November 2012 Archive

Skrillex Quest is free and plays a little like Zelda meets Sword & Sworcery30 November 2012
Sponsored: Pre-order SimCity, Company of Heroes 2, Tomb Raider and more from GMG and save 35% on your next game30 November 2012
Control the spice and, by extension, the universe by playing PC classic Dune 2 in your browser30 November 2012
Company of Heroes 2: Turning Point trailer features overweight tanks braving very thin ice, unwisely30 November 2012
Total War: Shogun 2 Otomo Clan pack DLC released; re-balances soldiers, shaves 6.6GB off install size30 November 2012
Star Citizen will likely feature "more than one" Wing Commander cast member, possibly other Hollywood veterans30 November 2012
Valve Greenlight 13 more games and also first software titles30 November 2012
If you have to use semantics to argue why games can't be art, you've probably lost the spirit of the argument30 November 2012
How to make your PC games look better, brighter, shinier and sexier with SweetFX30 November 2012
Splinter Cell: Blacklist non-lethal takedowns and ‘abductions’ detailed30 November 2012
Dead Island: Riptide is all about kicking zombies' heads off, probably30 November 2012
Humble Bundle on THQ partnership: “Rest assured that indie bundles will continue to be an important part of our business”30 November 2012
Blizzard register new domain name: What is 'Project Blackstone'?30 November 2012
IPL5: Don't forget Shootmania30 November 2012
IPL5: See Starcraft 2 streamed live on Twitch30 November 2012
IPL5: Watch the League of Legends stream here30 November 2012
Play Diabloo 3 in your browser; “This game sucks it just sucks very badly”, say critics30 November 2012
Far Cry 3: downed Uplay servers bugger up singleplayer game; “We’re very sorry”, say Ubisoft30 November 2012
GAME UK to sell Steam Wallet Codes; GAME and Valve to “grow our PC gaming communities together”30 November 2012
Planetside 2’s three-year plan: player-owned bases, seamless continents and NPC armies all under consideration30 November 2012
The ten best Dota 2 Polycount entries so far29 November 2012
The THQ Humble Bundle is ridiculously good value29 November 2012
Just how accurate is Dirty Bomb's vision of a terrorised, futuristic London?29 November 2012
Minecraft Build Battles: the coolest competition on the internet29 November 2012
IPL5 is happening this weekend, and we are there29 November 2012
Agricultural Simulator 2013 demo out now29 November 2012
The Kislyi Maneuver: Wargaming's CEO on how he wins at his own game29 November 2012
Nvidia drivers claim to improve Far Cry 3 performance by up to 38%29 November 2012
The strange story of the buried Burmese Spitfires: how a farmer, the CEO of Wargaming and a team of archaeologists hope to unearth history29 November 2012
Dragon Commander motion capture video reveals how the strategy RPG's conversation system was saved from silence29 November 2012
Timesplitters mod given go-ahead by Crytek29 November 2012
Dead Island: Riptide dev: "You can buy Gears of War in Germany, but not Dead Island. What's the difference?"29 November 2012
Splash Damage announce London-set multiplayer FPS Dirty Bomb with trailer29 November 2012
Black Ops 2 to get more Hardcore modes, but Treyarch need your help to decide which29 November 2012
Latest Dota 2 patch reveals Winter is coming. To Dota 2. 29 November 2012
Far Cry 3 “critical” release day patch improves performance; update “needs to be installed in order to benefit from an optimal game experience”29 November 2012
Bohemia devs handwritten letter to supporters: "Your effort makes it easier to handle"28 November 2012
IPL5 preview: a stacked StarCraft 2 tournament28 November 2012
Windows 8 sells 40 million copies in first month since release28 November 2012
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition footage may well get your nostalgia gland dripping28 November 2012
Battlefield 3: Aftermath launch trailer shows guns doing what guns do best28 November 2012
Beat Hazard breaks $2 million across all platforms: "Steam just kicks ass!"28 November 2012
Teslagrad lets you play with magnets (like we needed any more encouragement)28 November 2012
Rift: Storm Legion hands-on proves that the subscription model isn’t dead, it’s just been abused by companies that don’t know what the hell to do with it28 November 2012
Oculus Rift Kickstarter development kits delayed by three months28 November 2012
Dishonored sales “far exceeding” Bethesda’s expectations: “We clearly have a new franchise”28 November 2012
Julian Gollop gives verdict on Firaxis’ XCOM: “Overall I think they have preserved the essence of the original X-Com”28 November 2012
APB Reloaded New Breed Part 3 update brings new contacts, modifications and bricks as weapons28 November 2012
Guild Wars 2 paid-for character re-customisation options unveiled28 November 2012
Bungie’s Destiny isn’t coming to PC, concept art suggests28 November 2012
This is not a Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition review28 November 2012
Dota 2 now has three times as many players as Team Fortress 2 on Steam28 November 2012
IPL5 preview: the biggest weekend for League of Legends since the Season 2 playoffs28 November 2012
To Be Or Not To Be Kickstarter turns Hamlet into a choose your own adventure story. With pirates27 November 2012
Guild Wars 2 - Wintersday is coming...27 November 2012
