December 2018 Archive

Dusk is the best '90s shooter since, well, the '90s31 December 2018
Fallout: New Vegas mod forces you to drink from a toilet to save progress31 December 2018
Fortnite’s new Boombox item makes building impossible31 December 2018
AMD vs Nvidia - how AMD can combat Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards31 December 2018
Here’s what CD Projekt Red gave Cyberpunk 2077’s quest director for 10 years’ service31 December 2018
PCGN alternative game awards 201831 December 2018
The best PC gaming gear of 201831 December 2018
Fortnite snowflake decorations: where to destroy 12 snowflakes31 December 2018
Making it in Unreal: the best of 201831 December 2018
Fortnite goose eggs: where to search waterside goose nests30 December 2018
Fortnite: where to search the letter S in Wailing Woods30 December 2018
This Half-Life 2 mod reworks guns, enemy AI, and tons more30 December 2018
As triple-As disappointed, indies saved PC gaming in 201830 December 2018
Triple-A series need to reinvent themselves in 201930 December 2018
The PCGN Awards 201830 December 2018
From Software is working on two unannounced games30 December 2018
The PCGN team's personal games of the year29 December 2018
Free games: Grab a free copy of Super Meat Boy from the Epic Store29 December 2018
Monster Hunter: World is getting an Assassin’s Creed crossover29 December 2018
A bearded Jack Black is getting into YouTube gaming29 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Call of Duty: Black Ops 429 December 2018
Steam’s best sellers of 2018 include Warframe and Rocket League29 December 2018
AMD, Nvidia, or Intel - who owned PC gaming hardware in 2018?29 December 2018
Fortnite: where to search the letter N under a frozen lake28 December 2018
Fortnite: where to search the letter M in Dusty Divot28 December 2018
Ninja becomes first Fortnite player to get 5000 Victory Royales on PC28 December 2018
Fortnite Christmas tree locations: where to dance in front of different Holiday trees28 December 2018
Detective games are the best they’ve ever been - and it’s because they’re all cold cases28 December 2018
Free games: Hardcore platformer Super Meat Boy is free on the Epic Games store28 December 2018
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is an interactive Netflix movie you can play on PC28 December 2018
Blizzard wants you to link your Twitch and accounts to "improve the viewer experience"28 December 2018
Is Intel's CPU business crumbling under the 7nm pressure from AMD?28 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Sea of Thieves28 December 2018
Doomba is a new tool that turns Roomba cleaning routes into Doom maps28 December 2018
Nvidia in 2018 - controversial marketing, pricey GPUs, and a hell of a mining hangover28 December 2018
Free games: Pick up first-person horror game Soma at no charge on GOG28 December 2018
Fortnite giant candy canes locations: where to visit giant candy canes28 December 2018
A recovered SimCity NES port sheds light on a Miyamoto and Will Wright collaboration27 December 2018
Learning your limits - platforming as a metaphor in Celeste and Gris27 December 2018
Epic Games banked $3 billion in profit this year mostly thanks to Fortnite27 December 2018
AMD claims Navi will compete with Nvidia's high-end... is it a more powerful GPU than we thought?27 December 2018
Beyond Skyrim modders show their progress in 8 minutes of new footage27 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Chuchel27 December 2018
Zelda: Ocarina of Time Unreal remake now has a completely playable first dungeon27 December 2018
Intel in 2018 - missing CEO, vanishing 10nm node, but record revenue27 December 2018
Nvidia RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080 Ti - which should you buy?26 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Into the Breach26 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Assassin's Creed Odyssey26 December 2018
AMD in 2018 - moar corez, faster CPUs, and depressed graphics cards26 December 2018
Log into Rainbow Six Siege for a free operator or Renown26 December 2018
14 Days of Fortnite Day 8 challenge and reward leaked26 December 2018
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered leak spotted26 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Slay the Spire25 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Celeste25 December 2018
Forget 2018… Fortnite and graphics card mining ruined it for everyone25 December 2018
Jade Raymond had a design for a new Splinter Cell25 December 2018
Want a fresh Dark Souls experience? There's a mod for that25 December 2018
There's a menu screen from Ark in pirate successor Atlas25 December 2018
League of Legends' K/DA has come to Beat Saber24 December 2018
