November 2016 Archive

No Man's Sky gets another small patch following the base building Foundation Update30 November 2016
Logitech Spotlight: a video tour of why the Prodigy series is right for you30 November 2016
Red Dead Redemption comes to PC next week via subscription service PlayStation Now30 November 2016
The Battlefield series will be taking a break for a "couple of years", say EA30 November 2016
Kingdoms and Castles blends SimCity and Minecraft in a fantasy setting30 November 2016
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice has been delayed into 201730 November 2016
GTA 4 gets its first patch in six years, making it play nice with Windows 8 and 1030 November 2016
Overwatch This episode 10: Oasis map thoughts, Christmas skins and Dreamhack Winter30 November 2016
The Jack class is literally a jack-of-all-trades in Torment: Tides of Numenera30 November 2016
Ubisoft revise statement on The Division's player count, say it is "trending in a positive direction"30 November 2016
Titanfall 2 sales figures ignore digital, say EA, who will be selling it "for many, many years"30 November 2016
Paladins is already a success, but eSports and dozens of characters are still to come 30 November 2016
Caught Overwatch hackers think they can sue Blizzard because... reasons30 November 2016
Early Diablo 3 was closer to Diablo 2, "and we weren't excited by it", says ex-game director30 November 2016
Build a base among the stars by removing height restrictions in No Man's Sky30 November 2016
Watch Dogs 2 PC port review - benchmarks, performance analysis + how to get 60fps using recommended specs30 November 2016
League of Legends overtakes Overwatch in South Korea’s internet cafés 30 November 2016
AMD’s Zen CPUs to get a public unveiling on December 1330 November 2016
No Man’s Sky cleared of misleading consumers by Advertising Standards Authority30 November 2016
Watch emergent robot wars in the first gameplay trailer for The Signal From Tölva29 November 2016
Darksiders Warmastered Edition out now, is a free upgrade for owners of the original29 November 2016
Overwatch's new Oasis map is live on the PTR29 November 2016
Calamities and crisis arrive in Cities: Skylines via Natural Disasters, out now29 November 2016
Worlds Adrift has been delayed until 201729 November 2016
Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 looks set for a 2017 release29 November 2016
Ride a dragon in Minecraft-like Lego Worlds on February 2429 November 2016
Watch us get angry at a misbehaving AI in episode two of our Eve Online beginner's guide29 November 2016
Do you own a boxed copy of Dawn of War? Sega will give you a Steam copy for free29 November 2016
Rainbow Six Siege ‘Year 2 Pass’ is available on console, year 1 pass gone from PS Store29 November 2016
Brace yourselves, Colorful’s MASSIVE four-slot GTX 1080 wants to crush your PC29 November 2016
Elementalist Lux added to League of Legends today, gets new trailer and website29 November 2016
First Overwatch player to hit 1800 solo played 16-17 hours a day29 November 2016
Samsung 960 EVO 1TB review: a heady mix of space, speed and great value29 November 2016
Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: all the new cards29 November 2016
Glove skins are a rare special item in CS:GO's new weapon cases29 November 2016
Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance set to deliver gaming's truest role-playing experience?29 November 2016
Here’s when Watch Dogs 2 unlocks on PC tonight28 November 2016
See Overwatch Genji's katana, shurikens and Reinhardt's rocket hammer made in real life28 November 2016
Every ramp procedural - land vehicles look likely for No Man's Sky28 November 2016
Cache, Dust2, Mirage and Overpass get game altering weather in new CS:GO mod28 November 2016
Hearthstone's Mean Streets of Gadgetzan release date set for December 128 November 2016
Prep the antifreeze: Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain expansion launches December 1328 November 2016
Hitman's 1.7.0 patch lets Agent 47 access his arsenal without an internet connection28 November 2016
Your YouTube comments get shut down in... The Miller Retort28 November 2016
Russian MMO Project Genom is back on Steam, disagreements "legally resolved"28 November 2016
1.9 million games sold in Black Friday week, but retailers blame it for triple-A downturn28 November 2016
Watch Dogs 2 offers a way to fight back against 2016's post-truth society - but is that a good thing?28 November 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer will sell weapons individually and in RNG card packs28 November 2016
Intel's dual-core i3 7350K delivers quad-core levels of performance28 November 2016
LSE win Dota 2 tourney as Varsity Games launches university eSports in the UK28 November 2016
Making it in Unreal: Amazeing Adventures is what a DayZ dev can do in their off-time28 November 2016
Hearthstone Arena overhaul may add more synergy or "take out stuff like Spider Tank"28 November 2016
Sombra, Overwatch's newest hero - all of her abilities, cosmetics and some tips27 November 2016