SimCity footage shows multiplayer city integration with voice over from well spoken developer27 November 2012
Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC dated and detailed27 November 2012
Eve Online: Retribution release date set for 4 December. Payback cometh27 November 2012
Super Hexagon out on PC: turn down the lights, drink a tea, and kiss your night goodbye27 November 2012
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 footage shows knifing and sniping. No sign of ghosts, though27 November 2012
Far Cry 3 co-op trailer says you'll "need to stick together like a nun's knees"27 November 2012
Grubby and sLivko put on a StarCraft 2 show at IEM Singapore last weekend, this video is a must-watch27 November 2012
Dogs in games: investigating the indie pooches of Sir, You Are Being Hunted and Maia27 November 2012
Hotline Miami 2 is a thing27 November 2012
The Universal Mob Grinder: Minecraft mob farming at its most efficient27 November 2012
Planetside 2 mods policy clarified by SOE: “If we allowed harmless apps they would simply be used as a shield excuse by players trying to cheat.”27 November 2012
The six best mods for World of Tanks 8.127 November 2012
Battlefield 3 weapons balance update reworks recoil for seven guns27 November 2012
Dota 2 at Dreamhack - the final: how No Tidehunter became the most exciting Dota 2 team on the planet27 November 2012
Mists of Pandaria patch 5.1 release scheduled for tomorrow27 November 2012
SWTOR Preferred players to get two more quickbars in next week’s patch27 November 2012
Valve economist says he's seen the future: walking, winking aliens without screens or projectors27 November 2012
Garry's Mod to receive Kinect support "this week or next"27 November 2012
Grand Theft Auto 5 PC petition hits 46,000 names27 November 2012
IPL5 preview: GSL Season 5 Starcraft 2 tournament brings the premier Korean StarCraft 2 series to American soil27 November 2012
IPL 5 preview: The GSL World Championship pits Korea's best StarCraft 2 pros against the rest of the world26 November 2012
Limit Theory Kickstarter passes goal. Funding possibilities move into limitless territory26 November 2012
Windows 8 supports 90% of GOG's games26 November 2012
Double Fine Humble Bundle projects picked. Now comes the development period26 November 2012
Far Cry 3 Machinima series stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse. It's actually funny, too26 November 2012
Steam Autumn Sale Day 5: the best games, the best deals26 November 2012
Create your own insanity: see Far Cry 3’s map editor in action26 November 2012
This is not a Planetside 2 review26 November 2012
Latest World of Tanks discount makes five US SPGs half price26 November 2012
I think Far Cry 3 is the year’s best PC shooter. Here’s why.26 November 2012
Team Fortress 2 charity match pits Notch, Day[9], Yogscast, Tay Zonday, Valve, Bethesda and Gearbox against each other26 November 2012
Minecraft 1.5 will be The Redstone Update, due January 201326 November 2012
Age of Wulin teaches the art of kidnapping26 November 2012
Fallout: New Vegas fan film gets a teaser trailer26 November 2012
Steam Guard to be required for Steam Trading from December 12th26 November 2012
Steam had six million concurrent users over the weekend26 November 2012
Elite: Dangerous novella is a Kickstarter project inside a Kickstarter project; world eats self26 November 2012
League of Legends Season 3 item shop simulator lets you prepare for the new patch26 November 2012
The week in PC gaming: 19th / 25th November25 November 2012
Painting Planetside 2 Red: A Colorblind Vanu's Lament 25 November 2012
Steam Autumn Sale Day 4: the best games, the best deals25 November 2012
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Julian beats Jeremy so hard at XCOM's multiplayer that he loses his singleplayer campaign too25 November 2012
Last chance for some Steam Autumn Sale deals25 November 2012
Project CARS multiplayer trailer shows multiple cars looking very, very pretty25 November 2012
Maia Kickstarter reaches target - internet breathes sigh of relief25 November 2012
Far Cry 3 video makes the case for tribal tattoos25 November 2012
Bioshock Infinite won't have multiplayer says Ken Levine25 November 2012
DreamHack Winter concludes with a Team Liquid StarCraft 2 final as HerO sweeps TaeJa, CS:GO ends with a rout, and other eSports news25 November 2012
Dota 2 at Dreamhack - day two highlights24 November 2012
Shadowgate Kickstarter hits target with a day left on the clock24 November 2012
Minecon news: Minecraft coming to the Raspberry Pi24 November 2012
Warface passes 5 million subscribers in Russia24 November 2012
Black Ops 2 tactical insertion uses real GPS coordinates24 November 2012
Battlefield 3 tank flipping borders on wizardry24 November 2012
Elite: Dangerous combat footage and discussion of vioence in space24 November 2012
Spotlight on Greenlight, 24/11/1224 November 2012
Guild Wars 2 Black Friday sales - digital deluxe and gem store prices slashed23 November 2012
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming Winter sale: the best games, the best deals23 November 2012
World of Tanks heads to China for WCG finals23 November 2012
Dota 2 at Dreamhack Day One: Fresh blood take on the champions 23 November 2012
Greek president meets with Czech consul to discuss Bohemia developers imprisoned in Greece23 November 2012