Hotline Miami, Broforce, and The Messenger are currently free with Twitch Prime24 December 2018
Former League of Legends world champion Ambition has retired24 December 2018
League of Legends patch 9.1: Blood Moon Aatrox and new Masterwork items24 December 2018
Make your own sweetrolls with the official Elder Scrolls cookbook, due next year24 December 2018
O come, all ye gamers! With Nvidia and Intel out of the picture, AMD has free rein this holiday season24 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Life is Strange 2 Episode One: Roads24 December 2018
PUBG streamer Shroud partners with heavy metal frontman for a new theme song24 December 2018
Koruldia Heritage is a beautiful hand-drawn RPG, 8 years in the making24 December 2018
Making it in Unreal: why Project Borealis left Half-Life's engine behind24 December 2018
You can try out Valfaris, the upcoming heavy metal sci-fi shooter, in a free demo23 December 2018
The International 2018 is the subject of a documentary premiering next month23 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Return of the Obra Dinn23 December 2018
Dead Cells patch lets you pick your starting gear and tweak your runs23 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Destiny 2: Forsaken23 December 2018
Car Wash Simulator’s trailer takes a dark turn23 December 2018
Ring of Elysium’s new game mode arrives later today, and Tencent is sorry for the delay22 December 2018
A big new Watch Dogs mod makes Chicago a more dynamic place22 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Artifact22 December 2018
Atlas is live for Twitch partners, with Early Access starting today22 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Monster Hunter: World22 December 2018
Dungeon Run is all the best bits of Hearthstone in one place22 December 2018
PUBG’s latest ban wave targets 'radar hack,' and it's catching pro players22 December 2018
You can now put your penis in a sock in the latest Scum update22 December 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 15-21 December, 201821 December 2018
New mandates reportedly have Blizzard cutting costs and shipping more games21 December 2018
Blizzard’s now keeping a list of rule-breaking Overwatch pros21 December 2018
Fired EA exec disputes the details of his comment about penis size21 December 2018
China is finally approving new videogames again21 December 2018
Modders have brought multiplayer to Subnautica21 December 2018
The initial purchase of Artifact now gives you half the card packs it used to21 December 2018
Blade Shadow: the last gaming PC you’ll ever need lives in the cloud21 December 2018
Battlefield V Unsung Heroes: the support class brings the big guns21 December 2018
G2A's payment service charges you money for not logging in21 December 2018
Watch an Audi Quattro Sport race beneath the Spanish sun in Dirt Rally 2's new trailer21 December 2018
Nvidia GTX 1160 to launch alongside RTX 2060... in a bid to confuse everyone21 December 2018
Artifact gets a leveling system and Axe has been nerfed21 December 2018
Team Fortress 2 hits a new player count record - it’s probably bots again21 December 2018
This War of Mine has brought in $500k for the War Child charity21 December 2018
Free games: Lego Lord of the Rings is yours on Humble20 December 2018
Amanita changes the Chuchel design to get away from blackface20 December 2018
New purchases of The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be Epic store exclusive20 December 2018
For Honor lets you summon Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio in the For the Creed event20 December 2018
The 12th annual Steam Winter Sale is live with discounts on 15,000 games20 December 2018
The Hivemind mount is here as WoW’s latest secret hunt finally concludes20 December 2018
AMD joins the NASDAQ-100 index, shoulder-to-shoulder with Nvidia and Intel20 December 2018
When an animator left CD Projekt, they made him this adorable video20 December 2018
Astralis look back on the year that crowned them kings of CS:GO20 December 2018
Teenage Fortnite hackers are earning thousands by stealing accounts20 December 2018
We've found the most grotesque VR peripheral... and never want to eat again20 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Battlefield 520 December 2018
Traumatise your guests with Planet Coaster's new multi-drop tower and Mind Melt coaster20 December 2018
If you're new to Rainbow Six Siege, these handy starter guides might help20 December 2018
AMD backtracks on Oculus Go support for Radeon ReLive for VR20 December 2018
Professionals: get ready for 2019 with the PC Connects London conference20 December 2018
72-year-old solitaire player completes 50,000 games with only 15 losses20 December 2018
Halo Infinite’s engine is built to treat PC “as a full first-class citizen”20 December 2018