X-Plane 11’s first beta now available for download27 November 2016
Misfits claim victory over Fnatic at the DreamHack Winter Overwatch Championship27 November 2016
Democraciv subreddit plays Civ 5 via a model government, with public elections and all27 November 2016
Quite the harvest for Focus Home Interactive as Farming Simulator 17 sells 1 million copies27 November 2016
Landfall Games begin open alpha for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 27 November 2016
Follow the design process of Guild Wars 2's Nightmare Fractal in behind the scenes video27 November 2016
Ex-Hearthstone stream viewbotter reveals details about viewbotting business27 November 2016
Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 is free on the Windows Store until midnight27 November 2016
Blizzard announce $150 12 inch Reaper statue as its next Overwatch collectible27 November 2016
Sun, sea and severed heads in this teaser trailer for open world survival game, Die Young26 November 2016
Project Reality v1.4 now available, with Falklands Theatre, three new maps and more26 November 2016
ROX Tigers loses Smeb, Gorilla, Kuro and Pray, with Peanut in contract negotiations26 November 2016
Total War Arena teaser image hints at next round of closed alpha tests26 November 2016
Creative Assembly shows off Wood Elves campaign in Total War: Warhammer Let’s Play26 November 2016
Control rooms, alien breeding and base invasions come to Maia in update 0.5926 November 2016
Drive the Skaven out of Karak Azgaraz in new DLC for Warhammer End Times: Vermintide26 November 2016
Resident Evil 7 to feature cross saves between PC and Xbox, along with HDR and 4K support 26 November 2016
Sunless Skies to feature multiple major ports, hoping to make space travel more varied26 November 2016
Plan your viewing of DreamHack Winter’s Overwatch tournament with this event schedule26 November 2016
A tougher challenge mode and new blueprints come to Planet Coaster in patch 1.0.125 November 2016
Inside gets a Steam demo25 November 2016
Blizzard release video of murlocs gargling over Christmas songs for an hour - happy holidays25 November 2016
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice will use 3D sound to put voices in your head25 November 2016
Ancel says Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in development, compares scope to Star Citizen25 November 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda won't have every alien race from the trilogy, but sequels might25 November 2016
Amazon Black Friday PC deals - Steam Link for $20, 21" screen for $80, Razer mouse for $3825 November 2016
Paladins actually benefited from Overwatch comparisons, says Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris25 November 2016
Throw bananas at militant nudists in Tokyo 42, an isometric Hitman-alike25 November 2016
Cleo's Lost Idols giveaway! Win one of 50 copies for the open beta of this wacky puzzler!25 November 2016
Overwatch smart hacks have been downloaded by tens of thousands and they're hard to spot25 November 2016
Street Fighter 5 support is “planned out as far as 2020” according to Capcom25 November 2016
PSA: Dre's 'Still D.R.E' is the exact right tempo for perfect AK47 fire rate in CS:GO25 November 2016
Inside the minds of the train voyeurs - Dovetail explain what makes simulation gamers tick25 November 2016
Newegg Black Friday PC deals - RX 470 and Hitman for $160, mini GTX 1060 for $22525 November 2016
Super Turkeys are back in ARK, along with a massive patch 252 update25 November 2016
Blizzard admit there was a legendary 'soft cap' affecting WoW's top players, have removed it25 November 2016
Ubisoft's 30 day advent calendar contains some free PC games 24 November 2016
Doubleagent, the WoW player who reached level 100 without picking a faction, is finally 11024 November 2016
Logitech Spotlight: the keyboard with an unfair advantage in gaming24 November 2016
Torment: Tides of Numenera trailer shows off the combat-focused Glaive class24 November 2016
Here's how Steam Controllers are born - with the help of Aperture Laboratories 24 November 2016
The Steam Awards see Half-Life 2: Episode 2 mass voted as 'Game That Deserves a Sequel'24 November 2016
BBC accused of manipulating quotes to "demonise" eSports in women-in-gaming piece24 November 2016
Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode One is free on Steam for a limited time24 November 2016
We try Civ 6's new 50-turn Cavalry and Cannonades scenario24 November 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda's side content? T'Soni a bit like Inquisition24 November 2016
Hearthstone and XCOM combine in Smite Tactics, Hi-Rez's new turn-based experiment24 November 2016
"It's not going to be the same if Vivendi take over" says Ubisoft VP of live ops24 November 2016
Be first to play at pirates via the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme24 November 2016
Which unpopular DLC business model are you?24 November 2016
The HTC Vive has sold “much more” than 140,000 units, each at a profit24 November 2016