My Little Pony mod compilation brings true horror of war to World of Tanks23 November 2012
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition interview: Trent Oster on building “BioWare 0.6 Mark 2”23 November 2012
Brink developers Splash Damage tease new game23 November 2012
How to watch Minecon live online23 November 2012
Scribblenauts Unlimited European release date mysteriously delayed til 201323 November 2012
Dizzy Returns: the tricksy 1987 platformer Kickstarted23 November 2012
Steam Autumn Sale day 2: the best games, the best deals23 November 2012
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition trailer simulates motion, features new areas23 November 2012
Fancy trying arena combat in Minecraft? Zombie Arena includes arena, zombies, also other monsters22 November 2012
Following the most successful crowdfunding campaign ever, what exactly will be included in Star Citizen?22 November 2012
Next Hitman to be developed outside IO; “Hitman has gone out of the house”22 November 2012
A meandering and largely pointless essay about The Walking Dead: Season One22 November 2012
Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 not available on UK Steam Store; “We’ve been in discussions with Valve” - Ubisoft22 November 2012
Riot reveal Nami, the Tidecaller as latest League of Legends champion22 November 2012
ArenaNet’s postmortem on The Lost Shores: “We’re aware that there were certain aspects of the event that could have worked better than they did.”22 November 2012
Black Ops 2 FOV cap increased to 90 in new patch22 November 2012
Counter-Strike silencer to be reintroduced in Global Offensive, but Valve need to work out “balancing issue” first22 November 2012
DICE tech director responds to Mirror’s Edge 2 rumours: “Never trust a man who badmouths and talks down all his ex-employers”22 November 2012
Microsoft Games Studios are no longer all about the Xbox 360; “We’re building dedicated games for Windows 8.”22 November 2012
Tune into DreamHack Winter today through Sunday for StarCraft 2, Dota 2, CS:GO and other eSports action22 November 2012
Hands-on with Gone Home21 November 2012
Czech President contacts Greek President about imprisoned developers: "The fate of our citizens anywhere in the world matters to us"21 November 2012
Guild Wars 2 Black Friday sales see massive cuts to prices21 November 2012
Legend of Dungeon Kickstarter reaches goal in a day; online multiplayer stretch goal added21 November 2012
Steam Autumn Sale day 1: the best games, the best deals21 November 2012
Godus Kickstarter has Peter Molyneux remaking Populous21 November 2012
Steam Autumn Sale is a go; wallets say "Noooo"21 November 2012
World of Tanks 8.2 will add additional achievements, don't forget Tanksgiving is underway21 November 2012
Steam has 50 million users, up to 5 million playing concurrently21 November 2012
Updated: DayZ patch fixes gender selection, addresses a multitude of bugs21 November 2012
SOE open new Planetside 2 EU server to meet demand; more US servers coming21 November 2012
Can't make it to Minecon? There's always the Minecraft Disney World sever21 November 2012
Super Hexagon PC won’t have any new features or content at all, really21 November 2012
Battlefield 3’s most obscure easter egg uncovered21 November 2012
PC gamers can now play Portal 2 split-screen21 November 2012
Football Manager 2013 update 13.1.3 improves passing AI and performance21 November 2012
Procedurally-generated space sandbox game Limit Theory launches on Kickstarter21 November 2012
Mechwarrior Online Mechsgiving update brings Cataphract mech and new map21 November 2012
Report: Mirror's Edge 2 among DICE's non-Battlefield projects, former EA manager claims21 November 2012
SWTOR 1.6 Ancient Hypergate update now on Public Test Server21 November 2012
0x10c ship editor in the works; may or may not be appearing at Minecon21 November 2012
Red Orchestra 2 gets Steam Workshop support, new map and streamlined Countdown mode21 November 2012
A loving discussion of Age of Mythology, Ensemble's best RTS, on Three Moves Ahead this week21 November 2012
Aliens: Colonial Marines survivor trailer puts the cat amongst the pigeons. The cat has acid for blood, mind20 November 2012
Interview: Duleepa Wijayawardhana and Ric Williams on GamrRank. "We do want that Respect button going all over the world"20 November 2012
Legend of Dungeon Kickstarter launches with free demo; stretch goals include a bard with an electric guitar20 November 2012
Planetside 2 launches; let free global warfare begin20 November 2012
Black Friday PC game deals round up: indie bundles, HD remakes, sprawling open worlds are all going cheap20 November 2012
Far Cry 3 multiplayer trailer has actual animated teabagging20 November 2012
Blizzard to temporarily ban World of Warcraft arena players for win trading, reset ratings above 220020 November 2012
Hands on with Ace of Spades: a Minecraft FPS about guns, dynamite and shovels20 November 2012
Report: Steam Autumn sale outed by indie dev, starts 21st November20 November 2012
StarCraft 2 neural parasite “on the chopping block” for Heart of the Swarm; fungal growth might go projectile20 November 2012
RaiderZ: everything we know20 November 2012
Blizzard head encourages eSports events to offer a free stream; also wants to push games in developing economies20 November 2012
