Valorant patch notes – update 6.10 fixes frustrating Yoru Fakeout

Valorant patch notes 6.10 fix an ongoing issue with Yoru’s Fakeout, along with new portraits, Agent bug fixes, and new dialogue for Reyna in the Riot shooter.

Valorant patch notes - update 6.10 fixes frustrating Yoru Fakeout: A secret agent with blue hair and a determined expression, Yoru from Riot FPS game Valorant

The latest Valorant patch notes for update 6.10 are a savior for Yoru mains, particularly if you lean hard on the duelist’s Fakeout ability – or you’re sick of getting that massive flash in your eyes every time it ends. There are also several bug fixes for Valorant characters, plus some new portraits, additional dialogue for Reyna, and a complete overhaul for the Valorant spray system. Brimstone’s had a slight tweak as well, as the Riot FPS game heads into its latest version.

Let’s start with Yoru. While he’s never been top of the Valorant tier list, his Fakeout ability is pretty useful in clutch situations, since it creates an instant body double that can draw your aim, and which explodes into a disorientating flash once it expires.

The problem, though, is twofold. Firstly, the fake Yoru would sometimes appear without a weapon in hand, making it very easy to distinguish between the player and the decoy, and kind of eliminating the point of Fakeout wholesale.

The other issue is that the flashbang effect from Yoru’s expired double would sometimes hit you even if you were out of range. In combination, this meant Fakeout was both underpowered and overpowered at the same time.

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Update 6.10 fixes both these issues, as well a minor gripe whereby the Yoru decoy would have a different weapon skin to the Yoru actual. But there’s more, as Riot introduces sweeping changes to the spray system.

The new ‘Spray Wheel’ makes selecting and using your sprays a lot quicker and more intuitive, and the ‘Spray Carousel’ supplies an easier-to-navigate grid that can be searched and sorted at will. You activate the Spray Wheel by holding down your spray keybind. However, you can still instantly access your favored quick spray simply by tapping this key, which will bring up the spray that you’ve placed at the top of the wheel.

For Brimstone, Riot has updated the size of the sky smoke and orbital strike targeting reticles so that they match their size from before patch 6.08. Various Agent portraits have been given a high-res makeover, and Reyna now has additional dialogue with Gekko, Chamber, and KAY/O. You can see the full Valorant 6.10 patch notes below.

Valorant patch 6.08 – full notes


  • Added an in-game Spray Wheel, which can be activated by holding your chosen Spray Keybind.
  • Retained Quick Spray functionality by tapping your chosen Spray Keybind. This will use the Spray located at the top slot of your wheel.
  • Added new equip flow for the Spray Wheel located in the Collections page.
  • Replaced the Spray Carousel with a Grid that can be searched, filtered, and sorted by Favourites.
  • Added an audio queue and visible timer to indicate cooldowns on the Spray Wheel.
  • Added an “Empty Spray” to allow a user to empty their Wheel or keybind.
  • Added a text and image to indicate pre- or post-round only sprays.
  • Added settings to the Settings page under Controls -> Equipment to better customize your spraying experience
  • This includes a sensitivity slider, the ability to turn off the wheel entirely, and separate the keybinds.
  • Removed the “wall” texture to display Sprays on the Spray Screen.



  • Updated the size of Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) and Orbital Strike (X) targeting reticles so that they match their size before the update that shipped in patch 6.08.
  • Removed the mouse cursor that was displayed on Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) and Orbital Strike (X), and Omen’s From the Shadows (X)


  • We’ve updated Fade’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.
  • We’ve updated Harbor’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.
  • We’ve updated some Agent portraits to be higher resolution.
  • Improved the hitbox on KAY/O’s ZERO/Point (E) so shooting the handle of the knife destroys it.
  • We regularly review Agent voiceovers to deepen, improve, and refresh their in-game dialogue. We’ve added new lines for Reyna to develop her relationships with new and existing Agents
  • Added new Reyna Voiceover Lines and interaction lines with Gekko, Chamber, and KAY/O.


  • The RGX 11z Pro EP 4 Gun Buddy and Oni EP 6 Gun Buddy now have the variant shift feature on their corresponding older bundles. You can now put your RGX EP 4 Gun Buddy on your Vandal and it shifts its color just like it does in the Phantom—no more mix and match!



  • Fixed an issue where Yoru’s Fakeout (C) would min flash you if you were outside of its conal range of effect.
  • Fixed issue that was causing a slight delay between sources of concussion hitting you and the actual effects of the debuff being applied.
  • Fixed a bug where Yoru’s Fakeout (C) echo would sometimes not have a weapon equipped.
  • The weapon that Yoru’s Fakeout (C) echo equips should now use a more accurate weapons skin.
  • Killjoy spent some time in the workshop hammering out bugs that were causing her Turret (E) to aim at the ground. (Fixed in Patch 6.09)

Gameplay systems updates

  • Fixed a rare issue where you can see ghost enemies when they’ve entered line of sight.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions, you can continue to defuse the Spike out of line of sight.


Spray wheel

  • The Spray Wheel can be called in the Range, however, you can’t spray in the Range. We’ve never been able to spray in the Range, so this isn’t a change, but the wheel is sending mixed signals. We’ll fix this in a future patch.
  • In Arabic, there’s a slight overlap between the Spray Title and “Pre/Post Round” Informational text on the Spray Screen.
  • Zooming in on Sprays in the Collections tab puts the Spray over the Title text instead of behind it like it was in the previous Collections page.
  • Spray Wheel instructional text in the Collections tab doesn’t indicate your current keybinds. We’ll fix this in a future iteration.

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