Hitman 2’s free Christmas level attracts over 350k concurrent players19 December 2018
Halo and League of Legends devs join a prosthetic maker to build ‘bionic arms’ for kids19 December 2018
YouTube’s top three gaming trailers this year were all Fortnite19 December 2018
Battlefield V Unsung Heroes: waging war one headshot at a time as a sniper19 December 2018
Desert Child is a racer that taps into the same peaks and troughs as Cowboy Bebop19 December 2018
Midoriya brings My Hero Academia representation to Jump Force19 December 2018
Fortnite's Unvaulted LTM returns old weapons to the game19 December 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for stylish hoverbike racing adventure Desert Child!19 December 2018
Best graphics card 201819 December 2018
How the World of Tanks publisher plans to make Pagan Online spread like a medieval plague19 December 2018
This Skyrim grass mod triples your foliage without torching your PC19 December 2018
The best PC games of 2018: Jurassic World Evolution19 December 2018
GTA V sold more copies than Fallout 76 in 201819 December 2018
PUBG new map - all the latest details on the upcoming snow map, Vikendi19 December 2018
RGB LEDs are putting your gaming PC at risk of a security attack19 December 2018
Tracer and Reaper scuffle over Santa's cookies in a stop-motion Overwatch video19 December 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for new fast-paced cyberpunk shooter 2084!19 December 2018
Steam could soon get expanded cross-play with Xbox19 December 2018
The full PUBG Vikendi interview: footprint-tracking, cut content, and optimisation19 December 2018
Free games: Anno 1602 is yours to keep for the series’ 20th anniversary19 December 2018
For Honor’s third year of new content starts in January19 December 2018
Last Year: The Nightmare’s take on multiplayer horror rockets up the Twitch charts18 December 2018
PC gaming made up 25% of industry revenue in 201818 December 2018
The Profit Taker update brings the big guns to Warframe today18 December 2018
Looks like Fortnite’s entire map will soon be covered in snow18 December 2018
Fornite will turn into a New Year's Eve party on December 31st18 December 2018
The Inca return in Civ 6: Gathering Storm to build a mountain empire18 December 2018
Fortnite Pleasant Park piano location: where to play Sheet Music near Pleasant Park18 December 2018
Fortnite’s finally getting a proper trios mode18 December 2018
Fortnite Lonely Lodge piano location: where to play Sheet Music near Lonely Lodge18 December 2018
Win a Steam key for Stellaris: MegaCorp so you can make epic space cities!18 December 2018
Fortnite's Polar Peak is melting, revealing an elaborate Throne Room18 December 2018
Frostpunk channels Dickens' Christmas classic with Christmas Carol DLC18 December 2018
Don't boycott developers - just don't buy bad games18 December 2018
GTA V's PS4 population is up to five times more than PC's - and is bigger than Spain18 December 2018
Subnautica guide: map, mods, and items to help you survive this underwater world18 December 2018
New AI tech powers this Morrowind textures mod18 December 2018
We’re devastated this hot pink AMD RX 590 is a China-exclusive18 December 2018
Win a Steam key for Assembly Required and build annoying furniture mazes!18 December 2018
Free Games - pick up Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion on Steam18 December 2018
Underworld Ascendant's devs promise to basically fix the entire game in two exhaustive updates18 December 2018
The Blood Angels will star in an official Warhammer 40,000 animated series next year18 December 2018
Fortnite fans compete for a $25,000 prize pool at the ggCircuit Winter WAN Tournament18 December 2018
Fortnite patch 7.10 and the Driftboard have both been delayed17 December 2018
Fresh Prince star sues Epic over Fortnite’s use of the Carlton dance17 December 2018
Kaid’s sniper pistol gets nerfed in the latest Rainbow Six Siege update17 December 2018
Battlefield 5 TTK will revert to normal tomorrow - “Clearly we didn’t get it right”17 December 2018
Fortnite’s Infinity Blade is still in the game, and Epic is trying to kill it for good17 December 2018
We're giving away some of the new Fortnite Battle Royale figures!17 December 2018
200,000 AMD Zen 2 cores will help power a new Finnish supercomputer17 December 2018
Nvidia’s AI creates photorealistic humans… but proves cats are more complex lifeforms17 December 2018
Valve's erotic game bans may be a result of local obscenity laws17 December 2018
Nvidia's RTX 2060 is not a mainstream GTX 1060 replacement17 December 2018
Looks like Fallout 76 is about to offer damage buffs for premium currency17 December 2018
Mythological ARPG Pagan Online shows off thunderous combat in its first gameplay trailer17 December 2018
