 November 2013
Diplopia is an Oculus Rift game that hopes to cure lazy eye and restore depth perception30 November 2013
Humble Bundle and GOG Black Friday discount all the games30 November 2013
Lineage has made $1.8bn since 1998 launch30 November 2013
Crusader Kings 2 mod floods the medieval world with the walking dead29 November 2013
Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is creating a Lovecraftian roguelike29 November 2013
The Mandate trailer boards your ship and kills your crew29 November 2013
Counter Striker: Global Offensive Arms Deal update causes player numbers to go off like mentos and coke29 November 2013
Introversion break out official mod support for Prison Architect29 November 2013
"We want to make PC gaming as simple as possible", say Nvidia29 November 2013
How Spelunky's ghost was killed29 November 2013
Minecraft's going to be honoured on British telly tomorrow29 November 2013
I just need a little: Space Wolf - the upcoming Warhammer 40k XCOM-ish CCG29 November 2013
Green Man Gaming 4-Play sale cuts digits off Super Meat Boy and Magicka29 November 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon drops replaced with 90 new ones29 November 2013
Renegade X resurrects Command & Conquer’s awful FPS28 November 2013
Professional Farmer 2014 out now, gives you the keys to a brand new combine harvester28 November 2013
Oliver twins open up new studio following closure of Blitz Games28 November 2013
Joe Danger shifts into Linux and Mac gears28 November 2013
Wasteland 2 beta will offer up 10 hours of Arizona 28 November 2013
OuterWorlds Online Kickstarter throws MMO, RTS, MOBA and RPG genres into a collider to see what happens28 November 2013
Carbine uncloak Wildstar's Stalker class: "He is Batman-Wolverine-Predator"28 November 2013
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' 148-page heaven-sent companion book descends28 November 2013
EA Studios head on Battlefield 4’s iffy launch: "The number one reason for things going wrong is scale"28 November 2013
505 Games address Ashes Cricket 2013 fiasco: "we have fallen way short and failed to deliver"28 November 2013
We’ve got 100 copies of Grid 2's comprehensive DLC pack to give away, and would you look at that - Grid 2 is on sale28 November 2013
Battlefield 4 "one-hit kill" bug to be squashed next week28 November 2013
Warlords of Dragging On: Warcraft movie delayed til 201628 November 2013
Bully for you: Rockstar's open-world school sim might be getting a new lease of life28 November 2013
Esports Apocalypse 2013: DreamHack Winter, World Cyber Games, and IEM Singapore all in one weekend27 November 2013
Ice Pick Lodge wants to remake Pathologic27 November 2013
Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street leaves Blizzard for "something new and exciting"27 November 2013
The Old Republic celebrates the consumption of turkey meat with a double XP weekend27 November 2013
The cash-guzzling black hole known as the Steam Autumn Sale has arrived27 November 2013
Need for Speed Rivals can run at 60 FPS after all - but at a cost27 November 2013
Extremely co-op interplanetary RPG The Mandate will land safely atop its Kickstarter target27 November 2013
Football hooliganism doesn’t belong in the "more utopian world" of Football Manager27 November 2013
Azeroth celebrates Pilgrim's Bounty til December 2 with new cooking quests and achievements27 November 2013
X Rebirth PC review27 November 2013
Saxxiest 2013 Team Fortress 2 Source Filmmakers announced: watch their work here27 November 2013
World of Warcraft is dead cheap right now (and StarCraft's not too pricey either)27 November 2013
Guild Wars 2 launches Great MMO Migration contest. Free copy to those willing to pledge allegiance27 November 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts update tackles performance, stability, and killcam for dogs27 November 2013
Starbound beta release set for 4 December26 November 2013
Skyrim Falskaar mod lands creator a job at Bungie26 November 2013
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will make loot drops more exciting with randomized stats and buffs26 November 2013
Double Fine acquire distribution rights to Costume Quest and Stacking following “top-secret midnight raid on the Nordic Games headquarters”26 November 2013
Watch this: Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 tablet modded into a handheld PC26 November 2013
