Cities Skylines 2 will destroy your metropolis like a disaster movie

The Cities Skylines 2 achievement list is here, and it shows plenty of the changes and new features coming to the Paradox city-building game later this year.

Cities Skylines 2 will destroy your metropolis like a disaster movie

With the Cities: Skylines 2 release date coming later this year, Paradox is mostly remaining tight-lipped after the reveal about what to expect from the city-building game. But we actually now know about some new details and changes, thanks to the achievement list for Cities: Skylines popping up after the reveal.

Paradox officially announced Cities: Skylines 2 with a trailer confirming a release of this year earlier this week and, while we’ll likely have to wait a bit of time for an official update on the management game, the achievements list should help shed some light on what we can expect from the sequel.

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Cities: Skylines 2 achievements

We haven’t listed all Cities: Skylines 2 achievements here, as many are standard fare like ‘build every building in the game’ or ‘reach 100,000 citizens,’ so we’ve instead put down the ones we feel are the most notable.

  • The size of golf balls: experience a hailstorm
  • Out for a spin: experience a tornado
  • Now they’re all ash trees: experience a forest fire
  • Everything the light touches: unlock 150 map tiles in a single city (the first Cities: Skylines maxes at 81)
  • Things are not looking up: experience a rat infestation
  • Spiderwebbing: have 50 active transport lines

As mentioned there are plenty more achievements (via True Achievements), but these are the ones that we think present the newest and unique scenarios and additions to Cities: Skylines 2.

If you want even more from the city-builder ahead of its release later this year, we’ve got a list of the Cities: Skylines 2 features we’d love to see in the game. We’ve also got lists of the best building games and management games, if you want to dive into the genres ahead of Cities: Skylines 2.