December 2013 Archive

Shakeups in StarCraft as star players Bomber and MC leave their respective teams31 December 2013
Best PC games of 2013 - Europa Universalis IV31 December 2013
Best PC games of 2013 - Shelter31 December 2013
2013 in review: eSports' growing pain and growing gains31 December 2013
DDOS attacks against League of Legends and Dota 2 Twitch streamer end in gunpoint arrest31 December 2013
League of Legends Christmas Day gift card fail leaves Riot manually mailing out RP31 December 2013
Facepunch tackle DDOS attacks: "We can't have the fate of your Rust hanging on the whim of script kiddies"31 December 2013
"Strength in numbers": what The Elder Scrolls Online PvP will mean for low-level players31 December 2013
The Chinese video game industry generated $13 billion this year, with PC titles pulling in the most30 December 2013
Wii U Gamepad reverse engineered for PC streaming30 December 2013
Belated Christmas prezzies from AirMech30 December 2013
TRIHAYWBFRFYH adds Lovecraft to a walk in the countryside during the rapture29 December 2013
Lost Orbit trailer shows one astronaut’s ditch effort to survive space without a ship29 December 2013
Titan Souls is bold, challenging, and free29 December 2013
Battlefield 4 banned by Chinese government28 December 2013
Skullgirls update will test your typing skills28 December 2013
The Mims Beginning has screaming aliens and colourful city building28 December 2013
Prison Architect Alpha 16 lets you cut down trees, eat your lunch, and segregate your prison28 December 2013
War Thunder lets second wave of Ground Forces closed beta testers through the gate27 December 2013
The Stanley Parable now available to screw with Mac owners heads27 December 2013
No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games flooded over Christmas27 December 2013
Steam Controller Bonanza: watch a selection box of games get played with Valve’s prototype pad27 December 2013
Best PC games of 2013 - Papers Please26 December 2013
Trove is a bitesize MMO that’s beating the big boys to the punch25 December 2013
The PCGamesN Big Christmas Quiz of 2013 - Win an Oculus Rift!25 December 2013
Searching for war and friendship on Christmas Eve24 December 2013
Lewt is Blizzard's Christmas present to you: a papercraft Diablo III treasure goblin24 December 2013
Get Even is a PC shooter designed to "remove the artificial boundary between single and multiplayer"24 December 2013
Kerbal lead developer on the Steam Effect: "Valve is single-handedly keeping PC gaming going"24 December 2013
Slice of bullet sponge, anyone? Call of Duty: Ghosts Heavy Duty mode tops up HP24 December 2013
The Elder Scrolls Online's PvP Cyrodiil "will look very familiar" to Oblivion veterans24 December 2013
Oculus Rift-supported World of Diving shows off its multiplayer23 December 2013
The origin of Telltale's Borderlands: Cocktails were involved23 December 2013
Introducing the Atlas, Titanfall's big ol' workhorse 23 December 2013
Team Fortress 2 gets frosty, big plans are in the works for 201423 December 2013
FIFA and Call of Duty dominate the UK Christmas charts23 December 2013
An interview with Fullbright's Steve Gaynor: what made Gone Home work?23 December 2013
Smashing stuff: Next Car Game Early Access launches23 December 2013
The Walking Dead Season 2: All That Remains PC review23 December 2013
Keep on keepin' on: The Elder Scrolls Online's PvP fortifications broken down23 December 2013
Best PC games of 2013 - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag23 December 2013
Riot sell League of Legends summoner icons for OGN Champions Winter teams23 December 2013
Elite: Dangerous alpha augmented with early VR support23 December 2013
Future history: Might & Magic X: Legacy release date penciled in for January 2323 December 2013
The Division PC release "won't be a port, but a fully-fledged, optimised version"23 December 2013
Riot EU freeze "non-essential" updates til January to ensure stability23 December 2013
Mercenary Kings won’t be out this year while the team make multiplayer smooth22 December 2013
Horizon updated with 84 new ships and seven playable races22 December 2013
Steam lets you filter for games which support virtual reality22 December 2013
Door Kickers Alpha 7 adds replays and makes terrorists even more devious22 December 2013
Natural Selection 2 update brings back Eclipse map22 December 2013
Hands on with The Banner Saga: getting young men killed because I’m a crap father21 December 2013
Red 5 CEO Mark Kern dismissed by board of directors21 December 2013
