This Starfield Steam Deck keyboard makes me want to spend Steam Points

A Steam Deck Subreddit user's custom Starfield keyboard is so good enough to be the real deal, I wish I could spent my Steam Points on it.

An image of the Starfield logo on the screen of a Steam Deck.

While Starfield hasn’t yet graced our Steam Deck screens, that hasn’t stopped fans being inspired by the sci-fi RPG game. In the run-up to the Starfield release date, a Bethesda fan has taken it upon themselves to create a custom Steam Deck Starfield keyboard that’s so good, I wish I could spend my Steam Points to get it.

Astr0-Light took to the Steam Deck subreddit to show off their custom Starfield keyboard, and it looks utterly star-iffic. In keeping with the color palette and theming of the Starfield accessories already on the market, Astr0-Light’s custom Steam Deck keyboard looks good enough to be the real deal. I’d spend my hard-earned Steam Points on the Starfield keyboard if it were available to buy, but with how bare bones official customization is for the Steam Deck, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a keyboard like this in the shop.

If you were browse the Steam Points Shop right now, you’ll find that there’s only eight official custom keyboards available. If you’re lucky enough to own the 512GB model Steam Deck, you’ll have access to another, taking the total up to nine. This feels rather bare bones.

A screenshot uploaded by a Steam Deck Subreddit user showing off their custom Starfield keyboard for the handheld.

That’s also not taking into account the fact none of the keyboards on the Steam Points Shop are themed after any games, by Valve or otherwise. While you could say the ‘Digital’ keyboard could be related to Bethesda’s Fallout, it’s just a design that replicates the style of old tech, and isn’t associated with the series in any way.

This is odd, especially when there’s a ton of emoticons available to purchase with points, themed after a ton of games from Elden Ring to Remnant 2. But this lack of customizability isn’t limited to Steam Deck keyboards, as there’s a severe lack of official Startup Movies too. While I’m currently saving my points for the ‘Turret Factory’, the official Portal inspired startup movie you can install on your handheld, that’s the only one branded after any Valve property. In fact, there’s only 23 startup movies available at all.

While you can download custom keyboards like Astr0-Light’s Starfield one through Desktop mode, it’s a shame that the official options for the Steam Deck are so lacking. It feels like a missed opportunity from Valve to not release a steady flow of keyboards and Startup Movies for the best Steam Deck games. What I’d give to be able to buy a custom Baldur’s Gate 3 inspired keyboard, or Startup Movie featuring the roll of a D20 dice. For now, I’m grateful for people like Astr0-Light, who create perfectly encapsulating custom content that the Steam Deck sorely lacks in an official capacity.

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