The Valorant Night Market finally returns after bugs close its doors

After back and forth over June's iteration of the Valorant Night Market, the store is finally back in the game and you'll be able to secure cheap skins.

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June 15, 2023 –  Riot has confirmed that the Night Market is back in the game.

While Valorant fans always have their eyes peeled for the next Valorant Night Market, June’s iteration of the FPS game‘s rotating store was shut down early as a result of a slew of weird glitches and bugs. However, the Valorant Night Market is back, and you can finally snag your cheap skins.

While the exact issues with the store remain unclear, a June 7 post from the official Valorant Twitter reads, “We’re hearing reports that some of you are having issues with Night Market and rotating Store offers.

“As a result, we’re turning Night Market off for now. We’ll work on a fix and hope to bring it back soon.” From June 7 until June 14, when you loaded up the game, you were greeted with the standard Riot Games ‘!’ in the left hand corner, with the fault’s description reading “We’ve disabled Night Market due to an issue and are currently working on a resolution.”

A picture of the Valorant menu screen showing an alert saying the Night Market is disabled


However, as of June 14 the Night Market is back, and is currently available in-game (be aware it may not have rolled out yet in your region). “The following statement was released today by the official Valorant channel in response to questions about the E6A3 Night Market: ‘We’re back.'”

For those who were wondering whether or not you’ll just get a list of new skins, Riot has confirmed that “those who rolled before the temporary closure, you should see the same weapon skin selection (you can still get the Smite Knife!). Night Market will close just before the start of Episode 7. Thanks for your patience on this one, let us know if you still see any issues.”

A tweet from the official Valorant twitter discussing the Night Market reopening

If you’re like me, you’ll be checking out our list of all of the current Valorant skins and hoping they appear in your store. As we all know, though, skins are only half the battle, so I suggest locking in one of the best Valorant crosshairs so you can look good and shoot good.