Ludum Dare 28 closes with more than 2,000 games submitted21 December 2013
Best PC Games of 2013: Tomb Raider21 December 2013
r/emptygames wants to fill the servers of desolate multiplayer games21 December 2013
Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 will see in the new year21 December 2013
Make a wish: Tell World of Warcraft's Greatfather Winter what you want for Winter Veil20 December 2013
War Thunder Update 1.37 leaves the hangar20 December 2013
Dota 2's latest update brings animation changes, bug fixes and a cork hat20 December 2013
Discovering Infinite Crisis - How Turbine are building a superhero MOBA with a soul of its own20 December 2013
FTL: Advanced Edition gets scavenging robots and a brand new ship20 December 2013
The best PC games of 2013 - Saints Row IV20 December 2013
That belongs in a museum: Warhammer Online engineer wants to preserve the dead MMO20 December 2013
Steam now allows publishers to block cross-region trading and selling20 December 2013
Un-Caged: Ghost Rider comes to Marvel Heroes in 2.1 update20 December 2013
Spacebase DF-9 gets its 'The Rain in Space Falls Mainly on the Base' update. Expect meteor strikes20 December 2013
Minecraft Realms PC beta subscriptions now selling in Sweden20 December 2013
Look who's showed up: League of Legends 1v1 and 2v2 Showdown mode now live20 December 2013
Next Mass Effect title in a playable state and "fresh but recognizable"19 December 2013
Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry lost at sea, but will appear soon19 December 2013
HBO debates if eSports are real or not, suggests competitors may also attend Star Trek conventions19 December 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Winter update lacks red tinsel, makes up for it with red blood19 December 2013
The Yule Lads come to EVE Online bearing gifts19 December 2013
Nazieye: Sniper Elite 3 perforates skulls in first trailer19 December 2013
Wars of the Sales: Green Man Gaming launches "Dealsford"19 December 2013
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls strikes March 25th19 December 2013
War no more: Warhammer Online waves the white flag, refunds subscribers19 December 2013
The Hearthstone open beta has been postponed, but more closed beta invites are being sent out19 December 2013
Payday 2 will be supported with DLC for 20 months, starts with free Christmas mission19 December 2013
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare grabs capture point A in new mode19 December 2013
Hold your loved ones close: Steam's Holiday Sale begins19 December 2013
Metal Gear Rising appears: Get your cyborg-ninja kicks on Steam today19 December 2013
EA responds to Battlefield 4 class action law suit: "claims are meritless"19 December 2013
Heroes & Generals asks players to start at the bottom in its Newgarden update19 December 2013
The best PC games of 2013 - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive19 December 2013
When will Republique come out on PC? That's up to its backers19 December 2013
Blizzard nerf Hearthstone's Mage: "We understand that the Freeze mechanic can be frustrating"19 December 2013
Our Nick is streaming Wildstar over on Twitch, and isn't likely to stop anytime soon19 December 2013
Aww: Mojang offer every Scrolls owner the chance to gift a free copy to a friend19 December 2013
A view from the warface of PC development: see AMD's Mantle API in action19 December 2013
Close-up combat: Rome II: Caesar in Gaul DLC out now19 December 2013
Magicka: Wizard Wars' combatants are hooked on crystal18 December 2013
Starbound Early Access review18 December 2013
War's not pretty: EA gets hit with another class action law suit over Battlefield 418 December 2013
Stay in with Starcraft II's Arcade Holiday Marathon18 December 2013
Let me tell you a story: Thief trailer fleshes out The City18 December 2013
Video with a Vampire: Watch humans and vampires not get along in Nosgoth18 December 2013
Review: Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse18 December 2013
The 10 Worst PC Games Of 201318 December 2013
We've got 200 licenses to be Loki in Marvel Heroes. Would you like one?18 December 2013
Meet Minecraft's in-game 3D printer, powered by redstone and too much brains18 December 2013
To infinity, and beyond beta: Starbound's future holds space combat and meteor showers18 December 2013
How Riot play Yasuo, League of Legends' newest champion18 December 2013
Budding brutality: Overgrowth arrives on Steam Early Access18 December 2013
Al Lowe leaves Larry team in wake of colleague's sex scandal18 December 2013
Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is a free-to-play space combat title17 December 2013
Stream to Twitch directly through GeForce Experience17 December 2013
Over $200 million has been pledged to Kickstarter games17 December 2013
Zombies become endangered: DayZ gets 88,000 survivors in 12 hours17 December 2013
2013: The year of the tragic mea-culpa17 December 2013
Legend of Dungeon gets a Kickstarter anniversary update17 December 2013
Star Citizen's dogfighting module gets pushed back17 December 2013
Wash your mouth out: Typing of the Dead DLC is full of filth 17 December 2013
Ubislow: The reasons behind the Watch Dogs and South Park delays17 December 2013
Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry cut loose with launch trailer17 December 2013
Dota 2 now alternately entertains and frustrates 6.5 million active players every month17 December 2013
South Park: The Stick of Truth rated M, and not for Mild; expect "sex toys, random objects and fecal matter"17 December 2013
StarCraft II community vote in their EU player of the year17 December 2013
Zenimax Online unveil the Elder Scrolls Online Emperor's new clothes17 December 2013
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance should be on Steam any day now16 December 2013
They're coming to get you, Barbara: DayZ launches on Steam16 December 2013
A short adventure: LEGO The Hobbit in motion16 December 2013
Still patchy: New update stops friendships from being tested in Battlefield 416 December 2013
Obsidian is far from finished with Kickstarter16 December 2013
Unknown Worlds reveals Subnautica and a new genre16 December 2013
Robin is your new Infinite Crisis champion16 December 2013
Merry Winter Veil: WoW gets festive16 December 2013
CSSTORY is a Counter-Strike themed text adventure16 December 2013
RPGee: Nobody wants to buy the rights to Kingdoms of Amalur16 December 2013
Starbound mod support orbits as more beta updates fly in16 December 2013
We don't need a reason: Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod to grace Steam tonight16 December 2013
Payday 2 Charlie Santa is a free heist for Christmas burglars15 December 2013
Steam Box box unboxed in video15 December 2013
The Secret World Massive Edition is half off till 17 December15 December 2013
Wasteland 2 is on sale through Steam Early Access for all non-backers15 December 2013
Starcraft 2 player receives the sport’s first US athlete visa15 December 2013
Rainbow Six: Patriots “had to be remade”15 December 2013
Postal 2 receives first major update in 10 years as a thank you to Steam Greenlight14 December 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to receive revamped de_cbble and a new map: Overpass14 December 2013
Mechwarrior Online now has gold plated mechs. They’ll set you back $50014 December 2013
Christmas Alpaca Adventure is the most authentic yuletide game you'll play this weekend14 December 2013
Sir, You Are Being Hunted roadmap published. Hovering horsemen and multiplayer on horizon14 December 2013
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments - the fates of Victorian ne'er-do-wells are in your hands13 December 2013
The dongs of Rust get censored13 December 2013
Rogue Legacy patch brings with it new bosses, a secret class and more punishment13 December 2013
Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer mod shifts up a gear, trailer is delivered13 December 2013
Firefly Online lets you explore the ‘verse in your own boat, battle reavers, dodge the Alliance13 December 2013
SOMAntics: The design philosophy of Frictional's SOMA13 December 2013
Brace yourself, the Crusader Kings 2 Game of Thrones Essos update is coming13 December 2013
Minecraft reaches the 13 million copies sold mark13 December 2013
Democracy 3’s Cliffski: "Half of the industry wants to be grown up and accepted as art, the other half have the mentality of seven year olds”13 December 2013
Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends get snatched up in 38 Studios auction13 December 2013
Final Fantasy XIV update 2.1 is A Realm Awoken13 December 2013
Square Enix has a Christmas surprise for you13 December 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts was the best selling physical game in North America in November13 December 2013
Jane Jensen tackles Gabriel Knight remake rumours: "There is no anti-Linux conspiracy"13 December 2013
Interview: Matt Mocarski on bringing WildStar's science-fantasy world to life13 December 2013
Great Scott: Alien: Isolation screenshots evoke the horror original13 December 2013
