How to level up in Tower of Fantasy

Leveling up in Tower of Fantasy isn’t as simple as defeating a few minions, here’s what you need to improve your character’s overall stats

Tower of Fantasy leveling guide: two characters meet as they fly across the sky

Want to know how to level up in Tower of Fantasy? The new RPG game from developer Hotta Studio is out, and everyone is going to want to know how to upgrade their characters as they wander around the science fantasy world of Aida.

Unfortunately, leveling in Tower of Fantasy is complex, involving several different progression systems. Some of it may feel familiar to you if you’ve played rival games like Genshin Impact, but there are a lot more moving parts you need to keep track of all at once. Let’s take a look at Tower of Fantasy’s leveling systems in more detail.

Tower of Fantasy character levels and stats

Your character levels up as you explore the world, fight, and complete important quests, something that doesn’t require much thought, nor does it require you to collect special materials just for leveling your avatar. However, your character level isn’t the primary factor when calculating your overall stats, especially health.

In addition to your character level, you also need to consider these factors:

  • Your weapon level
  • Your suppressor level
  • Your matrices level
  • The level of other items of gear

You won’t have access to all these gameplay mechanics right away. Weapons are unlocked from the start, but the rest get rolled out to you as you progress through the early-game storyline. Certain stats, such as hit points, represent a cumulative value: your weapon, suppressor, and other key items all have an HP stat, and these all feed into your character’s maximum HP. Your character level does feed into your HP and other stats as well, but we haven’t determined the full extent yet.

Suffice to say, the lion’s share of your character’s ability comes from leveling many individual components in line with each other. Let’s look at each one in more detail:

Tower of Fantasy leveling guide: the weapons level up menu

Weapon level

Every weapon has a weapon level and you can have up to three equipped at once. While your weapon can gain XP as you fight with it, the most direct way to level up a weapon is by collecting ‘weapon batteries’. You can find these through exploration, quest rewards, event rewards, and so on – they’re not abundant, but you should have enough for what you need in the early parts of the game.

When you hit the initial level cap, you need to collect a different set of materials in order to raise that cap, and then you can use more batteries to increase a weapon’s level further. For weapons of SR and SSR tier – the ones associated with a Tower of Fantasy Simulacra character – collecting additional copies of that weapon allows you to raise its star rating. New abilities and traits are unlocked as a weapon’s star rating improves.

Tower of Fantasy leveling guide: weapon matrix chips

Weapon matrices

Weapon matrices, also known as chips, are unlocked at level 20 and can be used to augment individual weapons further. These matrices augment a weapon’s base stats, and can be individually leveled up as well. There’s a wide range of generic matrices, but SR and SSR weapons also have their own dedicated set of matrices you can collect and slot into the paired weapon.

To level up an individual matrix augmentation, you need to use matrix data packs. You can find these as easily as weapon batteries, although it’s going to take you a few hours before you start collecting them in earnest as the mechanic isn’t available right away.

Tower of Fantasy leveling guide: the weapon suppressor augmenting weapon stats


The suppressor menu is unlocked after your visit to Hykros as part of the early story quests. Once activated, it can be levelled up once you meet the requirements for each tier. Typically, tier requirements are linked to your character level, and you need a certain amount of ‘potent omnium crystals’. These can be sourced from exploring and completing ruins, quest rewards, and various event milestones.

Character gear

At level 25, you unlock equippable character gear which you can get from places like Joint Operations, and the Crystal Dust store. This is more typical RPG gear such as cheat armour, helmets, leg armour, and so on. These pieces of equipment can be enhanced like most other things, and you’ll need booster modules and advanced modules in order to level them up.

Gear comes in tiers the same way as weapons do, although the SR and SSR level gear arn’t linked to specific characters. If you have enhanced a lower-tiered piece of gear, you can transfer your enhancements to a higher-tiered piece provided it’s the same type.

That’s everything you need to know about leveling up in Tower of Fantasy. For more tips to get you started, we’ve got a guide to the Tower of Fantasy battle pass, as well as all of the Tower of Fantasy characters available at launch.