To low Earth orbit and beyond in Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager26 November 2013
Hi-Rez to Smite their MOBA-hungry public from March 2526 November 2013
World of Tanks 8.10 update will augment Japanese armour, introduce "major overhaul" to lighting26 November 2013
iBuyPower's Steam Machine prototype matches Xbox One for price, trumps it for size26 November 2013
DICE have "no plans" to implement pre-match squad joining in Battlefield 426 November 2013
CCP lead PLEX drive for Typhoon Haiyan victims26 November 2013
Alpha Centauri-inspired 4X Pandora makes planetfall - my god, it's full of hexes26 November 2013
The must-watch StarCraft match of Red Bull Battlegrounds - Bomber vs. Scarlett Game 326 November 2013
The Typing of the Dead: Overkill goes all Shakespearian with new DLC25 November 2013
Steam Reviews are for people who write words good and rate games good too25 November 2013
Don’t Starve Kickstarter making Chester plush a reality25 November 2013
SimCity: Cities Of Tomorrow PC review25 November 2013
Eve Fanfest 2014 tickets go on sale with early bird ticket prices available25 November 2013
Another reason to buy your cross-platform games on PC25 November 2013
Everybody’s Tolkien about: LEGO The Hobbit, out next year25 November 2013
EA bow out of the football management genre: "One game has dominated the market"25 November 2013
Blessed be: beardy Brian voices this Putty Squad trailer25 November 2013
Dying Light producer dismisses "lazy" link to linear Mirror’s Edge25 November 2013
League of Legends One for All mode went live this weekend, will shuffle off on December 1225 November 2013
Bugbear cancel Next Car Game Kickstarter after failure became "obvious", renew pre-order efforts25 November 2013
CEO Brad Wardell on Stardock's big picture: strategic development and rise of the managers25 November 2013
Evil in the Metro - The peculiar morality of the Metro series25 November 2013
History Respawned: Historians vs. Video Games24 November 2013
Red Bull Starcraft finals playing out right now24 November 2013
Battlefield 4 double xp week incoming as outage compensation24 November 2013
Ubisoft says it's simply "not true that we don’t care about PC optimization"24 November 2013
$3.45 billion spent on games in the US alone during Q3 201324 November 2013
Get a haircut between adventures: Final Fantasy XIV introduces salons24 November 2013
We're not done with pirates yet: Raven's Cry gets a May 7th release date23 November 2013
Vote wisely: Kickstarter backers get a say in Torment's battle system23 November 2013
Say "cheerio" to John Carmack by playing RAGE for free23 November 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Shadowgate23 November 2013
TT Games are (probably) going to Middle-earth and back again for LEGO The Hobbit22 November 2013
John Carmack leaves id Software22 November 2013
Riot speaks out on League of Legends preseason Support ‘nerfs’22 November 2013
World of Warcraft’s Alterac Brew Pup and Enchanted Fey Dragon pack helps Make-A-Wish22 November 2013
Galactic Civilizations III screens show off beautiful turn-based space, glorious concept art22 November 2013
League of Legends welcomes its newest champion: Yasuo, the Unforgiven22 November 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive grows a new Watch menu feature: highlights22 November 2013
Necromedic: healing transcends death in Team Fortress 2's Mann vs Machine Two Cities update22 November 2013
Battlefield: Bad Company's humour renders it too “personal” for mass market, reckon DICE22 November 2013
Why World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor's garrisons aren't for guilds22 November 2013
Space Hulk sees two new campaigns emerge from its air vents22 November 2013
Twitch apologise for "an unfortunate and ugly chapter for the streaming community"22 November 2013
Talltale? Walking Dead creators said to be working on a Game of Thrones game22 November 2013
Wadjet Eye release enhanced "Kosher Edition" of their debut rabbinical adventure The Shivah22 November 2013
Warframe update 11 brings scrap-collecting drones and new bosses into the dojo21 November 2013
League of Legends November bundles available now21 November 2013
Cast your vote for the Saxxy Awards21 November 2013
World of Warcraft novel will tell the tale of Garrosh’s trial21 November 2013
Minecraft Snapshot 13w47c turns you into a Twitch TV presenter21 November 2013