The Walking Dead Season 2 is trailered to traumatic effect13 December 2013
Cockpit-cam capers: Elite Dangerous alpha footage is tentatively stunning13 December 2013
Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry DLC liberates Adewale from the Jackdaw with a new map13 December 2013
Another Steam Machine exists - consider this the no expense spared option13 December 2013
Oculus secure $75m to finish off commercial Rift headset13 December 2013
Evil Geniuses' League of Legends team splits, EG to North America, Alliance forms in EU12 December 2013
America gets randomized in Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise on January 1412 December 2013
Because it's there - Unity of Command: Black Turn review12 December 2013
Wasteland 2 moves into beta, Steam Early Access version on its way12 December 2013
Dota 2 Frostivus is now Wraith-Night, resurrect the Skeleton King and grab a new hero12 December 2013
Elite: Dangerous alpha launches for backers12 December 2013
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls beta impressions: in-depth analysis 12 December 2013
Sponsored Post: Introducing QPad – professional gaming gear for everyone12 December 2013
World of Darkness loses 15 staff to the final death12 December 2013
Worlds of Magic beta launches in January 12 December 2013
Leaked documents reveal existence of Fallout 4 set in Boston12 December 2013
GOG Winter Promo sees Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics made free - before they vanish from sale12 December 2013
Hands on with the WildStar Beta12 December 2013
League of Legends Champion Review: Yasuo, the Unforgiven12 December 2013
Scraps lets you go all Frankenstein on your bungled concept car12 December 2013
Battlefield 4 launch issues lead law firm to ponder shareholder suit12 December 2013
Publishers and indies alike speak out in support of wronged YouTubers12 December 2013
OSosoon: SteamOS available to download tomorrow as Steam Machine beta begins12 December 2013
Kerbal Space Program plants its flag in schools on December 1812 December 2013
Cliff Bleszinski wants to make an arena FPS11 December 2013
Modding the King: Duke Nukem 3D gets Steam Workshop integration11 December 2013
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls might be dropping in March11 December 2013
We're going to need a bigger boat: Battlefield 4's Phantom Prospect and giant sharks11 December 2013
Gaming might become classified as an anti-social addiction like alcohol in South Korea11 December 2013
Gotcha! Dota 2's Frostivus celebration cancelled11 December 2013
Worst Glasto ever: Company of Heroes Southern Fronts DLC swaps out snow for mud11 December 2013
Elder Scrolls Online PC release date finally unfurled: it's April 4 next year11 December 2013
Battle.ost: Blizzard pack StarCraft 1 and Brood War soundtracks into StarCraft II11 December 2013
Eve orbital strike integration was "cautious"; CCP strengthen Dust 514 connection11 December 2013
Double XP and two new features to crawl from Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode's hive this Friday11 December 2013
Project Eternity granted a proper name and a proper trailer11 December 2013
That was quick: World of Warcraft gets its in-game store for mounts and pets11 December 2013
Double Fine's Hack 'n' Slash is to 2D Zelda what Deus Ex was to Doom11 December 2013
Guild Wars 2 starts laying out the presents for Wintersday 10 December 2013
Work in-progress HistWar: Napoleon marches in time for Christmas10 December 2013
Eldar warp into Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade10 December 2013
Riot Games API now in beta10 December 2013
EVE Twitch support engines are installed and ready to fire up10 December 2013
Remembering Doom: 20 years later10 December 2013
Dota 2 puts up the decorations for Frostivus10 December 2013
Creative mod(e): Minecraft Modjam to envelop this weekend10 December 2013
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag DLC makes Blackbeard playable in multiplayer10 December 2013
"What does it take to kill this monster?" Meet Thomas the Tank Engine, scourge of Skyrim10 December 2013
World of Warcraft is getting an in-game store for mounts and pets10 December 2013
Nu-Thief to feature 'Classic' difficulty mode and entirely removable UI10 December 2013
Minecraft 1.7.4 ties instant Twitch streaming to the F6 key10 December 2013
Charity driving home for Christmas: Twitch and Extra Life make philanthropists of PC stream fans10 December 2013
Low walls for all: Battlefield 4 PC patch means the end of death in cover10 December 2013