Blizzard’s Black Friday sale now live, get all of WoW minus Legion for £524 November 2016
Frozen Synapse 2's multiplayer campaign hands factions over to other players24 November 2016
"This is an entirely new Paragon experience" - Epic's MOBA gets a new map and huge overhaul24 November 2016
The best Civilization modders reveal what they want from Civ 6's toolkit24 November 2016
Minecraft's Jens Bergensten says next update shifts focus from survival to building24 November 2016
StarCraft 2 multiplayer patch brings major changes, final Nova Covert Ops episode also released24 November 2016
The Steam Autumn Sale has started, along with the debut of the Steam Awards24 November 2016
Top WoW guild Exorsus and two others mass-banned for exploiting on game’s hardest boss, Helya 23 November 2016
TERA's Attack of the Dragons update adds new raid, class improvements, club items and more23 November 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: three reasons Watch Dogs 2 rules on PC23 November 2016
Prepare for speedy dongs - Rocket League to get Steam Workshop support in December23 November 2016
Overwatch This episode nine: Symmetra’s big changes plus the cancelled graphic novel23 November 2016
Despite delays, Homefront: The Revolution's publishers admit they released too early23 November 2016
Industry veteran and SupCom designer Chris Taylor leaves Wargaming to work on new projects23 November 2016
A modern gaming laptop is your best bet for room-scale VR freedom23 November 2016
Rainbow Six Siege year two details will be revealed before the end of 201623 November 2016
Join up with the United Empire as Endless Space 2 gets its first major content update23 November 2016
Outlast 2 companion diaper 'Underscare' launched on Kickstarter by developer Red Barrels23 November 2016
Frontier assure they are fighting Elite combat logging after community proves failure to deal with exploit23 November 2016
"Massively single player experience" planned for cancelled Sleeping Dogs sequel, crime coordinated via cloud saves23 November 2016
Join the mini-figure police force as Lego City Undercover comes to Steam in Spring 201723 November 2016
Chris Avellone says he's "been wrapped up with Prey for a while now"22 November 2016
Microsoft apologise for perceived racial slur in Dead Rising 4 promo email22 November 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: upgrade to new GTX GPU, get Watch Dogs 2 free22 November 2016
Overwatch PTR adds Symmetra's dual Ult buff, "boop" voice line for Sombra and more22 November 2016
Grim Dawn adds Port Valbury, an Aetherial-themed roguelike dungeon, mid December22 November 2016
Where do game developers get their ideas? Only 13 would tell22 November 2016
Origin now allows you to gift games, just in time for the Black Friday sales22 November 2016
Watch us try to figure out Eve Online in episode one of our free-to-play beginner's guide22 November 2016
New Doom’s damage, fire rates and movement speed are identical to the original, says John Romero22 November 2016
Star Wars Battlefront-inspired Galaxy in Turmoil single and multiplayer demo out 201722 November 2016
Meteor strikes to kill millions… in Cities: Skylines on November 2922 November 2016
You can't manually fly Mass Effect: Andromeda’s ship, but at least it has no loading screens22 November 2016
“No more DLC that you have to buy if you want the full experience”, says Ubisoft22 November 2016
Get Titanfall 2 for £25 on Amazon right now22 November 2016
New gameplay revealed for open-world survival Conan Exiles, coming to early access January 3122 November 2016
Microsoft’s minimum spec for their $299 VR gear is seriously minimal22 November 2016
Blizzard are making a new first-person game and expanding the Diablo team22 November 2016
Dishonored 2 Beta patch 1.2 reduces frame stuttering and improves mouse controls21 November 2016
The Division's Survival mode is out tomorrow, along with patch 1.5 - here's the launch trailer21 November 2016
Duncan Jones would be up for making a Warcraft movie sequel in "the right conditions"21 November 2016
League of Legends patch 6.2321 November 2016
Australian Federal Court argues that Valve should be fined $3 million over refund policy21 November 2016
Sign into World of Warcraft before November 30 to get free goodies, including a virtual corgi21 November 2016
NBA 2KVR Experience brings b-ball to your eyeballs in VR21 November 2016
Vive VR will be selling for $100 less on Black Friday and Cyber Monday21 November 2016
Ubisoft respond to poor Watch Dogs 2 sales, say “a number of big games” are suffering21 November 2016
Watch Dogs 2 made a huge mistake not including these hacks, says the latest Miller Rapport21 November 2016
See Darude's Sandstorm playing on a video player built in Factorio21 November 2016
Planet Coaster's sound designer shut down an entire theme park to record the game's audio21 November 2016
Star Citizen's biggest ships featured in new trailer, Idris frigate nearly ready to launch21 November 2016
Room-scale VR version of Doom 3 now available, is terrifying21 November 2016