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls beta hands-on: adventure time21 November 2013
Neverwinter Shadowmantle slips out of the dark this December21 November 2013
The Oculus Rift Internet Show: Half-Life 221 November 2013
Listen to Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch mourn his crew in space-based RPG The Mandate21 November 2013
Planetside 2 is one, and celebrating the fact with double XP til Sunday21 November 2013
Valve on why Steam in-home streaming won't be like other, similar services21 November 2013
Standing on the shoulders of superheroes: the Hollywood future of Marvel Heroes21 November 2013
EA implicate shrinking interest in MMOs in The Old Republic's free-to-play fate21 November 2013
The Mannhattan Project: Team Fortress 2 Two Cities update relocates Mann vs Machine to New York21 November 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch fiddles with freeze time, prevents fowl play21 November 2013
Why the Battlefield series hasn't been annualised yet21 November 2013
UemeU is part modelling software, part animation engine, all sandbox game20 November 2013
Witness Wildstar’s Spellslinger: “the Nightcrawler in a cowboy hat”20 November 2013
Elder Scrolls Online lets you use lore-like names such as Jeremy of the Wet Bed20 November 2013
Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep expansion launches a little later than expected20 November 2013
Riot respond to League of Legends support champion worries: "We're not trying to nerf Soraka"20 November 2013
Battlefield 4 Second Assault footage emerges from a most unlikely source: Guildford20 November 2013
"We do not agree with the Attorney General’s account of the Bitcoin incident" - ESEA20 November 2013
Diablo III Reaper of Souls closed beta due in time for Christmas20 November 2013
ESEA to pay $1m after caught spying on their users and farming bitcoins with their machines19 November 2013
Black Mesa to be sold through Steam. “Xen is still a ways off”19 November 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts now only needs 4GB of RAM following update19 November 2013
Guild Wars 2 video teases Fractals of the Mists. A new update to the endless dungeon19 November 2013
Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC brings back dune buggies and Capture the Flag19 November 2013
Command & Conquer will hell march on "under a new studio"19 November 2013
Blizzard want World of Warcraft expansions to become an annual occurrence19 November 2013
League of Legends Season 3 World Championship was most-watched eSports event in forever19 November 2013
New New Eden: where Rubicon fits in Eve Online's grand plan19 November 2013
Wasteland, want not: After Reset aims to be the best of Fallout, Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment19 November 2013
StarCraft II WCS winner and "legendary Korean pros" to head to NYC for Red Bull Battle Grounds19 November 2013
Brine and brevity: Ken Levine defends BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 119 November 2013
Riot want to improve communication with League of Legends PBE testers19 November 2013
Sui Generis footage shows 12 minutes of sword swinging fun times18 November 2013
Witchmarsh has you and your friends recruit a team of investigators and head into the swamp18 November 2013
Heroes & Generals Manstein update brings destroyable fences and fog of war18 November 2013
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot crashes onto Steam Early Access18 November 2013
Major League Gaming launch MLG.TV. Call of Duty kicks off the broadcasting18 November 2013
PixelJunk Shooter PC review18 November 2013
Chris Roberts tackles Star Citizen PS4 rumours: "It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform"18 November 2013
Parasite lost: co-operative alien-hunt Mush playable in browsers from today18 November 2013
League of Legends preseason changes continue: roles and positions see improvements18 November 2013
Eve Online: Rubicon will kick off a "multi-expansion" race to reach Star Gated new galaxies18 November 2013
Project Zomboid Early Access review18 November 2013
Nagafen tamed: EverQuest's iconic worm lands in Dragon's Prophet as a pet18 November 2013
Diablo II ladder and competitive character reset coming November 2618 November 2013
Colin Farrell says the Warcraft movie script is "amazing"18 November 2013
One game of StarCraft: Jaedong and Dear at Blizzcon, and the meaning of competitive StarCraft17 November 2013
