Genshin Impact new characters in the 3.8 update and beyond

All the new and upcoming characters that could appear in future Genshin Impact updates, and everything we know about their abilities and release date.

Upcoming Genshin Impact characters

Want to know about new Genshin Impact characters? During each new update, there’s usually at least one banner with a minimum of one brand-new character. The banners feature characters with increased drop rates, including one five-star character and three four-star characters.

While we know which characters are likely to appear on the next Genshin Impact banners, the characters featured in this guide might not be playable right now but they can be found in Genshin Impact. We’ve also included some characters who are rumored to join the free PC game down the line but may not have an in-game model just yet. While none of this information is official until Hoyoverse says otherwise, here’s a round-up of all of the current rumors and speculation.

The new and upcoming Genshin Impact characters are:

Genshin Impact 3.8 characters

No one

While we wait for the 4.0 update, the devs made the decision not to include any new characters in 3.8.

Upcoming Genshin Impact characters

Lyney tips his magician hat and sticks his tongue out at the viewer, appearing as he does on the Genshin Impact Lyney banner.


Arguably the most anticipated character coming in the Genshin Impact 4.0 update, Lyney is a five-star Pyro character on the first set of banners. As a magician and a bow user, we suspect Lyney is going to play similarly to Yoimiya. All three of the characters introduced in this update are siblings, Lyney and Lynette are twins and Freminet is their older brother.

Genshin Impact Lynette ascension materials: Lynette stands below a spotlight after successfully performing a magical trick on-stage in the Court of Fontaaine.


Lynette works alongside Lyney as a magical double-act, performing special shows to delight and amaze their audience. The four-star Anemo user Lynette is the supporting act in the magical duo, providing Lyney with a helping hand to dazzle their fans. You can pick up Lynette on the first two banners during the 4.0 update.

Freminet wields The Bell, a golden claymore that he can use to inflict Shatter, as he strikes a hero pose on the Genshin Impact Freminet banner.


The eldest sibling coming from Fontaine, Freminet often prefers to let his siblings shine as performers rather than taking part himself. Another four-star character, Freminet is a Cyro user with powerful physical attacks, similar to Eula.

Genshin Impact new characters: Lisa sitting in the Knights of Favonius room


Said to be the strongest person in Mondstadt, Varka is the Grand Master and Knight of Boreas, a subsection of the Knights of Favonius. As with most of the upcoming Genshin Impact characters, there’s no telling when Varka is likely to become available. Varka has been referenced by several characters in-game, but he currently doesn’t have an in-game model. Varka is currently away on an expedition, leaving Jean in charge of the Knights of Favonius.

Dainsleif, a potential new Genshin Impact character, wielding magical forces and wearing a dark blue cape


Dainsleif, the Bough Keeper, was officially announced by Hoyoverse during the 2020 Tokyo Game Show – however, no release date was attached. His voice actor has been announced, but we have no indication of when he might arrive. Dainsleif is from Khaenri’ah, an underground realm that is not part of Teyvat itself – so perhaps one day in the future we’ll meet Dainsleif when we explore his homeland.

Potential upcoming Genshin Impact character Iansan wearing animal skulls and summoning flame


Iansan was also revealed in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline video, in the Natlan section. We believe she’s a Pyro user, but we’ll have to wait until we visit Natlan to find out more about her.


Charlotte is one of the newest characters revealed in Genshin Impact 3.8. It appears she uses a Cyro Vision, but she may not launch during the big Fontaine update as expect that to include Hydro characters mainly. It’s unclear what weapon she uses, and judging by her design which looks a lot like Yanfei, we suspect she’s going to be a five-star character.

These are all the new Genshin Impact characters that we believe have a reasonable chance of turning up in-game – we’ll add new candidates as we discover them. In the meantime, here are the best Genshin Impact characters for beginners, and the best Genshin Impact weapons to kit them out with.