Phasmophobia ghost types – all ghosts in the game

Put a name to the face of that shadowy apparition - here are all the ghosts in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia ghost types

What are all the Phasmophobia ghost types? If you’re trying to sniff out and vanquish all the ghosts so the hunters don’t become the haunted – then you’ll need to know exactly what you’re up against. This online multiplayer game can be played with up to three of your friends, and like in the best co-op games, you’ll need to work together to understand what kind of ghost you’ve got on your hands.

Of course, you can do this by collecting evidence using the Phasmophobia spirit box to talk to the undead, as well as different ghost-hunting equipment such as cameras, a ouija board, and torches. Then there’s the more cautious approach, throwing down a crucifix in Phasmophobia to ward off a ghost, for example. You’ll need to piece together all your findings in the investigation and slowly build up an idea of who and what your ghost is.

There are 12 different ghost types in Phasmophobia and all of them behave differently, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are all of the ghosts you’ll encounter and what to look out for in their behaviour.


Here are all of the 12 ghost types:

  • Poltergeist
    Strength: Can throw multiple objects at once
    Weakness: Empty rooms
    Evidence: Spirit Box, Fingerprints, and Ghost Orb
  • Banshee
    Strength: Targets one player at a time (that is terrifying)
    Weakness: The crucifix
    Evidence: EMF Level 5, Fingerprints, and freezing temperatures
  • Jinn
    Strength: The further you are away, the faster a Jinn is
    Weakness: Turning off a location’s power source
    Evidence: Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, and EMF Level 5
  • Spirit
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Using smudge sticks to prevent attacks
    Evidence: Spirit Box, fingerprints, and Ghost Writing
  • Wraith
    Strength: Footsteps cannot be traced
    Weakness: Reacts to salt
    Evidence: Fingerprints, freezing temperatures, and Spirit Box
  • Phantom
    Strength: Looking at a phantom will cause your sanity to drop
    Weakness: Taking its photo will cause it to disappear
    Evidence: EMF Level 5, Ghost Orb, and freezing temperatures
  • Mare
    Strength: Increased attacks in the dark
    Weakness: Light
    Evidence: Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, and freezing temperatures
  • Revenant
    Strength: Fast when hunting
    Weakness: Slow when you are hidden
    EMF Level 5, Fingerprints, and Ghost Writing
  • Shade
    Strength: Hard to find
    Weakness: A shade won’t hunt if players are in groups
    Evidence: EMF Level 5, Ghost Orb, and Ghost Writing
  • Demon
    Strength: Will attack aggressively
    Weakness: Asking a question on a ouija board won’t lower a player’s sanity
    Evidence: Spirit Box, Ghost Writing, and freezing temperatures
  • Yurei
    Strength: Affects player sanity more than normal
    Weakness: Using a smudge stick to prevent it from moving
    Evidence: Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing, and freezing temperatures
  • Oni
    Strength: Can move objects quickly
    Weakness: Active when more players are nearby
    Evidence: EMF Level 5, Spirit Box, and Ghost Writing

Certain items will help you quickly ascertain what ghost type you’re dealing with. The Ghost Writing Book for example, is great once you’ve found the ghost’s room and you just want to narrow down the ghost type. Place the book down and wait, and you’ll hopefully get some answers.

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