Planescape: Torment producer launches $1m Kickstarter for Thorvalla20 November 2012
Hitman: Absolution gets Deus Ex disguise in DLC20 November 2012
Borderlands 2 writer hosts reddit AMA in character20 November 2012
Total War: Shogun 2 Otomo Clan Pack DLC now pre-purchasable on Steam20 November 2012
Will Mass Effect 4 be prequel or sequel? BioWare want you to decide.20 November 2012
The Walking Dead season finale trailer teases Episode 520 November 2012
Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025 map returns in playlist after brief hiatus20 November 2012
Double Fine Humble Bundle has you tell Tim Schafer's team which game to make in two weeks19 November 2012
Sir, You Are Being Hunted footage has birds, bleeding, and blasts of shot19 November 2012
Star Citizen raises $6,227,408; now onto the development19 November 2012
Prison Arcitect Alpha 4 fixes fog of war by making you more godlike19 November 2012
Minecraft minigame puts you in Sonic's shoes19 November 2012
Eschalon: Book 3 announced; is “not a dumbed-down ‘RPG for the masses’. Rapid button clicking won’t save you here.”19 November 2012
Assassin’s Creed 3 PC footage emerges19 November 2012
Technic (and Tekkit): the ultimate Minecraft mod?19 November 2012
Little Inferno is a game about burning all of your belongings in a fireplace19 November 2012
StarCraft 2’s future in eSports: tournament servers, ‘resume from replay’ and shoutcasting upgrades19 November 2012
New Pitched Battle mode will come to War of The Roses this Wednesday19 November 2012
World of Tanks makes select Soviet tank destroyers half price19 November 2012
Hawken closed beta begins tomorrow, and we have keys. Do you want in?19 November 2012
Ubisoft: Far Cry 3's "online experience does not support dedicated servers"19 November 2012
Super Mario 64 co-op arrives via ROM hack19 November 2012
Star Citizen hits $5 million in funding; Chris Roberts celebrates by pottering about 3D space station19 November 2012
French scenery duo team up for secret ‘Normandy’ project19 November 2012
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Rob doesn't have a good time and Jeremy admits he's a luddite18 November 2012
Sui Generis footage shows off physical ragdoll-ridden combat. Stunning18 November 2012
Sword of the Stars 2 expansion free for players who bought base game in buggy state 18 November 2012
Black Ops 2 makes $500 million in a day; yeah, but I bet it can't juggle knives blindfolded18 November 2012
Far Cry 3 featurette features fire, guns, and this time bears18 November 2012
Saxxy Awards voting begins18 November 2012 World Championship crowns PartinG first global StarCraft 2 champion18 November 2012
The week in PC Gaming 12th / 18th November18 November 2012
Assassin's Creed 3 patch fixes many bugs before releasing for the PC17 November 2012
Bohemia devs refused bail. Pair to be tried in Greek court17 November 2012
Legend of Dungeon trailer shows off sidescrolling roguelike-ing17 November 2012
Star Citizen crowdfunding passes $4 million; $900,000 of stretch goals left and two days to reach them in17 November 2012
LA Game Space Kickstarter offers 30 games for $1517 November 2012
Spotlight on Greenlight, 17/11/1217 November 2012 World Championship begins with technical difficulties, surprising StarCraft 2 matches17 November 2012
How Europa Universalis IV aims to be deeper and more intuitive by being an RPG where you play a nation17 November 2012
Unmined: for all your Minecraft mapping needs16 November 2012
Sinister, Emily Rose director Scott Derrickson on board for Deus Ex film16 November 2012
Sponsored post: GMG offers 35% discount on Hitman: Absolution PC download16 November 2012
Planetside 2's recoil compensation "taken out immediately," but was it really?16 November 2012
Age of Wulin Preview: kung fu and karma16 November 2012
New Hitman: Absolution trailer shows even more Hitmanning, impressive pecs16 November 2012
Valve release The International 2012 documentary: 20 minutes of Dota 2 drama16 November 2012
Riot tease new League of Legends champion: Nami, the little mermaid16 November 2012
Star Wars: The Old Republic gets free-to-play update15 November 2012
Blizzard's World Championship Series Finals this weekend in Shanghai to crown first-ever StarCraft 2 world champion15 November 2012
Guild Wars 2 Fractals of the Mists guide: defeating Arenanet's infinite dungeon15 November 2012
Want your Minecraft games to be full of bees? The Forestry mod makes it possible15 November 2012
Gabe Newell to be honoured by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, will keynote at DICE 201315 November 2012
Beef up your World of Tanks experience with some historically accurate booms and bangs15 November 2012
eSports peace in our time: MLG, DreamHack, and ESL form partnership for 2012 / 2013 seasons15 November 2012
Carnage Racing, Jagex's new driving game, has just got into gear15 November 2012
The Secret World Issue 4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple is the game’s “biggest update yet”; enables player-made stage performances15 November 2012
Report: Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed will see PC release, feature Team Fortress 2 characters15 November 2012
Skyrim Dragonborn DLC: new shouts, Solstheim, and screenshots15 November 2012
Report: Modern Warfare 4 IS in development, Soap to return alongside Price15 November 2012
