Naraka Bladepoint’s new hero Tessa is here to steal your soul

New Naraka Bladepoint hero Tessa the Vixen arrives on August 9, and this stylish fox girl has the ability to steal your soul and lure you into her deadly bite.

Naraka Bladepoint - Tessa glares menacingly down at a tiny Wuchen in the palm of her hand.

New Naraka Bladepoint hero Tessa, the Vixen is about to be unleashed on Steam’s coolest battle royale game, just after its free-to-play transition, and she’s a beautiful but terrifying fox girl with the ability to overpower her enemies with tail-based attacks. She’s even capable of stealing the soul of her opponents, luring them in against their will to deliver a devastating bite attack. Arriving in Naraka Bladepoint very soon, Tessa looks like a lot of fun.

In her reveal trailer, Tessa is seen teasing fellow hero Wuchen with a laugh before her smile turns to a menacing grin as she draws him helplessly towards her waiting grasp. We then get to see what she looks like in action, as she unleashes her fox spirit to get her out of danger and create new attacking opportunities.

Her Tail Strike can be used to interrupt enemies if you’re under attack, and will also give her the protective Foxfire debuff, which will explode if she gets hit again in a short timeframe for added security. She can also create an area that will pull her foes to its center, damaging them and setting them up for your other attacks.

Tessa’s ultimate ability, Enchant, summons her fox spirit ahead of her, which then steals her opponent’s soul and places it into a Soul Vessel. If they can’t snatch back their soul quickly enough, they’ll be Enchanted, meaning they’ll lose control of their character and will be completely susceptible to Tessa’s whims, allowing her to deal a devastating bite attack that also restores her own health.

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Naraka Bladepoint Tessa release date

Tessa arrives in Naraka Bladepoint on Wednesday, August 9, 2023. She looks super fun to play, and the fox spirit is absolutely gorgeous, so I can’t wait to check her out in-game.

With Naraka Bladepoint now free, you can jump in and start playing right away if you’re tempted by the allure of Tessa. You’ll be able to earn hero coins whether on a free or premium account, which can then be used to unlock the new character.

Naraka Bladepoint - Tessa reclines in the air, legs crossed, her fox spirit flying around her.

Naraka Bladepoint Tessa abilities

Tail Strike

  • Tessa knocks nearby enemies airborne and gains Foxfire for three seconds.
    • Foxfire explodes when staggered by attacks, knocking back nearby enemies.
    • Can be used while under attack.

Tail Strike: Trap

  • Tessa unleashes her fox tail and summons a Tailglow Zone in the aimed direction that lasts for six seconds.
    • Enemies within this zone are pulled to its center, taking a small amount of damage.


  • Tessa summons a fox spirit in the aimed direction that steals the enemy’s soul, storing it in a Soul Vessel.
    • Enemies who fail to interact with the Soul Vessel and snatch back their soul within six seconds will be Enchanted for three seconds
      Costs 50% Rage.

Naraka Bladepoint - Tessa beckons you in with a devilish glare.

  • Enchanted enemies cannot move or attack and are drawn gradually toward the Soul Vessel. Enchanted ends early if they take enough damage.
    • Enemies already inflicted with Enchanted are then immune to it until they interact with the Soul Vessel, and for four seconds after the status ends.

Enchant: Bite

  • Tessa restores a large amount of health as the target takes damage.
    • Enemies already inflicted with Enchanted are then immune to it until they interact with the Soul Vessel, and for four seconds after Enchant deals them damage.

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