Remnant 2 gets Nvidia DLSS 3 support but there may be problems

While Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation and Super Resolution do boost frame rates in Remnant 2, the technologies may be causing other issues with responsiveness.

An image of a creature from Remnant 2, looking towards the screen.

Remnant 2 just upgraded to Nvidia DLSS 3, giving GeForce RTX 40 series graphics card owners the ability to boost their performance further with Frame Generation. However, it seems that the implementation of the AI-powered tech is potentially worsening Remnant 2 performance woes instead of alleviating them.

The Souslike sequel is enjoying plenty of success right now, with the Remnant 2 player count already doubling the first game. However, its popularity has in part served to further highlight its performance issues.

Despite Gunfire Games claiming that Remnant 2 is “designed” with upscalers in mind, its use of Nvidia DLSS 3 may be imperfect. According to WCCFTech, the performance increase of “over 55%” is marred by a “weird, jittery presentation”. It’s currently unknown why these problems are happening, but it may be related to Nvidia Reflex.

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Testing Remnant 2 with DLSS 3 enabled ourselves, we noted similar frame rate improvements but didn’t experience the same jitter WCCFTech describes. That said, it’s clearly evident from the footage above that something isn’t quite right.

It seems we may need to wait a while longer before technologies like Nvidia DLSS 3 can be relied upon to alleviate Remnant 2 GPU performance, even on the best graphics cards. Better still, here’s hoping Gunfire Games can address underlying issues with the game, so that Remnant 2 Steam Deck frame rates get a boost too.

As our Remnant 2 review notes, there’s a great game to be played underneath all these issues, and it’d be a terrible shame for it to be held back. Just don’t forget to check the Remnant 2 system requirements to make sure your PC can run the apocalyptic shooter, before you cry foul of poor optimization.