One of Arcane’s finest will join League of Legends Project L

Riot has revealed more characters from its upcoming fighting game, Project L's roster, including some of League of Legends' most iconic champions.

A blue haired woman holds a giant red weapon, smiling with a look of mania in her eyes

Project L is Riot’s upcoming 2D tag fighting game, and it’s bringing with it a roster filled with some of League of Legends’ most beloved champions. If you’ve played League or watched its animated spin-off TV show Arcane, chances are you’re among the many who absolutely adore Jinx. She’s powerful and quick, and it looks like Riot is bringing her to Project L‘s stellar lineup of fighters. Jinx isn’t the only one joining the cast, though, as the development team’s lead champion designer revealed a few other iconic faces, including Yasuo and Illaoi.

In a video showcasing Yasuo’s Project L arrival, Riot developer Alex Jaffe sits down to discuss some of the upcoming game’s exciting new additions. Speaking on Yasuo, Jaffe dives into his abilities saying “Yasuo is a master swordsman who manipulates the wind with his blade.” He details how Yasuo can “cancel in and out of a versatile stance, giving him tools for every situation,” and how the character can perform “really technical combos” in the air.

Jaffe then moves onto Darius, the “ruthless, axe-wielding general,” Ekko, who can control time, and Ahri, the nine-tailed fox. Most importantly though, Jaffe teases that Riot has “a ton more champs in the lab, like Jinx and Illaoi.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t go into much detail about the Loose Cannon or how her abilities will play out in Project L, nor did he mention more regarding Illaoi, the prophet of the Kraken.

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Jaffe does say that each champion “has their own unique playstyle and identity, and when teamed up they can pull off some pretty wild sequences,” though. Illaoi is likely to bring massive water-based abilities to create those signature lashing tentacles, while Jinx will probably blow holes through her opponents with her notoriously hard-hitting Pow-Pow.

Interestingly, Riot is also set to “have a full guide on how to actually play Project L” according to Jaffe, which is “coming real soon.” We may find out more about the approaching Project L release date and it’s champions then. For now, prospective players attending Evo 2023 will be able to try out some of the characters, including Yasuo, Darius, Ekko, and Ahri.

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