Fallout: The Frontier, a huge mod for New Vegas, gets new trailer and goes to space21 November 2016
Solid Snake’s David Hayter “actually threw up” on the mic - here's why videogame voice actors are striking21 November 2016
Making it in Unreal: batter babies in bumper cars in Bebylon: Battle Royale21 November 2016
Government schools adviser says Minecraft is a “gimmick which will get in the way of children actually learning”21 November 2016
System Shock: Remastered slips to 2018, will have "awesome stuff to show" in coming months21 November 2016
Thai horror game Home Sweet Home's demo will haunt you where you live20 November 2016
Blade Runner's "Tears in Rain" scene recreated in The Witcher 3 with fan-made modding tools20 November 2016
Console Lucio player proves he can play Overwatch just as well on PC, reaches Grandmaster20 November 2016
My Friend Pedro's gameplay trailer is like a 2-D Max Payne with proper dual-wielding20 November 2016
Bug that stops Ana appearing in Overwatch's new 1v1 mode to be fixed soon20 November 2016
How Ubisoft are learning from their mistakes to deliver gaming's most authentic open worlds20 November 2016
Korean Overwatch team claims they were forced to sleep 10 to a room after 16-hour days19 November 2016
Other teams need to learn from SKT’s dominance in League of Legends, say Riot19 November 2016
Hitman Elusive Targets now bring sartorial rewards - kill 'The Chef' this week for a tuxedo19 November 2016
The next Elder Scrolls game announced for DLC for a pinball game19 November 2016
Tekken 7's story trailer confirms you will be hitting people very hard with your fists19 November 2016
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls shooting up Steam next summer19 November 2016
Cloud Imperium reveal their estimated Star Citizen development timeline18 November 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: Dominating the opposition as Titanfall 2's Legion and Tone18 November 2016
WoW artifact power gained from recent exploit will be removed from offending players18 November 2016
Here's Everything that's coming to Path of Exile in the new Breach expansion18 November 2016
Dishonored 2 is getting New Game + and custom difficulties in free December update18 November 2016
Remedy release funny recruitment blooper video instead of game trailer18 November 2016
Blizzard cancel the Overwatch: First Strike graphic novel18 November 2016
Download Overwatch now and play for free for the entire weekend18 November 2016
Dark Souls 3 named Ultimate GOTY while Overwatch takes home five Golden Joysticks18 November 2016
Space Hulk: Deathwing dev uploads better gameplay; features powers, voice acting, sharper textures18 November 2016
Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods giveaway! We've got 100 copies of this roguelike shooter to giveaway18 November 2016
Dishonored 2's Outsider isn't 'too young' - he's a juvenile god in a classical Greek tragedy18 November 2016
Two-Face and The Joker come to Gotham in new trailer for Telltale's Batman episode four18 November 2016
Riot's head of eSports on diversity, control, and avoiding "rampant scandals and corruption like FIFA"18 November 2016
Assassin's Creed's precursor DNA plotline won't be resolved in any future game18 November 2016
PC Specialist Hydra X review: the techy treats don’t end with its mighty GTX Titan X GPU18 November 2016
CD Projekt help found Polish Games Association, a $20 million fund to support innovative devs18 November 2016
Hearthstone’s Heroic Tavern Brawls can now be done 100 times per player, have been extremely popular on Twitch18 November 2016
Planet Coaster review18 November 2016
Civ 6’s first update is now live: adds DX12, new map types, and fixes exploits18 November 2016
League of Legends comic reveals new champion, Camille - she's got swords for legs18 November 2016
Dishonored 2 PC performance patch now in beta on Steam17 November 2016
Kojima to collect Industry Icon accolade at The Game Awards 201617 November 2016
CA's Mike Simpson discusses the future of Total War: more asymmetry and more "fun"17 November 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: mastering Titanfall 2's Northstar and Ronin17 November 2016
Assassin's Creed 2017 to focus on emergent gameplay, which Ubi call "the anecdote factory"17 November 2016
Elite: Dangerous player treks 48 hours to the edge of the galaxy to save stranded pilot17 November 2016
No Man's Sky's subreddit is trying to get Sean Murray to talk via cancer fundraising17 November 2016
A little less conversation: 7 mute games to play during the voice actor's strike17 November 2016
The Necromancer and the wider future of Diablo with developers Kevin Martens and John Mueller17 November 2016
Watch us play the utterly unhinged but maybe possibly brilliant My Summer Car17 November 2016
Hacker convicted of wire fraud for stealing and selling on up to $18 million in FIFA Coins17 November 2016
Next historical Total War will be in "an era we haven't tackled yet", say Creative Assembly17 November 2016