The Lost Shores guide: defending Lions Arch15 November 2012
The Walking Dead Season 1 will end next week with Episode 5: No Time Left15 November 2012
Dragon Age 3 art director on Frostbite 2: “It's a beautiful, beautiful engine”15 November 2012
Black Ops 2 to have War mode-alike added to multiplayer15 November 2012
Steam Greenlight's most popular game blocked from Steam over Slender Man copyright15 November 2012
Splinter Cell movie sees Tom Hardy cast as Sam Fisher15 November 2012
Medal of Honor Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty DLC introduces Bin Laden’s hideouts as multiplayer maps15 November 2012
Little Inferno arrives this Saturday, buying now gets you into the beta14 November 2012
CryEngine SDK 3.4.3 update is free and comes with a change list as long as your arm and your leg and your other arm14 November 2012
Distance goes the proverbial and reaches its Kickstarter target with only days left on the clock14 November 2012
Primordia launch trailer may oil your cogs, buff your retinal receivers, and lick your battery14 November 2012 World Championship taking place this weekend; SSL Brood War tournament allowed to proceed14 November 2012
Hands-on with March of the Eagles, Paradox's Napoleonic wargame14 November 2012
Black Ops 2 players experiencing crashes, long load times, and poor performance14 November 2012
GTA V trailer analysis - we take it apart, rebuild it, take it apart again, break for lunch, and build it back up again14 November 2012
Watch and learn: how to record, play back and share your World of Tanks games14 November 2012
Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer 2 revealed14 November 2012
Assassin’s Creed 3 PC to be “less buggy than the console versions”; extra DirectX 11 support means double texture resolution14 November 2012
Minecraft 1.4.4 released into the wild14 November 2012
EA Origin accounts are being stolen; change your password14 November 2012
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Windows 8 version planned, but “Windows 8 on tablets is going to take some work”14 November 2012
Rift: Storm Legion is out today, triples the world’s size14 November 2012
Blizzard respond to authenticator lawsuit: “Without merit and filled with patently false information.”14 November 2012
Is Team Fortress 2's lucrative ear-bud market being manipulated by mysterious cabal?14 November 2012
Play Guild Wars 2 this weekend - 750 keys to giveaway14 November 2012
BioWare to send free games to affected players in Black Ops 2 PC disc mix-up; “If the universe thinks that you should be playing Mass Effect right now, who are we to argue?”14 November 2012
Game Music Bundle 4 is worth buying for Jessica Curry's Dear Esther score alone13 November 2012
Tales of Game's Presents Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa sequel announced: The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 - Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie - Chapter 2 13 November 2012
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion 1.1 patch includes 40 new maps, several tuned for competition-level play, gives corvettes some love13 November 2012
Splinter Cell Blacklist footage is too dark to make out but it possibly shows a man tripping over13 November 2012
Might and Magic: Duel of Champions heads to DreamHack Winter for its world championship13 November 2012
Ubisoft CEO: having Michel Ancel "working on Legends is slowing the process on Beyond Good and Evil 2"13 November 2012
Black Ops 2 go faster update thanks to Nvidia driver13 November 2012
Earth 2160 is being given away free on GMG until midday 14 November13 November 2012
World of Tanks made premium shells free, to "help teams to make the leap from pub matches into tournaments"13 November 2012
LEGO The Lord of the Rings comes out next week, has a launch trailer13 November 2012
Gabe Newell on Steam Greenlight: “I don’t think we did a super good job. We have a bunch of work to do.”13 November 2012
Black Ops 2 PC first impressions - it's a scintillating sensory experience. Plus, guns13 November 2012
Cities in Motion: London announced, due out November 20th13 November 2012
Get ready for Minecraft 1.4.4 tomorrow13 November 2012
Traffic 360 adds over half a million AI planes to Flight Simulator X's skies13 November 2012
ArenaNet on Ascended gear: "Adding item progression is a delicate process"13 November 2012
What could Notch's cryptic Minecraft code mean?13 November 2012
Report: some retail copies of Black Ops 2 include second disc of Mass Effect 2, rather than Call of Duty 13 November 2012
Heart of the Swarm set for March 12th release date in the US13 November 2012
The Lost Shores - everything we know. Warning: contains some spoilers13 November 2012
Riot Champion Spotlight on Zed, League of Legends’ latest13 November 2012
League of Legends Champion Review: Zed the Master of Shadows13 November 2012
Gabe Newell explains Steam clause forbidding class action lawsuits: It’s “really not about users”, but avoiding “shakedowns” from lawyers13 November 2012
Star Citizen pervasive universe explained: "we combine a persistent universe with a more traditional" instance sytem12 November 2012
Planetside 2 patch changes much including the base capture system and added bonuses for captured facilities12 November 2012