Pagan Online is a Diablo-like dungeon romp for the MOBA generation17 December 2018
Next year's Microsoft #WindowsUglySweater has to feature Windows Vista, right?17 December 2018
Making it in Unreal: action-adventure goes to India in Raji: An Ancient Epic17 December 2018
Reinhardt and Brigitte feature in fan-made Overwatch short Lion's Return17 December 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for new tactics game spin-off Jagged Alliance: Rage!17 December 2018
Nvidia RTX 2060 announcement expected in the second week of January17 December 2018
League of Legends won't support Windows XP from next year17 December 2018
DICE apologises for its silence on Battlefield 5's TTK and adds more core playlists17 December 2018
New games: Book of Demons mixes deck building with dungeon crawling17 December 2018
Soulja Boy is into PC gaming and says he’s launching an esports franchise16 December 2018
Game developers share their most embarrassing design crimes16 December 2018
Battlefront 2 gets a Titan-like game mode, and EA admits the initial launch "did not go as planned"16 December 2018
Super Best Friends Play comes to an end as creators go their separate ways16 December 2018
New games: Gris is one of the year’s most achingly beautiful games16 December 2018
Dishonored 2 update adds new modes and removes Denuvo15 December 2018
Hitman 2 is 30% off in Humble’s WB Games sale15 December 2018
Popular Fortnite leaker shut down for selling mod tools15 December 2018
Testing Google’s game streaming service gets you a free copy of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey15 December 2018
AMD Adrenalin 2019 update: the top three features to try right now15 December 2018
Stardew Valley’s creator is working on a new update, and putting his next game “on hold”15 December 2018
Custom games are coming to Black Ops 4 Blackout15 December 2018
Kanye West wants to meet Hideo Kojima, and Geoff Keighley says he’ll make it happen14 December 2018
Free games: Subnautica is yours to keep on the Epic store14 December 2018
PC Connects London brings the industry together in January14 December 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 8-14 December, 201814 December 2018
Activision halts auction of Leisure Suit Larry's source code despite not owning the IP14 December 2018
We got the co-creator of Fighting Fantasy to review Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, and Neverwinter Nights14 December 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for new retro-inspired adventure game Monkeys & Dragons!14 December 2018
Discord's store offers devs 90% revenue because "it doesn't cost 30% to distribute games"14 December 2018
Where to find the Fortnite Infinity Blade14 December 2018
Here's what's changing in Dirt Rally 2.014 December 2018
A collection of Fortnite memes is one of Amazon's best-selling cartoon books14 December 2018
Overwatch patch notes v1.31: Brigitte and Doomfist get nerfs, Winter Wonderland returns14 December 2018
Now you can build your own Steam Link using a Raspberry Pi14 December 2018
Artifact's new tournament mode wants you to play for three hours straight14 December 2018
You can't have sex with your companions in The Outer Worlds14 December 2018
Windows 10 keeps sending your data to Microsoft even if you say stop14 December 2018
Fix PUBG seems to have worked: players are happier than ever14 December 2018
Heroes of the Storm's dev team and esports events are getting cut14 December 2018
Antstream aims to be a retro gaming Netflix, with 2000 classics already licensed14 December 2018
Hytale is a sandbox RPG from the people behind one of Minecraft’s most popular servers13 December 2018
Infinity Ward has reportedly been evacuated after bomb threat13 December 2018
Stellaris director is now heading up a “secret project” at Paradox13 December 2018
Skyrim’s Forgotten Seasons add-on brings a new dungeon and a horse automaton13 December 2018
The full PlanetSide Arena interview: can the quintessential MMO shooter go battle royale?13 December 2018
You can get a robot chicken in World of Warcraft this weekend13 December 2018
Black Ops 4 has a keybind that snaps your crosshair to head height13 December 2018
This is what World of Warcraft’s Thrall looks like made out of 500 pipe cleaners13 December 2018 quits competitive CS:GO - for now13 December 2018
Rainbow Six Siege streamer Macie Jay wants slower ADS time for shields13 December 2018
PES 2019's free-to-play 'lite' edition is out now13 December 2018
Intel Xe is the name of its new discrete GPU... not Graphics McGraphicscardface13 December 2018
DLSS is now available for Nvidia Turing GPUs in Final Fantasy XV13 December 2018
Battalion 1944 would've earned $350,000 more on Epic store13 December 2018
Intel Sunny Cove is its next-generation gaming CPU architecture13 December 2018