Torment: Tides of Numenera will be turn-based9 December 2013
Fallout 4 hoax cost almost $10009 December 2013
Ubisoft survey: More pirates, less assassins 9 December 2013
The Witcher 3 video confirms spooky boats9 December 2013
Leaky Xenomorphs: Alien Isolation concept art appears9 December 2013
Thief companion app will cost $2.99 and has in-game functionality 9 December 2013
Star Trek Online bids everyone a merry Q-mas9 December 2013
First Minecraft 1.6.4 Feed the Beast modpacks appear on the horizon9 December 2013
Magicka: Wizard Wars Early Access review9 December 2013
Snowden documents suggest the NSA and GCHQ planted spies in World of Warcraft9 December 2013
Eve pilots raise $185,175 for Icelandic Red Cross in PLEX for Good charity drive9 December 2013
Thief trailer reveals what became of Garrett's apprentice (she died)9 December 2013
Capital: Eve Online fares well in sci-fi spaceship size comparison chart9 December 2013
Former Tomb Raider creative director not likely to be working on PC games any more9 December 2013
Galactic Princess gives you a ship, a universe, and tells you to go make money however you can8 December 2013
Broken Age trailer reveals Elijah Wood as voice of the boy, Shay8 December 2013
The Division video shows procedural destruction and lighting in the Snowdrop Engine8 December 2013
Telltale announce two new series: Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands8 December 2013
Titanfall trailers show off the chunky Ogre and svelte Stryder mechs8 December 2013
No Man’s Sky is a wildly ambitious procedurally generated space MMO from the makers of Joe Danger8 December 2013
Planetary Annihilation release delayed till “when it’s done”7 December 2013
Limit Theory AI rebuilt from scratch7 December 2013
EverQuest Next Landmark video shows off impressive array of building tools7 December 2013
Steam sale sees VGX nominees discounted7 December 2013
Riot relax streaming restrictions for LCS players7 December 2013
Fallout 4 teaser site was a hoax7 December 2013
Dota 2 is set for Ranked Matchmaking7 December 2013
WipeOut developer reformed and no longer tied to Sony consoles7 December 2013
Eldritch heads to the Mountains of Madness this Christmas6 December 2013
Gaijin Entertainment on free-to-play vs premium: “We’re not the greedy bastards here”6 December 2013
The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 screens reveal Jack, naughty dancers, threatening cricket bat6 December 2013
Valve’s Bonkers Division experiments with tongue and arse control6 December 2013
Skyrim mod enchants Morrowind with 2011-era graphics6 December 2013
Speedball 2 HD available to score now6 December 2013
22 seconds of South Park: The Stick of Truth to tide you over until VGX6 December 2013
Frozen Endzone enters beta, provides terrifying glimpse of NFL football's future6 December 2013
Thanks to Starbound's first beta update, summoned guards now know to call you boss6 December 2013
Minecraft 1.7.4 pre-release introduces integrated Twitch broadcasting6 December 2013
Being GOG: preserving a medium that doesn't want to be preserved6 December 2013
Updated: Stupid fake Fallout 4 teaser site points to Boston, and people having too much free time6 December 2013
Tales to be told: The Walking Dead Season 2's first episode due December 176 December 2013
Ground Zero-point-one: War Thunder begins testing its tanks in closed beta6 December 2013
Valve usher through 100 Steam Greenlight games all at once, as if it's nothing6 December 2013
Neverwinter arrives on Steam, brings its new expansion6 December 2013
Mad Max will “maintain a sense of mystery about what has happened in the world” 5 December 2013
Make Arma not War in €500,000 mod contest5 December 2013
Sir, You are Being Hunted update welcomes the Poacher to the hunt5 December 2013
Starcraft 2 patch 2.1 additions now live in Public Test Realm, rock out to the original soundtrack whilst playing extension mods5 December 2013
Unreal Engine 4 video shows off beautiful water and incredible sparks5 December 2013
DayZ Early Access on the horizon, but “Buying early will be a recipe for disappointment” warns Dean Hall5 December 2013
Valve sign up to the Linux Foundation5 December 2013
Riot restrict streaming for League of Legends pro players, ban certain games outright5 December 2013
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday event brings cold front to Tyria on December 105 December 2013
Upward bound: Starbound made a lot of money last night5 December 2013