Mass Effect sequel moves to Bioware Montreal studio and shifts to Frostbite 2 Engine12 November 2012
Thomas Was Alone arrives on Steam; oblongs everywhere are overjoyed12 November 2012
Black Ops 2 PC footage gives first look at improvements to aged IW Engine running at high resolution12 November 2012
What to expect from World of Tanks next: we take a closer look at those Chinese tanks12 November 2012
Activision will temporarily ban Black Ops 2 livestreamers who use unlicensed music12 November 2012
Guild Wars 2 The Lost Shores update detailed; this weekend’s event will “change Tyria forever”12 November 2012
Doom 3: Not the BFG Edition returns to Steam; BFG source code coming soon12 November 2012
Minecraft PC sales pass the 8 million mark12 November 2012
Dungeonland beta sign-up now open12 November 2012
Black Ops 2 midnight launch across 319 UK GAME stores12 November 2012
Portal’s Still Alive originally an in-game musical number, a “bit of musical theatre”12 November 2012
DirectX 11.1 will be Windows 8 exclusive12 November 2012
Company of Heroes 2 TF2 items unlocked as pre-purchase reward12 November 2012
Here’s when Black Ops 2 PC will be unlocked, region by region12 November 2012
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Tim plays a console game *spit* and Rob plays nothing at all11 November 2012
StarForge reaches funding target. Next step: stretch goals11 November 2012
Gabe Newell confirms Source Engine 2 has been in development for a while, Valve are "waiting for a game to roll it out with"11 November 2012
Giants: Citizen Kabuto was a gleeful blend of genres and this is why you should get a copy11 November 2012
THQ default on $50 million credit facility11 November 2012
The Week in PC gaming: 5th / 11th November11 November 2012
Hitman: Absolution Ultimate Assassin trailer shows off instincts, costumes, and the downsides of shooting into a crowd10 November 2012
Interview: Dave Marsh on Shadowgate Kickstarter. "We definitely will keep that sense of danger around every corner"10 November 2012
Left 4 Dead 2 community campaign Warcelona gets official support; Steam Workshop support entering private beta 10 November 2012
Starcraft 2 global servers will let you play anyone from anywhere at any time10 November 2012
XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Borderlands 2 both enjoying a 35% discount; it pays to be patient10 November 2012
Spotlight on Greenlight, 10/11/1210 November 2012
League of Legends to get items that upgrade through use rather than gold10 November 2012
Julian Gollop’s Chaos Reborn multiplayer detailed: “indeterminate” match ends and victory points9 November 2012
Elite: Dangerous gets Kickstarter video and concept art, finally; will go “further with procedural generation” than the original Elite9 November 2012
Serious Sam developer on Windows 8’s “Walled Garden”: “It is a vicious circle, and carefully designed to be that way.”9 November 2012
Blizzard bans an undisclosed but probably not insignificant number of Diablo 3 players9 November 2012
World of Warcraft Cinder Kitten pet raises money for Hurricane Sandy relief9 November 2012
Six of the best: the essential Minecraft YouTube shows9 November 2012
Aliens vs. Predator mod for Crysis recreates Rebellion classic9 November 2012
You can now get BioShock for free. Sorry Andrew Ryan.9 November 2012
US Navy reprimands Navy SEALs who worked on Medal of Honor: Warfighter9 November 2012
Firefall beta weekends announced, registration now open9 November 2012
There’s a new Mass Effect game in the works, and BioWare want your feedback9 November 2012
Warface co-op campaign trailer lets you run and gun with friends8 November 2012
You will be able to pay to encase yourself in carbonite when SWTOR goes free-to-play8 November 2012
World of Warplanes, Tanks and Battleships to share experience: Wargaming want you to be “comfortable grinding where you want to grind” 8 November 2012
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition PC release now less delayed than before8 November 2012
Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play option dated for November 15th; free players will earn experience more slowly8 November 2012
Minecraft 1.4.4 pre-release is out now, squishes more bugs8 November 2012
SOE on try before you buy in Planetside 2’s store: “We are considering letting people try weapons they pick up.”8 November 2012
Bethesda show first in-game footage of The Elder Scrolls Online8 November 2012
League of Legends pre Season 3 item changes detailed; focus on “player self-expression”8 November 2012
Ravaged hands on: fighting to survive8 November 2012
Make Something Unreal Live 2013 shortlist revealed; UK students dominate8 November 2012
New Far Cry 3 trailer reiterates punching sharks and bear attacks8 November 2012
Guild Wars 2 to introducing free trails, bring friends to explore The Lost Shores8 November 2012
Razer CEO responds to Naga 2012 mouse DRM debacle: "It's not DRM... we've had issues with our activation server."8 November 2012
Diablo 3 expansion definitely coming8 November 2012
Mists of Pandaria sees more than one million concurrent players in China7 November 2012
Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm release window set for first half of 20137 November 2012
Diablo 3 has sold over 10 million copies since release7 November 2012
World of Warcraft subscriber numbers rise to over 10 million7 November 2012