Jetpack Cat is finally in Overwatch - as part of a victory pose13 December 2018
The latest Unofficial Skyrim Patch brings two dozen more fixes for SSE12 December 2018
Fallout subreddit mods ask desperate fans to stop posting about The Outer Worlds12 December 2018
Epic is sharing Fortnite's cross-platform tech, and it might mean unified achievements12 December 2018
Fallout 76 got ultrawide support - it’s broken12 December 2018
The top 3DMark Port Royale ray tracing score is 51fps... on a heavily overclocked RTX 2080 Ti12 December 2018
Hades is the fiery follow-up to Transistor that 2018 needed12 December 2018
Alt-tabbing out of CS:GO can tell you when an enemy’s around the corner12 December 2018
Insurgency: Sandstorm review - the definitive edition of an ageing war12 December 2018
One of Nvidia's largest shareholders might sell its $3bn stake12 December 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for Chef to get a taste of proper restaurant management!12 December 2018
Paladins studio "can neither confirm nor deny" that China is banning games12 December 2018
Battlefield V Unsung Heroes: take to the skies with a flying ace12 December 2018
Here's how a Hearthstone streamer built up 20,000 armour in a single game12 December 2018
This free VR app deserves to finally make virtual reality gaming fun12 December 2018
Artifact has lost almost 80% of its players in two weeks12 December 2018
Canada is Civ 6's latest arrival, and they're too nice to declare surprise wars12 December 2018
Rainbow Six Siege ranked lock is now live12 December 2018
Fortnite’s OP Infinity Blade wreaks havoc in a $1 million tournament11 December 2018
Dutch will be there for you in this Red Dead version of the Friends opening11 December 2018
Dead by Daylight has a new killer today - a legion of murderous teens11 December 2018
Arena War turns GTA Online into Twisted Metal11 December 2018
Fortnite porn is now bigger than Overwatch porn11 December 2018
PewDiePie recommends a YouTube channel filled with anti-Semitic jokes11 December 2018
Counter-Strike's battle royale is at once streamlined and strangely bloated11 December 2018
Intel beware… Amazon is now making its own CPUs11 December 2018
In Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday you must free the snowmen from their “icy sadness"11 December 2018
Black Ops 4's first map pack has leaked11 December 2018
We're giving away 500 codes as part of Webzen's winter holiday celebrations!11 December 2018
Black Ops 4's Absolute Zero Operation brings an EMP wielding specialist to PC next week11 December 2018
Fortnite's sword is live now, granting magical powers to its owner11 December 2018
Nvidia RTX 2060 leak suggests Nvidia want to launch before AMD Navi11 December 2018
Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4 pass is now available11 December 2018
Fallout 76 leveling guide: how to farm XP and level up fast11 December 2018
Fallout 76 rare weapons: where to find the Alien Blaster, Black Powder guns, and more11 December 2018
An annual survey suggests developers are losing confidence in Valve11 December 2018
A Metro 2033 movie died because producers tried to set it in America10 December 2018
YouTube viewers watched 5.7 million years of gaming videos in 201810 December 2018
Now you’ll know exactly what toxic word got you banned in Rainbow Six Siege10 December 2018
Watch a 25 minute gameplay demo of Beyond Good & Evil 2 right here10 December 2018
Fallout 76 nuke codes: how to get launch codes in Fallout 7610 December 2018
EverQuest: The Burning Lands is the game’s 25th expansion, and it’s out tomorrow10 December 2018
Mutant Year Zero is proof we need more games that combine stealth and tactics10 December 2018
Battlefield V Unsung Heroes: the radical life of a resistance fighter10 December 2018
This Just Cause 4 easter egg lets you turn NPCs into cows10 December 2018
Monster Hunter: World Iceborne is a massive expansion, launching next year10 December 2018
John Romero's new project is an enormous Doom mod called Sigil10 December 2018
A fan-made WoW trailer imagines the MMO as a Netflix TV series10 December 2018
Making it in Unreal: Waves 2 is a twin-stick shooter powered by an AI secretly playing a CCG10 December 2018
AMD registers Vega 2 trademark suggesting a 2019 GPU refresh10 December 2018
Steam releases are being delayed - and cancelled - in favour of the Epic Games Store10 December 2018
Gabe Newell says that Counter-Strike's hidden Portal reference is just an easter egg10 December 2018
Astralis wins ESL Season 8 Finals, taking home first-ever Intel Grand Slam9 December 2018
Free games: Company of Heroes 2 is yours to keep if you grab it today9 December 2018
Just Cause 4 gets its A-Ha moment9 December 2018
Warframe's Baruuk shows off his "pacifist" ability set9 December 2018
