Insta-win Destiny 2 glitch forces Iron Banner changes

A game-breaking Destiny 2 glitch that lets teams force an instant win while playing Iron Banner gets Bungie to disable Khepri’s Horn and swap the chosen mode.

Destiny 2 glitch - a Titan wearing Khepri's Horn, a golden skull with horns and a blue back

This might be the most broken Destiny 2 glitch I’ve seen in some time. Destiny 2’s Iron Banner is presented as one of the pinnacle activities in the multiplayer game, a place where the best of the best can prove their worth in glorious combat. That’s all changed this week as a glitch allows players to exploit the Khepri’s Horn exotic to near-instantly win matches. Evading initial attempts to fix the issue, this game-breaking Destiny 2 bug has ultimately forced Bungie to entirely change the game mode being played, leaving players a little sad to see it go.

The bizarre glitch occurs when a Titan player wearing Khepri’s Horn with the Drengr’s Lash Strand aspect places down a rally barricade next to the first capture point. Instead of the standard initial points for capturing, every player standing inside the zone instead racks up around a dozen points, totalling over 60 if every player is present. That’s not enough to hit the victory score, but it is enough to trigger Destiny 2’s ‘mercy rule’ – designed to put an early stop to one-way stomps – and hand victory to the team using it.

Of course, it didn’t take long for word to spread, and soon nearly every Iron Banner lobby was filled with players making use of the glitch. Because only one person on the team needs to activate it, you would run into it in basically every game, meaning the whole mode descended immediately into pure insta-win chaos.

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This might seem frustrating if you actually want to play the mode, but Guardians are an odd bunch, and they largely ran with the whole thing. It presented, after all, a great way to rapid-fire through Iron Banner matches, win or lose, and net yourself rapid rewards. Bungie, of course, did what they reasonably had to do and decided that, for now, Khepri’s had to go. So Bungie disabled it – or at least that was the plan.

Unfortunately, players who had the exotic equipped found that they still had the helmet on, and were still able to perform the trick. Given the rampant popularity of the bug, many players did in fact still have it equipped, and so the problem continued unabated.

In desperation, Bungie took one of the only other options available to them, short of disabling Iron Banner altogether. “The game type for Iron Banner has changed from Control to Eruption,” a Tweet from the BungieHelp support account reads, “Get your kill streaks on!”

Tweet from BungieHelp account: "The gametype for Iron Banner has changed from Control to Eruption. Get your kill streaks on!" Response from TryhardTristan: "Why? I much more enjoyed getting free wins or losses in 10 seconds instead of having to fight 6 graviton lances."

That’s that for now then; us Control fans are left wanting for this week, but at least people can get back to their competitive play. Not that everyone is satisfied. “I much more enjoyed getting free wins or losses in ten seconds instead of having to fight six Graviton Lances,” reads one response to the tweet. I can’t necessarily argue there.

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