Alienware announces Aurora 16, a “refined and streamlined” gaming PC

The Alienware Aurora 16 marks a new direction for the prebuilt PC family, with a smaller but still flashy chassis that doesn't compromise on performance.

The Alienware Aurora 16 PC, with a front view (left) and side view (right)

Even a company as old as Alienware is capable of learning new tricks, and it’s done just that in its redesign of Aurora 16. However, this is more than just a facelift according to Alienware, as the “refined and streamlined” gaming PC promises to deliver better performance too.

There’s no mistaking the Aurora 16 with the 15, as Alienware has trimmed the external chassis volume by a whopping 40% and adopted a more traditional tower design. This somehow hasn’t come at the expense of space inside the PC, which is big enough to house the best graphics cards in the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series line up, so there’s definitely plenty of room there.

A side view of the Alienware Aurora 15 (left) and Aurora 16 (right)

Of course, size isn’t everything, and Alienware is keen to highlight that the Aurora 16 is a much cooler and quieter machine compared to the 15. The company claims this redesign makes for a “20% quieter system, [with] up to 10% lower CPU and 6% lower GPU temperatures.” It’s hard to say whether this puts the PC ahead of its competition, but we’ll be sure to measure this when we get our hands on a sample.

The Alienware Aurora 16 is available from August 3, with pricing starting from $1,7499.99 for a configuration with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 and Intel Core i7 13700F. The company aims to roll out multiple configurations over time, starting with the most popular options first, but it should become its most powerful PC before the end of 2023.