Cities Skylines 2 map size and buildable area

If you want to build a bustling metropolis, you’ll first have to know about the Cities Skylines 2 maps, and just how much room you’ll have to create.

Cities Skylines 2 maps: the city skyline shows lights glowing in the night and a street intersection with traffic lights and cars

How big are the Cities Skylines 2 maps? There are few things scarier than a blank page, or in this case, an open expanse. The potential there can be crippling, and can leave the best of us in ruins. You want to create the ultimate city, with a happy populace and a healthy economy, but how do you plan without first knowing how much room you have to work with?

The Cities Skylines 2 release date is due before the year’s out, which may lead many of us to start pontificating on just what kind of city we’re going to create. If you’re like us, it’s more of a ‘whatever works’ approach – this fire station here, that toxic waste dump there, no problem. But for others, the management game is a chance to craft something beautiful, but with that comes careful planning; utilizing the space you’re afforded with ruthless efficiency. So, how big are the Cities Skylines 2 maps?

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Cities Skylines 2 map size

According to Paradox, the Cities Skylines 2 map will be 159 kilometers squared. The map tiles are also smaller, giving players much more creative freedom – and space – to work with.

We now know that there are 441 buildable Cities Skylines tiles, making it five times bigger than its predecessor. The map size was originally touted to be 172 kilometers squared, but this was quickly corrected and blamed on a typo. Either way, this area is huge and should give budding city planners more than enough room to show off.

Now you know how big the Cities Skylines 2 maps are, it’s time to put pen to paper, test out those new designs you have, and study up on the new Cities Skylines 2 traffic system. We have the Cities Skylines 2 system requirements here so you don’t get caught short on release day – can’t build a utopia if your PC is on fire.