Cities Skylines 2 mod transfer and multiplayer hopes dashed, kind of

Cities Skylines 2 is out this year, and the city-building game devs have shed some light on the sequel's relationships with both mods and multiplayer.

Cities Skylines 2 multiplayer mod hopes dashed, kind of: a busy city street with cars in the daylight

With the Cities Skylines 2 release date almost in our grasp, developer of the city-building game Colossal Order has taken the time to answer a few questions about the sequel online, giving us more clarity on things like mods and multiplayer in Cities Skylines 2, with more information on the way.

Cities Skylines 2 developer Colossal Order confirms a number of things in a recent Twitter Q&A, like how the sequel will still be on Unity and that it has been in development “for a few years now” as well.

If you’ve been wondering about the Cities Skylines workshop mod content moving over to the sequel, Colossal Order has what looks like bad news about it getting ported.

“Cities Skylines 2 is an entirely new game. Existing workshop content would likely need to be remade or adapted,” Colossal Order answers. “We’ll have more to share about modding Cities Skylines 2 in the future.”

Cities Skylines 2 multiplayer and mod hopes dashed slightly for sequel

Speaking of Cities Skylines mods, you might be wondering if Cities Skylines 2 will be getting some sort of multiplayer like a popular mod in the original, but Colossal Order implies that any official multiplayer is lower down on the studio’s list of priorities.

“Cities Skylines 2 is our most ambitious project to date, expanding on every mechanic in the franchise,” Colossal Order writes. “Adding multiplayer support takes an incredible amount of time and resources that would take away from building the core player experience we are striving to create.”

Cities Skylines 2 multiplayer mod hopes dashed, kind of

Never say never, but it looks like Cities Skylines 2 at least won’t launch with multiplayer and that mod support may need to start from scratch. Colossal Order has been understandably vague on most points, with more news to share on the sequel throughout the year, so we’ll have to wait and see for full answers by the looks of it.

Down in the Twitter comments thread Colossal Order is also responding to further questions from fans, with “a proper send-off” mentioned for the original Cities Skylines throughout this year. The final set of Cities Skylines DLCs were revealed earlier this year too, so you can familiarise yourself with what Colossal Order actually has planned.

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