The best websites for custom PC builds

Want to build your own custom PC? Well, we've picked out nine of the best websites for custom PC builders, with options for the US, UK, and also Europe..

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So you want to know which are the best websites for custom PC builds? Well, the answer to that question will vary depending on where you are in the world. To help make things easier for our readers, we’ve broken our recommendations into different categories, with options for US readers, UK readers, and European readers. We’d hate to send you to a website that doesn’t deliver to your region.

When it comes to which PC you use for gaming and leisure, there’s no definitive ‘best’ option, but we can certainly recommend the best websites for custom PC builds (like Chillblast, and Newegg). Every PC owner has their own unique needs for their computer, and by opting for a custom build, you can ensure that you get one that’s specifically optimized for the things you want to use it for.

Anyway, we’ll give you an overview of a few different custom PC builder sites, with information on what they can do, and a rough ballpark sort of price range (though of course, this varies significantly). We hope it will help you to find the custom PC of your dreams – and if none of these quite suit you, you can always just browse the PC components on Amazon.

The best custom PC builder sites in the US are:

Best websites for custom PC builds, number 2: NZXT. It logo is on a black background.

1. NZXT (US)

NZXT are the best retailer for custom PC beginners.

Building your own custom PC can seem a daunting task, which is why NZXT has tasked itself to make the PC-building process as simple and accessible as possible. It breaks it down into simple steps, where you choose which type of game you might be using it to play (with an indicator of what kind of fps performance you can expect), as well as setting your budget.

The next step sees you virtually ‘building’ the PC. To the left of the screen you’ll get a visual representation of what your custom PC is going to look like, and to your right you have a list of components that you might want to add, remove, or change. You don’t need to be a PC expert to build it here, and being able to see what the finished computer will look like is a nice touch as well.

If you’re already happy with your PC, but just want to make sure you get the best gaming keyboard, it also has a convenient system for customizing keyboards too. Essentially, it’s the same interface as the custom PC builder but focused on keyboard components (key switches, cables, etc) instead.

Best websites for custom PC builds, number 2: Newegg. It logo is on a white background.

2. Newegg (US)

Newegg is the best retailer with custom PC reviews.

Newegg is a good egg. Right off the bat, you’re asked to choose whether you want an entry-level custom PC, a mid-level one, or one at an ‘enthusiast-level’ a.k.a. a high-level build. Once you’ve chosen your level, as well as your chipset, you’re given the chance to compare different processors, optical drives, cooling devices, and everything else one might require.

What’s handy about Newegg is that it makes it easy for you to compare different components. Are you looking at a handful of different processors? In that case, you can select them all and press ‘compare’ – next thing you know, you’ve got all the specs of each component laid out side by side, from price to operating frequency and everything in between.

There are also tons of user reviews and ratings on Newegg, so if there’s ever something you’re a bit wary of, you can go ahead and read about other users’ experiences with that particular component. It helps to bring clarity to the decision-making process, making things less stressful for you.

The best custom PC builder sites in the UK are:

Best websites for custom PC builds, number 4: Scan UK. Its logo is on a white background.

1. Scan Computers (UK)

Scan Computers do the best custom PCs for gamers.

As soon as you arrive on the Scan UK homepage, you’ll find yourself with a number of easy starting points for building your new custom PC. There are options for making the best gaming PC, building PCs that will give you the highest quality, or even ones best suited for deep learning and AI if you want something really advanced.

Once you’ve chosen the type of PC you want to build, it’ll guide you on to another page, where it gives you a list of the best components for your needs. For example, if you click on ‘Pro Gaming’, it’ll then bring you through to a long list of different PCs and components that are all best suited for gaming use.

It’s really comprehensive, including everything from VR kits and gaming chairs, through to PC cases, and even breaking down the best components for different games – so if you’re after something that’ll run all your WoW addons or wacky Minecraft mods, you can be sure you’re getting one that specifically plays those games well.

Best websites for custom PC builds, number 5: Chillblast. Its white logo is on a black background.

2. Chillblast (UK)

Chillblast is the best retailer for custom PC next-day deliveries.

If you want a custom-built PC sent fast, Chillblast offers customers next-day delivery, perfect if you want to play a new game the next day.

On the home page, you’ll see an option that says “Build Your PC Now” and if you click it, you’ll find yourself starting a simple step-by-step PC builder process. First you decide if you want to have an Intel Core or AMD Ryzen-based PC (with information describing the best options for each), then you’re given an overview of several options and asked to choose which PC you want to configure.

At the next step, the world is your oyster (or whatever the PC-building equivalent of that expression should be), you get to choose the case, processor, graphics card, SSDs, and everything else that’ll make up your future PC. Heck, you can even choose the best VPN and VR headset for your setup, making sure you’ve got a truly comprehensive option.