Tree spirits: Total War Warhammer's Wood Elves shake up the game's tactics and campaign17 November 2016
Wood Elves come to Total War: Warhammer, bringing dragons, flying archers, and treemen17 November 2016
EA develops its games for "high-powered PCs" and scales them back for console, says CFO17 November 2016
Frozen Synapse 2 shows off its guns in flashy new trailer, game delayed to 201717 November 2016
57% of gamers are running on AMD Radeon graphics17 November 2016
Lucio's voice actor messing around in-character with other Overwatch talent is now a short SFM film17 November 2016
The Nano are Torment: Tides of Numenera’s tech-based mage class17 November 2016
First pro Sombra play goes a bit more The Internship than The Matrix at Overwatch APEX17 November 2016
The stakes are raised, along with the level cap in RIFT's new expansion, Starfall Prophecy16 November 2016
EA are committed to Titanfall, "whatever the f*** that means" says Respawn head16 November 2016
"We're generally happy with where we are" - Hearthstone's Jason Chayes talks RNG and balance philosophy16 November 2016
"I burned out really hard" - Chris Metzen on how Titan contributed to him leaving Blizzard16 November 2016
The Game Awards 2016 asks devs to be "more transparent about the state of their game"16 November 2016
New League of Legends client is now in open beta, adding Replays for those who opt in16 November 2016
YouTubers must label supported content from EA as publishers push for "more transparency"16 November 2016
Overwatch This episode eight: biggest update ever, plus new modes16 November 2016
Massive PSUs are history. Lian-LI’s shiny chassis is pairing full-size kit with half-pint PSUs16 November 2016
EA's Andrew Wilson predicts future where the eggs in your real-life fridge will make your Sims better off16 November 2016
Dishonored 2 has a mid-mission option to check if you've been spotted or anyone's died16 November 2016
id Software didn't want heavy metal for Doom soundtrack, says composer, now working on Prey16 November 2016
Fallout 4 never leaves the player alone, and that's a problem16 November 2016
Returning founder now manages Blizzard's new games; "in a couple of years" we'll know what they are16 November 2016
One man has spent 15 years making a hyper-realistic Ghost Recon mod - and you can play it now16 November 2016
Overwatch streamer plays as Symmetra using a microwave15 November 2016
Nvidia's 375.85 drivers are messing with memory clock speeds on 10 Series cards15 November 2016
Watch Dogs 2 on PC will be more PC - Ubisoft to patch out NPC vagina15 November 2016
Overwatch patch 1.5 - Sombra and the Arcade15 November 2016
The game teaser in Watch Dogs 2 is for Pioneer, a sci-fi Ubisoft title that's been delayed15 November 2016
These Pokémon reimagined as Overwatch characters are rather catching15 November 2016
Why you should play Dishonored 2 as a psychotic murderer 15 November 2016
Battlefield 1's Fall update brings rented servers, Suez map tweaks and much more15 November 2016
Watch us build roller coasters with complete disregard for health and safety in Planet Coaster15 November 2016
Eve Online’s Ascension update - with totally revamped new player experience - is live now15 November 2016
Eve Online: how CCP are changing the universe through free-to-play15 November 2016
MSI’s custom GTX 1060 makes their VR-ready Trident mini-PC whisper-quiet15 November 2016
Binding of Isaac’s best mods will be added to the base game every month, Afterbirth+ out within 60 days15 November 2016
The Vive wireless adapter’s 60GHz tech could be the weak link in the VR chain15 November 2016
Mecha dinosaurs and super suits coming to ARK: Survival Evolved with the TEK Tier15 November 2016
Dishonored 2 speedruns: Emily beats Corvo, but the half-hour barrier remains unbroken15 November 2016
Meet the Kett, Mass Effect: Andromeda's new race of carapace-armoured antagonists14 November 2016
Amy Hennig's new game with Dead Space studio Visceral won't be "Star Wars Uncharted"14 November 2016
New Zealand WoW streamer attempts to keep raiding during 7.8 magnitude earthquake14 November 2016
Shadowrun Returns-inspired Fear Effect sequel gets backer demo14 November 2016
A new ending, locations and more come to This War of Mine in free anniversary update14 November 2016
The Miller Rapport shows you how Dishonored 2 should really be played…14 November 2016
Where does Call of Duty go next? We predict what's in store for the next decade of COD14 November 2016
How Heroes of the Storm gets made with lead technical designer John Hodgson14 November 2016
Your light-side playthrough of Tyranny is doomed14 November 2016
Unbroadcast BlizzCon 2016 panels dig deep into Blizzard’s engineering teams14 November 2016
Making it in Unreal: join Burnout devs for a spot of target shooting in Lethal VR14 November 2016
Telltale’s Marvel game is Guardians of the Galaxy according to voice actor strike leak14 November 2016
The Wargaming and Creative Assembly allegiance that’s bringing Total War: Arena to 100 million players14 November 2016
