Everything we know about the new Valorant agent 23

Valorant agent 23 has officially been teased by the developers, and it's time to dive deep into their lore, origin, release date, and more.

Who is Valorant agent 23? Riot’s popular FPS typically adds three new agents to the game’s roster each year. We’ve already seen Gekko shake up the meta, and now it looks like agent 23 is ready to become a threat on the battlefield.

Gekko and his globules have finally adjusted to Valorant‘s agent lineup, which means players should prep to welcome a fresh face. On June 5, Valorant’s executive producer Anna Donlon dropped the agent 23 teaser (intentionally, this time), confirming their class as well. For now, not much has been documented about them, but it’s worth exploring all we know about the new agent in Riot’s FPS game.

Valorant agent 23 release date speculation

Based on past release patterns of Valorant acts and agents, we predict agent 23 will launch with Valorant Episode 7 Act 1, slated for June 28. Riot released two agents during episodes 3 and 4, but only one in episode 5. Gekko is also the sole agent released in episode 6, suggesting that Riot may introduce a new agent soon.

Riot Games likes to make a big song and dance for each agent release. For example, Fade enjoyed a spotlight at VCT Masters Reykjavik 2022 and Gekko at LOCK//IN. With VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 approaching, it’s safe to say that agent 23’s grand unveiling could be closer than anyone anticipates. So, it’s worth saving the date for June 21 to get the first look at agent 23.

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Agent 23 abilities and gameplay

According to Donlon, agent 23 is a Sentinel, and so far, that’s all we know for sure. But there’s tons of anecdotal evidence that points to an agent who excels at crowd control. Agent 23 will be able to “stop you dead in your track and pull you in for a closer look.” This ability hints at many possibilities, but the Death Trap theory makes the most sense.

Earlier, Riot released a player card, “Death Trap,” featuring something that resembles a cryogenic freezing chamber. The glass had a whirl of smoke within it, resembling CO2 fog. The color theme and tech match the equipment shared in the official teaser and also align with Anna’s description of agent 23. It’s possible that the next agent would coagulate enemies, making them an easy target for the duelist.

Another intriguing theory comes from a Valorant player Thallo. She said agent 23 could pull you in for a closer look, suggesting that the agent might possess a power akin to Astra’s Gravity Well. Thallo’s Yo-yo theory says that the equipment placed at agent 23’s desk could be yo-yo lube, string, and ball bearing to create a device that pulls in the enemy.

Agent 23 teaser and origin

Agent 23, rumored to be codenamed Cashew, was teased with an image of them examining suspicious data spread out on the table. But, the edibles on the side have made it tricky to pinpoint their location. Initially, it seemed they hail from Belgium due to the delectable plate of waffles, but some players point out that heart waffles are a popular delicacy in Norway. To top it all, many users claim the brown topping on the waffle is Norwegian Brown cheese.

The biggest clue out of all comes from Valorant’s thrift store. The Night Market has a history of hiding hints about upcoming characters—this act’s Night Market had a familiar glow of the Northern Lights, another thing Norway is famous for. So, Valorant agent 23 is either from Belgium or Norway.

Agent 23 lore and rumors

Valorant agent 23 seems lore-heavy so far. The cryogenic chamber ability ties them with agent 8, the missing Valorant character. Here’s why: the infamous Death Trap card has a small “008” scribbled on the corner. I am not making any wild claims, but it’s possible that all this time, agent 8 has been in deep cryo-sleep and is now returning with freezing powers.

This lore also aligns with the tech spread out on their table, which screams that they’re not a Radiant, akin to Cypher and Chamber, who bring their own instruments to the game. So, if agent 23 is not a Radiant, they might have gained their frosty personality from the cryogenic chamber, which inspired their new tech.

So, this is all we know about Valorant agent 23 so far. Until their official release, check out how to choose the right Valorant agent to see if the new agent matches your playstyle. We also have a Valorant skins guide if you want to give your favorite weapons a brand-new look.