Best websites for custom PC builds, number 6: Scan UK. Its logo is on a white background.

3. Stormforce Gaming (UK)

Stormforce is the best retailer for PC bundles.

Much as with the others, when you arrive on the homepage of Stormforce Gaming, you click on ‘Custom Gaming PC’ and then start the process of designing your new gaming PC. You choose whether you’re after an entry, mid, or high-level gaming PC and whether or not you want an Intel or AMD model, and then you’re given a questionnaire of sorts.

On the next screen, you’ll choose various system components, such as RAM, GPU, and primary storage options. After that, you need to decide on all the little optional extras that will make your custom PC great, allowing you to choose from the best gaming monitors, sound cards, keyboard, and more – anything you don’t want, you just select ‘No, thanks. I don’t need this’.

Also, anyone in the market for a new gaming PC might want to check out the bundles that are available via Stormforce Gaming, as they provide a slightly more affordable route for anybody in the process of creating their own comprehensive gaming setup.

The best custom PC builder sites in the EU are:

Best websites for custom PC builds, number 7: Scan UK. Its logo is on a white background.

1. CCL Computers (EU)

CCL Computers is the best retailer for cheap custom PC builds.

Though a UK-based business, CCL Computers is fantastic for custom PCs and will deliver to customers in Europe, making them a fine choice for any EU citizens. Once you arrive on the home page, you should click on the custom PC builder to start your journey.

As with others, CCL Computers takes things one step at a time, asking customers to answer questions so that it can recommend the most appropriate options. For example, if you click on ‘Gaming’, you’ll then be asked to choose between Intel and AMD, then to asked to consider what level of performance you’re after before being given a list of components to choose from, along with a drop-down to help you see all of your options.

What’s particularly handy about this one, is that there’s a running total to the right of the screen, so you don’t need to worry about how much the cost has changed when you’ve added or changed anything, because it’s clearly displayed at all times. By playing around with different options, this can make it a lot easier to get a custom PC build that suits your needs and your budget.

Best websites for custom PC builds, number 8: Scan UK. Its logo is on a white background.

2.  Origin PC (EU)

Origin PC is the best custom PC retailer with international delivery.

This is another website that will ship internationally, making it a potential choice for any customers in Europe. While it doesn’t have a simple ‘builder’ in quite the same way as some of the other websites on this list, Origin PC works by letting you choose an option that feels right for you, then going from there as a starting point, allowing you to configure different components and add whatever seems most appropriate to you.

What makes Origin PC stand out from the rest though, is that it gives you a chance to customize your PC’s aesthetics in cool and satisfying ways. Not only can you choose a number of different print designs for the outside of your computer, but also lighting options, and even customized laser etchings. If you want to go all in and make something that’s truly your own, this could be quite an appealing option.

This is probably an option that’s best for people who already have a fairly solid idea of the custom PC they want to deal, with and of what specs they require for it. It doesn’t feature many comparison tools, but it does still allow for a great deal of customization – in some ways, more than a lot of the other websites.

Best websites for custom PC builds, number 9: Scan UK. Its logo is on a black background.

3. Cybertek (EU)

Cybertek is the best EU-based custom PC retailer.

This French website will give you a selection of pre-built high-performance gaming PCs, and if you click on one of them, you’ll be given an overview of all of the specs and components. If you love it, then great, no customization necessary, but if you do want a custom PC (and if you’re reading this, the chance are pretty high), then you have the option of changing any aspect of it that you need changed.

Whether it’s the SSD, the processor, the case, or anything else, all you need to do is click the button next to each part to change it. Cybertek will then show you what you can swap each bit for and will tell you how much the changes will cost, while also giving you all the information you need on each new part.

It may not be quite as comprehensive as some of the other custom PC builders we’ve talked about today, but if you only want a few minor customizations and want to go with a retailer based in the EU, then you may not find a better option than Cybertek.

How we picked the best websites for custom PC builds

Of course, when putting together this list, we were conscious to only add sites that are trustworthy and reliable. When it comes to custom PCs, you don’t want to spend a fortune on something that ends up being very dodgy. Beyond this, we just wanted to make sure that we recommend websites that were easy to use and which had a decent range of components for you to choose from. If you’re in the US, the UK, or the EU, you won’t find many sites better than these. Read our how we test page to find out more about how we put these types of lists together.

We hope that this guide has been helpful to you. You also might want to check out our guides on the best gaming PC and on how to build a gaming PC, as well as PCGamesBenchmark, which is a handy database of PC components that will help give some insight into what you might want to include in your own custom PC.