Warcraft: CGI & Humans - the cast of Blizzard's feature film revealed5 December 2013
Ghooooul: Typing of the Dead nets free Football Manager DLC5 December 2013
Apotheon looks good enough to put on a vase4 December 2013
The End Times are upon us: Let's Sing invades PCs4 December 2013
All hands on deck: DICE drops everything to fix Battlefield 44 December 2013
Hawken gets a new map and some Christmas cheer4 December 2013
Path of Exile brings all the boys to the yard4 December 2013
From Spec Ops: The Line to a AAA free-to-play shooter4 December 2013
World of Warcraft patch 5.4.2 hits Public Test Realms4 December 2013
The second part of Arma III's campaign will emerge from its bunker on 21st January4 December 2013
Wargaming and War Child join forces to assist children affected by war4 December 2013
Major tomfoolery inbound: Starbound beta begins4 December 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts' sales don't say a thing about the "health of the franchise", say Activision4 December 2013
Rising storm: see Battlefield 4's new maps in action (on a console)4 December 2013
Haven't got a Hearthstone beta key from Blizzard yet? This might be why4 December 2013
OStracised no more: Windows 8 now accounts for nearly a fifth of Steam users4 December 2013
Housebound: The Novelist is a voyeuristic experiment in player choice from a BioShock 2 veteran4 December 2013
Inferno Legend is an "anti-Diablo" MMO, but probably can't match Blizzard's level4 December 2013
Full Steam ahead: Valve kit out their client with new download options4 December 2013
EA tackling early Battlefield 4: China Rising issues3 December 2013
Casting divination: The future of Dungeons & Dragons Online3 December 2013
The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter expansion is live for subscribers3 December 2013
Not just for men in possession of a good fortune: Jane Austen MMO kickstarted3 December 2013
Identity crisis: Elder Scrolls Online character progression detailed3 December 2013
Planetfall: Maia launches on Steam Early Access3 December 2013
Survarium gets more flesh on its bones, beta coming soon3 December 2013
Project Spark beta kicks off today3 December 2013
Wildstar ensures safety of man and machine alike with Medic and Engineer classes3 December 2013
PC Gaming Alliance plan to uphold technical standards in new games with certification system3 December 2013
Planetside 2 to gain progression systems that "aren't tied to gear or player power"3 December 2013
World in motion: Microsoft start shipping Kinect 2 to PC developers internationally3 December 2013
Come Caesar these screenshots of Total War: Rome II's Gallic campaign3 December 2013
PC market to suffer "by far the most severe" fall on record this year3 December 2013
Call of Duty: Online’s zombies are also robots (but not Nazis)3 December 2013
Battlefield 4 patch: Less killing, more stability2 December 2013
Team Meat's Mew-Genics to cater to hoarders2 December 2013
Space saunter: rymdkapsel comes to PC2 December 2013
Arkham Origins Initiation DLC arrives tomorrow 2 December 2013
League of Legends Legacy skins coming out of retirement 2 December 2013
Frozen Endzone beta launches December 52 December 2013
Battlefield 4's dynamic weather could match the weather outside2 December 2013
Bad weather: Warhammer 40K Storm of Vengeance revealed2 December 2013
Train Simulator 2014's Pacific Surfliner expansion takes us from LA to San Diego2 December 2013
Creative Assembly field Total War: Rome II's first standalone expansion pack: Caesar in Gaul2 December 2013
fnatic win biggest tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history (plus $100,000)2 December 2013
Witness this: apparent VR support for Jonathan Blow's Braid follow-up2 December 2013
The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere to be aired at a time of your convenience this month2 December 2013
Jon Shafer's At the Gates has fallen through the Civ, landed in 20152 December 2013
The Oculus Rift Internet Show: Skyrim2 December 2013
Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod to grapple 'n' chute its way to Steam before Christmas2 December 2013
2014 WCS changes - How Blizzard are improving professional StarCraft 21 December 2013
Metro: Last Light DLC guide1 December 2013
Steam breaks 7 million concurrent users; more than a million more than this time last year1 December 2013
Super Hexagon ported to the Commodore 641 December 2013
Towerfall Ascension has no online multiplayer1 December 2013
Minecrafting 125: House of Chests1 December 2013
Mod of the Year 2013 nominations begin1 December 2013