Wargaming and Creative Assembly forge an alliance to publish Total War: Arena14 November 2016
Dishonored 2 PC performance patch blinking into action this week13 November 2016
Beautiful Narnia-esque tale Silence quietly arriving on November 1513 November 2016
Watch_Dogs 2’s PC release date isn’t first and we are not amused13 November 2016
Ancient MS-DOS kart racer Wacky Wheels is out now in HD and wackier than ever12 November 2016
Halo 15th anniversary stream teaser hints at news next week12 November 2016
Squad devs reveal breacher class and why you should dive on grenades12 November 2016
Warframe's The War Within is out now, new mission types, weapons and more12 November 2016
Gone Home free this weekend to make up for something bad happening12 November 2016
Ex-Journey devs' Luna will bring weird dreamscape dioramas to Oculus Touch11 November 2016
Heroes of the Storm patch brings long-awaited Samuro nerf, but is it enough?11 November 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: Dishonored 2 hits PC packing next-gen visual flourishes11 November 2016
HTC Vive wireless add-on sells out of pre-orders in 18 minutes11 November 2016
Dishonored 2 PC review11 November 2016
Squad's first free weekend is underway now, is yours to keep for half price11 November 2016
"The fate of a people does not always rest with a hero" in Tyranny's new launch trailer11 November 2016
TSM 'doubling budget for CS:GO' as ECS league co-ownership kicks into gear11 November 2016
Overfall giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this rogue-like RPG!11 November 2016
“Do you like it when I punch you?” Crunch, a robot fistfighter, joins Paragon on November 1511 November 2016
Slay a rat ogre in virtual reality as Warhammer End Times: Vermintide gets a VR level11 November 2016
Romances, classes, and Quarians: new Mass Effect: Andromeda details emerge in Reddit AMA11 November 2016
A potted history of the Titanfall 2 PC Download Edition I bought a few days ago11 November 2016
Blizzard CEO sees “huge opportunity” in mobile gaming, would also like to make Warcraft IV11 November 2016
Rainbow Six Siege is half price to buy and free to try this weekend, new operators revealed11 November 2016
Battleborn fans create their own holiday, 2K unlocks all 29 heroes and adds double XP11 November 2016
Alaskan-based co-op survival game The Wild Eight gets intriguing new trailer10 November 2016
RollerCoaster Tycoon World release date set for... a day before Planet Coaster10 November 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: crucial keys to crushing foes as Ion & Scorch 10 November 2016
ADR1FT, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and more for less than $5 in Unreal Humble Bundle10 November 2016
Motorsport Manager brings strategic skidmarks to PC10 November 2016
Bethesda release recommendations for those with Dishonored 2 technical issues10 November 2016
Dirt 3: Complete Edition is free for a limited time10 November 2016
Oculus opens up VR to lower-spec machines with Asynchronous Spacewarp10 November 2016
Watch us play the first hour of Dishonored 2 as Emily Kaldwin10 November 2016
Dawn of War 3's Wraithlord super unit revealed10 November 2016
Dishonored 2 releases tomorrow for people who didn't pre-order - here's when10 November 2016
Harvey Smith shows you how to play Dishonored 2 the way it was intended10 November 2016
Dishonored 2 PC port review10 November 2016
Tyranny review10 November 2016
Battle Chasers: Nightwar sees Joe Madureira's cancelled comic evolve into an American JRPG10 November 2016
H1Z1 in space: Hellion comes to Early Access in January, gets new teaser trailer10 November 2016
CD Projekt RED deny takeover attempt, are defending against "hypothetical scenarios"10 November 2016
Play the Overwatch free trial November 18-21 and see what everyone’s making such a fuss about10 November 2016
Skyrim: Special Edition's last patch gets a patch9 November 2016
Steep's Season Pass gives you access to a winter sled, which is fitting9 November 2016
See Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 remade in Unreal 4 and played in VR9 November 2016
Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney donates $15 million to protect North Carolina forest9 November 2016
Video of all 10 Resident Evil 7 teasers shows off combat, creepy old women and more9 November 2016
Overwatch This episode seven: BlizzCon fallout, Winter PTR and the Overwatch League9 November 2016
Take a dynamic day & night hike through the Shoshone in Firewatch's new free-roam mode9 November 2016
Nvidia’s GTX 1060 is the fastest GPU in the world, smashing frequency world records9 November 2016
EA file trademark for Need For Speed Arena9 November 2016
World of Warcraft's difficult past, brilliant present and hopefully better future with game designer Matt Goss9 November 2016
Fight the power and view Watch Dogs 2's launch trailer in Incognito Mode9 November 2016
Steep is a mountain exploration game, not the next SSX9 November 2016
Total War devs to stream charity game jam, free codes up for grabs every 30 minutes9 November 2016
