Honkai Star Rail codes August 2023

Here are all the active HSR codes in Hoyoverse's hit gacha game, offering free Stellar Jade, Credits, upgrade materials, rare consumables, and more.

Honkai Star Rail codes: red-haired Honkai Star Rail character Himeko smiling.

August 3, 2023: We checked for new codes.

What are the new Honkai Star Rail codes? If you’re just starting your adventure through developer Hoyoverse’s latest anime epic, you might be wondering if there are any codes for freebies to give you a headstart. Thankfully, Hoyoverse has delivered, and we’ve got the complete list of active Honkai Star Rail codes right here to prove it.

Honkai Star Rail codes are released periodically and typically appear in promotional livestreams ahead of major updates, such as Honkai Star Rail 1.2. These codes can net you some high-value currency, including Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade, which you can use to pull the best characters from Honkai Star Rail banners. To save you time, we’ve collated all the latest HSR codes and how to redeem them in Honkai Star Rail, so be sure to check back regularly before they expire.

New Honkai Star Rail codes

Here is a list of all active HSR codes:

  • BTN5EL69P6K3 – 50 Stellar Jade, 10k Credits
  • STARRAILGIFT – 50 Stellar Jade, x2 Traveler’s Guide, x5 Bottled Soda, and 10k Credits

If you’re a Prime Gaming subscriber, you can also claim the latest Prime Gaming Bundle to receive a randomized single-use code for 60 Stellar Jade, 40,000 Credits, and 5 Refined Aether.

Expired codes

  • 7B6B7GBZTVTB – 100 Stellar Jade and 50k Credits
  • MSPT7HAZTCTX – 100 Stellar Jade and 5 Traveler’s Guides
  • 5TPBPGAGBDAK – 100 Stellar Jade and 4 Refined Aether
  • 2SP2XE4YBJBB – 50 Stellar Jade and 10k Credits
  • BSN2EWMHA4RP – 50 Stellar Jade and 10k Credits
  • 2T7BP4JVEBT7 – three Adventure Logs, two Condensed Aether, three Cosmic Fried Rice, and 5,000 Credits
  • HSRGRANDOPEN3 – 100 Stellar Jade and 50,000 Credits
  • HSRGRANDOPEN2 – 100 Stellar Jade and five Traveler’s Guides
  • HSRGRANDOPEN1 – 100 Stellar Jade and four Refined Aether
  • ZTPTNMTX8LUF – 100 Stellar Jade and 50k Credits
  • CS75WMP976AK – 100 Stellar Jade
  • ZTPTNMTX8LUF – 100 Stellar Jade and 10k Credits
  • 8A6T6LBFQ4D3 – 100 Stellar Jade and x5 Traveler’s Guide
  • DB7A64BW8LC7 – 100 Stellar Jade and x4 Refined Aether
  • HSRVER10XEDLFE – 50 Stellar Jade and 10k Credits
  • HSRVER10JYTGHC – 50 Stellar Jade and 10k Credits
  • GOODGAME1024 – x3 Condense Aether, x5 Travel Encounters, and 10k Credits
  • SURPRISE1024 – 30 Stellar Jade, 3x Adventure Logs, 2x Dust of Alacrity, and 5k Credits
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How do I redeem Honkai Star Rail codes?

Here’s how to redeem Honkai Star Rail codes:

  • Launch Honkai Star Rail
  • Press ‘Esc’ to access the main menu
  • Click the three dots beside your username
  • Click the ‘Redemption Code’ button from the drop-down list
  • Copy and paste a code from our list above into the box
  • Hit ‘Redeem’
  • Once redeemed, check your in-game mailbox for your reward

What are Honkai Star Rail codes?

Honkai Star Rail codes are rewards given out by developer Hoyoverse that grant helpful freebies like crafting materials, Credits, and the game’s equivalent of Primogems: Stellar Jade. You can only redeem each Star Rail code once, and they will all expire after a certain amount of time, so it’s important to use them while you can.

Honkai Star Rail codes: a group of colourful wizards raise their staff to the sky.

How do I get more Honkai Star Rail codes?

The quickest and easiest way to get Honkai Star Rail codes is simply by bookmarking this list and checking back periodically for updates. The first wave of Honkai Star Rail codes landed during the global launch livestream, so we can anticipate more will be revealed as we approach the Honkai Star Rail 1.2 release date. If you’re a particularly keen bean, we’d also recommend keeping an eye on the game’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as its bustling Discord server.

Now that you’ve got all the Honkai Star Rail codes under your belt, take a look at our Honkai Star Rail tier list for the characters that would most benefit from those rewards. We’ve also got a list of some of the best Honkai Star Rail Light Cones and builds, to help inform your decisions when pulling Honkai Star Rail Warps. Finally, check out our Honkai Star Rail review to find out why we think it’s one of the finest gacha games around.