World of Warcraft playing democrat candidate Colleen Lachowicz wins seat despite anti-gaming smear campaign7 November 2012
Assassin's Creep brings parkour to Minecraft7 November 2012
Medieval Total War 2 election mod lets Barack Obama and Mitt Romney battle it out over Europe7 November 2012
Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.5 update video shows off droids, prisons, and beasts that just won't die7 November 2012
Strike Suit Zero Oculus Rift support announced7 November 2012
Molyneux thinks he's "only going to make one more game"7 November 2012
Bohemia to shut down DayZ mod offering cash for kills; DayZ Bounty “undermines the work done by the original team”7 November 2012
World of Tanks expands again, introduces Chinese tanks7 November 2012
X-Plane versus Microsoft Flight-Sim: which should you play?7 November 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to get FPS limit for ranked matches7 November 2012
0x10c: everything we know7 November 2012
DayZ standalone will use a MMO-style client-server set-up, not the Arma 2 engine7 November 2012
The Saxxy Awards are back! Here are eight deserving Source Filmmaker movies7 November 2012
GMG hack: EVE timecards for £12.75 means cheap PLEX for space-pilots7 November 2012
Elite: Dangerous footage appears on distant monitors in BBC interview7 November 2012
League of Legends pre Season 3 updates will see a “slew” of new items and revamped jungling7 November 2012
Halo 4 not coming to PC, say Microsoft; “Halo 4 was designed specifically for Xbox 360.”7 November 2012
Guild Wars 2 The Lost Shores dated: "one time only event chain... make sure you will be there." 7 November 2012
Sir, You Are Being Hunted blunderbusses Kickstarter target; stretch goals coming later today7 November 2012
THQ stock drops by more than 50% following game delays and poor earnings report6 November 2012
Steam for Linux closed beta begins and Nvidia release a patch doubling the performance of its cards with the free OS6 November 2012
Europa trailer shows off the difficulty of surviving in space when you wake up in cutoff shorts6 November 2012
Heroes & Generals developer Reto-Moto partner with Square Enix6 November 2012
Planetside 2 beta footage covers the scale of the online war6 November 2012
A Dota 2 inflatable donkey is all you need to make your friends worry about you6 November 2012
Lego Lord of the Rings demo takes us back to our childhoods when games got demos6 November 2012
Herobrine's Mansion proves a big, big hit with Minecraft community6 November 2012
Interview: David Braben on Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter. "If it fails, I'll be terribly upset."6 November 2012
F1 Race Stars PC demo out tomorrow6 November 2012
Seven things we want to see in Elite: Dangerous6 November 2012
Dark Souls' pendant explained6 November 2012
Team Fortress 2 medic call spoofed by Robot Chicken6 November 2012
Sir, You Are Being Hunted alpha footage demonstrates distraction techniques6 November 2012
Modern Warfare 4 voice work hasn’t started just yet, says Captain Price; “I was doing a special new Modern Warfare for China, not MW4.”6 November 2012
Dota 2's Diretide event: a tale of $1000 golden couriers, exploits, and Halloween drama6 November 2012
Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-orders now available on anything but PC6 November 2012
Mechwarrior Online open beta trailer is go(od)6 November 2012
Windows 8 games competition rewards developers for publishing on App Store6 November 2012
The MLG Fall Championship in review, and what the future holds for StarCraft 2 and League of Legends6 November 2012
David Braben's just launched a Kickstarter for a new Elite6 November 2012
THQ earnings call reveals losses, delays for Company of Heroes and Metro: Last Light, THQ to seek financing5 November 2012
Mew-genics' characters look cute and cuddly in new teaser screens5 November 2012
Black Ops 2 Zombies gameplay video shows 10 minutes of undead bus action, robot driver included5 November 2012
Battlefield 3 server update brings an end to server admin immortality5 November 2012
Schrödy trailer brings cat possession to the indie gaming table5 November 2012
Starcraft to scale drawing - things are a little bigger than they may at first seem5 November 2012
Watch this: team Dignitas on Sky News5 November 2012
Battlefield 1942 available for free as DICE celebrate its 10th anniversary5 November 2012
E-Sports World Cup 2012 champions crowned in Paris5 November 2012
Hitman Absolution 'Living, Breathing World' trailer explores the dark corners of its systemic levels5 November 2012
Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids - how do our 2012 selections fare in FM 2013?5 November 2012
Football Manager 2013 Classic Mode was originally a standalone console game5 November 2012
Skyrim Dragonborn DLC trailer shows off Solstheim locations and dragon mounts5 November 2012
Nadeo: racing games don't make good esports because of the "loneliness when you practice"5 November 2012
Grand Theft Auto 5 artwork revealed; features an unusual day at the beach5 November 2012
Hawken second open beta announced, pre-order bundles detailed5 November 2012
World of Warplanes has a development budget "probably bigger than all previous flight simulators combined”5 November 2012
