Baldur’s Gate 3 crossplay, save transfer, and cross saves explained

A Larian account will help you keep your Baldur’s Gate 3 cross saves protected, but read on to find out if it helps when it comes to BG3 crossplay.

Baldur's Gate 3 crossplay: A straight-faced, green-skinned character with a red and silver band across his head glares at an off-screen character.

Does Baldur’s Gate 3 have crossplay? DnD just isn’t the same without a party full of friends, so we’re not surprised if you want to know how to play BG3 crossplay with your best buds. What about if those friends aren’t playing the RPG on PC, though?

Getting your Baldur’s Gate 3 party ready to roll is a huge part of the prep – even more so if that party includes real people in multiplayer mode. Once you’ve got your Baldur’s Gate 3 team comp ready to go, full of the best BG3 races and Baldur’s Gate 3 classes, you need to know if crossplay is available if you play on different platforms. And then there’s the matter of cross-progression if you want to play across multiple platforms yourself – with just how long Baldur’s Gate 3 is, you don’t want to lose any of that progress.

Is Baldur’s Gate 3 crossplay?

Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t feature crossplay compatibility between PC and consoles. While you’re able to play with friends across PC and Mac, there’s currently no crossplay planned for the PlayStation release.

However, taking into consideration the information below regarding cross saves, you can technically play with friends on any platform – as long as you own the copy on the same platform as them.

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Is Baldur’s Gate 3 cross save compatible?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is cross-save compatible across PC and PlayStation. With a Larian account, you’re able to save your Baldur’s Gate 3 progress on one platform and pick up where you left off on any other.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is only available on PC and Mac, with the PlayStation 5 release only coming in September. There’s of course no cross-save between other platforms then, but if you wish to play across PC or Mac and PS5, you must purchase both versions of the game separately. If you’d rather play on both your PC and the comfort of your couch without forking out for a copy on your PS5, check out what we know about BG3 Steam Deck compatibility.

Some good news and some bad news, then, ahead of the RPG game‘s launch. If you can’t play with your friends, don’t fret – perhaps one of the many Baldur’s Gate 3 companions will fill that void instead.