Sons of Abraham expansion takes Crusader Kings 2 into fraught territory17 November 2013
Endless Space: Disharmony: The Search for Auriga update released17 November 2013
X Rebirth developer apologises for bugs and explains how they’ll fix them17 November 2013
World of Warcraft team: “Procedural content is totally something we’ve talked about”17 November 2013
Battlefield 4 servers targeted in DDOS attack bringing crashes and resetting unlocks17 November 2013
DayZ Standalone footage shows axing virtual zombies is as tiring as axing real ones16 November 2013
League of Legends video breaks down the changes coming in the new season16 November 2013
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade footage shows bloody executions and smiling Canadians16 November 2013
Eve Rubicon changelog reveals you'll be able to build your own facilities and infiltrate pirate bases16 November 2013
Blizzard think that Diablo 2 should have been online-only15 November 2013
Trove is a voxel-based free-to-play from Trion Worlds15 November 2013
Shadowgate is returning, now on Steam Greenlight15 November 2013
ComputerCraft used to create art through science in Minecraft15 November 2013
League of Legends’ One For All mode returns to Public Beta today15 November 2013
PAWS replaces the XCOM project with teddy bears15 November 2013
Next Car Game gets its tyres dirty for our viewing pleasure15 November 2013
Minecraft meets Photoshop in SOE's EverQuest Next Landmark livestream15 November 2013
Minecraft annual outsells One Direction tome in the UK15 November 2013
Battlefield 4 Commander app deployed to tablets, iOS first15 November 2013
Watch a minute and a half's footage of Star Wars: The Old Republic's dogfighting mode15 November 2013
Eve Online: Rubicon trailer tempts pilots with promise of pirate lab treasure15 November 2013
All that glitters is not gold: Thief disposes of the QTE15 November 2013
A rare Valve CLANGer: game in carbonite ushered through Steam Greenlight15 November 2013
The explosive origin story of Kerbal Space Program revealed14 November 2013
Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty will release post-spring 201414 November 2013
Zero Point is a movie being shot in 360 degree 3D for Oculus Rift14 November 2013
Payday 2 Armored Transport heist is today14 November 2013
Wildstar’s Esper class revealed, armed with mind blades14 November 2013
War Thunder challenges players to access Ground Forces beta14 November 2013
World of Warplanes takes off, a bit like a plane might14 November 2013
AMD Mantle API to bring better performance to Battlefield 4 before Christmas14 November 2013
Oof: Dota 2 courier sold for $38,000 becomes dramatically less valuable overnight14 November 2013
Dota 2 gets massive update: new heroes, crafting, coaching and, finally, Diretide14 November 2013
Battlefield 4 PC patch solves "large portion" of common crashes; DICE hopeful for "big difference" in stability14 November 2013
The day Minecraft got beet: will Mojang's new vegetable come to the PC?14 November 2013
Why Kerbal Space Program won't leave the Kerbol system for the time being14 November 2013
True state of PC piracy revealed by Sports Interactive14 November 2013
GOG Fall Insomnia sale is new, exciting, confusing, and making me need to calm down with a cup of tea13 November 2013
Obduction is funded. Myst pseudo-sequel can now enter development13 November 2013
Shadowrun Returns stripped of DRM13 November 2013
Light finds a publisher in Worms developer Team 1713 November 2013
Path of Exile patch adds new race event and a slew of balance fixes13 November 2013
Interview: Egosoft on how X Rebirth is rebooting the space genre13 November 2013
Payday 2 Armored Transport DLC due tomorrow, free to PC pre-orderers13 November 2013
Star Trek Online debuts Season 8: The Sphere with the promise of "strategic" missions and the Voth13 November 2013
EA say their online play and matchmaking systems are offline; Battlefield 3 says otherwise13 November 2013
Child of Light in motion: how Ubisoft’s "playable poem" plays13 November 2013
Twitch expand European support team, enlist StarCraft II pro White-Ra13 November 2013
Valve concoct Collector's Items, several new chemistry sets for Team Fortress 213 November 2013
No consolation: Oculus Rift's future is PC-only13 November 2013
Why Heroes of the Storm isn’t a MOBA but a 'hero brawler'13 November 2013
