Best Amazon gaming chairs 2023

Here are the best Amazon gaming chairs, including options with footrests, built-in speaker systems, lumbar support and much more besides

It can be hard to pick out the best Amazon gaming chairs. If you  type ‘gaming chair’ into Amazon right now, you’ll find over a thousand results. What a daunting prospect for those of an indecisive nature. How can you even begin to narrow down such a huge selection? If you’re in the market for a sweet new seat, but don’t know where to begin, help is at hand: we’ve got eight top picks for you below.

Of course, what one person considers the best gaming chair is completely different from someone else. For some, it’s just a matter of what’s the most affordable, while others might want a fancy sound system. Some of you still will be more interested in making sure that it looks good alongside their RGB lighting set-up. If comfort is your main concern, you should read our list of the best gaming desks too, because no matter how good the chair is, you’ll still be uncomfortable if you’re hunching at a subpar desk.

But no matter which chair you go for, with Amazon Prime, you could have your brand-new gaming throne as soon as tomorrow. Don’t have an account yet? No worries – you can sign up for your free 30-day Amazon Prime trial by clicking here.

Here are the best gaming chairs on Amazon:

Best Amazon gaming chair: X-Rocker Mammoth Pedestal. Image shows the front and side profiles of the chair.

1. X-Rocker Mammoth Pedestal

The X-Rocker Mammoth Pedestal is the best Amazon gaming chair.


  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Amazing speakers


  • No height or arm adjustment
  • No wheels make it hard to move

X-Rocker is one of the most widely-known gaming chair manufacturers and for good reason. The Mammoth Pedestal has an easy-to-assemble floor rocker design, which really just needs to be unfolded and connected. It’s made of a luxuriously soft leather-like material and with its deep foam-padded seat, back, and armrests, it’s made for lounging in comfort during the longest sessions. Plus, the curved design supports the natural shape of your spine, providing excellent lumbar support.

It’s not just about the comfort though. This gaming chair also has a fantastic sound system. In addition to mounted headrest speakers, this chair also has a subwoofer in the backrest to give you that added sense of depth.

Best Amazon gaming chairs: Vingli home office chair.

2. Vingli Home Office Chair

The best cheap Amazon gaming chair.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable and lightweight


  • Kind of ugly
  • Not overly comfortable

Not only does this one boast a lower price tag, but the Vingli Home Office Chair’s simple black and white design has the kind of timeless style that will go well with any gaming set-up – not that that’s the only option. This classic gaming chair comes in multiple colours, so you can choose the one that is best suited for you. Keep an eye on the price though, as it varies depending on which colour you go for.

If you’re still working from home, its versatile design means it can double up as an office chair, too. Plus, while it may be a cheaper option, its ergonomic design and pneumatic seat-height adjustment lever still allow you to alter its position for optimum comfort.

If you’re in the UK, check out the Yaheetech Adjustable Computer Chair as an alternative. It’s another affordable gaming chair which boasts all the same benefits as the Vingli Office Chair.

Best Amazon gaming chairs: Razer Iskur. Image shows three Razer Iskur chairs in three colours.

3. Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

The most comfortable gaming chair on Amazon.


  • Made of sturdy, comfortable, premium materials
  • Excellent ergonomics


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t tilt much

First of all, the Razer Iskur has been ergonomically designed in order to provide the highest levels of support. There’s a built-in, fully adjustable lumbar curve which will align with your spine and reduce the risk of any back pain – a hugely important feature of any chair that you’re likely to be sitting in for long periods of time…

Then there’s its multi-layered synthetic leather. Not only does it feel silky soft, but it’s made to be durable too. Many chairs develop rips and tears simply as a result of regular use, but with its premium fabric, the Razer Iskur is designed to last much, much longer without showing wear. Here, comfort and durability go hand in hand, with the leather-like material keeping the plush, high-density foam cushions safe at all times.

Want to find out more? Read our Razer Iskur review for more information.

Best Amazon gaming chairs: the Oversteel Ultimet professional gaming chair. Image shows four different coloured chairs.

4. Oversteel Ultimet Professional

The best Amazon gaming chair for lumbar support.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Highly comfortable


  • Not best suited to shorter gamers
  • Can get a bit squeaky

This chair is all about lumbar support. As well as providing you with a perfectly positioned neck cushion to help prevent upper back problems, it also comes with a good lumbar cushion. These are made of a high-density foam that molds to the shape of your body, meaning that you’ll have just the right combination of support and comfort.

As far as pricing goes, it’s not the absolute cheapest chair you’ll find, but it’s not extortionately expensive, either. It comes in a number of different colors, giving you the ability to choose something that will blend in well with your current gaming room.

Best Amazon gaming chairs: the Autofull ergonomic pink gaming chair.

5. AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

This is the best pink gaming chair on Amazon.


  • Vibrant pink design
  • Excellent back support


  • Less comfortable after long sessions
  • Lacks arm adjustments

This is one of the most highly reviewed gaming chairs on Amazon, with thousands of people having taken the time to give it a five-star rating. That’s a lot of satisfied customers.

