Paralives shows The Sims 4 how green energy should be done

Despite being a smaller indie game made by just one lone developer, Paralives is implementing sustainable energy sources in ways The Sims 4 failed to.

A woman with short brown hair and red cheeks looks ahead

Paralives is probably my most highly anticipated simulation game right now, and it has a lot to do with its variety of promising features shown thus far. From an entirely unique language to deeply intricate emotions, Paralives places a lot of detail into its people and makes them feel realistic. While EA has done much of this with The Sims 4, there are areas in which many of us have hoped to see improvements. One of these is the bill and energy system, which Paralives seems to already have on lock.

If you’ve played The Sims 4, then you have also probably heard of the Eco Lifestyle pack. Honestly, it was one of those expansions that left me a bit unfulfilled. Paralives, however, is set to have eco-friendly features for players to choose from right off the bat, with no extra paid content necessary for access. From functional solar panels to aesthetically pleasing windmills, there are a few ways you’ll be able to use energy efficiently without hurting your Paralives family’s planet.

This isn’t the only perk of using green energy though. As is the case in reality, lots of money on bills can be saved if you become more self-sufficient. If you use renewable energy in Paralives, your in-game family will spend less Paradimes on bills. As described by the developer, “Investing in objects that generate electricity” is one simple way to cut down on bills.

If you find that your Parafolks have their power shut off often due to the high price of their bills, then looking into green energy sources for them is always an option. The developer has also teased a possible mechanic allowing for water production, saying, “Maybe there’s an item that could provide water.” To avoid confusion, the dev does specify that there isn’t one just yet, but the “yet” is obviously stressed.

Three windmills beside each other with two solar panels behind them

Bills arrive every week in Paralives, including lot taxes and rates dependent on your family’s house as well as how much electricity or water they use. Personally, I’m going to be adding solar panels onto my characters’ rooftops or having them strewn about their garden when possible. Every Sims player knows how annoying the bills can be, and having this adorable, ecologically friendly method of making them cheaper will be great.

The recent Patreon post detailing such Paralives features doesn’t end at just bills or green energy, though. You’ll also be able to collect regular money to help take care of your in-game family’s children. How wholesome is that? Rather than simply taking the kids away as The Sims games do, Paralives opts to offer an accessible child support system.

Other important features from the update post include higher taxes to allow the town to organize more activities, an ability to live “off the grid” in lots that don’t consume electricity or water, power outages caused by storms, and assistance money for in-game families looking for work. The more I learn about Paralives, the more convinced I become that whatever price it ends up being will not be enough for its extensive content.

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