Faster, Thumper! Kill! Kill!12 November 2013
Sonder has you dive from one character’s head to another’s trying to save the day12 November 2013
Clockwork Empires trailer shows peaceful frontier life and the summoning of Quag’garoth12 November 2013
Diablo 3 won’t be getting controller support. Blizzard say “It wouldn't work"12 November 2013
Blizzard already working on next expansion after Warlords of Draenor12 November 2013
Monolith reveal their next-gen debut: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 12 November 2013
Saints Row IV Thank You Pack throws free outfits at you like Gatsby in that mansion scene12 November 2013
30 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition: a choice-heavy RPG in which "actions speak louder than words"12 November 2013
Neptune’s Pride 2 to get 64-player mode for maximum Machiavellianism and misery12 November 2013
Mad maps: Call of Duty to return to the Dome in Ghosts DLC, leak suggests12 November 2013
Become a reggae legend in Monkey Island-inspired adventure game Bolt Riley12 November 2013
Planetside 2 subject to "significant increases in performance" thanks to optimisation update12 November 2013
StarCraft II balance patch hits all three factions, nerfs widow mines12 November 2013
Don’t give up the ghost: Team Fortress 2 update enables Halloween all year round12 November 2013
Assetto Corsa appears on Steam Early Access. Updates due every fortnight11 November 2013
FTL: Advanced Edition adds a hangar-full of new content. Chris Avellone comes on board as a writer11 November 2013
Humble Store launches. Daily sales to celebrate11 November 2013
EverQuest Next Landmark Founder’s Packs let you buy into next year’s alpha11 November 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts PC review11 November 2013
Rocket-powered: DayZ Standalone release now held up only by pesky performance issues11 November 2013
Riot to move into "bodaciously productive" new workspace a la Pixar and Google11 November 2013
Minecraft: The Story of Mojang now free on YouTube11 November 2013
Heavens above: Marvel Heroes goes to Asgard11 November 2013
Review: BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One11 November 2013
Blizzcon 2013: Think of how you got started, sitting in your little room11 November 2013
Open-world survivalist horror meets the Oculus Rift in The Forest11 November 2013
Blizzard's "side project": bringing Warcraft 1 and 2 to modern PCs11 November 2013
Woo? Call of Duty: Ghosts is only the third-biggest UK launch this year11 November 2013
League of Legends Season 3 draws to a quiet close tonight11 November 2013
John Carmack: “it's time to start pushing forward on higher frame-rate, lower latency”10 November 2013
The Sims and SimCity collide in World of Warcraft's new castle-building feature10 November 2013
Guild Wars 2 PvP team tournaments begin on 23 November10 November 2013
Codemasters are stripping Games for Windows Live from Dirt 3 in favour of Steamworks10 November 2013
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls videos show off Adventure Mode and all the new features10 November 2013
Heroes of the Storm will bring MOBA/ARTS to the masses10 November 2013
The World of Warcraft movie won't be for kids10 November 2013
Three Hearthstone cards that didn't make the cut9 November 2013
Diablo III: Reaper of the Souls is the perfect excuse to go back to Diablo III9 November 2013
Everything we know about World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor9 November 2013
The future of Hearthstone. There's a lot9 November 2013
The Banner Saga trailer teases singleplayer and sets release for 14 January9 November 2013
StarCraft 2 continues slow evolution into (not quite) free to play with Patch 2.19 November 2013
League of Legends Featured Gameplay Modes offer “a unique spin on the classic formula”9 November 2013
Valve apologise for lack of Diretide and say it's on its way with a new update9 November 2013
Steam In-Home Streaming group opens. Beta to start "later this year"9 November 2013
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will introduce new Mythic difficulty and more Flex raiding8 November 2013
Heroes of the Storm developer interview reveals the unique details, 15 minute matches8 November 2013
Sign up for the Heroes of the Storm beta and start worshiping your murloc god8 November 2013
Titan was not going to be up to Blizzard quality8 November 2013
