Killjoy is the best Valorant agent, here’s why

Valorant has many "has-beens," but Killjoy is one agent that remains a centrepiece in all game-winning compositions in Riot’s FPS game.

In 2023, the Valorant character roster is stacked with 21 options, and most are great at what they do. Some agents are most viable at their best maps, while others are all-rounders. Coincidentally, the few all-rounders that Riot’s FPS game has are all duelists. The “side-classes” are fixed for specific maps and scenarios or for those happy with playing support. Killjoy, however, is the first support who breaks this mould as Valorant’s most versatile sentinel.

I started Valorant in Project: A as Sage. And after dabbling with a couple of agents, I was still stuck in Platinum. It took me a very long time to notice that the cure for my ranked ails is dressed in yellow and wears round specs. Killjoy is one of the most underrated agents in Valorant. Sure, Jett has a higher potential for clip-worthy plays, but Killjoy is the true unsung heroine.

Killjoy is the best Valorant agent, here's why


Killjoy is the Valorant sleeper hit that deserves recognition

Sage is still relevant, and so is Cypher. The former became less viable after slight nerfs, and the latter is still a situational pick despite a complete rework. The last sentinel, Chamber, failed to survive the nerfs, and has largely dropped into obscurity. So Killjoy is the only agent who remains unfazed by all of the nerfs and buffs. It’s as if her kit is immune to the shifting meta. This sentinel is a magician in the hands of newcomers and pros alike, across all maps. 

Valorant has had many agents full of flash and dash, but their toolkits lacked consistency: Chamber and Jett were the two most popular meta-shaking agents. They are great for adding spice to your reels but are tough to use consistently.

Conversely, Killjoy stays by my side on my worst-aim days. I may not get a lot of highlight-worthy content, but the jolly sentinel has helped me maintain a winning streak. On good days, I can play aggressively with Turret watching my back. On days when my aim acts up, Killjoy does an excellent job locking down the site. All I have to do is capitalize on the enemy the Turret so lovingly chipped away at for me.

I don’t necessarily rely on Killjoy for her Nanoswarm, but they are game-changers when used correctly. Placing the cute cutters in stealth can really increase your odds of clutching out a 1v1. The post-plant meta may have existed in Project: A, but Killjoy was the one who defined and refined it. 

Comparing Killjoy’s Ultimate with the rest of the agents in Valorant should convince the naysayers why she’s the absolute best. She can clean out every choke corner for eight points, clearing out the site for attack. On defense, Killjoy can buy all the time you need to call for rotations. The way her ultimate is viable on literally every map is almost unfair. 

Now, Breach and Kay/O may give her a tough time, but they won’t faze clever Killjoy players who understand the tactical placement of utility. She’s the saving grace for those with big brains and terrible aims.

Killjoy is the best Valorant agent, here's why


Killjoy is a statistical nightmare for her enemies

I might be biased toward Killjoy because she helped me climb out of platinum. But, to be fair, the stats also back her up as a pretty solid choice. Killjoy has consistently been the top pick in ranked Valorant in the last six months. With a pick rate of 26% and sky-high win stats to show, Killjoy is the queen of ranked.

According to, Killjoy is the best sentinel in the current Valorant meta. The S-tier agent is the go-to pick for ace aimers and those who rely on utility, and it’s not surprising. I mean, is there any other agent who can basically drive out all enemies from a large area with utility? I’ll wait.

She’s not just popular in ranked, it turns out; Killjoy is equally hot in professional Valorant. In the Valorant Champions Tour 2023: Americas League, Killjoy had a 100% pick rate on Haven, Icebox, and Fracture and an average of 80% picking across all maps, higher than any other agent – yes, even Jett.

These stats prove that, while everyone is focused on Jett and creating viral plays, smart players have silently cracked the code to consistent rank-ups.

It’s pretty obvious that players in the higher ranks are playing a completely different game than what you see in those viral clips. But it’s still not too late. Check out our Valorant tier list to play the best agents in 2023 and ladder up before the act ends, and don’t forget to make sure you’re rocking the best Valorant crosshair codes as well.