Become a US Army Mark 4 Cyber Commando in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, free on Uplay9 November 2016
Confession: I beat Dark Souls 3 by summoning in every boss fight and I'm not sorry9 November 2016
Under-pressure Ubisoft plan new ventures in Netflix and mobile gaming9 November 2016
The Outsider makes you an offer in Dishonored 2’s launch trailer9 November 2016
Multiplayer microtransactions return in Mass Effect: Andromeda, story mode gets crafting9 November 2016
"A story has completed": when Mass Effect: Andromeda ends, it won't start a new trilogy9 November 2016
Overwatch League will feature home and away games selling merchandise, but not in 20179 November 2016
Gaming rig not up to speed? Playkey will rent you a virtual PC to stream your Steam library9 November 2016
Mortido is an action game about exploring the afterlife, and you can try it for free9 November 2016
Dishonored 2: release date, system requirements, gameplay, setting, pre-order - everything we know8 November 2016
HDR support comes to YouTube8 November 2016
Infinite Warfare's excellent single-player demonstrates that COD campaigns need to be standalone purchases8 November 2016
XCOM 2 gets controller support on PC8 November 2016
League of Legends patch 6.228 November 2016
New GTA Online Adversary Mode brings Tron to Los Santos8 November 2016
Overwatch Interview: Sombra's impact, Symmetra changes, the League and more8 November 2016
There’s a refresh rate arms race going down in gaming monitor land8 November 2016
Watch us play the first hour of Tyranny, the RPG for bad people8 November 2016
Game developers team with war children’s charity on armistice fundraiser8 November 2016
CASE: Animatronics giveaway! Win one of 15 copies of this tense survival horror!8 November 2016
Total War: Warhammer Old World edition coming next year, will add Bretonnia for free8 November 2016
Testing Hillary Clinton's presidential skills in Crusader Kings 28 November 2016
Arkane talk costume design with new images exploring the fashion of Dishonored 28 November 2016
Watch our guide on Who Not to Offend in Tyranny8 November 2016
Race around the Nürburgring in a Caterham in Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Premium Edition8 November 2016
Putting Donald Trump's manifesto to the test in Democracy 38 November 2016
Gwent's original designer leaves CD Projekt Red, “both parties agreed to part ways”8 November 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer beta is console only8 November 2016
New releases get their own page as Steam's visual update makes things personal7 November 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda story and gameplay details: non-sticky cover, no classes and more7 November 2016
Tyranny exclusive: Obsidian debut the Tiersmen - the squabbling, anti-Kyros resistance7 November 2016
Mass Effect 2-style loyalty missions return in Andromeda7 November 2016
First cinematic trailer confirms Mass Effect: Andromeda is still coming in spring 20177 November 2016
Microsoft refund COD: Infinite Warfare Windows Store buyers due to low player count7 November 2016
New Miller Rapport patiently explains why eSports are a massive waste of time 7 November 2016
Battlefield veteran Patrick Bach steps down as DICE general manager after 14 years7 November 2016
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PC port review7 November 2016
Payday 2 dev launches indie publishing label, first title to be arena battle game 'AntiSphere'7 November 2016
Watch Dogs 2: release date, trailer, gameplay, pre-order - everything we know7 November 2016
Bestselling novel adaptation, The Pillars of the Earth, gets gory new teaser trailer7 November 2016
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Making it in Unreal: fill an alien skyline in city builder Aven Colony7 November 2016
Infinite Warfare's PC launch is worst for a Call of Duty title since Black Ops7 November 2016
Sombra proves the Overwatch team know what the game needs6 November 2016
Space Hulk: Deathwing smashes into pre-order beta ahead of December 9 release6 November 2016
Unfinished Left 4 Dead campaign finally released by Turtle Rock eight years on6 November 2016
XCOM 2 co-op mod now available, will eventually support up to 12 players6 November 2016
Overwatch competitive season 3 will have practice mode, recalibrations to reduce number of platinums6 November 2016
ByuN wins StarCraft's WCS championship two months after winning GSL without a team6 November 2016
Overwatch team 'learned a lot' from Sombra ARG, would 'make some changes' if it happened again5 November 2016
Blizzard unfazed by mass exodus of WoW senior team due to 'deep bench' of lead devs5 November 2016
Russia's 18-year-old wunderkind Pavel becomes Hearthstone's 2016 World Champion5 November 2016
Diablo's Greater Rifts to be 'completely redone' with AI tweaks and bonus loot rolls5 November 2016
South Korea sweep gold an hour ahead of schedule in undefeated Overwatch World Cup run5 November 2016
How DeepMind are planning to conquer StarCraft 2 with a learning AI5 November 2016