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor catapults all players to level 90, features Outland pre-fiery death8 November 2013
Blizzard head dismisses idea of World of Warcraft going free-to-play8 November 2013
World of Warcraft's next expansion revealed: Warlords of Draenor8 November 2013
Hearthstone marches into open beta next month and a mobile version is on the cards8 November 2013
Heroes of the Storm is “Blizzard: The Game.” It is all the heroes and villains in one epic battle royale8 November 2013
Here's the first trailer for Heroes of the Storm8 November 2013
Wildstar's secret weapon for taking on WoW revealed: hoverboards8 November 2013
How Battlefield 4 temporarily discovered all the colours it's been missing8 November 2013
Company of Heroes 2 Victory at Stalingrad DLC is six scenarios big, due Tuesday8 November 2013
Epigenesis Early Access review8 November 2013
Rift Steam launch sees "highest single day gain in new users" since its release8 November 2013
Watch Notch graduate to US talk shows8 November 2013
Mass Effect 4's first screens glimpsed over BioWare Montreal's shoulders; promise "new worlds"8 November 2013
Total War: Rome II coming to SteamOS "early next year", Steam Controller support to follow8 November 2013
Watch the BlizzCon 2013 opening ceremony and StarCraft II WCS Global Finals for free8 November 2013
Lionhead is tinkering away on a secret project7 November 2013
X Rebirth shows off its long-range scanner7 November 2013
Wargaming are funding a stealth-stage mobile game developer7 November 2013
The Secret World Issue #8 available from all good clients now7 November 2013
Infinity Ward: "Publishers need to figure out that the Call of Duty formula doesn't work for everyone"7 November 2013
Quake Live is ditching web browsers for standalone client7 November 2013
XSplit servers hacked, reset your passwords now7 November 2013
Age of Wushu now does weddings7 November 2013
It was Diablo III's console version who stuck the last nail in the auction house's coffin7 November 2013
Some things Battlefield 4 has taught me about war7 November 2013
Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC made Activision silly money7 November 2013
Blizzard have “more resources focused on building content for World of Warcraft than ever before”7 November 2013
Post-post-apocalyptic: Call of Duty: Ghosts is getting a sequel, but possibly not a trilogy7 November 2013
Company of Heroes 2, The Walking Dead and 10 others to have Australian classifications reviewed7 November 2013
Heroes of the Storm cast glimpsed in first artwork7 November 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update takes on pro feedback, enables sonic deception7 November 2013
Steam update lets you download games while you’re playing. Spare Humble keys now giftable6 November 2013
World of Warcraft subscriber numbers continue decline. Azeroth population now sits at 7.6m6 November 2013
Stardock's Derek Paxton explains how a new 64-bit engine can revitalize strategy gaming6 November 2013
Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer admits they "lost our way" with Windows Games6 November 2013
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag PC release set for 22 November. Pick from its 20 bazillion different versions6 November 2013
Minecraft Wrecking Ball parodies take aim at Endermen and Creepers6 November 2013
DICE see off Battlefield 4 server crashes6 November 2013
Dota 2 courier fetches $38,000, partly because it's pink6 November 2013
Scourge of The Mandate is a Zork-inspired space-pirate text adventure, and it's free6 November 2013
Notch on 0x10c and the future of Mojang; "We could just do prototypes and see what sticks"6 November 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer launch figures appear to be down about 30% from Black Ops II on Steam6 November 2013
Riot fiddle with League of Legends' League ranking system6 November 2013
Infinite Crisis video introduces Harley Quinn, the pudding-throwing psychopath5 November 2013
Civ IV designer Soren Johnson announces new studio, Mohawk Games — Next stop, Mars5 November 2013
Kerbal Space Program update 0.23 will let you tweak every part of your rocket ship5 November 2013
City of Titans Kickstarter ends with more than double its funding goal5 November 2013
Project Zomboid at long last is launching on Steam Early Access5 November 2013