Kingdom expands into co-op with Two Crowns9 December 2018
Conan and company take on barbarian hordes in upcoming strategy game8 December 2018
CS:GO is getting a Dust-themed battle royale map8 December 2018
Fortnite players are building classic Call of Duty levels for The Block8 December 2018
Warframe’s Fortuna is getting a second chapter, and it looks intense8 December 2018
WoW's Tides of Vengeance arrives this week, along with a new Warfront8 December 2018
Binding of Isaac still hosts a touching annual tribute to Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata8 December 2018
Daybreak has its second major round of layoffs this year8 December 2018
CS:GO is getting review bombed after going free-to-play7 December 2018
Farming Simulator 19 passes 1 million sold just 10 days after launch7 December 2018
Get a closer look at Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds with 15 minutes of gameplay footage7 December 2018
Win one of 50 MapleStory 2 Founder's Packs to celebrate the Skybound expansion!7 December 2018
Looks like Rage 2 will be exclusive to the Bethesda launcher on PC7 December 2018
Thermaltake View 32 TG RGB review: a classy PC chassis with pleasing subtlety7 December 2018
Intel Ghost Canyon X NUC could still be rocking a Coffee Lake CPU in 20207 December 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 1-7 December, 20187 December 2018
Chris Avellone reckons The Outer Worlds' first tweet translates as "F*** you Bethesda"7 December 2018
Now that it's free-to-play, CS:GO's player count is rocketing7 December 2018
The full Far Cry: New Dawn interview: building the super bloom of a post-nuclear Hope County7 December 2018
CS:GO Danger Zone update b0rked on Intel Graphics systems7 December 2018
The Game Awards 2018 - check out our round-up of the winners7 December 2018
Here are all the biggest announcements from The Game Awards 20187 December 2018
PUBG's snow map is live on the TTS, with snowmobiles and a new assault rifle7 December 2018
Hades is a roguelike from the developers of Bastion and Transistor, and it's out now7 December 2018
Far Cry: New Dawn release date: all the latest details on the post-apocalyptic new Far Cry game7 December 2018
Far Cry: New Dawn builds better co-op from the nuclear ruins of Far Cry 57 December 2018
Psychonauts 2 launches in 2019 - here’s the first trailer7 December 2018
Risky Reels is now The Block - a place where Fortnite devs will show player creations in-game7 December 2018
Mortal Kombat 11 launches April 2019 - here’s a trailer7 December 2018
Atlas is a new naval survival MMO from the Ark devs, and you can play it next week7 December 2018
BioWare confirms the next Dragon Age with a Game Awards trailer - sort of7 December 2018
Obsidian's The Outer Worlds might just be the New Vegas follow-up you've wanted7 December 2018
Anthem’s Game Awards trailer doubles down on story and reveals the villain7 December 2018
Epic’s game store is live with three brand-new games, and it will bring Journey to PC7 December 2018
Far Cry New Dawn takes you to post-apocalyptic Montana this February7 December 2018
Journey to the Savage Planet is an indie sci-fi game from Far Cry 4's director7 December 2018
Now you can buy Black Ops 4 without Zombies for half price7 December 2018
Bethesda makes an apologetic statement after a support site glitch revealed personal info6 December 2018
Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse brings us fantasy battle royale later this month6 December 2018
Star Wars Battlefront 2 "Titan" mode has been leaked6 December 2018
Leaked box art reveals Far Cry New Dawn ahead of The Game Awards6 December 2018
PUBG's Vikendi snow map is playable tomorrow6 December 2018
Fortnite Snowfall week 1: find a secret Battle Pass tier6 December 2018
DreamHack's high school Rainbow Six team "got stomped, but we laughed and smiled the whole way"6 December 2018
Typhon Hunter, Prey's answer to Prop Hunt, is out next week6 December 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for newly released swordpunk RPG Kenshi!6 December 2018
Chinese League of Legends fans remade the K/DA video on a $70 budget6 December 2018
Battlefield 5 RTX performance analysis: new update delivers on Nvidia's 60fps ray tracing promise6 December 2018
Ark's meshing bugs are ruining its meta - so why are they still happening?6 December 2018
Intel is one step away from calling its GPU Graphics McGraphicscardface6 December 2018
The NBA's Dallas Mavericks just gave their players Overwatch-style intros6 December 2018
Phobos, a Doom 3 mod influenced by Half-Life, releases its first episode after 14 years6 December 2018
Check out the brand-new Fortnite Season 7 map6 December 2018
Here's how to complete Fortnite's Snowfall, Lynx, and Zenith Challenges6 December 2018
