The best Genshin Impact Candace build

Here's the best support Genshin Impact Candace build for the four-star character and Hydro polearm user arriving in the next 3.1 update

The best Genshin Impact Candace build

Looking for the best Candace build in Genshin Impact? Candace is the first four-star Hydro polearm user in the game and is best used as support, but this build could be adapted to main DPS, depending on who you have in your team.

Candace arrives in the 3.1 update, alongside Cyno, a five-star Electro polearm user, who would make a great fit as the main DPS with this Candace build – you can check out the best Genshin Impact Cyno build if you plan to add him to your party.

Genshin Impact Candace support build

Candace’s abilities focus on Hydro infusion and providing elemental damage to sword, polearm, and claymore characters – so she’s best paired with any other five or four-star character as the main DPS wielding one of these weapons.

Candace’s burst is the focus of this support build as it buffs other characters, providing Hydro infusion, increased elemental damage with normal attacks, and whenever a new character enters the field, a rippling wave deals Hydro damage to nearby opponents.

  • Weapon: Staff of Homa
  • Artifacts: Noblesse Oblige (four-piece)

We’ve chosen the Staff of Homa as the best weapon for a Candace support build to increase HP and attack bonus based on the maximum HP, also increasing attack bonus by an additional percentage if the HP drops below 50%. As a four-star option, you could opt for the Favonius Lance and increase the critical hit chance to generate elemental particles and in turn, energy.

For the artifact set, we’ve gone for Noblesse Oblige as we’ll be focusing on Candace’s elemental burst. The two piece provides +20% elemental burst damage, while the four piece increases all party members’ attack by 20% for 12 seconds. You could also choose the two-piece Emblem of Severed Fate for energy recharge and Tenacity of the Millelith for increased HP and shield strength.

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That’s the best Candace build in Genshin Impact. Candace features on both of the Genshin Impact banners alongside Cyno and Venti, here’s the best Genshin Impact Candace team comp and all the Candace ascension materials to level up.