Metro: Last Light ported to Linux as Deep Silver confirm support for Steam OS5 November 2013
Why Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse has been split into two; "It's not that we've run out of money"5 November 2013
Speculation: What to expect from World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor5 November 2013
An ace PlayStation shmup is headed to PC; Curve "on the lookout" for more ex-console exclusives to port5 November 2013
Best of the bestiary: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' monsters unveiled5 November 2013
Steam Machines great and small to be shown at CES 20145 November 2013
The Battlefield 4 launch is just another high profile cock up5 November 2013
WCS eSports Trading Cards to be doled out at BlizzCon and BarCraft events5 November 2013
Steam Offline Mode “is designed to be indefinite.” Valve are working to make it “more robust”4 November 2013
Defender’s Quest II: Mists of Ruin has turtles toting turrets on the shells4 November 2013
Flatout creator takes Next Car Game to Kickstarter4 November 2013
Company of Heroes 2 Turning point update adds level editor and new maps4 November 2013
Total War: Rome II sells more than 800,000 copies in a month4 November 2013
Europa Universalis IV's New World gets fresher still with randomised Americas in Conquest of Paradise4 November 2013
Warhammer Online's "parting gift" - free access to existing account holders4 November 2013
Let it be known that War Thunder had five million players before its first birthday4 November 2013
Four "fan-favourite" maps affirmed for Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC4 November 2013
Football Manager 2014 was the best-selling PC game (that comes in a box) in the UK last week4 November 2013
Dota 2 fans hound Volvo for answers over missing Diretide Halloween event4 November 2013
Fortnite now co-developed by People Can Fly, who are now Epic Games Poland4 November 2013
Neverwinter Halloween horrors only available for one more day3 November 2013
Battlefield bug hit list published by DICE. Developer crossing them off one at a time3 November 2013
Minecraft to be integrated with Twitch for easy streaming3 November 2013
Super Time Force video introduces us to skateboarding dinosaurs3 November 2013
Hyper Light Drifter footage shows combat designed to make non-backers mighty envious3 November 2013
Big Brother bundle promotes privacy and cheap games3 November 2013
Minecrafting 122: a lot of science3 November 2013
Brutal Doom v19 release adds sticky gibs and “Better sprites for smashed brain pieces”2 November 2013
Runescape players are emptying their in-game bank accounts of billions of gold to save their economy and help charities2 November 2013
SpeedRunners singleplayer to be released for free following success of pirated previous game2 November 2013
Why Bungie haven't committed to developing Destiny for PC2 November 2013
Twitch has raised more than $8m for charity2 November 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode trailer shows noob squad mauled by aliens2 November 2013
Batman: Arkham Origins technical issues will be fixed promises Warner Bros.1 November 2013
Star Trek Online Season 8 invites Worf back on deck1 November 2013
Thief video introduces safe-cracker Basso, Garrett’s only buddy1 November 2013
Epigenesis available on Steam Early Access, community tournament happening this month1 November 2013
Blizzard trademark Warlords of Draenor, adventurers start packing for return trip to Azeroth1 November 2013
Blackwell Deception giveaway spirals into chaos, 30,000 Steam keys pilfered1 November 2013
Sponsored post: Get Games carve 66% off Borderlands 2 and 75% off Formula 1 games1 November 2013
Interview: Don Roy on how BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea will change how you see Rapture1 November 2013
Ken Levine wants to make narrative "replayable"1 November 2013
Thief and Deus Ex developers' rumoured third game now rumoured cancelled1 November 2013
South Park: The Stick of Truth won't come by Christmas, but here's seven minutes of footage1 November 2013
Prime World fights the fantasy fetishisation of women: "We want effeminate males and we want burly, bulky females"1 November 2013
First campaign episode arriving in Arma 3... 2... 1...1 November 2013
Arkane adopt CryEngine for their new thing1 November 2013
League of Legends patch to fiddle with items and support roles ahead of Season 41 November 2013