Fortnite season 7 release date - all the latest details on the new Fortnite season6 December 2018
Fortnite patch notes 7.0: planes, wraps, and Creative mode come to Battle Royale6 December 2018
Crackshot features in Fortnite's adorable Christmas-themed trailer6 December 2018
The Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass finally adds weapon skins6 December 2018
Epic confirms that Unreal Tournament is dead for now6 December 2018
Fortnite season 7 release times - here’s when you can play6 December 2018
Rainbow Six Siege's profit-sharing Pilot Program skins are available now5 December 2018
Fortnite maker tells you to “be an extension of the brand” and use official weapon names5 December 2018
Starbreeze Studios has been raided and one person arrested as a result of “suspected insider trading”5 December 2018
You’ll be able to fly planes in Fortnite season 75 December 2018
AMD’s Zen 2 and Navi supply won’t be limited by TSMC’s 7nm chip manufacturing5 December 2018
Enjoy a photographer’s tour through real-life Fallout 76 landmarks5 December 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion tips: how to dominate with Kaid and Nomad5 December 2018
Mid-range Nvidia Max-Q GPUs tipped for CES 2019 announcement5 December 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for eerie co-op puzzler Tick Tock: A Tale for Two!5 December 2018
Fortnite Creative lets you make your own game modes on a private island5 December 2018
GTA V hacker helps PewDiePie in his subscriber war against T-Series5 December 2018
Nutaku launches its new LGBTQ+ section with two new games5 December 2018
Gathering Storm is the first Civilization expansion I won't be buying5 December 2018
G2 Esports denies claims it’s poaching players from other League of Legends teams5 December 2018
Fortnite fan draws the Pikachu crossover you didn't know you wanted5 December 2018
Battlefield 5 update promising up to 50% DXR performance boost now available on PC5 December 2018
Fortnite Season 7's first skins have leaked5 December 2018
Six reasons to get excited for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden5 December 2018
A Black Ops 2 map could be coming to Call of Duty's Blackout next week5 December 2018
Nvidia's GTX 1070 set for a GDDR5X memory upgrade5 December 2018
Steam's discoverability bug was part of an attempt to improve the search algorithm5 December 2018
2 Milly is taking legal action over Fortnite's 'Milly Rock' emote5 December 2018
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is reportedly scheduled to launch in November5 December 2018
Battlefield 5’s first Tides of War update launches tomorrow - here are the release times4 December 2018
Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland returns with a holiday-themed Blizzard World4 December 2018
The Maori join Civ 6: Gathering Storm, and they start the game at sea4 December 2018
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden scores - our roundup of the critics4 December 2018
Dragon Age 4 will likely be announced at The Game Awards, but won’t be out until 20214 December 2018
CTR: Crash Team Racing remake will reportedly debut at The Game Awards4 December 2018
Thanks to Fortnite, Steam is facing its first real challenger in 15 years4 December 2018
Zip-lines come to Fortnite, according to the latest season 7 tease4 December 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for new enchanting VR fairy tale Arca's Path!4 December 2018
Resident Evil 2's horrible humans are more disgusting than its monsters4 December 2018
Intel says it “clearly underestimated the challenge” of 10nm, but claims 7nm is still on track4 December 2018
Fortnite's first few snowflakes have begun to fall4 December 2018
Total War: Three Kingdom's latest general is axe-wielding bandit queen Jiang Zheng4 December 2018
Epic's new game store offers developers an 88% share of revenue4 December 2018
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile review: the best this gaming keyboard has ever been4 December 2018
Imperator: Rome isn't historically authentic - but only because that's impossible4 December 2018
Rico gets a masochistic streak in this Just Cause 4 easter egg4 December 2018
Nvidia Optimus tech hack gets retired mining GPUs gaming through Intel CPUs4 December 2018
Ubisoft's uPlay Club Points now expire after two years4 December 2018
A CS:GO update is coming this week as more survival mode leaks arrive4 December 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion release times - the new season starts tomorrow3 December 2018
Major Fortnite announcements will come at The Game Awards3 December 2018
Fortnite's profit-sharing Support-A-Creator event is now permanent3 December 2018
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