Rust Console Commands

Rust console commands

When toiling in the wastelands of Rust, you may occasionally have need of the developer console. As a multiplayer game with strict rules against cheating, you’re not going to find anything exploitative in Rust’s console commands, but if you’re finding the game is running a bit iffy you can easily switch on and off a variety of graphics options for that extra few FPS.  

We’ve pulled together all of Rust’s console command codes for you to study, so you can become a real master of the wasteland. 

How do you enter Rust commands?

Simply tap F1 to open the console, and type in the command you wish to use. In case of “true/false” commands, simply type either true or false as the command, without the quotation marks.

Rust Client Commands

Message a Player
/msg <“player”> <message>
Message a specific player

Purple Messages
/me <message>
Changes your text to a purple colour

Rust Console Commands

censor.nudity “true/false”
Toggles on/off nudity censorship

gfx.bloom “true/false”
Toggles on/off visual bloom

Damage Indicators
gfx.damage “true/false”
Toggle on/off damage indicators

Radiation Grain
gfx.grain “true/false”
Toggle on/off radiation grain visual effect

Sun Beams
gfx.shafts “true/false”
Toggles on/off shafts of sunlight

Screen Space AA
gfx.ssaa “true/false”
Toggles on/off screen space anti-aliasing.

Ambient Occlusion
gfx.ssao “true/false”
Toggle on/off screen space ambient occlusion.

gfx.tonemap “true/false”
Toggle on/off high dynamic range visual effect.

Grass Displacement
grass.displacement “true/false”
Toggle on/off grass displacement.

Visible Footsteps
grass.disp_trail_seconds “1-???”
Sets how long footsteps are visible in the grass.

Grass Redraw
grass.forceredraw “true/false”
Enable/Disable grass redraw after displacement.

Disable Grass
grass.on “true/false”
Toggles on/off grass.

Shadows on Objects
grass.shadowcast “true/false”
Toggle on/off casted shadows on objects.

Shadows on Ground
grass.shadowreceive “true/false”
Toggle on/off casted shadows on the ground.

Hide UI
Turns off the user interface.

Hide Branding UI
Turns off the branding UI in top-right corner.

Show UI
Turns on the user interface.

Show Branding UI
Turns on the branding UI in top-right corner.

Connect to Server IP
net.connect “Server IP” / client.connect ip:port
Connect to a direct server IP.

Disconnect from Server
Disconnects from the server.

Reconnect to Server
Reconnects to the last server you were on.

Quit Game
Quits the game.

Commit Suicide
Kills your character and allows you to respawn.

Draw Unseen Terrain
terrain.idleinterval “0-100”
Sets how often to draw unseen terrain; setting to 0 will disable.