This pink gaming chair would be right at home in a bedroom-based gaming area, but if you wanted it to double as an office chair, it’d fit right in your workspace too. The chair’s body-hugging ergonomic design was created to fit the natural curvature of a person’s back, reducing the risk of backache after a particularly long and intense gaming session. On top of that, it has an extra-high backrest for added lumbar support and the height and armrests can be positioned to ensure that you’re sitting as comfortably and safely as possible at all times.

In keeping with its self-described “Kawaii style”, this gaming chair comes with a few cute bonuses: some bunny ears, which can be attached to the top of the chair, and a fluffy bunny tail which can be attached to the back.

Best gaming chair on Amazon: GTRACING Gaming Sofa on a white background.

6. GTRacing Gaming Sofa

The best Amazon gaming chair with speakers.


  • Super comfortable
  • Excellent speakers


  • Not ideal for tall gamers
  • Less mobile than others

For those who are striving for deeper immersion and a sense of utter relaxation, the GTRACING Gaming Sofa might be the realization of your wildest dreams.

This chair was designed with absolute comfort in mind. Of course, being a sofa, it’s already set apart from the other chairs on the list when it comes to heightened levels of relaxation, but the massage features take it even further – need to work the stress out after a tough day? Your chair is there for you. And did we mention it’s a recliner, too?

With its two built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy the surround sound treatment while you relax in a state of pure bliss. You can even connect it to your phone and listen to your favorite playlist as you game, or grab your popcorn and sync it to your streaming platforms to experience the best Netflix TV series in a whole new way.

Best Amazon gaming chairs: GTplayer gaming chair. Image shows the chair in three models.

7. GTPlayer Gaming Chair

The best Amazon gaming chair with a footrest.


  • Comfortable footrest
  • Great even for big and tall people


  • Could use more padding
  • Needs to be ‘worn in’ a bit

Sure, your current gaming chair might be comfortable, but is it ‘put-your-feet-up-and-relax’ levels of enjoyment? Just pull the lever on this chair, and up pops a footrest, allowing you to recline in style as you play.

With thousands and thousands of positive reviews, the GTPlayer Gaming Chair stands out among the crowd. On top of its great footrest, it also has a lumbar support pillow and an adjustable tilt for really laid-back comfort, and the sturdy design means it’s built to last you a good while. It’s currently available in several colors at a range of prices, but we’re big fans of the blue and black design in particular.

If you’re reading in the UK, you may have a hard time finding this one, so we instead recommend the very similar Dripex Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

Best Amazon gaming chair: the Fly Yuting Boss Gaming Cockpit.

8. Fly Yuting Boss Office Chair

The best gaming cockpit.


  • Full of amazing features
  • Design for comfort and practicality


  • You could probably make a down payment on a house for this price
  • No, really

If space isn’t a consideration for you, or you’ve just inherited an unfathomable fortune and don’t know how to spend it, then the Fly Yuting Boss Gaming Cockpit might put a decent dent in your wallet. Okay, so not everyone has tens of thousands to spare on a fancy new gaming chair, but for the rare few who do, this is a really impressive piece of work.

At its heart, there’s a top-of-the-line gaming chair, complete with footrest, massage, and heating functions, but the frame is really what most of your money goes on. Not only does it hang the screen directly in front of you (and this is adjustable, so you can fiddle with it until you get it just right), but it also has small tables at either side of the chair, meaning you’ll have the perfect place to put your phone, plus any snacks or drinks you may be enjoying at the time.

For most of us, this is more of a curiosity than a realistic option (particularly if you take a look at the review comments), but it’s nice to imagine what life is like for millionaire gamers.

If you’re in the UK, check out the JFF Game Cockpit as an alternative. It offers a very similar range of features.

How we picked the best Amazon gaming chairs

Want to know what qualified each of these chairs for this list? Here are the main criteria we considered for it:

  • Pricing: Gaming chairs can be enormously expensive, and if you’ve got an endless budget, you’ll be able to choose from any of them, even the most luxury options – however, we wanted to represent some of the cheaper options too, to accommodate readers on all budgets.
  • Ergonomics: If a chair hasn’t been designed with ergonomics in mind, we aren’t going to recommend it. We don’t want to ruin your back and spine. Of course, some models are more ergonomic than others. If this is especially important to you, look out for chairs that allow you to make a range of adjustments to suit different body types.
  • Style: Your gaming space is your sanctuary. The place you go to unwind from the stresses of the world – you’re going to want to get something that compliments the positive ethos of the room, and we tried to predominantly include chairs that actually look good.
  • Comfort: Looks and ergonomics are one thing, but just because something is easy on the eyes and good for your back, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily going to be a comfortable place to sit for long times.
  • Extra features: Want a footrest? Or maybe speakers in the chair? We’ve tried to include options that will cover the needs of anyone looking to buy their first gaming chair. Of course, the extras will usually push the price up a bit, so you need to ask yourself whether they’re worth it for you, or if you just want a standard chair.

For more about how we put these lists together in general, read our how we test page. Our guides on the best standing desk and the most comfortable gaming chairs might also be worth a look if you’re building your gaming room for the first time.