Get this 13th Gen Intel Core i5 for its lowest ever price on Amazon

The Intel Core i5 13600KF has never been cheaper, meaning you can pick up the best value CPU from team blue with a hearty discount.

The Intel Core i5 13600KF stands atop a reflective surface, with a blue hue behind it

The Intel Core i5 family of processors has long remained an excellent value option when it comes to gaming CPUs, and the 13600KF is no exception. Now, you can grab the Intel chip at its lowest ever price on Amazon, making it an even better deal than usual.

Right now, the Intel Core i5 13600KF can be yours for just $289.99, netting you a powerful processor with six performance cores that’ll tackle any game you throw at them, with another eight efficient cores that’ll tackle any background tasks. UK shoppers can get in on these low prices too, as the chip is just £272.96 across the pond.

If you already have an LGA1700 motherboard, the Intel Core i5 13600KF may already be compatible with your setup, making for an easy drop-in upgrade. However, if you’re looking to swap from a different socket, just be mindful that you’ll need to find a compatible cooler for the processor.

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