Unlock Genji's Oni skin in Overwatch by partying up for a few Heroes of the Storm games5 November 2016
Diablo 3’s Necromancer is the same old, over-familiar excellence5 November 2016
Blizzard's Overwatch League will bring professional eSports to cities worldwide5 November 2016
Diablo 3 gets the Necromancer class as paid DLC in late 20175 November 2016
Hearthstone's Heroic Brawl delay due to technical problems, rewards won't change before release5 November 2016
Nvidia Showcase: get the most explosive Titanfall 2 experience on PC with Origin4 November 2016
Overwatch's Sombra, Arcade game modes, new maps and professional league revealed at BlizzCon4 November 2016
Varian Wrynn and Ragnaros are coming to HoTS, each adding game-changing abilities4 November 2016
Hearthstone's next expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, adds tri-class cards4 November 2016
Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham rejoins the company4 November 2016
BlizzCon's opening ceremony is about to kick off, see it all here4 November 2016
Fallout 4's intro was a mistake - and I think Bethesda know it4 November 2016
Rust's new progression currency is components, radiation is back, and much more4 November 2016
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Hello Games are "still working" on No Man's Sky, Sony boss reveals4 November 2016
Rainbow Six Siege’s latest DLC is Operation Red Crow, reveal coming November 12-134 November 2016
Slow pre-orders for Watch Dogs 2 mean mixed news in Ubisoft quarterly results4 November 2016
Activision Blizzard are having a really, really good year, thanks to Overwatch and WoW: Legion4 November 2016
Hardcore servers, Custom Games, Suez map tweaks and more are heading to Battlefield 13 November 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: experience Myst’s spiritual successor, Obduction, in VR3 November 2016
Iron Harvest is a post-WW1 RTS set in an alternate history filled with walking tanks3 November 2016
GameMaker Studio 2 enters beta3 November 2016
Redirection is a space-based puzzle game about guiding lost robots home3 November 2016
Metastream comes to Amazon's Lumberyard game engine, adding HTML stream overlays3 November 2016
To the Moon sequel, Finding Paradise, release date set for summer 20173 November 2016
Falskaar is now live for Skyrim: Special Edition, taking players to an entirely new land3 November 2016
Blizzard heard you like ARGs so they put an ARG in their ARG to make you go AAARGG3 November 2016
Watch us play Oh... Sir!! - a very British insult simulator3 November 2016
Respawn no more - COD: Infinite Warfare has an unlockable 'YOLO' permadeath mode3 November 2016
Spellweaver giveaway! Win an exclusive Wrath of the Shamans deck and gold worth $30!3 November 2016
Just bought a new GTX 1070? Might be worth checking your memory before overclocking…3 November 2016 adds match replays to Overwatch, so you can relive all those cheesy Road Hog hooks3 November 2016
Represent your city and get on the movie screen in local League of Legends tournaments3 November 2016
Campaign or cheat your way to office in electoral strategy game Political Animals3 November 2016
Industry insiders share their feelings on Bethesda's new post-launch reviews policy3 November 2016
Civ 6 sells in over a million units to become fastest-selling in franchise3 November 2016
Get The Witcher 3 GOTY edition for £21, and free games, in the GOG Fall sale3 November 2016
Mafia III breaks sales records for Take-Two, but review scores "were lower than we would have liked”3 November 2016
Oxenfree, Titan Souls and five more great games for less than $1 each in bundle2 November 2016
New modes, difficulties, cosmetics and missions are contained in Watch Dogs 2's Season Pass2 November 2016
Free playable tech demo shows how Zelda: Ocarina of Time would look in Unreal 42 November 2016
Star Wars Battlefront 2 will release autumn 20172 November 2016
Overwatch This episode six: BlizzCon Prediction Special2 November 2016
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27 rejected PC gaming feature ideas 2 November 2016
EA will make Titanfall games for “many years to come” as they seek to build a franchise, despite sub-par launch2 November 2016
Master X Master to run open alpha playtest of Ranked PvP November 22-282 November 2016
EA might delay Mass Effect: Andromeda "if we have to"2 November 2016
Eight teams remain for the Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon, including home team USA2 November 2016
Facebook launches Steam-like Gameroom, targeting casual PC gamers2 November 2016
Winter is coming in a future Forza Horizon 3 expansion; new DLC cars are already here2 November 2016
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 lead unveils first-person, alt history RPG, Project Wight1 November 2016
ARK: Survival Evolved among the first third-party Play Anywhere titles, coming December1 November 2016
Bullshots begone - Steam developers must now use screenshots that "represent the game"1 November 2016
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