Mojang shows off the best of its Minecraft scariest screenshot competition5 November 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 FOV cap set to 80 on PC5 November 2012
The War Z hands on: is this the end of DayZ or a deathly shambles?5 November 2012
Valve on why they're favouring Linux over Windows 85 November 2012
League of Legends latest champion revealed: Zed, the master of shadows5 November 2012
Planetside 2 Australian servers now live5 November 2012
MLG StarCraft 2 Fall Championship Day 3: Startale's Life takes down Flash and Leenock to claim title5 November 2012
MLG League of Legends Fall Championship Day 3 recap: Blaze catch fire against NaJin Sword5 November 2012
The week in PC gaming: 29th October / 4th November4 November 2012
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Jeremy chases his Obsidian fix and Tim finds a Windows 8 game that's "kind of good"4 November 2012
Julian Gollop remaking Chaos: The Battle of Wizards4 November 2012
Theme Hospital and other EA games 60% off on GOG4 November 2012
Strike Suit Zero hits Kickstarter target with fortnight to go4 November 2012
Pid trailer shows off small but mighty platformer4 November 2012
MLG StarCraft 2 Fall Championship Day 2 Recap: Leenock the comeback artist, and the epic war of Flash vs Naniwa4 November 2012
MLG Fall Championship League of Legends tournament Day 2 recap: NaJin Sword looking unstoppable, Dignitas and CLG Europe continue to surprise4 November 2012
Spotlight on Greenlight, 3/11/123 November 2012
Battlefield 3 Aftermath fly through video shows off Epicentre map3 November 2012
Civilization 5 receives frighteningly massive balance patch; happiness gets +1 all round3 November 2012
Tribes: Ascend EU ESL LAN contest streamed live from Paris tomorrow3 November 2012
Skyrim DLC teased; working title 'Nutcrackerface'3 November 2012
Planetside 2 update brings new continent and Twitch integration; release date confirmed3 November 2012
MLG StarCraft 2 Fall Championship Day 1: Scarlett's creep dominates Bomber and Flash takes down confident Grubby3 November 2012
MLG Fall League of Legends Championship Day 1 recap: while NaJin Sword and Team SoloMid embrace continuity, CLG Prime undergo reconstruction3 November 2012
Done with Guild Wars 2's Hallowe'en event? Get ready for The Lost Shores2 November 2012
Minecraft video demonstrates sinister yet effective witch farming technique2 November 2012
Dust 514 closed beta to continue until 2013; “We want to get everything right before we join those two worlds."2 November 2012
Dreamfall Chapters will be crowdfunded; “We will be going to Kickstarter,” says Tørnquist2 November 2012
Wargaming aren't ready for cross combat between World of Tanks, Warplanes and Battleships 2 November 2012
XCOM: Enemy Unknown patch makes easy mode easier, fixes SHIV2 November 2012
Most players “torture their Sims", says The Sims Official Magazine 2 November 2012
Green Man Gaming discounts Football Manager 2013 to £19.502 November 2012
TrackMania 2 expands its portfolio with Stadium2 November 2012
Hands on with the latest version of Shootmania: Storm2 November 2012
Dishonored’s Corvo wasn’t always a mute protagonist2 November 2012
Dead Island: Riptide PC release date confirmed... and it matches the console date2 November 2012
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime trailer is space-glorious2 November 2012
Castle Wolfenstein movie planned, features Pulp Fiction co-writer, Silent Hill producer2 November 2012
Sir, You Are Being Hunted is being Kickstarted2 November 2012
Serious Sam 3 is now on Steam Workshop, features Pet Scrapjack2 November 2012
Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC coming, some of it multiplayer2 November 2012
Black Ops 2 multiplayer trailer documents life in Nuketown 20252 November 2012
SoO fends off Oz comeback to win MvP Invitational StarCraft 2 tournament2 November 2012
Current Starleague StarCraft 2 champ Rain abandons GSL Code S slot to compete at MLG Fall Championship1 November 2012
MLG v Proleague StarCraft 2 Invitational concludes tonight, djWHEAT and Day[9] to cast match between soO and Oz1 November 2012
Jagex announce Ace of Spades for Steam: the competitive FPS that combines Minecraft and Team Fortress 21 November 2012
Save the Day, a browser game about helicopters and volcanoes1 November 2012
Red Thread Redemption: The Longest Journey saga to continue with Dreamfall Chapters1 November 2012
Pre-release of Minecraft 1.4.3 stamps on over a hundred bugs1 November 2012
Stronghold HD is out; has such high resolution that you can see all of the battlefield on one screen1 November 2012
The voice of Duke Nukem hates guns, violent games and irony1 November 2012
Valve expect to Greenlight 10 more games on November 30th1 November 2012
Creative Assembly’s Total War Battles team will make Netbook, laptop and Microsoft Surface-suitable games; iPhone merely “a good first target”1 November 2012
Need for Speed: Most Wanted hands on: How I got busted1 November 2012
Outlast relocates parkour to the asylum, to terrifying effect1 November 2012
Battlefield 3: Aftermath’s crossbow, as seen from uncomfortably close; two minutes of gameplay footage for Premium players1 November 2012
PCGamesN’s 'Why-Fly' network gets airborne1 November 2012
Infinity Ward deny starting voice work on Modern Warfare 4, with Captain Price or anybody else: "We've not talked with any voice actors"1 November 2012